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wolfspraultoday xiangfu took a day off, and today the buildhost script goes to annoying mode :-)09:40
C-Keenit probably feels lonely10:39
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kyakthis sneaky script :)11:04
wpwrakit's probably conspiring with other scripts worldwide ...11:05
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Artyomhi kristianpaul14:03
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zrafawpwrak: hi14:55
zrafawpwrak: yesterday I finally did a little more work with ubb-usb idea14:55
wpwrakwhee ! :)14:58
wpwrakhow is it going ?14:58
zrafawpwrak: bah.. just give a whille15:00
zrafapeople needs me here15:00
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zrafawpwrak: well.. I did some test like this :16:25
zrafawpwrak: - I set PDDATS, pins [8] and [9] with 1 and 0. Like your pin-chage.pdf suggested. 16:27
zrafawpwrak: - I tried to set some MMC command. Then, first command I set failed (I could not see it with scope). Then I used a similar MMC command like you used in ubb-vga, and I was able to see some 1s and 0s with scope16:28
zrafawpwrak: well.. those 1s and 0s I saw were in D- (CMD)16:29
zrafawpwrak: and I also see (with scope) 1s and 0s fiddling with PDFUNS/PDFUNC in D+16:30
zrafawpwrak: But, I have not able to have some control in D- so I can set 1 or 0 for D-. I just see the 1s/0s for the MMC CMD command (I guess) and then nothing. And I did not see 1s or 0s in D- after that, still if I use PDDATS[9]16:32
wpwrakD- is on which pin ?16:36
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qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: midi2osc/: simple MIDI to OSC forwarder (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/102033a16:44
zrafawpwrak: well, That is all :).. I will try to understand a bit more how to freeze the mmc cmd to get the values we need.17:13
zrafawpwrak: D- is CMD pin17:13
zrafawpwrak: and CMD pin is the 3rd.. after DAT2 and DAT317:14
wpwrakto freeze the command, maybe you can simply write 1 to MSC_STRPCL17:19
wpwrakotherwise, bit 7 (0x80) in CLKGR (0x10000020) should be the clock gate for the MMC controller17:21
LunaVoraxHey guys17:23
zrafawpwrak: I tried with CLKGR IIRC, but no succes. Maybe17:23
zrafawpwrak: I did it too after cmd finished. No sure17:23
wpwrakor maybe you were too quick ;-)17:23
LunaVoraxRemember all the crap I said about the Dingoo? I take all of this beack since I've learned that OpenDingux is built from Qi's Linux Kernel.17:23
wpwrakhere's a debugging trick:17:24
wpwrak- configure some other GPIO as output (e.g., DAT2)17:24
wpwrak- set this output to 017:24
wpwrak- at the place where you plan to stop the clock, set the output to 117:25
wpwrakthen check with the scope where in the command sequence you are17:25
zrafawpwrak: and using MSC_STRPCL for stopping I do not remember why I did not try :) (i did these tests this weekend at farm, where I have the scope and nanonote).17:26
zrafawpwrak: nice trick .. let me save that. Thanks 17:26
zrafawpwrak: I will try to use it as well. Because I do not know much about MMC, then it is a little hard for me understand some (maybe trivial) actions.. like : how to stop a command in the middle of it.17:27
zrafawpwrak: at least I think that I was able to see it in the scope. SOmething is something :P17:28
wpwrakyou could vary the command code and/or the value. then you should see a nice bit pattern. e.g., use 0x5517:38
wpwrakand yes, such things take a bit of experimenting :)17:38
zrafawpwrak: 0x55 for what?. Sorry, I did not catch that17:53
zrafawpwrak: for MMC cmd ?17:53
wpwrakfor the command, yes. then you get a 01010101 bit pattern in the command byte17:58
LunaVoraxI think I asked this already but, does Qi use the Linux or Linux-Libre kernel ?18:18
kristianpaulit could LunaVorax , check libre wrt project18:20
kristianpaulbut curently is upstream linux with some non-upstream patches i remenber18:21
Artyomkristianpaul are you here?19:44
kristianpaulhello yes Artyom 19:45
ArtyomDo you have any news about gps+namuru?19:46
kristianpaulnope, i just finished soldering a wire to use a single clock for the milkymist soc19:47
kristianpaulah well, i guy wrote me mail Takuji Ebinuma19:47
kristianpauldo you know him?19:47
Artyomoh yes :) He wrote me email and asked about gnss-sdr project. I also told him about your project :)19:48
kristianpaulyes i'm writing a mail to reply his questions :)19:48
Artyomhe participated in gpl-gps and osgps projects :)19:49
kristianpauli just got time to work on namuru today i was traveling the last two weekends :-/19:49
ArtyomWhat places did you visit? ;)19:50
kristianpaulyday i was win Pasto, nariƱo19:51
kristianpauland last week i was in Guacari, a small town near Buga19:51
ArtyomBTW I started to experiment with latticemico32 :) My first archivement is synthsising lm32 for spartan3e and writing simple program that blink leds. I found a small tutrial for spartan6 and used it :)19:52
kristianpaulGREAT !}19:52
Artyomsorry. what do you mean?19:54
kristianpauli mean i was at pasto 19:55
kristianpauland also that is GREAT you start working arounf latticemico32 :)19:55
Artyomyeh, I liked the idea and now I try to check it :)19:57
Artyom(Half a year ago I've seen photos of one of my comrades from his journey in south america (journey across Colombia, Venezuela and others). I liked them and once I will definitly make something similar ;) )20:01
kristianpaulbtw had you experimented tracking with your osgps port recently?20:02
kristianpaulAlways wellcome :-)20:03
ArtyomNo, I'e stoped experiments after I got success with acquisition and tracking... Now I will try to make the same with namuru+lm3220:03
kristianpaulohhh, you are beating me :)20:04
ArtyomI think there is enough tasks for hundred persons ;)20:05
kristianpaulindeed !!20:05
kristianpaulno i mean nice, that you think moving to a softcore for cpu20:05
kristianpaulalso i think lm32 still have space for two custom instructions, so you may like that idea as well :)20:06
ArtyomI want to ask couple of questions about milkymist...20:06
kristianpaulgo ahead20:06
Artyomis there any tutorial how to synthesis lm32+all the cores for milkymist?20:07
kristianpaulactually no i remenber, but is pretty simple20:09
kristianpaulhard and long part is get ise, i guess you already did20:09
kristianpaulyou can clone milkymist core from  https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist.git20:10
kristianpaulbut, it uses a custom sdram controller wich take a while to adapt 20:10
Artyomyes, ISE is installed :) (Do you work under linux or windows?)20:10
kristianpaullinux always20:11
kristianpaulbut you can get a minimal and update vesion of milkymist soc from here git@ohwr.org:hdl-core-lib/tdc-core.git20:11
kristianpaul git://ohwr.org/hdl-core-lib/tdc-core.git20:11
kristianpaulArtyom: keep i mind milkymist soc is build all from comand line20:12
kristianpaulbut i guess you can import all the files in a ise projects20:12
kristianpaulno no, check this https://github.com/texane/mm-papilio20:14
kristianpaulArtyom: ^ 20:14
kristianpauli think is better explained than tdc20:15
kristianpauland the palilio board uses spartan3 as well20:15
kuribasWould there be any interest in creating an open source gui for the nanonote/zipit ?20:16
Aylalike gmenu2x?20:17
kuribasAlso a nice widget set for developping/porting apps.20:18
Aylalike EFL?20:18
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Aylathen it's all done20:19
kuribasAyla: It's already done?20:19
Aylathe nanonote has gmenu2x, and I've got a build of the EFL running on the dingoo A32020:19
kuribasThe default elementary theme is not optimised for a small screen (not a touchscreen).20:19
kuribasDo you run the EFL on the framebuffer?20:20
kuribasI was also thinking about using X and a custom window manager.20:21
Aylaand how would that be useful?20:22
Aylaon a 320x240 screen, with a 336MHz CPU and without a mouse?20:22
zearkuribas, that was tested on the nanonote20:23
zear99,(9)% existing X11 applications are useless in this tiny res20:23
kuribasAyla: having a taskbar that shows battery usage, a clock, etc...20:24
kuribasAnd suspending an app.20:24
Aylathat's being worked on for the dingoo A320 through pwswd20:25
Ayla... well, at least it's on the TODO list20:25
kuribasI see.20:26
Aylabut it requires some heavy customization20:27
Aylaon the kernel20:27
kuribasI wonder if using X without any extensions would be so heavy.  It was designed for computers with much less memory and speed.20:27
zythregarding compile packages20:35
zythpackage ase-0.8.2 is broken in repo20:36
zythar rs obj/unix/libart.a obj/unix/art.art_affine.o obj/unix/art.art_alphagamma.o obj/unix/art.art_bpath.o obj/unix/art.art_gray_svp.o obj/unix/art.art_misc.o obj/unix/art.art_pixbuf.o obj/unix/art.art_rect.o obj/unix/art.art_rect_svp.o obj/unix/art.art_rect_uta.o obj/unix/art.art_render.o obj/unix/art.art_render_gradient.o obj/unix/art.art_render_svp.o obj/unix/art.art_rgba.o obj/unix/art.art_rgb_affine.o obj/unix/art.art_rgb_affine_priva20:37
zythar: creating obj/unix/libart.a20:37
zythrm -f -lfreetype20:37
zythrm: invalid option -- 'l'20:37
zythTry `rm --help' for more information.20:37
zythmake[4]: [-lfreetype] Error 1 (ignored)20:37
zythar rs -lfreetype 20:37
zythar: two different operation options specified20:37
zythmake[4]: *** [-lfreetype] Error 120:37
zythanyone knows how compile not kernel only with toolchain, but u-boot only?20:38
zythdont tell me about compiling with min config )20:42
qi-botThe build has FAILED, see log here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-11072011-2120/21:18
zrafakuribas: Xfbdev is fast enough for anything you want. EFL, or X, or fb only on nn have the prblems of the tiny screen. SO the problem is not the canvas or lib to use.. THe problem is the work needed to config applications useful for tiny screens and small keyboards21:43
kuribaszrafa: That's why I intend to write a new theme for elementary :)21:44
kristianpaulzrafa: but ELF it self dint solve the tiny screens and small keyboard issue?21:45
kuribasAccording to the EFL documentation, themes are very flexible and easy once you know the language.21:46
kuribasAnd the EFL has functionality for setting the focus, etc...21:47
kristianpauland, thats what rafa mean with work needing to config :-)21:48
kuribasAt least, when the work is done, it will be easier to port/write other applications.21:50
kuribasMy first goal is to have a calendar app that I can use.21:54
Action: kristianpaul had alwats troubles taking notes with is nanonote21:58
kristianpaullike, not remebber save before poweroff21:59
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