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ignatius_Well, I finally figured out why none of the kernels (previously compiled and by myself) worked; I'm using Debian on the NanoNote. I found a patch file after scouring the net for solutions, but i'm not knowledgable to covert it to use a current kernel source tree.02:45
ignatius_So... anyone know where I can get kernel source that would work for me?02:46
larschm, this is what gcc generates for lm32 vfork. http://pastebin.com/Jn8rAXVK is there a way to force it to save ra and r11 on the stack after scall has been executed?04:08
wpwrakignatius_: maybe you need to ask on the mailing list. there are only very few people who use debian on the nanonote04:15
CapnKernelAnyone here is currently in Beijing?10:17
kyakthis is how easily wide char support gets killed :)16:58
virickyak: argh17:02
viricwhy he does not want wide char?17:02
kyakviric: don't worry, the bug report is already there :)17:04
viricin the nanonote... what provides the functionality of painting characters to the screen? Is it uboot with some tables?17:08
viricand what is the status of booting directly linux?17:08
kyaki think it's the linux kernel that draws on the screen17:09
kyakif i understood you correctly17:09
viricuboot writes to the screen17:11
viricit says that it loads the kernel17:11
viric(at least in my nanonote)17:11
kyakah, you mean the early stage17:12
viricI'm curious... who has the tables of characters? :)17:12
viricboth uboot and the kernel? Or the hw has them?17:12
viricI should read uboot I imagine.17:14
viricBut there are so much ifdef, that it's mad to follow tha.t17:14
viriciirc, cbrowser has some functionality about preprocessing17:15
viricit would be nice.17:15
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-07212011-1510/18:35
wpwrakviric: you'll find tables in u-boot, the kernel, your GUI toolkit (or X), etc.19:26
viricah ok19:26
kristian1aulokay, problem tracked, there is a problem with CC  briged at the wb_ack_o signal21:20
kristian1aulwich seems not to reach the wishbone master ever, geting it ina frozen state...21:21
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: cad/test1/: experiment with Free scripted CAD systems (OpenSCAD and Cadmium) (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/2db4c1a22:32
kristianpaul17:47 < kristianpaul> a SIE-like board with a 4760 SoC?22:50
kristianpaul17:47 < kristianpaul> no fpga, for at least let enought IO for expasion22:50
kristianpaul17:48 < kristianpaul> s/for/but22:50
kristianpaul17:48 < kristianpaul> easy to fit to wolfgang previous idea about 640x480 LCM with resistive touch interface22:50
wpwrakkristianpaul: the next "arduino killer" ? :)22:52
kristianpaulwpwrak: dunno, also dont find directly relation with22:53
kristianpaulfor me, ther are some boards called papilo wich implement arduino in fpga22:53
kristianpaulagaik,not kicad design but floss i think22:53
kristianpaulif you ask me for an arduino killer, my opinion is that22:53
wpwrakhmm, an FPGA is an expensive way to kill the arduino22:57
kristianpaulor cheap ARM socs eventually will22:59
kristianpaulyou can kill arduino, but not 8 bits MCU's :)22:59
kristianpaulanyway, i just was thinking _mainly_ that droping keyboard from the same PCB, may lead to less layer board23:01
kristianpaulUSB way to go :-) 23:01
wpwrakthe keyboard consumes one layer, yes23:01
kristianpauland i wonder if the other extra layers is just becase the mess to route stuff because the keyboard been top layer23:02
wpwrakbut a USB keyboard for a portable device ? i mean, in the days of the Osborne 1, this would have been quite okay, but today ... ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osborne_123:02
kristianpaulhey, Osborne 1 is a kinda big..23:07
kristianpaulkeyboards are small and handy, but still the issue that stand it easilly...23:08
kristianpaulas is not integrate in the same case, as i undertood..23:09
kristianpaultoday we have portable tablet-like devices and keyboars like a desktop addon23:11
kristianpaulbut yeah, still a bit messy for something not in desktop23:11
kristianpauls/in desktop/stand23:11
wpwrakalso, do you really want to make something that will be compared to things like he iPad ?23:16
kristianpaulmay be something like the kindle? if the usb keyboard is integrated in same case some how...23:17
kristianpaulor not usb keyboard? ISP. I2C? well i'm not aware of sourcing of think kind of stuff..23:23
wpwrakjust gets more difficult. well, you can always make your own 23:23
kristianpauland just get more diffcult :-)23:23
kristianpaulbut do you agree at least of separate keyboard from cpu pcb?23:24
wpwraki think it's easier to have them all together, like in the ben23:25
kristianpaulbut same clamshell style?23:27
wpwraki would go for this, yes23:28
wpwrakprotects the display, too23:28
kristianpaulhum,good point23:28
wpwrakmechanically, the hinge is a bit of a challenge, though23:28
kristianpaulsame size as well?23:28
wpwrakyeah, or at least very similar23:29
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