#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2011-09-02

wolfspraulgood morning qiots00:44
DocScrutinizermorning wolfgang01:21
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer: morning01:38
kristianpaulmorning wolfspraul 02:50
wolfspraulgood morning!02:50
kristianpaulyou read exited, have something to tell? :-)02:52
kristianpaulokay, enjoy your morning coffe then :)02:55
wolfspraulyes have to speedup today, scary todo list02:55
rejonoh great, lekernel we have an interested business in using m1 as an advertising box05:26
rejoni guess could fake having image support by point the camera at a small little constructed set that mice could even use05:27
wolfspraulyes correct [camera]05:28
wolfspraulthat we can demo Monday :-)05:28
wolfspraulfor advertisement purposes I would think readability will be quite important05:29
wolfspraulnot exactly an m1 strength right now05:29
xiangfuwhere and when use m1 as advertising box?05:31
kyakoh god, what happened to my irssi nick coloring.. Suddenly xiangfu is pink, though he used to be green! :)05:35
wolfspraulxiangfu: it's some company Jon found that is operating screens with advertisements05:37
wolfspraulthis is just a meeting with them now, but good chance to hear their thinking05:38
rejonwolfspraul, do you have an extra m1 case?05:45
rejonwe can assemble a box and make a sanctuary to the commercial holy trinity05:45
rejonand bring some mice to put in it, banksy05:45
rejonmcdonalds, starbucks, apple05:45
wolfspraulI may have but don't understand your idea05:46
wolfspraulempty box?05:46
rejoni mean make a little play set with company logos05:51
rejonso we can do real 3d fly throughs with the camera05:51
rejonto show them that it can work05:51
rejonso sad05:51
wolfspraulyeah it's hilarious!05:53
wolfspraullet's do taht05:53
wolfspraulthey will be on the floor, maybe they buy one unit out of mercy?05:53
rjeffrieswolfspraul kristianpaul wpwrak reading backlog a day or so ago saw discussion of how to get photos etc into M1. someone suggested etherent, but then internet may not be available06:03
rjeffrieshere's a hac that would work: use some small cheap device that has an ethernet port and one or more usb. one example of many is Seagate Diskstar $25 USD closeout. but many cheap little routers would also work06:05
rjeffriesthese devices ften run OpenWrt. so in therouter box have code that reads a memory card (they come with this) and then send a file out the Ethernet to M106:06
rjeffriessorry for caps lock06:07
rejonwhat do you guys think of this? http://thewire.co.uk/articles/7347/06:29
DocScrutinizerUSB->ethernet adapter? Not exactly anything new06:52
DocScrutinizerduh, hostmode missing - OK....06:53
DocScrutinizerhell, who thought missing out hostmode on a device that runs real software would've been a brilliant idea :-/06:54
DocScrutinizerso yeah, if you can't make you host play host, make your peripherat with that smal little cpu do that task for the host06:56
Action: DocScrutinizer points to FritzBox which come with USB host port to operate storage etc, and obviously run linux and support 4 ethernet ports06:59
DocScrutinizerthe cheapish ones won't be exactly 25USD but then it's always a DSL router box07:00
juri_yes, i hack all day. hardware, software, etc. http://linuxpmi.org/trac/wiki/UnsortedInfo07:09
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: (USB-ether) M1 has USB host ... but no drivers (among other things) ;-)07:11
DocScrutinizererr, yes I seem to recall sth that needed just a bit of soldering for pulldowns rather  than pullup07:12
wpwrakrejon: (PAL198X)  that's ... 1970es, right ? :)07:12
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: is has footprints for configuring the USB ports for device, yes. not sure if this actually works, though, or if there's any software (firmware, etc.) for it07:13
DocScrutinizerhmm so what's the fuss about how to get ethernet to m1 then?07:14
DocScrutinizerusb-periph->ethernet adapters are there in an abundance07:15
DocScrutinizerhell they even got used with h-e-n on N900 :-D07:16
juri_doc: i'm not sure this is the right place to place anything. like coreboot and openwrt, i am expecting to be documenting current hardware on a "distro"'s wiki. i really think this stuff belongs on shr's wiki.07:17
juri_don't get me wrong, this is certainly going in my bookmark list. but this is about creating *new*, free hardware. i'd hate to crud it up with vendor crap. :)07:17
DocScrutinizerthe sciphone is not "new"07:18
DocScrutinizerthere are other instances of hw getting "just documented"07:18
DocScrutinizeron qi wiki07:18
DocScrutinizerask wolfspraul - he shall have the final word on that07:19
juri_yea, but thats not any more linked from the "distro" than just documenting it on my wite.07:19
juri_site even.07:19
juri_I've got my own wiki. I just need a proper place to link to images, so i don't hurt the sites i'm contributing to's bandwidth.07:19
DocScrutinizerwiki.om.org is a safe place to document things for SHR as well07:20
DocScrutinizer(as long as chandra server stays up now)07:21
wolfsprauloh he left07:26
wolfspraulI didn't even understand yet what his question was, maybe next time...07:26
DocScrutinizerweird guy, wants to upload highres photos of "hw that gets destructed here"07:27
DocScrutinizersee #openmoko-cdevel07:28
DocScrutinizer[2011-09-02 08:39:44] <juri_> ok, yet again, i'm going to ask if there is a spot in the official wikis for linking to documentation of non-manufactured phones. i'm representing a recycling company, willing to host images and hack devices, as best as possible.07:29
DocScrutinizer[2011-09-02 08:40:43] <juri_> right now i'm staring at an arm9 235mhz, with 32 megs of ram, in an nokia e62. i'm fine with giving up on the device... but i'd like to really expand the 'device porting' stuff on the wiki, as what i've found is VERY lacking.07:29
DocScrutinizerseems to relate to SHR07:30
DocScrutinizerand bearstech has no great record about giving bandwidth and storage to SHR07:31
DocScrutinizerI wonder if he's aware porting a distro to a new hw is mostly about errr porting, not about documenting hw07:33
DocScrutinizerwell hw docu might be fine, but not exactly on a strictly RE level of a recycler making highres shots07:34
kyakwhat is SHR?07:41
DocScrutinizergrr no infobot07:42
kyakapt sent me a PM07:43
kyakthanks )\07:44
qi-botThe build has FAILED, see log here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-09022011-0048/09:15
Jay7kyak: iirc, SHR is OE-based distro for phones :)09:20
Jay7used on OM/n900/etc09:20
Aylais /etc/fb.modes present on Nanonote?09:22
Jay7hmm.. using MM as advertizing box is interesing idea09:23
Jay7e.g. run some predefined video and merge with camview..09:23
Action: Jay7 should consider this09:24
Jay7and btw, labsw is nice thing as well :)09:24
kyakJay7: i see :)09:27
wpwrakJay7: thanks ! :)10:07
virickyak: BK 2 :>:>< 3>@>45?10:30
viricABL <>A:28G8 745AL?10:31
DocScrutinizermaybe some ideas for m1 can be found when googling about fairlight video synth11:03
DocScrutinizerhttp://www.audiovisualizers.com/toolshak/vsynths.htm 11:09
Action: DocScrutinizer is pondering a library of emulations11:10
DocScrutinizerLOL http://www.audiovisualizers.com/toolshak/vidsynth/buchla/buchla.htm11:13
DocScrutinizerhell, see "animation harness." at http://www.audiovisualizers.com/toolshak/vidsynth/animac/animac.htm11:19
DocScrutinizerplus picture there11:20
rjeffrieswpwrak has leveraged Ben's 8:10 port in clever ways. Next target with a LOT of possibilities will be Ben's (client) USB port. DocScrutinizer has mumbled about s/w to make it support USB Host, which may or may not work. imo17:24
rjeffrieswhat can work is BenDongle as I mentioned a couple of days ago. Inspired by: http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2011/05/bright-idea-android-open-accessories.html17:24
rjeffriesa BenDongle that can connect USB keyboard and mouse (but does not attempt more general USB Host)... and has AVR chip so we also get a collection of digital and analog i/o that can be handled by the AVR (read arduino dongle) then  a program17:27
rjeffrieson Ven talks with the BenDongle now and again (but real time is only for mouse and keyboard) would be IMO a very interesting accessory. Then Ben serves as display and has higher level software running on Linux.17:29
rjeffriesWould a next-gen Nanonote be even cooler? sure. But that an a much bigger effort than BenDongle.17:30
wpwrak(usb accessory) small detail - you still need an accessory capable of doing all this :)17:31
wpwrak(usb host on the ben) you could try the V-USB approach and implement USB host via software and, say, UBB. plan to spend a bit of time on this, though ...17:33
wpwrak(usb accessory) you also need to solve the problem of supplying power. you could of course take 3.3 V from the ben and up-convert them to 5 V. applies to a V-USB-like UBB board, too.17:35
wpwrakfor development, you could just use a lab power supply, of course. then all you need is a UBB, a USB A receptacle, a few wires, and one resistor. well, and a bit of time to write the code ;-)17:36
wpwrakand don't worry, while you may not consider yourself an engineer now, you'll have grown plenty of confidence by the time you finish that project :)17:38
wpwrakin a way, it would even be easier than V-USB, because all the timing is controlled by the USB host. and i think the device's maximum response time it quite tightly limited. (but i don't know the values ... they must be somewhere in those 650 pages of the USB spec) you can find it here: http://www.usb.org/developers/docs/usb_20_071411.zip17:42
wpwrakor, for an easier read, consider revision 1.1: http://esd.cs.ucr.edu/webres/usb11.pdf17:43
wpwrakit should have all you need for low-speed and even full-speed. and it's only 327 pages.17:44
wpwrakfor a quick lay of the land, this is useful: http://www.beyondlogic.org/usbnutshell/usb1.shtml17:45
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