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wpwrakcan anyone decode this ?01:16
wpwrakhas actually any information been conveyed ? or is this just psychodelic noise ?01:17
akiwiguyHello, all.05:41
rohwolfspra1l: yeah. ive seen the hughski... my guess its a readymade case05:44
rohyou can buy such cases in lots of formats. one just needs to choose one fitting and make sure the case stays available ;)05:45
kyakwolfspra1l: i just googled for "linux educational games", most of them popped up06:44
wolfspra1lroh: any good url where to search/buy such cases?07:05
Jay7fosdem announced07:11
Jay7one should submit MM demo :)07:12
rohnot really.. i know the bopla and such cases one can buy at local shops07:29
rohfarnell has them07:30
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: labsw/mech/Makefile: rm -f will do nicely, no need for rm -rf (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/0d6242308:10
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/case/: front panel modified for M1pre-rc4 (with raised USB) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/f1af1b808:10
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/case/: added rear panel with JTAG hole (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/054df9f08:10
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: cameo: also connect paths from gnuplot files (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/90254ef08:12
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/BUILD-CHEAT-SHEET: various updates (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/80f981e08:12
newcupwas there some kind of audio editor (wav) for ben? I can't find right now08:51
xiangfunewcup, sox.08:52
newcupxiangfu: ok, thanks! I'll have to check that out08:53
xiangfunewcup, there is no GUI wav editor.08:53
newcupyeah, I was thinking about something like audacity08:53
newcupbut cli is good, too08:53
newcupI just recently got a korg monotron (a very tiny monophonic analog synthesizer), and a ben with audio editor could be a very nice companion for it08:55
xiangfuthis one : http://www.google.com/products/catalog?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=korg+monotron&oe=utf-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=14875173154310826435&sa=X&ei=qQfrTofoKI6hOq6pkboI&ved=0CEgQ8wIwAQ?08:58
newcupxiangfu: yeah, exactly that08:59
xiangfunewcup, what you do with your Korg monotron?09:04
newcupxiangfu: well, I intend to make some music with it :)09:07
newcupit would be the ultimate portable synth-music studio setup, that and ben together :)09:08
xiangfunewcup, cool. how you record your result? 09:13
xiangfuit's cool that you use ben play / edit the music. :)09:13
kudkudyakit would also be interesting to make a video showing how you use it (it would help people visualize themself using it and cool it could be :)))09:28
kudkudyaks/and cool/and how cool/09:29
newcupwell, I don't have a ben yet :P09:30
newcupand that monotron ribbon controller requires quite a lot of practice...09:32
newcupso don't hold your breath waiting for a video yet :)09:32
kudkudyakyes, i know :)09:33
newcupbut anyway, korg has this monomania sound contest, it would be cool to win it with a video featuring a ben also09:34
denemedid anyone elsehave issues with reflash constantly complaining about missing bc commands and unary operators?09:52
xiangfudeneme, missing 'bc' after reflash?10:02
xiangfunewxterne452, Hi10:02
denemenah, missing bc during reflash10:03
denemeeitherway, im doing an usbboot10:03
denemeill let you know10:03
xiangfudeneme, oh. just try to install the 'bc' 10:04
xiangfudeneme, reflash_ben.sh using 'bc' to calculate the progress bar. 10:04
denemewell, I am half way through the usbboot10:09
denemeso :) might aswell finish it :)10:09
denemeso this takes 15 minutes huh10:16
denemeand done10:46
denemepretty cool10:46
denemeexcept it took a bit10:47
denemeanyway, I gotta go10:47
denemesee you in a couple of hours10:47
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/case/README: mention that the IR receiver is blocked (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/300286612:38
kristianpaulcardboard may be usefull for prototyping, how do feel it holding whole PCB wpwrak ?13:38
wpwrakthe kind of cardboard is very weak. it's the hollow kind, used for packaging13:41
wpwrakspecifically, this one is from the box of an electrical saw13:41
kristianpauli see, better MDF then :)13:43
wpwrakthose boxes easily get dents and can even rupture with rough handling. now, if the purpose of the cardboard is just to keep things from falling on your circuit, and the circuit stays in your lab, then a 100% cardboard case may be okay13:43
wpwrakparticularly if it's like the M1, where some structural strength can be provided by the PCB. i.e., in a way, M1 has a skeleton and doesn't depend on the case to provide support13:44
wpwrakoh, MDF is a LOT more solid13:44
kristianpaularghh spam13:44
wpwrakthe difficulty there is to find it in thin enough sheets that you don't have to mill away a meter of stuff you don't care about13:44
kristianpaulwpwrak: indeed, o was thinking you can carry with you (M1 case)13:45
wpwrak(spam) just one :)13:45
wpwrakplywood may also be an option. that's harder than MDF. not so easy to machine, though13:46
wpwrakmy problem is of course the mill size. mine does only 15x10 cm. so i can only do the small sides of M1, not the long sides or the top/bottom parts13:47
kristianpaulhmm, too small indeed13:48
denemetesting voice15:41
denememoo to you too15:48
denemeok well, I'll install jlime instead18:27
denememan... jlime is so much slower...18:54
wpwrakah, interesting18:54
wpwrakfirst time i hear someone complain about that. anything specific ?18:55
denemeoh, the boot time, actually is what has grabbed my attention the most18:55
denemeit is twice or thrice as long, I think18:55
wpwrakah :)18:55
denemethe rest I didnt notice much18:55
wpwraki guess nobody bothered to optimize it lately. while quite a lot of effort went into making openwrt boot faster.18:56
Action: krispaul pokes zrafa 18:57
wpwrakmaybe you should post this to the list. it'll pis off the jlime folks and then they'll hack until they beat openwrt ;-)18:57
wpwrakah, he's here. even better ;-)18:57
denemeI am just expermimenting as of now18:57
denemeit hasnt been more than a couple of hours since I got my ben18:57
krispaulnice ! :)18:58
denemethanks ! :)18:58
krispaulArtyom: hi !18:59
Artyomhi Kristianpaul!  :)19:00
krispaulArtyom: do you have the algorith to  get correlation peak treshold?19:02
krispaulArtyom: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/GPS_Free_Stack/Notes_About_Namuru#Sampling19:03
krispaulabove resigester, is it correct?19:03
ArtyomEhm, I did it empirically... You can also try to calculate it.19:03
krispaulhmm, i prefer check the peak for my self, so far plotting was a little ramdon19:05
ArtyomWhen I was chosing a threshold I ploted correlators output. For a satellite that is in view you can clearly see a peak. It will be at least two times higher than the average level.19:09
ArtyomWhem I say I ploted correlators output I mean that I ploted (Ie^2+Qe^2), (Ip^2+Qp^2) and (Il^2+Qp^2)19:10
krispaulahh, good point i tought was raw output :)19:11
Artyomsorry last brakets must be (Il^2+Ql^2)19:11
ArtyomActually raw output can also be good. But It's better to use these formulas.19:12
krispaulgood, i-ll start with the measurements today19:12
krispaulI also want to askm what atenna type are you using?19:12
ArtyomFrom theoretical point of view this means that you plot energy in early, prompt and late channels19:12
ArtyomOne more thing19:13
denemewhats the rc.conf of jlime?19:15
Artyomif you use half chip step during acquisition then you can use only prompt channel output. It's easier. (But there are some drawbacks)19:15
ArtyomBTW what is your correlator clock frequency? And what is your MM1 SoC clock?19:16
denemedeneme: found it19:17
krispaulArtyom: 16.384 Mhz for correlator and MM1 SoC clokc is 16.384 Mhz x 419:17
ArtyomAnd why don't you use the same clock for both?19:18
krispaulwell i could too19:18
krispaulI just made use of accum_sample_enable19:19
krispaulArtyom: i do19:20
krispauli mean just the MM1 SoC have a DCM19:20
Artyomyes, I understand it. So MM1 runs with the clock 4 x 16.38419:21
krispaulbut yes i can i ran trouble i'll same clock for erything19:22
ArtyomBut I still don't understand which clock goes to namuru? 16.384 or 4 x 16.384?19:22
krispaul4 x 16.38419:22
ArtyomThen there is mistake in TIC_periode calculation19:23
krispaulfrom the namuru upstream or you mean in my port?19:30
Artyomone more note: the procedure that is described on the page that you have mentioned is correct. But for the first experiments I suggest to use delay_step=0.5chip; Doppler_step=500Hz (bigger steps are possible but they result in additional losts in SNR and it's better to play with these values later). Record output from all 6 correlators (Ie, Qe, Ip, Qp, Il, Ql). After you record all values,...19:32
Artyom...you can plot (Ie^2+Qe^2), (Ip^2+Qp^2), (Il^2+Ql^2). After you will see a peak you can try to plot only (Ip^2+Qp^2). It's better to have more data when you start experimenting.19:32
ArtyomI read on the page "ACCUM_INT period = (accum_divide + 1) / 16.384MHz For 0.5 ms accumulator interrupt accum_divide = 16.384x10^6 * 0.0005 - 1 accum_divide = 0x1FFF " - but if you use namuru clock 4 x 16.384 then you have to use this value it TIC_periode calculation19:34
krispaulah yes, goot spot, at the time i wrote that correlator was using separate clock..19:36
krispaulthat, ..19:36
ArtyomI use different antennas: but even the cheapest work fine19:36
krispaulgood, i was bit worried about gain19:39
krispaulso... how is your milkymist hacking going so far? :)19:40
Artyomwell, very exciting ;)19:40
ArtyomThe bad thing that port that I use doesn't include debugging monitor (actually there is no space for it in spartan3e500)19:41
ArtyomI can read correlators output, I can set accum_int and TIC period19:42
krispaulhmm, seems you may need a milkymist one soon ;-)19:42
ArtyomLast time I played with it I tried to run my ARM-program. 19:43
ArtyomBut I faced couple of problems problem: 19:43
ArtyomAt first I tried to use polling and to check the state of the input pin that I have connected to accum_int19:44
ArtyomBut it didn't work in while-loop (like in my ARM-program)19:45
ArtyomThen I tried to check status-regiter19:45
ArtyomIt worked better but not like I have expected ;)19:46
ArtyomFor example printf-function stopped to work after outputting some amount of data19:46
krispauljust stopeed thats odd19:47
krispauli know it make fail to display data sometimes but thats new to me19:48
ArtyomBut without using printf-function the program worked incorrectly (it resarted acquisition very often). According to algorithm it should restart every 10 seconds but in fact it restarted 10 or more times faster. So it didn't work correctly but I couldn't check what was wrong because nor printf nor debug is working ;)19:49
krispaulmilkymist libc is not the best lib around, actually i guess rtems as lib is much better tought :)19:50
Artyomif you are interested I can send you the code. You will have to change some constants like accum_int periode, carrier_freq and so on...19:51
krispaulyes sure19:51
Artyomand the correlator is still in vhdl ;)19:51
krispaulerghh yes19:51
krispaulat least to see if it runs and non stop19:52
ArtyomI don't think that it's a big problem because TDC-port also mix verilog with vhdl19:53
krispaulI heard from the same devel of that code (tdc) that was not a good pratice... so :)19:54
krispaulbtw a code sample from delay is in tdc-core as well 19:54
zrafawpwrak: krispaul deneme : what is happening?.. complains go into the complain book :)19:55
wpwrakzrafa: deneme has discovered that jlime boot time sucks :)19:56
Artyomno complains: only facts ;)19:56
zrafadeneme: first boot time could be longer (it generates ssh keys, etc)19:56
krispauli'm not complaning of something i dont use :D,19:56
wpwrakah, first boot ! interesting19:56
krispaulah yes thats truth19:56
denemeim just chillin. seing which apps I can port and whatnot. and its not necessarily the 1st boot only, the avg case is still considerably longer19:56
zrafadeneme: which jlime version?19:56
krispaulwpwrak: jlime/oe upstream version even have a first time run wizard prety nice :) well when i tested time ago19:57
denemezrafa: 13 nov 201019:58
zrafadeneme: wpwrak : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKAa_JbEokk19:58
denemezrafa: I didnt even check for newer versions yet :D19:58
zrafadeneme: wpwrak : from "starting kernel until it is finished: 13 seconds"19:58
krispaulArtyom: or you can upload it somwhere not necesary mail, if you feel okay with that and may be somedoy else want to sniff it :)19:59
zrafadeneme: wpwrak : so if it is 3 times openwrt.. wow.. I did not know openwrt boots in 4 seconds19:59
ArtyomKristianpaul: no problem, I will place it on google code in couple of days20:00
wpwrakdunno. haven't recently updated anything. i tend to keep my boxes stable for a very long time20:00
krispaulgood no hurry then20:00
denemezrafa: I didnt measure it by a stopwatch you know... It sure felt much longer. I will try the most recent build once I sort my stuff out20:01
krispaulzrafa: from video seems you need also add the fix to avoid power on button delay20:01
zrafathat video is old. After jlime stuff for nn were pushed in OE20:02
krispaulthat will add a faster boot feeling to jlime too20:02
krispaulyes i remenber..20:02
zrafakrispaul: I do not know anything facts after that :)20:02
krispaulwpwrak: linux 2.4 ? ;)20:03
zrafakrispaul: life is keeping me outside of jlime20:03
zrafadeneme: you can build the version at youtube video via OE20:04
denemewhat's OE short for?20:04
zrafadeneme: sorry. OpenEmbedded20:05
denemezrafa: I see20:05
krispaulArtyom: ha, ch_time is long i doubt how well supported is that on mm soc libc..20:07
denememm is milkymist?20:08
krispaulfor short..20:08
denemeyeah yeah20:08
ArtyomKristianpaul: I didn't notice any problems with short or int numbers and arithmetic operations with them20:09
krispaulhmm, then problem somwhere else.. just making a quick guess20:10
ArtyomKristianpaul: time to sleep, bye! :)20:12
krispaulthanks as always :)20:13
whitequarkmaybe, someone possibly remembers a name of physical effect20:45
whitequarkwhere contours of physical objects were manifesting themselves on a photo plate20:46
whitequarkiirc it begins with "K"20:47
whitequarkand it has probably involved a high voltage source20:47
whitequarkKirlian effect.20:50
whitequarka friend wanted to reverse-engineer some board, and that's what came into my mind when he described his requirements20:51
deneme:) good thing u knew20:55
denemebecause I had no diea 20:55
denemegnight guys22:20
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