#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2011-12-10

DocScrutinizerhah, made may day -> http://maemo.cloud-7.de/950/openmode_kernel_PR1.1/__THIS_IS_MEANT_FOR_N900:35
DocScrutinizersorry for OT00:35
kristianpaul(ssh part)00:43
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer: not OT00:56
wolfspraulthanks for sharing00:56
wolfspraul'dark side' sounds scary, but the meter is off on all this anyway00:56
wolfspraulwe are on the bright side :-)00:56
wolfspraulhey look, the free software waste disposal services got another truckload of stuff from 'the dark side' :-) http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2011/111209xa.html?mtxs=rss-corp-news00:57
wolfspraulthat is always so much fun when sources are dumped 'into the open'00:58
DocScrutinizerlook here, *that* state of the art ;-D http://molly.corsac.net/~corsac/n9/20111208_006.jpg00:59
DocScrutinizerof course on my box you'll not get that nice DVD sleeve00:59
DocScrutinizerwhen downloading that stuff there01:00
DocScrutinizerbut you get a patched openmode-kernel instead, probably a good deal01:00
DocScrutinizerfor unknown reasons Nokia wasn't able to deploy the stuff via the internets01:01
whitequarkhey _whitelogger 13:03
whitequarkwhitelogger is updated13:10
whitequarkit now uses a ruby logging agent (which won't miss messages)13:10
whitequarkand search is paginated now13:11
whitequark(quite funny: try http://irclog.whitequark.org/qi-hardware/search?q=wolfspraul)13:11
whitequarklet's check unicode: ,13:11
whitequarknice, it works13:11
wpwrakgrep :)13:12
whitequarkwpwrak: you can't grep the current logs unless you have shell access13:12
whitequarkand even if you do, they're in html13:12
wpwrakor a local copy :)13:13
whitequarkif you have one, yes13:13
whitequarkand what will you do when your provider will be out for a day or two?13:13
wpwrakdrive a truck full of explosives into their headquarters ? :)13:14
whitequarkthat won't recover your precious logs13:14
wpwrakbut they rarely fail like that13:14
wpwrakyeah, but it would restore the karmic balance13:14
whitequarkMurphy's law13:14
whitequarkrarely but precisely :D13:15
wpwrakif all else fails, i have GPRS as a backup13:15
whitequarkstill, your local copy only matters to you13:15
wpwrakto the person most important to me by a very wide margin ;-)13:15
whitequarkthe irclog.wq.org is still better than current qi-hw one13:16
wpwrakyeah, that's true13:16
whitequarkwhat I mean is13:19
whitequarkit has undergone the last stability fixes and so on13:19
whitequarkI think it's reasonable to make it "official" qi-hw logger from now13:20
whitequarkif you still want that13:20
wpwrakthat's for wolfgang to decide. he may want to host it on qi-hw, though13:23
wpwraki think he's traveling today, so it may be a while before he's online again13:23
rjeffriesthis internet thing is sorta kinda cool. I just did this experiment with the Most Excellent new logger. personally, I hope wolfspraul keeps the old (current) logger going, and that this independent, different, in some ways better logger by whitquark continues to run also15:36
kyakit's not the logger itself that is interesting, but the loh17:55
kyakbut the way the logs are being displayed17:56
kyakeggdrop is just doing the dirty job of writing bytes to hard disk. howw to parse and show it in a nice way - this is challenging17:58
lunavoraxHello everyone!18:09
whitequarkkyak: exactly19:32
whitequarkthe logger itself is 79 lines19:32
whitequarkon the other hand, the viewer is 225 lines long with 308 lines of templates (incl. CSS), so it's not a good measure either...19:33
whitequarkrjeffries: I don't quite get the idea of your experiment19:34
wpwrakstill pretty short19:34
whitequarkit's KISS and in Ruby19:34
whitequarkI've added full-text indexing19:35
whitequarkwith google-like modifiers19:35
whitequarktry "+perl +nasty"19:35
whitequark(w/o quotes)19:36
wpwrakyeah, works. and we do use "nasty" a lot :)19:37
whitequarkI wonder how big mysql index is...19:38
whitequarknah, 63M. I can afford that :)19:38
kudkudyakuse perl; # it's not nasty, it's tasty - mm 19:39
kudkudyakOne good line for perl :)19:39
whitequarkshould write some docs about that...19:46
whitequarkit is a way to measure swearing20:07
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