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zythglad to say thanx_xiangfu for 64M uboot!05:55
Artyomhello kristianpaul :)20:18
kristianpaulArtyom: hey20:21
Artyomkristainpaul I want to thank you for pointing me towards TDC-project :)20:21
kristianpauloh, how it went?20:22
ArtyomI could start it on my board and I saw some text through UART :)20:22
kristianpaulyay !20:22
ArtyomBut I have several questions... Can I ask you?20:23
kristianpauloh absoulutelly20:23
ArtyomFirst of all I want to uderstand where can I put my own program? In the example all the code is placed in the FPGA block-RAM. But if the program is big then where it can be placed?20:25
kristianpaulit dint booted a bios?20:25
kristianpaulokay, of course that port cant run linux20:25
ArtyomI think it boot bios... 20:26
kristianpaulbut you usually can copmile you own standalone program and link it with the bios i think, or load by bios20:26
Artyombut in what memory can I store the programs? Can it be some external flash-memory?20:27
kristianpaulah this bios is a bit limited20:27
kristianpaulbut there is other milkymist bios with more options let me point it to it20:27
kristianpaulflash-memory yes20:28
kristianpaulbut of course that means you need add support for that in your board20:28
kristianpauleven the same bios on my M1 board can boot trought network20:29
Artyomwill the prgram be exacuted from flash in this case? Or it first should be loaded from flash to some fpga-block memory at first?20:29
kristianpaul first is loaded to ram, i think its called execute-in-place20:30
kristianpaulbut in the TDC port dont seems like it20:31
ArtyomWhat can be used as RAM? Only FPGA-block memory or also DDR SDRAM?20:32
kristianpaulyes DDR ram is posible too, but requires more of work20:34
ArtyomIs DDR SDRAM slower then FPGA block memory?20:36
kristianpauli dont think so20:36
kristianpaulat least the implementation milkymist uses seems to be good 20:36
ArtyomAnd final questions: Do I need different Makefiles and *.ld files for compiling programs for SDRAM or block memory?20:38
kristianpaulhum thats a good one20:38
kristianpaulfor block memory i think i came from a .rom file i'm, not sure i have look all tdc soc20:39
kristianpaulcan you join /j #milkymist btw :-) i think lekernel there can explain better about block memory20:39
kristianpaulbut for sdram as i said, with the bios you can load programs to memory20:40
Artyomkristainpaul: thank a lot for your answers. They help me to plan how to study milkymist :)20:41
kristianpaulof course sdram usually provides more 20:41
kristianpaulthis is a another milkymist port https://github.com/fallen/milkymist-avnet20:41
Artyombtw Is there any logs of milkymist irc-channel?20:41
wpwrakoh .. sorry. that was qi-hw20:43
wpwraki shouldn't try to be faster than i am ;-)20:43
Artyomthanks a lot :)20:43
ArtyomHow is your work with gps? Did you start the board with the front-end clock?20:44
kristianpauli wanted to boot...20:46
kristianpaulbut i wotn20:46
kristianpauli mean, besides the gclk pin i got is not buffered or something, so i must declare that pin like not a main clock (wich of course is not true)20:47
Artyomyou couldn't use GCK pin for external reference clock?20:48
kristianpauli do, but the pin is not part bufg,20:49
kristianpaulbut is gclk20:50
kristianpaulso xst complains about it :(20:50
kristianpaulpart of BUFIO220:53
ArtyomAnd what is the result? DDCM doesn't work?20:55
kristianpauli set dcm to generate 81900 hz clock, but i tried no boot..20:58
kristianpauli havent to time to check if i met timings, wich i bet i dint after declare that CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE = FALSE;20:58
ArtyomDid you try to check this signal with scope?20:59
kristianpaulhow check, signal from DCM out? no i havent yet i wil yes20:59
kristianpaulbusy week, i now i travel again back to pasto, trying to reach the cathedral at ipiales :)21:02
kristianpauli'm really considerin get a part time work :)21:02
Artyomyou can just assign signal from DCM to some pin and use the scope to check it... 21:03
ArtyomSeems that you like to travel :)21:03
Artyomit's a good season now?21:04
kristianpaulall is cheap now yes :), but now is familly travel, i just recomend visit pasto and where we go..21:05
kristianpaulArtyom: i worst case i have a spartan3 board to test21:28
kristianpaulbut i still want to use M1 and worth it ;)21:28
Artyomwhat board do you have? :)21:28
kristianpaulAvnet Spartan-3A Evaluation Kit21:30
ArtyomAnd I have also digilent s3eboard...21:32
kristianpaulArtyom: bw aware own libc from this bios, i had surprises for printf and floats21:45
Artyomok... It seems that I will have to spend couple of months playing with milkymist SoC before I will be able to make something useful ;)21:46
kristianpaulosgps is not that complex to be intetrated in the bios as a comand i think21:49
kristianpaulalso the isr have examples already (uart code)21:49
kristianpaulat least for one tracking channel i hope i can run, even if you dont have sdram21:52
kristianpaulArtyom: i think you can implement this bios https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist/blob/master/software/bios/main.c#L41021:53
kristianpauland do serial boot, you'll need flterm https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist/blob/master/tools/flterm.c21:54
ArtyomSorry: what is serial boot?21:56
kristianpauls3eboard dint have a 16 bit memory?21:57
kristianpauli think https://github.com/carlobar/milkymist had same board21:57
kristianpauland got working ram, dont remenber...21:57
kristianpaulmay be irclogs at milkymist by carlobar21:57
Artyomyes, I have the same board. I think it's better to start from this project :)22:01
ArtyomKristianpaul thatks a lot for your help! Now it's time to sleep for me. Bye!22:04
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