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qwebirc27384I am here about unbricking my Ben Nanonote03:53
qwebirc27384Anyone here?03:54
wolfspraulhey :-)03:59
wolfspraulthat was too quick...04:00
zrafawolfspraul: is that nick something known..? I have read that prefix "qwebirc" several times04:11
wolfspraulthat's from people that come in over freenode's web chat04:11
wolfsprauland the url we have in the /webchat redirect it to use an 'auto-nick'04:11
wolfspraulyou can try :-)04:11
zrafaah.. okey :)04:12
wolfspraulmaybe we should remove the auto-nick04:12
wolfspraulbecause people have to enter the captcha anyway, they may also enter a nick for themselves04:12
wolfspraulbut the less they have to enter the better I think04:12
wolfspraulwell, we try to bring people together, not so easy04:12
wolfspraulmany of the webchat guys may have never been in an irc group before and don't know the customs04:12
zrafanice... another interesting web for irc chat is http://webchat.freenode.net/ but we need to explain how to join to the channel04:12
wolfspraulthat's the same04:12
zrafaI do not know which is the panic for that people who say "hello" and then after one minute without answers they run :)04:13
zrafaI suppose that something similar with me before to ask mailing list something I do not understand. It takes me several days or weeks before I am confident to ask 04:15
wolfspraulthey just don't know. need to find ways to explain this better, maybe some chat client I install on the Qi server, don't know.04:36
kyakjow_lapt1p: thanks! :)07:16
DocScrutinizerwolfspraul: aiui freenode forbids "private" irc web gateways16:38
qwebirc46206I am here about unbricking my Ben Nanonote22:36
qwebirc46206this is Cenobyte22:36
qwebirc46206I guess I'll wait a while...22:38
kristianpaulWhen your power up yout nanonote you got a message or just blank screen?22:38
qwebirc46206blank screen22:40
kristianpaulok do you remenber the rubber thing came within the nanonote box?22:40
kristianpaulThe idea to follow is first got usb boot mode22:41
kristianpaulThen reflash22:41
kristianpaulI dont do this all days, so i'm going to follow http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/USB_BOOT_mode22:41
qwebirc46206i have gone to usb mode or at least tried with power+U key22:41
qwebirc46206nothing shows on lsusb22:41
qwebirc46206usbboot complains no xburst device found22:42
kristianpaulpower+U works when you have uboot wich is a software can be damaghe22:42
kristianpaulwhen this happen you got that blank screen22:42
kristianpaulbut no panic22:42
qwebirc46206ok so the hardware way is fool proof?22:42
qwebirc46206what if I lost the rubber thing?22:42
kristianpaulyou can still boot by shorting the usb boot pinds22:42
kristianpaulplease remove your battery22:43
qwebirc46206with what though?22:43
kristianpaulbattery out as when you do on you cellphone  i guess :)22:43
qwebirc46206the battery is out22:44
kristianpaulgood, do you see the the two usb boot pins?22:44
kristianpaulThe idea is to short then with the carbonized rubber button22:45
qwebirc46206does short mean connect?22:45
kristianpaulyes in some manner :)22:45
qwebirc46206so would a strip of foil work too?22:46
kristianpaulit *could* but the rubber thing is more effective22:46
qwebirc46206ok i'll try to find it22:46
kristianpaulyou said you still having it isnt?22:46
qwebirc46206ya i hope i have it...22:47
kristianpauli personally use my screwdriver, but because i feel confident with22:47
kristianpaulqwebirc46206: if you 22:48
kristianpauldont if it, we could try with a paper clip perhaps22:48
qwebirc46206ok i found it22:51
qwebirc46206right in my box of old cpu's22:51
kristianpaulplease in a seperate terminal run watch lsusb (in case you havent)22:52
kristianpaulnow lets first with the nanonote unpluged use the rubber thing and push on the boot usb pins22:52
kristianpaulthen connect the usb cable22:52
kristianpaulthen the lsusb output will now show a line with 601a:4740 if all wen ok22:53
qwebirc46206ok great it did22:54
qwebirc46206it was a simple problem22:55
qwebirc46206I did not know that power+U was software22:55
qwebirc46206now I can just reflash again, right?22:55
kristianpaulhello !22:57
kristianpaulgo ahead22:57
qwebirc46206just curious, what do you run on your nano?22:58
kristianpaulyes power+U is handled by uBoot 22:58
kristianpauli like gmu, i use it for connect to servers and transfer files22:58
qwebirc46206so you use openwrt22:59
kristianpaulyes i do22:59
kristianpauli also use elinks22:59
kristianpauli have several docs in html22:59
qwebirc46206I'm looking to run Debian22:59
kristianpauland mplayer22:59
kristianpaulwill be cool, if got at least framebuffer to work22:59
qwebirc46206I am looking at another project openzipit23:00
kristianpauli do use mathomatic too23:00
qwebirc46206which I call the nanonote's evil twin23:00
kristianpaulbtw are you running reflash script?23:00
qwebirc46206no, I do it by hand23:00
kristianpaulas you wish :=23:00
qwebirc46206it never seems to work at least for me23:01
kristianpaulmay be using wrong offsets for when writing to flash?23:01
qwebirc46206so if this happens again, I just bust out that little rubber, right?23:01
qwebirc46206theoretically the nano is unbrickable?23:01
qwebirc46206well i may build a custom kernel23:02
kristianpaulthere is even a jtag some wher i remenber23:02
qwebirc46206i was told i would at least have to modify one23:02
qwebirc46206for soft-float23:03
kristianpaulare you installng debian from 23:03
kristianpaulhttp://pyneo.org/howto/debian/nano.html ?23:03
kristianpauli love tha pic :-D23:03
qwebirc46206no, but i think i downloaded from their mirror23:03
qwebirc46206yeah it is a nice pic23:04
kristianpaulha, a bit sdr adc/dac ubb... damnn!! ;-)=23:05
kristianpauli must leave23:05
kristianpaultake care23:05
qwebirc46206ok well thanks and see you on the mailing list23:05
kristianpaula/bit/1 bit23:18
wolfspraulkristianpaul: wow great, it seems his Nano is already unbricked23:20
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