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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/patches/rtems/series: all RTEMS patches are now applied upstream (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/740d0e405:30
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/BUILD-CHEAT-SHEET: we currently don't need a local quilt stack (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/49bd8fd05:30
wpwrakmth_: (CC) yes, one of the traditional uses was "vendor-cc" (often unbundled and thus unavailable) vs. gcc05:36
wpwrakbut that's no reason for not using the same mechanism also for other things :)05:37
viricthis solar panel can feed the nanonote, right? http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/1w-solar-panel-75x100-p-633.html?cPath=15514:12
VentyHi, I'm new here. I assume this is an english speaking IRC channel?14:22
VentyAlthough, german would be just as okee.14:22
VentyWell, I'm having an FAQ about the Ben Nanonote I'd like to ask. 14:23
Ventyhwclock seems to not work with mine and I'm unsure if this is just my Nanonote or if it is a known bug. 14:23
jow_laptopI don't think the Ben has a hwclock14:24
VentyAll I get is "Nanonote "select() to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out"14:24
VentyI assumed it should have. I read in a wiki article how to set the clock, but this does not work for me.14:25
VentyLet me search the Link.14:25
mththere is an RTC in the Dingoo, which is a very similar SoC to the NanoNote14:26
mthCONFIG_RTC_DRV_JZ4740=y is enabled in the kernel config for the nanonote14:27
VentyI'm using the latest image. Flashed it with the reflash script on saturday.14:28
VentyRuns Linux 3.0.0 kernel.14:29
mthwhat is the date set command you're using?14:30
mthon my Dingoo with 3.1.0 kernel "hwclock -uw" works fine14:31
Ventymth: date -s "201111291531"14:31
Ventymth: I tried all kinds of options on hwclock.14:31
VentyLet me check.14:31
mthis it hwclock or date that prints the error?14:32
Ventymth: Same result. Does not work.14:32
Ventymth: It is hwclock that prints the error about /dev/rtc.14:32
Ventydate works fine.14:32
mthcrw-rw----    1 root     root      254,   0 Feb  9  1970 /dev/rtc014:32
mthdoes the device node look similar to that?14:33
Ventyrtc is a symlink to rtc0 which is the same node as yours.14:33
Venty254, 014:33
mththen we need someone with a nanonote to reproduce it, I guess14:34
VentyCould this be an issue with the device?14:34
mthlars_: any ideas?14:34
VentyAh okee.14:34
VentyWell, thanks for your help so far.14:34
mthmaybe if the RTC doesn't get a clock pulse it might time out14:35
mthor it could be a boot loader issue where Linux expects something to be initialized that is not14:35
mthplease stay in the channel if you can, I hope someone else can help you diagnose this14:37
Ventymth: I'll try. Though, I'll have to leave in about an hour but will come back some other time. 14:38
Ventymth: I thought, maybe this is a well known problem, because, well, everybody needs to know the time sometime. =:o)14:38
VentyStill, many thanks for your help.14:39
VentyOki, gotta go.15:23
VentyCU then!15:24
kristianpaulhere we go...21:00
dvdkjust read the irc logs, about the hwclock problem22:44
dvdkseems real.  Have the same problem here with latest firmware!22:44
dvdkdate --set 2011.11.29-23:43:4622:44
dvdkhwclock --systohc22:44
dvdkdate --select() to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out22:45
dvdkIIRC it worked perfectly with the previous version22:45
mthis that with 3.0.0 or 3.1.0 or a different kernel?22:48
dvdkthat's with 3.0.0, just the default install after running reflash_ben22:49
dvdkno message on the kernel log22:50
dvdkhwclock --systohc takes exactly 5s, then times out22:50
dvdksame problem with hwclock --hctosys22:50
dvdk(does that mean boot is delayed by 5s?, doesn't seem to be the case)22:51
dvdkok, need to get some sleep.22:53
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