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kristianpaulhahah, finally i'm ready something knwow :)02:44
kristianpauldamn ack flag signal..02:44
kristianpaullets see what happen when writing :)02:44
kristianpaulhello aw !!02:44
kristianpaulyeah, i can write as well02:45
awkristianpaul, hi hi u got somethings new? hehe ;-)02:45
kristianpaulsoon,i hope02:46
kristianpauljust dealing with two clocks domains in the milkymsit soc 02:46
kristianpauland seems i calm down the beast ;)02:46
awgood though although i don'et know what story you are building now. ;-)  in the other irc, i need to see backlog, u know. ;-)02:47
kristianpaulsure, go ahead, just saying hi :)02:48
qi-botThe build has FAILED, see log here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-07162011-1957/02:48
awyes, calm down..me need to be. :-)02:48
kristianpauldamn, speak too fast, writing is not working at all03:01
kristianpaulhe, no i'm right, just inverted some parameters..03:02
kristianpauloh well, lets implement that channel then03:02
qi-botThe build has FAILED, see log here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-07172011-0449/11:40
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: mm1rc3/fix?.fig: various reset fixes Sebastien proposed (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/ed4101f13:33
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: mm1rc3/fix2.sch: Qucs simulation of fix2 (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/a374dab13:34
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: mm1rc3rst/fix2.sch: use fixed V range for result; don't open data display (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/c0395dc13:42
ignatius_Hi... after compiling the kernel.. I get this message: "Kernel panic - not syncing VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0"  Here is my kernel .config: http://www.armory.com/~ignatius/config.htm -- if anyone could help me out, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks..20:08
mthhow does the kernel get the device to be used for the rootfs?20:11
mththere is no kernel command line defined there20:12
mthis it passed via u-boot?20:12
mthhow are you booting your kernel?20:12
ignatius_Hmm. Good point... although, in the past it (the kernel cmdline) didn't really matter. I got the same error message.20:13
ignatius_In the mean time, I guess i'll try it again. Thanks.20:13
mthmaybe you don't need it, but then the rootfs device must come from somewhere else, for example u-boot20:15
ignatius_I'm using the OpenWRT u-boot binary.20:15
ignatius_It (a previous kernel) worked fine, with what seemed to be that same basic .config20:16
mththe "unknown-block" suggests that something is wrong there, either there is no device defined or a device of an unsupported type20:16
ignatius_I don't understand what i'm doing wrong.20:16
mthand you're building the same type of image?20:16
ignatius_Yeah. Same kernel. Same everything.20:16
mthu-boot kernel arguments only work with "uImage", not "zImage", iirc20:16
ignatius_Same tool chain.20:16
ignatius_Yes. I'm using the "linux/arch/mips/boot/uImage" file.20:17
ignatius_In the process of getting the cmdline from the working kernel.20:18
mthdo you still have to old config? if so, it might be useful to run a diff20:18
ignatius_Yeah. I tried "make oldconfig" but the tool chain didn't like that.20:18
ignatius_Unless it's "make target/linux/oldconfig" ??20:18
mth"make oldconfig" doesn't build with the old config, it upgrades a config from an older kernel version to the current version20:19
mthyou have "ARCH=mips" defined?20:20
mthforgetting that even once can really mess up your kernel config20:20
ignatius_Ah. I see.20:21
ignatius_Nah. Since i've been using the same kernel version, there is no previous .config file that I could use.20:21
ignatius_Well, since i'm able to select the Nanonote in "make kernel_menuconfig" I assume that it is using the ARCH=mips statement.20:22
ignatius_Here is the kernel cmdline: "mem=32M console=tty0 console=ttyS0,57600n8 ubi.mtd=2 rootfstype=ubifs root=ubi0:rootfs rw rootwait"20:22
mthah, OpenWRT might set ARCH for you20:24
mthI usually build kernels in isolation (for the Dingoo, not the NanoNote, but the hardware is similar)20:24
ignatius_Ah. Nod.20:25
ignatius_I just recently got a Dingoo. It's really cool.20:25
mthif you like to mess with kernels, have a look at OpenDingux, it's basically the NanoNote kernel ported to the Dingoo20:26
mthwith a few extras that are not fully mature yet (cpufreq, double buffering)20:26
ignatius_Compiling the kernel..20:26
ignatius_(For the NanoNote)20:26
ignatius_Just like I thought. I got the same error message ("Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)"20:29
mthis (0,0) the major/minor number?20:29
mthin that case it does look like the rootfs device is undefined20:30
ignatius_I'm not sure, actually.20:30
ignatius_Ah. Hmm.20:30
GitHub103[milkymist] kristianpaul pushed 1 new commit to gps-sdr-testing: http://bit.ly/nKC3ib20:30
GitHub103[milkymist/gps-sdr-testing] generic wishbone CC bridge template,migration from avalon WIP - Cristian Paul PeƱaranda Rojas20:30
ignatius_How would I define it?20:31
mthI guess the "root=ubi0:rootfs" part of the command line should take care of that20:31
qi-botThe build has FAILED, see log here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-07172011-1341/20:32
ignatius_Hmm. I wonder why it isn't registering.20:32
ignatius_JFFS is defined.. ReiserFS is.. Ext2/3/4 is..20:33
mthJFFS? is it possible that will claim the NAND making it unavailable for UBI?20:34
ignatius_Hmm. Maybe.20:34
ignatius_I'll give it a try.20:34
mthis there anything printed before the fatal message?20:35
mthfor example whether any NAND partitions are found20:35
ignatius_"UBIFS error (pid 1): ubifs_get_sb: cannot open "ubi0:rootfs", error -19"20:36
ignatius_"VFS: Cannot open root device "ubi0:rootfs" or unknown-block(0,0)"20:36
ignatius_Please append a currect "root=" boot option; here are the available partitions:"20:36
ignatius_Then it lists mtdblock0 thorugh mtdblock320:37
mthwhat is error 19?20:39
ignatius_I have no idea.20:40
mthyou can check in errno.h or one of its includes (errno-base.h, probably)20:40
mthin the include/ dir in the kernel source20:41
ignatius_#define ENODEV          19      /* No such device */20:48
ignatius_Well, undefined JFFS support.. still won't boot.20:49
mthok, so "ubi0" does not exists20:49
mthdoes it say anything about UBI or NAND earlier in the log?20:49
ignatius_I'm not sure. I can't scroll back in the buffer.20:51
ignatius_But, I checked the .config file.. the only "UBI" (besides basic debugging) item that isn't defined is the "XATTR" one.20:51
mthcould you run a diff between this config and a known working one?20:56
mthanyway, I'm going afk, I'll check back here later20:56
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