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kristianpaulhe, finally 0 erros when reading/writing the namuru general porpuse register04:29
kristianpaulnow to adjust the samply, not hard just keep in mind system clock is multiple of 404:30
whitequarkwolfspraul: what do you think about iteadstudio?10:24
wolfspraulfirst time I hear that, interesting!10:25
whitequarkI've ordered some RF modules from them, and also a PCB10:26
wolfspraulgive me some time, I will read about it10:26
whitequarkthey're cheap, they're clearly chinese, but they are quite good for such a cheap chinese product10:26
wolfspraulthe chinese government is on overdrive right now, I need to get my tunnel stronger first10:26
wolfspraulI get resets all over the place, urgh10:26
wolfspraulhow dangerous a standing tcp connection can be to such a wannabe empire...10:27
wolfspraulI will read about iteadstudio10:27
wpwrakwolfspraul: for a moment i was thinking you meant a physical tunnel ;-)11:09
wolfspraulwhitequark: ok I looked at this for 5 minutes now11:40
wolfspraulafter 5 minutes, it looks like a seeedstudio clone11:40
wolfspraulwhat happens in China a lot is this: some company is successful, where successful means that 3, 5 or more people all are making money11:41
wolfspraulsome will make more than others11:41
wolfspraulwhich the ones that are making less will not like11:41
wolfspraulso they 'branch out'11:42
wolfspraulthey take everything with them, all files, customer database, etc. and setup a clone11:42
wolfspraulsince seeedstudio has some success, I'm not surprised to see what looks like a seeedstudio clone now11:43
wolfspraulyou typically find 3-5 companies in China all doing pretty much the exact same thing11:43
wolfspraulat that number the benefits of picking each others eyes seem to level off11:43
wolfspraulso we are at 2 now, some more to come :-)11:43
wpwrakone problem of jamendo is that the have very few vocals for electronic stuff12:17
wpwrakccmixter is doing a bit better. they have good vocals from "snowflake", and given the nature of ccmixter, everybody is reusing them. of course, this means that you get a dozen versions of each song ;-)12:18
Artyomhi kristianpaul18:44
kristianpaulArtyom: hello18:54
Action: kristianpaul back from lucnh18:54
ArtyomI've seen your message in the log. :) You managed to run mm+namuru with front-end clock?18:55
kristianpaulnow fixiting namuru timing to sycn all sample to sytem_clock/418:57
kristianpauland then back to where i started one month ago ;-)18:59
kristianpaulfinally 0 errors in R/W namuru so i coukd trust memory19:00
Artyomgreat :)19:01
ArtyomNow I'm in the tail ;)19:17
kristianpaulno no19:25
kristianpaulArtyom: actually i think i could prepare a milkymist soc foryou19:26
kristianpauli *guess* that for tracking a single channel 128K should be enough 19:26
kristianpauli was reading the other daya  datasheet of a gps baseband from atmel19:26
Artyominteresting, but I think that with my boards it would be difficult ;)19:27
kristianpaulit uses a ~700K internal rom plus 128K ram if i recall correctly19:27
Artyommy current plan is to start from the beginning ;)19:27
kristianpaulwhy? i just instanciate ram in HDL no chip specific libraries19:27
kristianpaulbyt was suefull for you the hello world i pointed last day?19:28
ArtyomToday I have finally installed all required soft in linux (previously I used some win soft and some linux)19:28
ArtyomI sucessed with xilinx ISE installation... That was the worst thing19:28
Artyomespecially drivers for usb-programmer19:29
ArtyomBut today finally I managed to compile and to synthesis all the SoC under linux19:30
Artyomand I found a terminal program (cutecom if I remember well)19:30
ArtyomI think I will start from mm-papilio port19:30
Artyomit's the easiest19:30
kristianpaulbut milkymist bios dont bahave correctly in all terminal program19:31
kristianpaul(tail) i was kiding the other day,i recognice my lazyness, you are morefocused than mi for sure.. i still having problems to concetrate anyway..19:31
kristianpaulArtyom: what is the board you are finally using?19:31
kristianpauli coul read about it and consider it for a more portable namuru-milkymist baseband soc 19:31
ArtyomI think I will use digilent spartan 3e19:31
Artyombecause when I will better understand the SoC then I will be able to use Carlos results19:32
kristianpauli think carlos results should work without too much understanding19:32
kristianpaulas i iremenber19:32
kristianpaulhe developed a free software too to program board flash19:33
kristianpauland did make work the sdram controler of milkymist for its board19:33
ArtyomYes, I though so too. And Carlos was very kind to answer on all questions that I have asked him. But ;)19:33
ArtyomBut there are a lot of new things to me19:34
Artyomlike programming flash-mem19:34
kristianpaulunderstood, one by one19:34
kristianpaulbtw M1 works out of the box with all this ram and flash praming :-)19:34
kristianpaulof course 500usd plus shipping to russia.. but i think you could buy a early developer kit perhaps?? wich is  a litle cheaper19:35
Artyomlike understanding how MM SoC downloads and so on... There are too many questions to solve simultaneously. So I have to move step by step ;)19:35
kristianpaulfeel free to ask as always19:35
ArtyomI will definitly do it when I'll have an oportunity ;)19:36
kristianpaulBusy at university?19:36
Artyomuniversity and the rest ;)19:37
ArtyomTask for tomorow: to study MM io ;)19:38
kristianpaulbasically MMIO19:40
kristianpaulArtyom: check source code for cores/sysctl/rtl/19:40
ArtyomBTW I looked a little in lm32 documentation and I didn't noticed mul (or div?) command to signed integers. And I remember that you had some troubles with signed integer... 19:40
kristianpaulvery ilustrative19:40
kristianpaulyeah.. i still not get all that too19:41
Artyomok, I'll do it :)19:41
kristianpaulbut yes there is mul div support19:41
Artyommul, div is made only for unsigned integers?19:41
kristianpauldont know19:41
kristianpaulyou mind join #milkymist ?19:42
Artyomof coare no19:42
kristianpauland ask lekernel, i really not very familiar yet will all math capabillites for our loved soc  :)19:42
wpwraklm32 ? isn't it called "divu", for unsigned" ? :)19:43
kristianpaulwpwrak: but signed supprot could be implemented in software isnt?19:44
wpwrakyou can implement almost everything in software :)19:46
kristianpauland the CFLAGS  -mbarrel-shift-enabled -mmultiply-enabled -mdivide-enabled what for are?19:46
kristianpaulto use hardware support for this i guess?19:46
kristianpaulbut then you said is unsigned19:47
wpwrakah yes, they look encouraging. maybe they are for unsigned ?19:47
wpwrakmultiply also has signed, by the way19:48
wpwraksee also: http://milkymist.org/socdoc/lm32_archman.pdf19:48
kristianpaulArtyom: i think my problem was with printf actually19:49
kristianpaulwich is really hardcoed to milkymist19:49
kristianpaulbut then realized anyway i may need a custom printf to make all easy to scilba19:50
kristianpaulor gnuplot.. i'll see, but i'm really ignorant on this..19:50
kristianpaulArtyom: btw you ran that osgps for in your arm+fpga,how much had it?19:54
Artyomsorry.. What do you mean?19:56
kristianpaulwhere you ran the osgps_mod ?19:56
kristianpaulwas it in a arm processor in your other board?19:56
Artyomyes, osgps_mod ran on lpc2478 (ARM7)19:57
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: neocon: moved over from svn.openmoko.org/developers/werner/neocon/ (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/7d0683b20:29
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: neocon.c: copyright update and whitespace cleanup (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/f3e1f9220:29
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: neocon.c: new option -c to enable ONLCR for console output (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/4040ad320:29
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1nor: accept system.fpg as alias for soc.fpg (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/8b9293620:29
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: m1/tools/xse-sane-init64: nice and tidy setup script for the Xilinx tools (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/448e02f22:31
PiLeSHoi. Anyone got any clues as to why jmarch-compiled nethack doesn't work on the new images? Also, any hints as to what flags were used to compile the version included in the image(s) -but without data files, and incompatible with jmarch's ones. I wanna recompile the lot, because a no nethack ain't no good! Any hint can save me some precious testing time. TIA23:28
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