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ormrisAnyone here got the gta-04?02:10
wpwrakroh: hah ! here you are ! :)03:02
wpwrakroh: how can i tell curs through the board from inscriptions in protocase_v7_laser.dxf ?03:03
roheh.. hm.. wasnt it diffent layers or so?03:04
wpwrakah. layers. let's find out how these are encoded ...03:04
rohuhm. nope.. meh03:05
rohto be fair.. not sure.. i always used composites anyhow (multiple cases on one sheet)03:05
rohthe sheets i used in the end were 900x600mm03:05
rohso... big dxf files.. with lots of cuts03:06
rohlast batch was 12 of these sheets03:06
wpwrakyes, but how does the cutter shallow cuts and deep cuts apart ?03:06
wpwrakZ always seems to be 003:06
wpwraks/cutter/cutter tell/03:07
rohi had seperated the lines when doing the matrix copys.. depending on what machine you need to prepare anyhow03:07
rohsome machines use line-with, some style, some color, some layer for laser-power settings03:07
wpwrakis protocase_v7_laser.dxf your "source" ? or is this derived from some other file ?03:08
rohand often you dont have sane presets and do some tests and 'note down' the material color, type, vendor, thickness to power/cut-depth ratio03:08
rohprotocase_v7_laser.dxf is the 'source' for the derived files03:08
rohi also have some where the 'slots' are wider (to the outside) up to 3.3mm... acryllic is evil when it comes to tolerances03:09
wpwrakso how do you pick out the inscriptions ? to you mark them manually and then copy/move/delete them ?03:09
roh15-20% thickness tolerance is within normal03:09
rohi marked them manually when doing the matrix copys03:09
wpwrakphew :)03:10
wpwrakyou still have too much youthful energy :)03:10
rohand on our machine i use multiple files for different power settings (and markers (small L rotated 90°cw)) in the upper left03:10
rohoutside of the object03:10
rohheh.. you call that youthful energy? heh... you should see these commercial cad using kids working on stuff.. no clue about enslaving machines to do your work.03:11
Action: roh hacked on a parametric cookie cutter 3d generator using openscad today03:12
wpwraknice :)03:13
rohautomate this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1458203:14
wpwrakthe cookie cutting  ? :)03:17
wpwrakroh: you could try the laser cutter - for cutting and also for cooking :)03:26
Action: kristianpaul sticks to backing03:37
kristianpaulsolar backing i hope some day :)03:38
kristianpaulroh: looks great this conference !!!03:40
kristianpaulfrom the Agenda tought :)03:40
wolfspraulroh: do you see the small little case of this colorimeter? http://www.hughski.com/index.html05:34
wolfspraulany idea about the mechanical of this? I will ask but right now just wondering where it's sourced/made, or if you look at it what ideas for cheap and good mechanical you have for this thing...05:34
blogicwpwrak: what was the kicad link again ?14:23
wpwrakblogic: our patches ? http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/eda-tools/source/tree/master/kicad-patches14:57
blogicthx !14:58
kyakthey want to present my nephew (3yr old) a children notebook. Why not give him a Nanonote instead of this crap: http://www.indigo-kid.ru/category/exact_sciences/child_computers/ ? :)16:36
kyakgod, this industry is full of shit. And it costs well more than NanoNote\16:37
Jay7kyak: you may buy real used notebook for this money :)16:40
Jay7I've seen old thinkpads on ebay.com per about $200 :)16:41
kyakor even give him my old laptop, good idea!16:41
Jay7sure :)16:42
Jay7but NN as child computer is good idea too16:42
Jay7one NN per child :)16:42
Jay7onpc :)16:42
kyakit could be a problem from the software side - who knows where to find these "educational" children games? 16:42
Jay7onnpc even :)16:42
Jay7well.. it depends..16:43
Jay7I know good kde educational games16:43
Jay7we may check ALT Linux Junior disto e.g. :)16:43
kyakoh, it's still alive? :)16:44
kyakALT Linux, i mean16:44
Jay7sure :)16:44
Jay7I'm authorized partner ;)16:44
Jay76.x is out :)16:45
kyakwtf is wronf with their website?16:45
kyakthe post news once in 13 months16:45
Jay7english site is outdated16:46
Jay7check .ru16:46
kyaka little bit better.. but no Childen Linux here16:48
Jay7kyak: yeah.. seems it inherited by school project17:04
kyakit seems there is a load of linux children or educational games. Most of them are in English, that's probably not so good17:04
kyakmotivation to translate :)17:08
Jay7kyak: check games you found on sisyphus.ru17:23
Jay7they may already be translated :)17:23
kyakfirst find some hardware :) seems you are/were using ALT Linux?17:27
Jay7were :)18:08
Jay7I have only one installation right now18:08
Jay7my wife is using it :)18:08
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: dxf2x/dxf2gp: simple DXF to Gnuplot converter (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/7354ede19:31
wolfspra1lkyak: any urls to such children or educational games?20:05
wolfspra1lI'd love to get them to the Ben...20:05
kristianpaulkyak: but nanonote is not a notebook21:11
kristianpaultought at least i guess it can be loaded with some free content and provide assistant in educational process by the use of.......21:12
kristianpaulwolfspra1l:http://activities.sugarlabs.org can get you an *idea*21:13
kristianpaulbut most of then needs python, X and bigger displays..21:15
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