#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-09-28

DocScrutinizerLOL, intel kills meego?11:28
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: wasn't the technical term "merges" ? :)11:40
DocScrutinizerfor tizian or whatever it's called the IRC channels are full of "kill"11:41
DocScrutinizerno merger mentioned11:42
DocScrutinizerunless you mean a merger with HTML511:42
wpwrakah, yesterday the rumor was "intel merges meego with limo"11:43
DocScrutinizerseems they abandon meego for a webOS-alike concept called tizian11:43
DocScrutinizerhaven't read any details yet, as meego as such makes me fall asleep on my kbd11:43
wpwrakah yes,kill qt. nice :) who needs native applications anyway ? ;-)11:44
DocScrutinizersure ;-P11:44
DocScrutinizernot that QML, Qtquick, whatnot else the name of the day been, was any good a concept either11:46
wpwrakone problem with application development is that development speed doesn't keep up with the rate of changes in buzzword fashion11:47
wpwrakso today it's HTML5. maybe next year too. but what comes then ? by the time it would be a "solid and dependable" platform it would be way too boring to use as a differentiator, so they have to pick something else. and all the herd will follow.11:48
DocScrutinizernext year too? you're dreaming. I'm surprised when it suvives next month11:49
wpwraknaw, one year of big hype. one more year because you can't kill a project after just one year. but then ...11:50
DocScrutinizerwith much luck your "next year" picture will hold true as in "it sees new year"11:50
DocScrutinizer>>Join the Tizen Group to stay in touch with all the Info regarding this new awesome Plateform!<< X-P11:51
DocScrutinizer>>Today, the Linux Foundation and LiMo* announced Tizen(TM), an open-source, standards-based software platform for multiple device categories, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks and in-vehicle infotainment systems.<<11:52
DocScrutinizer>>Tizen builds upon MeeGo* and LiMo and will deliver an application framework built upon HTML5/WAC 2.0 standards to help developers reuse and extend their code across multiple OS's, app stores, and devices.<<11:53
methril_workTizen, it`s like all the other anonuncements (Mobling, MeeGo,...)11:53
Action: DocScrutinizer YAWNS, bored11:54
DocScrutinizer""to help developers bin their existing apps and write everything from scratch, to bin it again when we change our mind next new year's eve"11:55
DocScrutinizerF U smartphone/embedded indistry, F U intel11:55
wpwrakwhat the world needs isn't a new smartphone OS. all it needs are plenty of naive fanboys. and of these, it seems to have in abundance :)11:57
wpwrak"naive" as in "they still reach for a piece of soap a big corp drops"11:59
wpwrak"the register": "Zombie mobile Linuxes mate"12:06
kyakheh, i read "VJing" and at first thought it was a name of some Chinese guy :)18:41
wpwrakintroducing Victor Jing ;-)18:45
wpwrakyeah. and that name exists ;-)18:45
kyakwhat if Victor Jing finds out we are discussing him here?18:46
wpwrakmaybe he'll get curious and buys an M1 ? :)18:47
kyakVictor Jing, if you reading this, please buy the M1 :)18:49
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