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kristianpaulNe-Brezhibni Protokol lea.hamradio.si/~s53mv/archive/a397.pdf02:46
qi-botThe build has FAILED, see log here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-08122011-0539/08:20
kyakqi-bot: you are a failure!09:02
wpwrakkyak: qi-bot doesn't seem to be in any hurry to pass the turing test :)12:32
wpwrakhmm, seems that the USB stack doesn't count CRC errors. that may be a worthwhile extension ...13:37
wpwrak(at least UHCI can provide this information, and the way it's used, it actually does)13:37
virichow is the status of ip over the atben and all that? 14:17
wpwrakstill about the same as a month ago. i.e., dirtpan sort of works for simple things14:19
wpwrakstill need to improve the driver to use the new more "intelligent" firmware features. but that won't happen for a few days. caught a flu. second one in this winter :-( and i don't trust my head with non-trivial code in that condition14:21
viricok clear14:22
virictake rest :)14:22
wolfspraulwpwrak: oh wow, rest well. lots of sleeping and drinking (non-alcoholic :-))14:35
wpwrakjaegermeister actually helps :)14:38
wpwrakand i have my magic pills from canada that suppress the symptoms pretty well. but i know that any hour i'd spend hacking anything complicated now would result in something like four hours trying to find the weird bugs later :)14:40
jivsbartbes, managed to bypass the module compiling and compile guile fully but its not working on ben17:34
jivsjust says Aborted and quits17:34
bartbesI imagine that might happen if it didn't get fully compiled17:35
jivsi guess we shouldn't skip the module compilation. need to just make it faster17:35
bartbesI mean, I would assume the host stuff is necessary17:35
bartbesoh is it supposed to take years?17:35
bartbesand years17:35
Last message repeated 2 time(s).17:35
jivsi tried copying the /usr/share/guile content manually . didn't help17:35
kyakwpwrak: qi-bot would have answered if he wasn't so badly disappointed by the fact that he was a failure :)17:36
bartbeswell, that's because they're not even the same version17:36
jivsyeah, i even left it running overnight...never completes17:36
bartbesperhaps it just swallows the errors17:36
bartbesbecause when I tried to run it manually I got an error straight away17:36
jivsi noticed GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE =0 stuff comes on the toolchain and it stucks but there is nothing  like this on the same stage if i make on the host machine17:38
jivsmay be it has sthg to do but not sure17:38
bartbesI remember another program having problems with compiled std libraries17:40
bartbesperhaps it was gforth?17:40
bartbesanyway, can't we delay the module compiling till on the ben?17:40
bartbeson a semi-related note: did anybody get nanonote binaries to work with qemu, btw?17:40
jivsnot sure abt module compiling delay17:42
wpwrakwolfspraul: regarding fancy prices, here's the projector to do with the M1: http://www.hdi3d.com/products.html19:47
wpwrakwolfspraul: the M1 will only be <1% of the price ;-))19:47
wpwrakmost of the money probably goes into making those fancy cases. and "hand-made in the USA" ;-))19:49
bartbesmechanical hands, even19:51
bartbesjivs: "ERROR: Unbound variable: eval-when"20:16
bartbesapparently it was using the wrong guile20:16
bartbesso I made it use my system's guile20:16
bartbesthat was the result20:16
jivsr u getting this error before it compiles the module?20:17
jivsI uninstalled guile 1.8 from my host machine if it will cause any conflict..20:18
bartbesas soon as it starts compiling the docs20:26
bartbes(which is before the scheme modules)20:26
jivseven with your patch to disable the docs?20:32
Action: [g2] waves to wpwrak 20:36
wpwrak[g2]: how are things going ?20:37
jivsbartbes, i am now trying w/o the docs disabling patch. lets see if i strike the same error as you20:38
[g2]wpwrak, Ok thx and you ?20:41
wpwrak[g2]: currently not so good. caught a cold :-( the seasonal fun ...20:49
[g2]wpwrak, drink lots of Vit C and take Vit D.  Be well.20:59
wpwrakhmm .. gotta check what vitamins are in jaegermeister :) in any case, it works great against the cough :)21:00
wpwrak[g2]: how are the boards coming along ?21:09
[g2]wpwrak, I've done 3 revs of a plain arduino.  I need to make some tweaks for v0.421:11
[g2]wpwrak, have you seen these ? http://www.dresden-elektronik.de/shop/prod111.html21:12
[g2]that's kinda the module I'd want to do, except all open.21:13
wpwrakthey used a decent chip. not the old 230 but the new 23121:15
wpwrakyou could use the same MCU if you want to. combines MCU (alas, without USB) with the transceiver.so you save board space, component count, and get slightly better EMC21:20
wpwrakdrawback: you can't change to a different MCU so easily21:20
Action: lekernel should try your jaegermeister remedy :)21:35
[g2]wpwrak, love talking but must run now.21:35
wpwrak[g2]: ah, sports ;)21:36
wpwraklekernel: camp too wet ? :)21:36
[g2]wpwrak, you are correct about MCUs.  Really though,  a $15 6lowpan solution would be a great place to start.21:36
[g2]wpwrak, you're funny.21:36
[g2]wpwrak, also did you see the zigduino ?21:36
wpwrak(zig) sure :)21:37
[g2]cheers mate, be well.21:38
bartbescan qi-bot store messages for someone?22:08
bartbesqi-bot: tell jivs does this work?22:12
bartbesguess not..22:12
bartbesI remember it having a similar feature22:13
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