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rjeffriesI've done a couple of orders to Seed Studio recently, small stuff such as sensors, and then yesterday a few cheap solar panels01:27
rjeffriesSeed has an impressive system where they automatically send reports on your order status via email. cool beans.  I also ordered a Bus Pirate 01:29
wpwrakhaven't e-mail updates on order status pretty much been standard for the last 10-20 years ? :)01:31
rjeffrieswpwrak maybe so, but Seed updates you through the process at each stage. In any case, they are easy to do business with IMO.04:26
wpwrakthat's all that counts :)04:28
DocAvalanchemeh, first day at waork a day off05:16
kristianpauln8 05:22
whitequarkcan anyone suggest a good scope for $2000 USD?11:04
whitequarkpreferably from somewhere like China to avoid the customs as much as it possible11:25
blogicwhitequark: channels, bandwidth, samples ...11:28
whitequarkblogic: 2 channels, definitely need 48MHz digital, best if could handle 133MHz of PCI-E11:53
whitequarkso I guess that'd be somewhere near 300MHz11:54
blogicand you want to get it as cheap as possible ?11:54
blogicor as good as possible with max 2k ?11:54
whitequarkwell, a friend of mine has $2k from the company to buy a new scope11:54
blogici have gotten good results with rigol units11:54
blogicthey are semi pro i guess11:54
blogicnot like a hameg or textronik11:55
blogicbut they work11:55
blogicand are payable11:55
whitequarkwell, I know about 1102e, but it's only 200m11:55
blogicthere is a 200mhz version11:55
blogici used the 50mhz version with the 100mhz hack11:55
blogicthey work11:55
blogicbut dont expect it to be like a hameg11:55
whitequarkyeah, I know about the hack11:55
whitequarkI'll get one 1152 next month11:55
blogica bit off topic11:57
blogicthe other amazing tool that i started using recently is this11:57
blogicbest 150$ i spent in several years11:57
blogicbit annoyed as the 16 channel version came out just after i ordered the 8 channel version11:58
blogicstill its a great tool and safed me several hours twice already11:58
blogicok ;)11:58
whitequarkI like that a lot too. Also, native linux support11:58
whitequarkdon't need a logic analyzer now, but when will, I'll definitely go for saleae11:58
blogicit helped me debug spi flash drivers for openwrt11:59
whitequark^ this one seems reasonably good11:59
whitequarkand there are $500 more to spend, e.g. for delivery and bribing of customs12:00
blogicwhich country doe it get posted to ?12:00
blogici mean where are you based12:00
whitequarkand, yes, it sucks.12:01
blogicah cool12:01
blogicwhat does ?12:01
whitequarkanything, but the postal service especially does12:01
blogici just wondered about the "bribing" bit ;)12:01
blogicah ok ;)12:01
whitequarkI was dead serious12:01
blogici know12:01
wolfspraulblogic: you contacted me I think?12:06
wolfspraulhere I am, happy, so... what can I do for you? :-)12:06
blogichrr hrr12:07
blogicthe best part is the happy bit12:07
blogici will switch to /pm if you dont mind to not flood the channel with of topic foo12:08
wpwrakwhitequark: do you care about memory depth ?12:52
wpwrakwhitequark: the rigol CA series are fast but have only quite limited storage12:52
wpwraki.e., 5 kSa per channel: http://www.tequipment.net/RigolDS1302CA.html12:53
wpwrakthe B series is similar: up to 200 MHz and 4 analog channels, but only 8 kSa: http://www.tequipment.net/RigolDS1204B.html12:54
wpwrakthe D, E, C, and CD series all have deep memory. 500 kSa/channel. 12:56
wpwrakthe D and E are successors of C and CD, with a higher sample rate. C and CD sample only at 200-400 MSa/s (2/1 channel), while D/E do 500M/1G12:57
wpwrakC and E have two analog channels. CD and D have an additional 16 channel logic analyzer. it's not the greatest in the world, but it has its uses.12:59
blogicxiangfu: ping13:17
blogicthe wpan.mk i gave you has a bug in it13:17
xiangfublogic, pong13:17
blogici willupdate it today13:18
blogicjivs found a bug13:18
blogic16:39 < blogic> the CONFIG_IEEE802154_DRIVER=y vs CONFIG_IEEE802154_DRIVERS=y  looks like the candidate for the borkage13:18
blogic(missing S ... DRIVER vs DRIVERS)13:18
blogicmight want to fix it in your repo. i am not sure where jivs pulled his tree from but assume it was qi tree13:19
blogicxiangfu: the 2nd question is your 3.0 patches in patchwork.openwrt.org13:21
blogiclars_: are you doing those patches ?13:21
xiangfublogic, those two patches is out date. I think I should send the new patches.13:23
ArtyomHi Kristianpaul13:23
blogici will drop them from patchwork in that case if that is ok with you13:24
xiangfublogic, yes. sure.13:25
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: wpan.mk: fix typo thanks blogic and jivs (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/fdd839313:29
blogicxiangfu: thx13:30
blogicxiangfu: there is one more bug that i hope to track down today13:30
kristianpaulArtyom, hi14:14
jivsHi blogic 15:21
jivsHave you had time to try for the missing modules15:22
blogicnot yet15:23
blogici am hunting a gcc bug15:23
jivsi think you mentioned we can try to manullay insmod the missing modules.15:24
jivsIf you guide me I will try that..15:24
blogicinsmod /lib/modules/2.6.XY/*.ko15:25
blogiccall that like 5 times15:25
blogicyou will see errors15:25
blogicbut eventually all modules will be included15:25
blogicits a crude and brutal way of doing it15:25
blogicbut it will work15:25
jivsthat on the toolchain? or ben15:26
jivsokay, but mine is 3.0.0 , i think that normal isn;t it as i have new kernel..15:27
blogicinsmod /lib/modules/3.0.0/*.ko15:27
jivsinsmod: can't insert '/lib/modules/3.0.0/af_802154.ko': File exists15:28
jivsgiving the same error each time... tried 5-6 times15:28
jivsi think it accepted the spi_atben.ko one,15:30
blogicso they are all there now15:31
blogiclsmod please and pastebin the result15:31
jivslsmod :-  http://pastebin.com/z6h85XWC 15:33
blogicspi_atben is missing15:33
blogicdo a insmod on that file and see if you get an error15:34
blogic(potentially call "dmesg" to see it)15:34
jivs[  290.240000] spi_atben spi_atben: Setting up ATBEN SPI15:36
jivs[  290.250000] spi spi32766.0: ATBEN ready for mischief (IRQ 164)15:36
jivsspi_atben now appears on lsmod15:37
blogicin theory a ifconfig -a should now show you some results15:39
blogicthis is how far i got with my setup last week :D15:39
blogicdid not get any further15:39
jivsyes, hardwpan0 is there15:41
blogicnot sure then15:42
jivswhat interface did u got?15:43
blogici used a atusb dongle15:44
blogicand i cant recall what it was called15:44
jivsnot sure but it needs to create some kind of tunnel as well..15:47
jivsanyway, it a step forward, i will play with this and report here if any progress...15:48
jivsthanks blogic 15:48
whitequarkwpwrak: yeah, thanks for the comments, I'll think about it16:34
jivsblogic, I am comparing this new ben with another ben which has werner's hacked kernel and dirtpan installed16:37
jivsi am wondering if we will still need those IZ commands from zigbee to get dirtpan working..16:37
jivswhen i do iz assoc on the new ben, it says address registered.16:38
jivsbut the dirtpan command fails with error can't bind 802154 device...16:38
blogicno idea16:55
blogicyou are now further in your venture than i am16:55
blogichowever i just fixed my gcc bug :D16:55
jivsok cool16:55
jivsi will continue trying it, lets see how far i can go :-)16:57
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: hey, how was day 1 ?22:39
wpwrakkyak: btw, an idea for qi-bot: it could look for  s/pattern/text/  and do the editing for us :)22:40
DocScrutinizergleitzeit, ST-E hatte heute keine zeit fuer ein empfangscommitee22:40
DocScrutinizer1 day in debit already, on my worktime account22:41
wpwrakfunny :)22:42
DocScrutinizernow wondering if I find some sleep before tomorrow morning22:44
wpwrakwhy not ?22:44
DocScrutinizerI get strangely excited23:30
DocScrutinizerand that doesn't help going to sleep at a time so early I could awake at the time I usually fall asleep23:31
PiLeSOK I have a thought for you; should keep you awake all night :D23:37
PiLeSWhy does the xburst toolchain has to be bigger than the Ben's NAND?23:37
PiLeSNow you try to sleep :P23:38
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