#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2011-10-08

virichas anyone measured the power consumption of the ben?15:19
wolfspraulmaybe in the early days ;-)15:20
viricany report around? :)15:20
wolfspraulneed to google, super late here though15:21
wolfspraulI can barely finish my last mails to clean out my Inbox :-)15:21
viricok ok15:24
viricI'll reask another day :)15:24
kristianpaulviric: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Experiments_of_Ben_NanoNote%27s_Charge_Cycle15:24
viricI'd like some kind of low power computer...15:24
viricbut with comfortable keyboard/screen for usual work15:24
virickristianpaul: thank you!15:25
kristianpaullike n900 or still too big?15:25
viric(as for keyboard/screen)15:25
larscviric: http://pastebin.com/4xRZGdJB15:26
kristianpaullarsc: nice !15:26
kristianpaullarsc: how you get those?15:26
larscthat's from the old days15:26
kristianpaulpastebin from 2009?15:26
larsckristianpaul: build a special usb cable15:26
kristianpauli can imagine :)15:27
viriclarsc: ah great. that's what I wanted. That can be made to fit a wiki page somewhere.15:27
viricIs 'the old days' relevant to the measures?15:28
viricI mean... should the measures be different now?15:28
larsci hope not15:28
kristianpaulnanonote is same no?15:28
viricwell, maybe the kernel does something wrong ;)15:28
kristianpauldisplay off is what gmenu2x does after inactivity timeout?15:28
viric200mA * 3.6V = 720mW?15:29
viricso 1 W should be more than enough15:29
kristianpaulbe carefull ;)15:29
larsc* 5V15:29
larsci think15:30
viricah usb measures15:33
viriclarsc: how stable needs the nanonote the 5V there?15:33
larsci don't know15:33
viricA notebook-size computer that could work on 1 or 2 W would be great ;)15:34
viriceven if less powerful than the nanonote15:34
viric(I mean *with screen and kbd*)15:34
virichttp://notebooks.com/2011/09/14/3-reasons-you-want-your-2013-notebook-today/ ?15:35
viricmmm Samsung NC215S...15:37
viricI think that the low power boards of mobile phones and alike should be used in simply *bigger keyboards and screens*15:38
kristianpauli saw before, you remenber that  spanish company was about to make solar powered laptops? iunika?15:39
virichm may be15:40
viric(btw, what do you think of the 'geeksphone'?)15:40
viricI remember iunika yes15:40
kristianpaul(geekphone) just the name?15:41
viric:) the phone15:41
viricmaybe iunika went bankrupt?15:42
kristianpaulcertainkly yes15:42
kristianpaulCorporacion Empressarial iUnika, S.L. is no longer a licensee of MIPS Technologies, Inc.15:42
kristianpaulmy geekphone is a motorola c123, that i can run osmocom on it.. :)15:43
virickristianpaul: geeksphone.com15:43
kristianpaulviric: http://bb.osmocom.org15:44
viricoh great great15:45
viricI remember it from a 27c3 talk15:45
virickristianpaul: do you use it as your normal phone?15:46
kristianpaulviric: yes15:47
kristianpauli just load osmocom when want to learn a bit about the project :)15:47
kristianpaulthere is not OS or something yet15:47
kristianpauljust load the app and play from the computer15:47
viricah ok15:48
kristianpaulbut still nice have a phone you can run free sotware baseband on it :)15:48
kristianpaulviric: i never bought a openmoko too expesive, this geekphone looks same15:48
viricwell, twice the nanonote15:49
kristianpaulwith that money i cna buy a netbook, wich will be more usefull for sure15:49
viricI use the phone mostly for mp3 playing as it has a loud speaker :)15:49
kristianpaulbut do they give me schematics too?15:49
virickristianpaul: I don't think so :)15:49
kristianpaulwell if you have the money be happy :)15:50
kristianpaulmay be android based phone will cost as a nanonote next year15:51
kristianpaulthen i'll consider :)15:51
viricI can't say I'd like to run Android15:57
viricif I had a shell, and a SDL program in the first virtual console that managed calls... that would be enough ;)15:57
kristianpaulyou can try buy a SciphoneDream G215:58
kristianpaulin already run OE i think15:59
viricwithout much hacks?16:01
viricwhy did you adivse it? for OE mostly?16:02
viric(It looks like a great channel to ask for hw :)16:03
viric(specially about freedom)16:03
kristianpaulthen http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/SciphoneDreamG216:03
kristianpaulnot OE :)16:04
kristianpaulIt's possible to run any Linux distribution without flashing Sciphone's original firmware.16:04
kristianpaulTo do this, you need to prepare microSD card and use osmocon loader to load u-Boot image to RAM.16:04
kristianpaulnot bad? viric ?16:04
viricah ok16:05
viricnot bad16:05
viricI'd like to be able to make and receive calls though :)16:05
kristianpaulviric: so what phone you're going to buy?17:07
wpwrakviric: (5 V stability) a bit of variation should be okay. it gets regulated down to 3.3 V anyway. and the path is the same as for the battery19:19
vladislavkorotnehello everyone19:21
vladislavkorotneanyone here can delete a file from my sftp directory?19:22
vladislavkorotnei need to delete it urgently and i lost my publickey19:22
wpwrakmy_dead_wife_001.jpg ? :)19:24
vladislavkorotneno lol19:24
vladislavkorotnewpwrak: can you?19:24
wpwrak(and no, i don't know how you'd do this. i guess you'd have to contact the operator of that machine)19:24
wpwrakalso, i suppose it's the private key you lost, not the public one19:25
vladislavkorotneyes 19:26
wpwrakmaybe they have a means for you to "log in" on some web frontend and then upload a new pubkey ? but all this really depends on how the service is structured19:27
vladislavkorotneno, they dont19:27
wpwrakhow did you provide your pubkey to them when the sftp account was created ?19:29
vladislavkorotnedont remember. over email i think19:29
wpwrakso i guess it's time to mail them again .. :)19:30
wpwrakor just ask them to delete the offending file immediately, if you dare to mention it19:30
vladislavkorotnehttp://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/vladkorotnev/random/FidoPager.zip Delete this19:31
wpwrakoh, on qi-hw !19:31
wpwrakgone :)19:32
wpwraki have no idea how wolfgang authenticates people. so you'll have to wait for him to update your public key on downloads.qi-hardware.com19:35
wpwrakvladislavkorotne: i can tell you that, in case you may have a copy somewhere, the old key ended in  ...2y5sN/ vladkorotnev@...19:36
vladislavkorotnedont have it& i've done a complete OS reinstall with HDD securely wiped twice19:37
wpwrak*grin* at least you're thorough19:37
vladislavkorotneokay now this asshole left my house19:39
vladislavkorotnehe decided to make the installscript that i based my installer on closedsource, but i donno why didnt he just ask& really hate having to do stuff like that with a brick in the hand of the guy standing right there, next to you :/19:39
vladislavkorotneah, nvm, it's over19:39
wpwrakhuh ? friendly neighbours in your local hacker community ?19:41
vladislavkorotnedev community19:41
wpwrakmaybe i was a bit too quick with the deletion then ?19:42
vladislavkorotneat least mostly19:42
vladislavkorotneno, it anyway had a bug...19:42
vladislavkorotnethat actually wiped the SD card19:42
wpwraki hope you still have the sources then19:42
wpwrakoh, nice feature :)19:42
vladislavkorotneand relocated the message store to it19:42
vladislavkorotnebut& without asking19:42
vladislavkorotnei don't know anyway, how'd he make a bash script closed-source :p19:44
vladislavkorotnebrb reconnect19:45
wpwrakhe can at least make the license say so. "you're forbidden to read the source"19:45
vladislavkorotnei see, but why not just ask to silently kill the project instead of that?19:46
wpwrakmaybe took the drugs and the vodka in the wrong order ?19:47
vladislavkorotnelol maybe, i'm in russia19:47
vladislavkorotnethough i know an anti-opensource guy who helped me make a closed project for iPhone19:47
vladislavkorotnei could phone him at 5 AM and he was already drunk19:48
vladislavkorotnebut able to code19:48
wpwraki suppose being able to code while drunk is a useful ability, particularly for those closed-source guys :)19:49
vladislavkorotnehe spends like $50 on alcohol weekly19:49
vladislavkorotnehe's a photographer, but used to be a programmer19:50
wpwrakUSD 50 on alcohol doesn't sound like a lot. but i guess it depends on what and where you buy. one quite moderate night of clubbing would leave a deeper hole in my pocket. but i guess it would be quite a sizeable quantity of the cheapest booze i could find19:52
vladislavkorotnehe buys cheapest beer that tastes ok :p19:52
vladislavkorotnenot sure what he means by this lol19:52
wpwrakhmm, lets's see .. ARS 4.84 per liter of cheap beer here19:55
vladislavkorotneARS == ?19:56
wpwraksearching ...19:57
wpwrak1:4.24, so about USD 1.1419:57
vladislavkorotnehmmm& dont think he drinks 50 liters a week19:58
wpwrak50 liters of beer would be ... well, still manageable. maybe a liver transplant every now and then.19:59
wpwraklet's see how we'd do with wine. may be cheaper. ARS 18.25 /liter for cabernet19:59
vladislavkorotnehe doesnt drink wine20:00
vladislavkorotneonly, occasionaly, champagne20:00
wpwrakARE 15.99/l for borgonia, no idea what that one is :)20:00
wpwrakah, and the winner: ARS 13.72/l for "vino rumbos tinto". no idea what brew that is either ;-)20:01
vladislavkorotneidk, i dont drink :p20:01
wpwrakbut i think that online shop doesn't have the bottom feeders anyway20:01
wpwraklet's check the vodka ...20:02
wpwrakah yes, bolsakaya, ARS 19.69 / l. much more efficient than beer :)20:02
wpwrakgin, "bols dry", 18.69 /l. wow, that's cheap20:03
vladislavkorotnehmm idk if its cheap or not :p20:03
wpwrakabout USD 4.4 per liter. well, at least compared to beer. price per gram of alcohol, of course20:05
wpwrakbut this shop doesn't have the rock-bottom stuff. they don't even have an actually pretty decent but inexpensive brandy. lemme try another one.20:06
vladislavkorotnegotta go. 'night everyone20:06
o0q5x0admin account hac + route 0ou20:59
Action: o0q5x0 ~20:59
Action: o0q5x0 struct CREC *Next, *Last;21:00
Action: o0q5x0 10 902.370 926.370 20 902.670 926.670 30 902.970 926.97021:01
Action: o0q5x0 203 970 CT21:01
Action: o0q5x0 0x41 # A 4321:01
wpwraki'm afraid we don't speak bot here ;-)21:02
o0q5x0  $7r(p¥($(0p3,0p74r9); + #1’nÐ3’ 4774(|{   $7rµpp3r($(0p3); + #3nÐ1’ /* 4774(|{ */   br34|{; 21:03
Action: o0q5x0 |21:03
virickristianpaul: as long as I can keep up resoldering the bad paths on my phone, I won't change :)21:08
virickristianpaul: we need a bit of ecolog21:08
virichave you watched "Blood in the mobile"?21:08
viricwpwrak: interesting intervention, oOq5xO21:13
wpwrak(blood in the mobile) no. checking ...21:30
wpwrakpheeew. that seems to be a very very long chain. so that's bad mines -> tin extraction -> purification/adaptation for electronics industry -> component makers / smt fabs -> mobile phone companies21:33
wpwraki think he' barking up the entirely wrong tree. ban imports from the congo if you want. but the mobile phone companies are too far away from this to have any control. sourcing doesn't work like this :)21:34
viricI've not watched it still21:40
viricIf congo were the only colony used that way...21:40
viricthe whole western is based on colonies21:41
viricall AC or DC generators are based on magnets?21:44
wpwrakthere's a lot of nasty stuff going on for sure22:07
wpwrakbut i don't think you can accomplish much by pestering mobile phone companies. at best, you can make them switch to distributors who are better liars.22:07
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-10072011-1752/22:23
rohthere are types of generators/motors which use electo-magnets22:24
qi-bot[commit] Maarten ter Huurne: media: radio: RDA5807: Implemented VIDIOC_QUERYCAP ioctl. (jz-3.0) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/a198ec423:44
qi-bot[commit] Maarten ter Huurne: media: radio: RDA5807: Implemented VIDIOC_G_FREQUENCY ioctl. (jz-3.0) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/ed96d8b23:44
qi-bot[commit] Maarten ter Huurne: media: radio: RDA5807: Implemented VIDIOC_S_HW_FREQ_SEEK ioctl. (jz-3.0) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/6e2603c23:44
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