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KuwangerI'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask--it seems jzboot is the main open way to access a given Ingenic JZ SoC system, be it an open system or not--but I was wondering if jzboot would actually be useful in trying to access a PMP based on a JZ4750 CPU?  Yes or no, is there a place I would best look to find more about the steps in investigating such a device?00:16
Ayladefine "access"00:31
KuwangerWell, I was hoping to be able to look through its currently hidden NOR/NAND/ROM space, minimally.  Depending on what I find, I was hoping to be able to replace some of it to be able to launch programs from the already accessible NAND space.00:35
KuwangerI was hoping jzboot would provide be the ability to do the former and what I learn from that coupled with jzboot I could possible do the latter.00:36
Aylayou can dump the NAND, but if you don't know the FTL used and the filesystem, it won't be very useful00:38
KuwangerWell, I've yet to get as far as dumping the NAND.  I tried using the firmware files included with jzboot for stage1 and stage2 files, and the connection always times out.  I presume something is actually happening because the second attempt always hangs.00:41
KuwangerIt's more or less that reason which I was wondering if I was just way off in thinking jzboot might be of some use or not.  I mean, I recognize getting a NAND dumping may or may not be actually useful.  But, it'd seem like a necessary first step.00:43
Aylaif your device has a µSD, you'd better us that instead00:47
Aylaand boot a linux kernel00:48
Aylafrom USB00:48
AylaI'm gone now, see you00:50
KuwangerWell, the device does have a microSD, but I don't if/how to use it to boot anything.  The same is true for booting a linux kernel from USB. :/01:01
wolfspraulviric: yes I have friends at Ingenic :-)01:32
kristianpaulwhitequark, wpwrak: food gardens yes it seems02:02
xiangfuKuwanger, have you try usbboot?02:08
xiangfuKuwanger, jzboot use the firmware that provide by Ingenic. which there is no source code for those firmware.02:09
xiangfuKuwanger, but usbboot use the firmware that compiled by us :). and support jz4750 CPU. 02:09
KuwangerI see.02:10
xiangfuKuwanger, it's more like some configure file you needs to edit for fit your device. 02:10
xiangfuKuwanger, like 'NAND_BUSWIDTH' 'BUSWIDTH' etc. checkout the configure file /etc/xburst-tools/usbboot.cfg02:10
xiangfuKuwanger, just check the source code. we remove the jz4750 firmware source code from git. but it should be in git history. 02:15
KuwangerOkay.  Thanks for the information.02:15
xiangfuKuwanger, another thing just FYI. 02:16
xiangfuKuwanger, here is the latest Windows Version usbboot source code from Ingenic: http://downloads.openmobilefree.net/Ingneic/xburst-tools-windows/nand_card_tools.tar.bz202:16
xiangfuKuwanger, they send me two days ago. 02:17
xiangfuKuwanger, the jz4750 firmware code should be easy make it compile under 'xburst-tools.git'02:17
xiangfuKuwanger, in this tar ball it have all xburst cpus(jz4750/60/70) firmware :)02:18
xiangfuKuwanger, one thing you need know is the stage1 have to <= 8KB. because the stage1 upload to cpu cache.02:21
whitequarkxiangfu: iirc there is the code for firmware, if you're talking about my jzboot02:43
whitequarkat least I recall quite certainly looking at it and maybe even compiling02:44
whitequarkI may be wrong, through02:44
xiangfuwhitequark, hmm.. didn't find them under jzboot.git. 02:44
whitequarkxiangfu: I think it was somewhere in your tree02:45
xiangfuwhitequark, so we are using the same source code. only file name is different?02:45
whitequarkxiangfu: I gues sso02:46
whitequarkalmost sure02:46
xiangfuwhitequark, sorry. I thought those files(spl_stage1.bin  spl_stage2_usb.bin) is from Ingenic. 02:46
whitequarkthey've from something we have based jzboot at02:47
whitequarkthat might be ingenic's utility or xburst-tools02:47
whitequarkand the former does not have the code, which I have seen02:47
whitequarkso... I think yes02:47
xiangfuwhitequark, ok. so we advice people using/contribute_to the xburst-stage1/2.bin for now. :D02:54
KuwangerWell, thanks for all the information.  I'll try it out and hopefully I'll get somewhere with it.03:07
rjeffrieswondering thoughts by people of qi-hardware re $99 Ingenic tablet http://www.linuxfordevices.com/c/a/News/Ainol-Ainovo-Novo7-/ 05:05
wolfspraulrjeffries: you probably know my thoughts, but just in case :-)05:12
wolfspraulbuy one, try it, let us know05:12
wolfspraulmy favorite in the article is this line05:29
wolfspraul"Ingenic's JZ4770 (pictured) is the latest in a line of MIPS-architecture "Xburst" processors, which appeared in early versions of the low-cost Velocity Cruz Android tablets before the company switched to a Cortex-A8 processor in its latest Velocity Micro Cruz..."05:29
wolfspraula little mind game05:29
wolfspraulwhat does this mean?05:29
rjeffries_wolfspraul that tablet is only available in China. I do not live in china. ;)  $99 for a tablet is hard to understand. Amazon Fire 7 in tablet costs them about $210 to build06:29
rjeffries_sombbody will port Linux on one of these after all it is underneath the Android cruft in any case06:30
wolfspraulyes. why will the amazon fire for 200 USD a success, but the 100 USD Ingenic tablet a failure?07:43
wolfspraulbecause one works, and the other one doesn't :-)07:43
wolfspraulbe a success07:44
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kyakit's interesting that there has been no discussion of "carrier iq" here :)11:04
DocScrutinizer51OSE system programming manual: 2830pp11:06
wpwrakkyak: what's there to discuss ? did you find anything in the least surprising about it ? ;-)11:23
kyakevery time something like that is discovered, i'm surprised :)11:30
wpwrak... that it didn't happen before ? :)11:32
kyakthat it did happen before, but now it happened again11:33
kyakand probably this is not the last time to happen11:33
wpwraki think you have about realistic expectations :)11:36
kyakwpwrak: i assume your phone is something from Openmoko?11:37
wpwraknaw, a sleek little samsung dumbphone11:44
kyakin both cases you have nothing to worry about :)11:50
kyakwho know though, what misteries are hidden inside of the dumbphone11:50
wpwrakthe good thing about dumbphones is that you don't involve them in a lot of things that wouldn't be plainly visible to the carrier anyway :)11:57
DocScrutinizer51wpwrak: btw (lte src) - no access to ds + register specs, so real hacking still futile. Max I could learn about hidden functions12:17
DocScrutinizer51but, as mentioned, real hacking futile anyway due to signing12:18
wpwrakwell, real hacking can still translate to knowledge. knowledge is power :)12:21
LunaVoraxHello everyone!13:59
LunaVoraxI've just updated my Ben Nanonote13:59
LunaVoraxA big thank you for the one who worked on the boot logo13:59
LunaVoraxIt's perfect13:59
LunaVoraxIt's clean and good14:00
kristianpaulLunaVorax: gtkperfct and in general gtk apps show ok to you on screen?15:05
xiangfukristianpaul, there is a problem when quit GTK apps. this bug been there for long time :(15:09
LunaVoraxkristianpaul, sorry I've been away, you want me to try out theses two softwares?15:13
LunaVoraxgtkperf seems to be ok15:15
LunaVoraxkristianpaul, if you were talking about gtkperf, it seems to be running mostly ok. A few parts are a bit clunky.15:18
LunaVoraxApart from drawing, nothing shows on screen.15:19
LunaVoraxI mean15:19
LunaVoraxDrawing is the only test that fails15:19
LunaVoraxIs there a Ctrl+Alt+Del equivalent for the Ben Nanonote ?15:21
kristianpauli mean characters looks ike squares, bt if you said is know bug, ok..15:49
LunaVoraxHey everyone!21:30
LunaVoraxI'm experiencing some troubles with opkg21:30
LunaVoraxIt tells me it can't download packages with wget but when I does it manually it works ok21:30
kristianpaulnice http://www.lll.lu/~edward/edward/adsb/VerySimpleADSBreceiver.html22:00
kristianpaulvery recursive22:00
kristianpaulnow i wonder if is really safe replace current radar tech with this ADS-B22:11
kristianpaulat least if you have the receiver can run in time in case a non wanted colittion :)22:12
GNUtooLunaVorax, opkg update?22:14
LunaVoraxI've done that yes22:15
whitequarkDocScrutinizer51: do they do their signing like Motorola does? as in "bootloader like a swiss cheese"23:26
DocScrutinizerI think signing is handled during flashing23:27
DocScrutinizerand probably also during boot, where bootloader hashsums the "kernel"23:28
DocScrutinizerI still have 90% of docs left for reading23:28
DocScrutinizerjust about OSE23:29
DocScrutinizerand source is no less than a full bare bones linux system, incl kernel and all - for each chipset23:30
DocScrutinizermillions of sourcelines23:30
GNUtooDocScrutinizer, what device?23:31
DocScrutinizeryou might google for thorium, tell me if you get hits23:32
GNUtoook I get some hits23:34
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