#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2011-10-09

kristianpaulwpwrak: yeah, actually mobile phone companies just do buy no more00:11
kristianpaulbut the blood still spilled fire sure00:11
kristianpaulmay be asteroids?? may be not, anyway... limited resources end some day .. :)00:12
Openfree`is it possible to skip one package if it fail to build, and let the whole build process continue?04:43
vladislavkorotnemake -k FORCE=104:43
xiangfuOpenfree`,  if the package=m you can use 'make IGNORE_ERRORS=m'05:33
xiangfunot sure if 'make IGNORE_ERRORS=y' works. you can try it.05:33
Openfree`xiangfu, thanks, will try~05:34
Openfree`xiangfu, do you know, is it possible to download pkg source bar from third party first rather than from http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources?09:12
xiangfuOpenfree`, scripts/download.pl  line:17309:13
Openfree`xiangfu, thanks, more specificly, is there any fast mirror for china/main-land?09:15
xiangfuOpenfree`, no09:15
xiangfuI mean I don't know there is such mirror in China09:15
Openfree`oops .. )-(09:15
Openfree`I'm trying to setup a mirror myself, but not sure how much disk space it should takes09:16
wpwrakkristianpaul: http://www.holmea.demon.co.uk/GPS/Main.htm is truly amazing. maybe you should tell this guy about your project. he seems to know his stuff *very* well.11:10
viricwpwrak: impressive work, that of the link12:59
kristianpaulwpwrak: yes, why not, my first question to him was about licensing, and he seems not decided that yet13:32
wpwrakah, good. you're already in touch. now try to draw him into our little universe :)13:46
kristianpaulyes i could actually, i remenber now that i wanted to ask him why implemtend fft on the pc, but it guess his FPGA was getting small for more logic14:05
kristianpaulanyway i'll mail him again :)14:05
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