#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2011-12-03

whitequarknot shell.07:07
xiangfuwhitequark, command not found :D08:10
blogicwpwrak: ping08:12
blogicwpwrak: are all your kicad patches upstream ? or do yo have your own fork?08:12
kyakwriting shell commands in here by mistake is better than talking to yourself in a terminal window :)08:40
wolfspraulblogic: thanks for asking09:49
wolfspraulthe command line patches are not upstream, I think some of the smaller bugfix snippets have been upstreamed09:49
wolfspraulblogic: build instructions are here http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Server_setup#KiCad09:53
blogicah cool09:55
blogictoday i will start by mving my psu circuit from eagle -> kicad :D09:55
wolfspraulblogic: oh, nice10:38
wolfspraulfirst time impressions are always most valuable, please don't hesitate to post here...10:39
blogicwolfspraul: ;)11:49
wpwrakah, good. wolfgang already answer all the questions ;) yes, as far as i know, the patches are still rot^H^H^Hmaturing in our queue12:31
blogicas long as i know where to getthem i am fine12:34
wolfspraulkristianpaul: good morning!13:45
artiit's 16:08 here14:08
xiangfuarti, good afternoon. :)14:14
artinot sure about that, it's already dark outside http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18000426/IMG20111203_001.jpg14:16
blogic2 thing14:17
blogic1) the TZ stuff is confusing14:17
blogic2) morning is relative ... :)14:17
blogici thought about htis recently and considered instead of saying "good morning" to say "hi everyone, i just woke up" :D14:18
blogicbut then again its propabaly a matter of micro optimizing irc14:18
wolfspraulalso you may have misunderstood the idea14:18
blogici had a coffee after having that thought and then dropped it14:19
wolfspraulmaybe it's not so much you telling others what you are doing, but you wishing others that they will have a good morning/afternoon/whatever14:19
blogicalso true14:19
wolfspraulyou can also say 'good morning' when leaving some place say at 9 AM, on the way out14:19
blogichow about "i hope the next hours of will be good for you"14:19
wolfspraulmeaning is that you hope the person you are addressing will experience a 'good (rest of the) morning' :-)14:20
blogicyes, like the australian "g'day"14:20
wolfspraulyeah. in the twitter age we automatically think we have to notify the world of every one of our farts, no? :-)14:21
wpwrakhmm. the whole social "sign on" and "sign off" protocol seems a bit awkward in an "always on" kind of medium like IRC :)14:21
blogicthat is what made me wonder14:21
wolfspraulwpwrak: yeah, but it may not be a 'sign on' :-)14:21
blogiccombined with the ,ultilateral thing etc etc14:21
wolfspraulfrom now on werner will just say 'signed on'14:21
wpwrakwolfspraul: including fart progress report, complete with forecase and after-the-fart impact analysis14:22
blogicas i said... i started thinking about his, got a headache, drank coffee and until now forgot14:22
blogictest foo14:22
wpwrakhehe :)14:22
wolfspraulthe power of qi14:22
blogicthis is almost as good as sprayable garlic14:22
wpwrakwolfspraul: i normally don't make any noise until i actually have something to comment :) if i want to advertize my presence, i think of a question14:23
blogichttp://www.gourmantis.de/product_info.php?products_id=742   <--- the best invesntion of the century14:23
blogicawesome when in busses and lcubs and so on :D14:23
blogicwpwrak: hrr hrr14:24
wolfspraulhey, how about this?14:25
wpwrak(garlic spray) oh dead. the dream of a portable skunk has finally come true ...14:25
wpwraks/dead/dear/ # freud !14:25
wolfspraulblogic: when you say 'good morning', you wish that others experience a good morning, same as you must at that time14:25
wolfspraulsince we are global, many are not in their morning actually14:25
wolfspraulso your message includes a desire that we would all be at one place and share our friendship14:25
wolfspraulhow about that?14:26
blogicsee this is where my headache kicked in las time14:26
blogicit seemed like a easy thought but turned out to be rather complicated14:26
blogicwpwrak: yes, protable skunk ... its an amazing invention14:27
kristianpaulwpwrak: good idea, i'll think about a question next time :-)14:36
kristianpaulthe problem is that it get un-aswered but thats a try14:37
kristianpauls/question/good question14:37
wpwrakor some small announcement will do nicely as well. e.g., "P > NP. finally !"14:39
wpwrakor maybe "damn. just burnt my hand on that cold fusion"14:39
kristianpaulxiangfu: write anibal monsalve i think he have a mips machine15:21
xiangfukristianpaul, thanks.15:21
kristianpauland is DD too15:21
artican somebody give me some cool ideas what to do with google speech recognition api http://goo.gl/KKgvz15:37
kristianpauldont use saas? :-)15:38
mthyou can make some nice toys with it, but if you start relying on it you better hope it's not the next service that Google decides to discontinue15:42
mthor if it is a success, will start charging for, although might be acceptable for some uses15:43
kristianpaulbtw will be nice hav this on the nanonote apertium.org15:44
denemehello guys21:29
denemehah, i wasnt expecting it to be super active so, no shocker there21:32
denemehi mate21:33
denemewell I was going through the list of existing apps. I havent seen one that manages keyboard layout21:34
mthI don't actually have a NanoNote myself, so can't help you with that, I'm afraid21:35
denemethis would have been a tad bit easier if I had it in my hand but... excitement has got the best of me21:35
denemeright, nor do I :)21:35
denemeso, you like to be in this channel because?21:36
denemejust asking out of curiousity, by the way21:37
mthI've got a Dingoo A320, which uses the same SoC as the NanoNote21:38
mthbut doesn't have a keyboard21:38
denemeI see, I see21:39
denemeWell I managed to find a some info in the mailing list21:49
denemethat should be enough21:49
kristianpauldeneme: hello22:27
kristianpauland wellcome22:27
denemenot officially, I guess. the box has yet to arrive22:28
denemethanks either way22:28
kristianpaulJust in case, had you seen this list before http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Applications ?22:28
denemeI have seen that, yes22:29
kristianpaulok :)22:29
denemeI was just interested in finding out how people can change their keyboard layouts22:30
denemeat software level22:30
denemeI have found this : http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/ben-cyrillic/files/russian.sh22:30
kristianpauli think kyak knows too22:32
kristianpaulhe is from russia 22:32
denemeand he has documented this somewhere?22:32
kristianpauldunno, really22:33
denemewell, you see22:34
denemeI have no thumbs :D22:34
kristianpaulstay here, and all yours questio will be solved :-)22:35
denemeso, I will implement the dvorak's single handed layout.22:35
denemesure, im doing so22:35
denemeso, how do you like it?22:35
denemethe... nanonote22:35
kristianpaulwpwrak: do you manage to reduce the numbers of warning in your mm synthesis?22:35
wpwrakkristianpaul: no, but i share your sense of distrust in them :)22:36
kristianpauli do like my nanonote because i can listen to music, play free video clips from archive.org22:36
kristianpaulalso carry manuals pages in html22:36
kristianpaula C code guide from beej (very usefull btw)22:37
kristianpaulsome lua tutorials22:37
denemeumm humm22:37
kristianpauldeneme: also like use at work when i'm hurry connect to my laptop transfer a file then back to the datacenter and plug it get some logs and instantly view it on the nano22:38
kristianpauli do take notes, but no very often22:38
kristianpauli do not use it for ANY related time tasks/apps22:38
kristianpauli do like play games, most of then are nie22:38
denemewell, you seem to be quite a fan of it22:39
denemethats nice22:39
kristianpaulnot fan, i really use it and thats worth to me22:39
kristianpaulalso i like the potencial of the memory card port, like for SDR aplications in the future why not? :-)22:40
kristianpauli used serial port to interface to gprs modems and gps receivrs in the past22:40
kristianpauloh and i use a lot maps, when traveling or such22:40
kristianpaulvery handy22:41
kristianpauland thats it i think22:41
kristianpauldeneme: now, tell us, what are your plans? :-)22:41
denemecat hahah22:42
denemejust, can you check something for me?22:42
denemejust, show me what a file in /usr/share/kbd/keymaps folder looks like22:42
denemeif thats where the key mapping files are, then I am good to go22:42
denemeand, my plans are...22:43
kristianpaul(keymaps), sure let me connec it to computer22:44
denemeI will use it quite often for work related tasks. I will be asked to review a recent code update, and cannot do it on the go like I usually am. with nanonote, i should be able to do that22:45
denemeI dont think I will listen to music much on it. or watch videos. But I could read some feeds or listen to a podcast every now and then22:48
denemeI will use it as a... pda22:48
denemeit has taskwarrior running already, so :) thats good news22:49
denemeoh, and I will love to is it to communicate with embed systems through serial port22:50
denemethat will be lovely22:50
kristianpauldeneme: http://paste.debian.net/147980/22:51
kristianpauldeneme: if you like interfacing you'll love use UBB and bitbang some ports too :)22:52
denemeand thats where tthe keymaps are22:52
denemethats a relief :)22:52
denemeI feared dingoo wouldnt have kbd support because, it didnt have a keyboard. but then I saw the kbd in apps list and I was like "thats odd..."22:53
denemewell oh well22:54
denemewell, nice to meet you kristian22:55
denememr, I guess22:55
denemeI would be ahmet, and I gotta go buy some icecream because the lady of the house demanded some22:56
denemecheers mate, have fun22:56
kristianpaulbest wishes too :)23:00
kristianpaulnot mr, no no ;-)23:00
kristianpaulnot yet xD23:00
deneme:) see you later23:03
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