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kristianpaulwho needs houses, land is what matters  ;-)01:34
kristianpaulxiangfu: thanks for the L19_L3 mark, i just was about to find it  :)01:46
kristianpaulliving circumstances as a result of many events trought that culture's history too01:49
xiangfukristianpaul, :) L3 is small 01:50
kristianpauleven better !01:51
kristianpaul(for soldering)01:51
wolfspraulgood morning everybody01:53
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: ""Was? Das Volk hat kein Brot? Soll es doch Kuchen essen"" ;-P02:41
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: exactly :)02:41
rjeffriessome of you may find this video about Arduino (history) interesting. or not. http://postscapes.com/watch-arduino-the-documentary03:24
nunoizHello all.07:56
nunoizAnyone around who knows about hacking Wifi antenna's ?07:59
vladkorotnevHey guys, what's up?07:59
nunoizquiet...to quiet....I got a bad feeling about this...heh..08:00
wolfspraulvladkorotnev: hi08:06
wolfspraulnunoiz was too impatient :-)08:06
bartbesdoes that AM transmit thing actually work with the ben's lcd?09:32
bartbesbtw, to whoever interested in guile 2, it failed to compile on a host with guile 2 as well09:36
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-08292011-0630/10:20
zearhey there15:37
zeari haven't been updating my ben in years, but now i thought it's a good time to check what's new15:38
zearalthough, i have a problem with installing xburst-tools15:38
zearare there any precompiled packages?15:38
zeari can see only packages for debian and for arch (which is 404)15:38
zeari got the sources of xburst-tools, but in the INSTALL doc it says i require an owrt compiler to build it15:39
zearbut i remember xbusrt-tools was a set of native x86 binaries15:39
wolfspraulyou came just in time for the new image15:39
kyakzear: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/xburst-tools/downloads/77/15:39
kyakoh no15:40
kyakthis is not the binary :)15:40
zearkyak, that's the sources i already got15:40
kyakgrab the deb, and just unpack it15:40
zearkyak, ah, of course15:40
zearwhy didn't i think about it before15:40
zearbut anyway, the arch package link is dead, perhaps it's time to update/remove it from the website15:41
kyakprobably. Make sure you are NOT using xburst-tools older than 2011-05-3015:41
kyakand i'm off :) have fun with the new image!15:43
zearkyak, thanks for the help15:43
kristianpaulbtw freedroid segfaults after you hit poweroff when playing15:45
kristianpaulthen the .freedroid folder have to be deleted to make it work again15:45
zearbtw, does the ben still require you to hold the power button for few seconds before it boots?15:47
kristianpaulnot anymore15:48
zearah, great15:48
kristianpaulBUT, i think the default wallpaper make gmenu2x load a bit slow15:48
kristianpauli just changed and it is really fast boot15:49
zearhmm.. i'm getting tons of "./refla1/794./reflash_ben.sh: line 149: bc: no such command" messages when running reflash_ben.sh15:49
kristianpaullast reflash?15:49
zearthe one from the wiki15:49
zeari have no idea what's latest and what's not, i wasn't active in the scene since 2009 :D15:50
jow_laptopzear: looks like you need to install the bash calculator (bc) on your host15:52
zearjow_laptop, that doesn't sound like something everyone has by default. Why isn't it listed on the wiki in the flashing howto then?15:53
jow_laptopzear: probably because the author forgot about it and/or had bc by default15:53
zeari don't even seem to have it in my repository15:53
jow_laptopwhats your distro?15:53
zearoh, i do15:54
jow_laptophm http://www.archlinux.org/packages/extra/i686/bc/15:54
jow_laptopmaybe you need to activate the extra repo?15:54
jow_laptopoh ok15:54
zearbut it's description was "An arbitrary precision calculator language"15:54
zearnothing about bash15:54
jow_laptopok, sorry, maybe I got the name wrong15:54
zearcan i ctrl+c the reflash_ben.sh script and then run it again?15:55
jow_laptopI think due to the missing bc it didn't do anything useful anyway15:55
jow_laptopit is needed to calculate offsets and such15:56
zearjow_laptop, nah, it actually trashed the nand15:56
zeari'm getting a kernel panic now :D15:56
zearbut the bootloader seems to still be there, so i think i'll be able to software usb boot it15:57
zearhmm.. is there a gcc compiler available for the nanonote?16:55
zearsomething so i can compile natively on the ben16:55
zearinstead of cross-compiling16:55
zearoh, there is, just found a section about it on the wiki :)16:55
zearwolfspraul, i must say so far i'm impressed with the current ben firmware17:08
zearit's a huge leap forward comared to the late 2009/early 2010 images17:08
zearand you guys have got a port of liballegro. We'll have to adopt it to the Dingoo :)17:09
zearhmm.. i'm trying to compile a program that uses only ansi c + libSDL, but i'm getting this while trying to link:17:39
zeari'm building directly on the nanonote17:40
zearsince the toolchain required you to make a symlink to /home/xiangfu/... and i think this is unacceptable :)17:40
viricbad xiangfu!17:44
kyakzear: you need to install libsdl dev libs.. which you should take either from openwrt build root, or from a respective package17:48
zearthe repository is missing libdl, so i'm now trying to use the one from the Dingux toolchain17:48
zearkyak, of course i did that long time ago17:48
zearkyak, i already tried both the ones from qi-hardware website and the ones from the owrt repo17:48
zeari think if i was missing libsdl, the linker would point this out on -lSDL line17:49
kyakisn't libdl functionality provided by uclibc?17:49
zearno idea, but then it means the sdl lib is broken17:49
zearit also complains about libdirectfb which IS already installed17:50
jow_laptopthe above errors are not unusual17:50
kyakdid you provde the -rpath?17:50
jow_laptopusing rpath-link as suggested will solve it17:50
zearkyak, no, i have no idea what that is17:50
zeari've been trying to compile with LDFLAGS = -L/usr/lib/ which usually fixes such problems17:50
jow_laptoprpath is bad because it affects the on-target runtime search paths while rpath-link is only compile time17:50
kyakbut the error message is pretty clear about what is it :)17:50
jow_laptopthe usual syntax is  LDFLAGS += -Wl,-rpath-link=dir/with/needed/libraries17:51
zearkyak, not at all. What is the -rpath parameter of? gcc?17:51
jow_laptopin openwrt usually $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/lib17:51
zeargee, why openwrt must be so picky? I remember something like this was the reason i put the nanonote away back in 200917:52
jow_laptopyou could also add -ldl17:52
jow_laptopthis will solve it as well17:53
zearjow_laptop, i tried of course17:53
zearto no avail ;)17:53
jow_laptopits not openwrt, its the linker which fails at resolving dependant libraries of linked libraries17:53
jow_laptopbecause during cross compilation there are not many environment places to initialize the search path from17:54
zearhow can the linker fail if i give him the correct location with LDFLAGS = -L/usr/lib ?17:54
zeari'm not cross-compiling17:54
zeari'm compiling it natively on the nanonote17:54
zearand nope, the rpath-link didn't help17:54
jow_laptopare you using LD or CC for linking?17:54
zeargcc: unrecognized option '-rpath-link=/usr/lib/'17:54
jow_laptopwell thats why I said the usual syntax is -Wl,-rpath-link=...17:55
jow_laptop-Wl tells the CC to pass through the flag to the LD17:55
zearwell, CC and LD are just variables17:55
zearthey have no real meaning unless i define them, right?17:56
zearlike i do with CC = gcc17:56
jow_laptops/CC/gcc/; s/LD/ld/17:56
jow_laptopgcc does not know about -rpath-link, only ld does17:56
jow_laptopbut gcc invokes ld17:56
jow_laptopso in order to convey args only for ld you have to wrap them in -Wl,17:56
kyakzear: if you didn't put Ben away back in 2009, you wouldn't have these questions by now ;)17:57
zearok, but why on earth is the nanonote's compiler so picky about everything? So far i compiled this piece of code to 8 different platforms, 2 of them not posix, and neither of them had such problems17:57
jow_laptopthe compiler isnt, the linker is17:58
zearwell, yes, the linker17:58
jow_laptopand that might be due to the fact that it runs on a uclibc host system17:58
jow_laptopwhich has differend ldso semantics than glibc17:58
zearnope, i already compiled to an uclibc platform17:58
zearand i had no such issues17:58
zearhehe, no :D17:58
zearonly by a cross-compiler17:58
jow_laptopI wonder whether "strings $(which ld) | grep /lib" lists /usr/lib somewhere18:01
zearld: unrecognized option '-Wl,-rpath-link=/usr/lib/'18:02
jow_laptopwell did you call ld directly now?18:02
jow_laptopor through gcc?18:02
jow_laptopif you call it directly then omit the -Wl18:03
jow_laptopif you call it through gcc then add the -Wl18:03
zearah, i see18:03
zearyou learn something new every day :)18:03
kyakjow_laptop: http://dpaste.com/605320/18:03
jow_laptopkyak: that looks broken18:04
kyakah, good :)18:04
jow_laptopno wonder its behaving like it is18:04
jow_laptopthe "=" is apparently an artefact of the way ./configure was called18:04
jow_laptopor some other compile time shell / script failure18:05
kyakld is provided by binutils18:06
kyakdo you suspect some error there?18:06
kyaki don't see anything unusual..18:08
kyakprobably it's the defect of binutils itself18:08
jow_laptopor the shell its configure was run under18:09
kyakthat would be bash18:10
jow_laptopor /bin/sh18:10
zearjow_laptop, oh great, so now it's ld: cannot find -lSDL18:11
kyakdo you suggest that building binutils on another host might fix the problem?18:11
zearand yes, i do have libsdl in /usr/lib :)18:11
zearjow_laptop, that's the full linker line: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/4z5ps8cFArnbg7h2LKs7/18:13
kyakjow_laptop: i just installed binutils which i built on my host. It is even worse, the SEARCH_DIR is always prefixed with "="18:13
kyakah no, sorry, the output is the same18:13
kyakwhat a mess..18:17
jow_laptopI think it boils down to "TARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT" defined during compilation18:23
jow_laptopit is set to "/home/jow/devel/openwrt/trunk/build_dir/target-mips_r2_uClibc-0.9.32/binutils-2.20.1/ipkg-install" in my case and ends up in ldmain.o18:23
jow_laptopall SEARCH_DIR pathes are relative to that18:23
jow_laptopobviously this dir will not exist on-target18:24
jow_laptopI bet calling "ld" with --sysroot=/  would result in a more sane behavior18:24
kyak--with-sysroot=$(PKG_INSTALL_DIR) in Makefile seems to be the problem?18:26
kyakshould read --with-sysroot=/18:26
jow_laptopbut I have no clue what the implications for building will be then18:28
kyakor even drop this option..18:28
jow_laptopok ldfile.c just confirmed it, if a SEARCH_PATH entry starts with "=" it is based against the sysroot which is either supplied via cmdline or defined during compilation18:29
kyakheh, you are a hardcore man :)18:30
kyakthis is mentioned in man ld18:30
kyak"If searchdir begins with "=", then the "=" will be replaced by the sysroot prefix, a path specified when the linker is configured."18:30
jow_laptopso one can either patch genscripts.sh to not emit "=" or change the configure args to not supply --sysroot or patch ldmain.c to not define TARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT18:30
jow_laptoptaking out --with-sysroot= is probably the best solution18:33
kyakjow_laptop: http://dpaste.com/605335/18:36
kyaki've taken out the --with-sysroot :)18:37
kyakseems that it is working!18:37
viricwhat are you playing with?18:37
kyakwith the native linker, i guess18:38
kyakok, time to sleep18:38
viric_How could a swapless system hang, running processes that take a lot of memory?18:48
viric_a linux, I mean.18:48
viricgrmbl new hang19:19
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