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whitequarkI accidentally forkbombed my server01:09
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: reflash_ben.sh, unnecessary re-download of .ubi.bz2 rootfs (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/55b352301:19
kristianpaulxiangfu: Thanks !01:22
xiangfukristianpaul, it should not download again. when you interrupt the flashing.01:24
xiangfuthe lastest reflash_ben.sh now. it's 2011-12-12. :D01:24
xiangfukristianpaul, if there is change(even small) I just update the version 01:25
kristianpauloh, sure update always is good02:09
kristianpauljust the re-dowload thign was getting a excuse for me to just not update 02:09
xiangfuyou mean 2011.11.11?02:35
kristianpaulreflash_ben.sh saids version of script then02:39
kristianpaulhmm, stat said i may get it by 08-22 this year..02:40
kristianpaulwhy i fool my self and dont think getting  a newver script version..02:40
kristianpaulit doest advice anymore get new version from web? :)02:41
kristianpaulwpwrak: your neocon i suposed to handle tabs in the log as ## ?02:42
kristianpaulor just # for spaces it seems02:43
kristianpaulthat explain why gnuplot wasnt happy..02:43
kristianpaulargh, and i need to coordinate better how i do run flterm to not affec it..02:44
wpwraktabs should be logged "as is"03:04
akiwiguyGood news: in a week or so I'll have enough money to buy a NanoNote :D03:06
kristianpaulso there are no tabs actually ;)  at least for flterm they looks like that03:06
kristianpauli was using \t in printf.. too03:06
cladamw_hi my xchat's menu is disappeared, how to let it back by typing command? :-)03:25
cladamw_pabs3 Thanks you !03:50
GitHub49[milkymist] kristianpaul pushed 3 new commits to gps-sdr-testing: https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkymist/compare/a6abb25...d1e4dab04:10
GitHub49[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] Merge branch 'master' into gps-sdr-testing - Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas04:10
GitHub49[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] added support for short int signed read from unsigned int reg from accumulator - Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas04:10
GitHub49[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] fake usb irq value and removing non-needed code HACK - Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas04:10
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: 4th: update to 3.61.3 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/26a5a4d04:17
kyakcool, someone rises the UTF-8 question in ML07:52
kyakbut we can't override each application from openwrt upstream which is built without UTF-8 support (we did it for mc, however, and maybe something else)07:54
wolfspraulyeah I saw it07:54
wolfspraulso what's the best approach?07:54
kyakthe best approach is to make UTF-8 support configurable in openwrt package07:55
kyaki added the patch 4 months ago for upstream mc07:57
kyakbut it seems to brake the fragile Kconfig07:57
kyakthis particular line: +PACKAGE_libncursesw:libncursesw +PACKAGE_libncursesw:libncurses07:57
kyakjow mentioned that this should have been fixed at some point...07:58
kyakbut i don't remember now where we ended07:58
wolfspraulok no problem we take it up again07:58
wolfspraulwhat can we do, right? :-)07:58
akiwiguyHey wolfspraul 07:58
kyakmaybe i'll try again with mc.. and if it works, the same can be done with nano07:59
wolfspraulakiwiguy: you ready to buy a NanoNote now? :-) Or even Milkymist One?07:59
akiwiguyIn a few weeks I'll have enough money for a NaNo07:59
wolfspraulwow, great07:59
akiwiguyBut I sure don't have enough for a MM1 :P08:00
wolfspraulyes I wish we could make it cheaper but it's impossible right now08:01
wolfspraulwe need to invest a lot more time and money to really bring the price down, wish us luck!08:01
akiwiguyOnly way to make cheaper really is getting it up to mass-production level if I understand correctly08:01
akiwiguyBut I want to get my hands on one when I have the money.08:02
akiwiguyI still like the idea of a MilkyMist SoC powered NanoNote08:03
wolfspraulyes good, same here08:10
wolfspraulit's not so easy with 'mass-production' 'high volume' etc.08:10
Aylawe'd like to have a "Launch in terminal" option on gmenu2x,16:30
Aylais that okay for you Nanonote owners?16:31
penguinheadsounds good to me16:31
Aylathe thing is, I believe that option is pointless on nanonote, as every app is launched inside a terminal16:32
penguinheadthen why do you suggest it?16:32
Aylaon A320, when you launch an app from gmenu2x, it doesn't go back to the console16:33
kristianpaulalso we have termial as an app16:33
Aylaso you can't launch text-based apps directly16:33
Aylabut I believe that option would be a bit useless on Nanonote16:33
kristianpaulbut may be some apps dont have laucnher yet or never will, then this lanuch to terminal dint sound bad16:33
penguinheadindeed, as long as it is optional, i do not see why anyone would oppose it16:34
Aylamaybe I can get that option compiled only when building for dingoo16:35
Aylathen it wouldn't change anything for the Nanonote build16:35
penguinheadcould you implement it as a flag? say if launcher is flagged with "run in terminal", it launches in a terminal emulator, else it doesn't16:38
Aylawell, yes, that's how I was going to implement it16:39
Artyomhi Kristianpaul!18:51
kristianpaulArtyom: hello19:04
kristianpaulArtyom_: hi19:06
kristianpaulArtyom: ping :)19:08
kristianpaulArtyom_: ping2 19:10
ArtyomKristianpaul: I've connected namuru to MM Soc through wishbone today :) Now I'm close to you ;)19:14
kristianpauloh great °19:15
kristianpaulArtyom: i'm curious about your glue code, i confess i just hacked the the CSR core to make namuru work in M119:16
kristianpaulArtyom: yday i finally got to plot some data,i fooled my self cause i realized now i was clearing status flag early 19:17
kristianpaulall hackish code is comitted, actually wpwrak point me a quick way to convert the unsigned int to signed short int so i can print it with sign19:17
kristianpaulvery good news !19:17
kristianpaulArtyom: using your vhdl code btw?19:18
ArtyomKristianpaul: what for did you use CSR bus? I used only wishbone. Yeah, correlator is vhdl and all the rest is verilog19:19
ArtyomBtw how did you convert from unsigned to signed?19:19
kristianpauli re-use code from CSR milkymist bus to make glue code to connect namuru to the soc19:19
kristianpaul#define MM_READS(reg) (short int)(*((volatile unsigned int *)(reg)))19:20
kristianpaulso no support for sel or such, all fixed to 32bits and the same FSM from CSR...19:20
kristianpaulArtyom: simpler version https://github.com/kristianpaul/milkymist/blob/gps-sdr-testing/software/bios/main.c#L20219:22
kristianpaulArtyom: you connected and read something?19:23
kristianpaulArtyom: i still not use the mprintf.19:24
kristianpaulwell i still too need to learn how to plot 4 columns data sources in a binary data file for gnuplot19:25
ArtyomKristianpaul: yes, I could read/write in memory (32 registers to read and 32 registers to write. Like it was done in my previous work). And I could control accum_int_period and tic_period. So next task is to convert my program for ARM to MM1.19:29
ArtyomKristianpaul: sorry, I still didn't understand what for CSR-bus is used in your case... Isn't it enough to use only wishbone bus?19:33
kristianpaulyes sure i mean19:36
kristianpauli? not used the CSR milkymist bus as it is19:36
kristianpauli cloned it and modified the copy to work with namuru19:37
kristianpaulARM to MM1 :)19:37
ArtyomMay be later it will be a good experience to some student ;)19:40
kristianpaulyes !19:42
kristianpaulArtyom: are you planing to user rtems for the  osgps mod port or 'bare iron' prot for now?20:00
ArtyomKristianpaul: for now only repeating my previos results on MM1. Later it must be done. But I don't know about this task anything for  now...20:02
kristianpaulbtw you read a int pin in you previos results (osgps mod )20:04
kristianpaulwhy you dont read the status reg bit 1 instead?20:04
kristianpaulif i remenber well this is the int flag 20:04
ArtyomI don't remember exactly the reason. I checked both alternatives...20:06
kristianpaulyes because you poll the ping then check the reg.. so i looked redudant for me at first, but i wanted to ask you then 20:08
kristianpaulanyway, i'll just copy this code and make it run as it is..20:08
Artyombtw do you visit Takeji's blog? 20:11
Artyomtime to sleep. bye. ;)20:13
kristianpaulnot latelly le me check20:14
kudkudyakkristianpaul: can you give me a link to takeji's blog ?20:25
kristianpaulhe i'm looking it too :)20:44
kristianpaulhe is from .jp right?20:44
kristianpaulkudkudyak: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/osqzss/e/31af9497accc751e98bb30123392e8e120:46
kristianpaulHello there btw :)20:46
kristianpauloh, blog has been updated since a then..20:47
kristianpaulnice °20:47
kudkudyakInteresting pictures... too bad I don't know japanese (i knew one day i would want to be able to read japanese...).20:48
kristianpaulChinese Area Positioning System call my atention20:49
kristianpaulthis guy (takeji) is working same as Artyom and me, but with a DE0 board fron altera receiver i dont remenber.. 20:50
kristianpaulalso with milkymist, seems is making progress20:50
kristianpaulnice http://blog.goo.ne.jp/osqzss/e/e1ee15fff6851d139ab887895c07435f20:53
kristianpauloh sige 4110L http://blog.goo.ne.jp/osqzss/e/d796cb6b1aad25fc9787e250d64faa4c20:54
kristianpaulwow nice blog, no i need  a translation 20:55
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