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fk15_guestwpwrak just asking but you busy with anything else too?00:41
wolfspraulfk15_guest: if we add hdmi-like digital video to milkymist one, it will not be called hdmi anywhere, because it isn't, we don't have a license for the trademark, access to the official standards or conformance tests etc.00:55
wolfsprauleverything you say about displayport is right in theory, but at least for milkymist one we just grow step by step from where we are00:55
wolfspraulso for example... resolutions00:55
wolfspraulthe current maximum rendering resolution is 640x48000:55
wolfspraulfor the GUI, it's up to 1024x76800:55
fk15_guestwolfspraul yeah don't want to be trying to add too many new things at once so one thing at a time even if it takes another few years to actually get something. right?00:56
wolfspraulthe blocker right now is memory bandwidth00:56
wolfspraulnot necessarily years :-) maybe if you join today and start a few feverish hacking nights, we have something better next week? :-)00:56
wolfspraulso let me describe the status quo00:56
wolfspraulm1 supports vga only, and even that has bugs (we found a few screens/projectors that don't detect the vga signal for some reason)00:57
wolfspraulI'm not sure about vga resolution detection, how this works and/or whether m1 implements it right now00:57
wolfspraulwe could support tv-out, it's somewhere on the todo list (that's another analog video format)00:58
wolfspraulthen into the digital world, we would start with a dvi-i connector that brings out the analog lines plus digital dvi00:58
wolfspraulthat can be converted into an hdmi-like signal with a passive adapter00:58
wolfspraulwithout the drm stuff of course00:58
fk15_guesteven then I think you have to pay for hdmi, or am I wrong on that00:59
wolfsprauldisplayport is somewhere further out in the future for m1, it just doesn't make sense imho to chase dreams and never get anything working today00:59
fk15_guestand as for joining hmmm tempting but I may have to pass :/00:59
wolfspraulwhich would be my main critique for something like say the ogd project00:59
wolfspraulwe will not have hdmi00:59
fk15_guesthave too many things going on during the day these weeks, on top of my own few projects00:59
wolfspraulsure, I just explain where things stand01:00
fk15_guestyeah thanks01:00
wolfspraulI'm not into chasing tech for tech's sake01:00
wolfspraulno fun01:00
fk15_guestheh me neither01:00
wolfspraulso m1 works today, see werner's video :-)01:00
wolfsprauland now we grow from there01:00
fk15_guestwhich explains why I know so few websites related to technology for that reason01:00
wolfspraulmore megahertz/bits/pixels/etc01:00
wolfspraulbut always remember to keep things working01:00
wolfspraulwpwrak is werner, sorry01:00
wolfspraulthat's the video I meant01:01
wolfspraulbut I do agree with all you say about hdmi and dp01:01
wolfspraulin theory01:01
fk15_guestwolfspraul when I was looking at the milkymist block diagram I couldn't help thinking about one simple request tho01:03
fk15_guestfirewire in+out with video remote control standard included? could probably come off the wishbone bus as well01:05
fk15_guesteven just firewire in alone would still work as I think remote control worked both directions nevertheless01:05
fk15_guestwolfsprual even if I can't think about buying one of these now it'll seem tempting for a long time to me :s01:10
fk15_guestanyway it was nice talking to the three of you but I'm going for the night now01:19
wpwrakbah. forgot to hit [enter] on my last message that ended with "gotta run" :)05:44
kyak(surfing through logs) did xiangfu say he's playing with loading atben as module? is it working now? what about atusb? :)07:07
wolfspra1lkyak: what should we set as the next big goals for the NanoNote image?08:12
wolfspra1lI feel pretty good about the kernel, u-boot, openwrt. they all need more cleanup and improvements and fixes, but I think overall that stuff is solid now.08:12
wolfspra1lmplayer? I think David did some excellent stuff, can we help in any way to upstream that?08:15
wolfspra1lwhat other goals now? should we focus on some apps? nanomap? offline wiki/dictionary? music download?08:15
wolfspra1lmaybe better ways to update the device would be good08:15
kyakwolfspra1l: i think what xiangfu is doing to support atben/atusb out of the box is great08:25
wolfspra1ldefinitely, but what else?08:30
wolfspra1lwhat are the big goals?08:30
wolfspra1lslowly but surely we are getting to a system that is not full of loose ends anymore08:30
wolfspra1lI think08:30
wolfspra1lmaybe some more apps, like nanomap? which ones?08:30
wolfspra1lupdate mechanisms, data backup08:30
wolfspra1lthat's still weak08:30
kyakprobably it's time now to address not-so-geeky users08:32
kyakben-time-set is a good start08:32
kyakit would be great when you run a new image for the first time (or it is the first time you start your Ben), you would be asked a series of simple questions08:33
kyakyou time zone, your credit card.. :)08:34
wolfspra1lsetup and tutorial, better help/documentation08:41
fk15_guestwolfspraul I know it was probably yesterday but I don't know if anyone have thought to request a simple data disc burning app for nanonote? or does it already exist now?11:14
wolfspraulwhat do you mean with 'data disc burning app'? can you describe what the app should do?11:19
wolfsprauldo you have a NanoNote?11:19
fk15_guestwolfspraul you know, create a data cdrw and thats it?11:20
fk15_guestno complex tool that is11:20
fk15_guestand guest/wolfspraul no I don't have a nanonote. not sure I would had been able to find much use for it inbetween the sublaptop and phone here :/11:36
fk15_guestif I did somehow see an used one I might get it still11:37
viricchanging 1 byte in a file, and 'fsync'...14:44
viricin a SD device it may have to internally write much more tan 1 byte, right?14:44
viric(due to NAN blocks or so)14:44
wpwrakyes. it may read the old block, copy it to a new block, and update some internal meta-data as well15:06
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: nanonote-files: add an atben setup script file (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/098a44816:14
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: xburst: ben nanonote: first add WPAN(atben,atusb) driver (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/af26c2e16:31
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: add WPAN(atben,atusb) kernel module file (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/7a3606216:31
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: WPAN: disable AutoLoad on at86rf230, spi_atben. (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/777c13b16:31
Aylahave a look at beagleboard.org19:59
fk15_guestmm I did look at that before, think that panda looks better than it to me tho20:01
fk15_guestand how're you btw?20:02
Aylalook at the beaglebone20:03
Aylait's the new beagleboard.org device20:03
fk15_guestaway again? :)20:06
fk15_gueston a note to everyone, do you ever hate it when you find an interesting semiconductor you wanted to use then you find out that any sort of request for any kind of details even simple ones such as die size have to be done through NDA agreements for no good reasons?20:13
Action: fk15_guest just had to wonder if it seem to be a normal thing sometimes20:13
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-11052011-1545/21:35
cjdavishuh. when did Google start telling you that your search results have been shared by your google+ contacts?21:58
cjdavisand... wrong window. apologies.22:02
fk15_guestI never understood google, don't use it much at all tbh cjdavis22:02
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