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Tesseractnevermind that last question00:39
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-06302011-2121/01:11
wolfspraulgood morning everybody01:51
wolfspraulTesseract: morning :-)02:49
Tesseractyou wouldnt have a spare moment? having slight trouble getting my ben nanonote to co-operate02:50
Tesseractafter following the format data partition guide on the wiki, i still only have 460mb in my rootfs partition02:52
wolfspraulthe partitions are hard-coded in the kernel03:05
wolfspraulso if you want one large rootfs, you have to make a change there and rebuild the kernel03:06
wolfspraulI'm not exactly sure what you want to achieve and which exact steps you followed though.03:06
Tesseracthell, i'd settle for another partition for data, I just cant see it after doing all those steps on the wiki03:07
Tesseractthe steps are here: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Format_Data_Partition03:07
wolfspraulwhich steps? (url?)03:07
Tesseractone step ahead :D03:07
wolfsprauland where does it fail? can you mount the partition?03:08
wolfspraulI think we have a little helper script/command now somewhere to mount it, I don't see that reference on this wiki page03:08
wolfspraulbut the steps on the wiki page should work03:09
wolfspraulat the end you mount your 1.5gb data partition on /data03:09
wolfspraul(if you follow those steps)03:09
TesseractI do have a folder on root called "data" but when I check the partitions (df -h) I cant see it/03:10
wolfspraulare you following that wiki page?03:11
wolfspraulat which step are you?03:11
wolfspraulthere are steps 1-503:11
Tesseractyes, and then the ones to make it work at statup03:11
TesseractI've put them all in03:11
wolfspraulthe startup stuff was improved many times, the wiki instructions may be outdated03:12
wolfspraulso you think you formatted the data partition?03:12
wolfspraulwhen you did a manual mount (step 5), did it work?03:12
Tesseractdiddnt check03:13
wolfspraulfirst step - format the data partition (actually should have come from the factory like that)03:13
Tesseract*facepalm* checking now03:13
wolfspraulsecond step - try a manual mount03:13
wolfspraulthird step - setup easiest way to automount on boot03:13
wolfspraulfor the third step, I'm not sure, hopefully someone else knows the latest best way...03:13
Tesseractthere's the result of a manual mount03:17
wolfspraulthe mount gives you no output at all?03:22
wolfspraulmaybe try mount -v (verbose)03:23
wolfspraulwhich software version do you have on your ben (cat /etc/VERSION)?03:23
Tesseract2011-5-28 and I still dont get any output off the command (mount -t ubifs ubi1:data /data/ -v)03:25
wolfspraulor you just wait until we cleanup this mess and it works well out of the box :-)03:25
Tesseractthe new version apparently comes out some time in 201203:26
wolfspraulwhich new version?03:26
Tesseractif you can clean this up by then, I'll be impressed03:26
Tesseractthe ben nanonote is only the first in the nanonote series03:26
wolfsprauloh don't worry, we have been pretty good at improving the Ben software over the last 1.5 years. I think that's fair to say.03:26
Tesseractthere's a new one (the yi if i remember correctly) coming out next year.03:27
wolfspraulI'm sorry that the data partition causes you some headache now.03:27
wolfspraulI want all this to work out of the box, but there are conflicting goals so we have been a little slow03:27
TesseractI got the nanonote for the challange. wouldnt be worth it if it worked nicely03:27
wolfspraulfor one we may want to enable dual-booting with Jlime03:27
wolfspraulthen we are thinking how we can offer a usb-storage mode for file transfers03:28
wolfsprauland encrypted partitions03:28
Tesseractusb file transfers are easy enough already03:28
wolfspraulall of this ties back into the partitioning and choice of file systems, and we haven't found the golden middle path yet03:28
Tesseractdualbooting, awesome. usb-storage, unnecissary but awesome. encrypted partitions, if someone knows how to work the nanonote, they deserve my data.03:29
wolfspraulTesseract: you can wait a little until xiangfu is back online, he may have some magic ideas to get your data partition up03:30
wolfspraulI hope you didn't follow that wiki page too closely, especially the section on auto-mounting at boot time - it may be outdated03:30
wolfspraulyeah, the bulk of the page was written in April 2010 :-)03:31
wolfspraulunfortunately deleting content in a wiki is hard, because nobody dares to make the decision that something has been superseded entirely03:32
wolfspraulthere may still be some corner cases where the old information may be useful (is the thinking)03:32
wolfspraulso stuff just gets layered on top of each other, not good, unfortunately03:32
Tesseractwe need a wiki archive for that sort of info03:33
wolfspraulthere seems to be a utility mtd.nn03:34
wolfsprauland commands like format_data_default and mount data /data03:35
wolfspraulsounds like it could be what you need03:35
Tesseractcould be. I've been using linux for all of 3 days so this doesn't make too much sense03:37
Tesseractsudo, echo, cat, grep, ls, cd and ifconfig are my current repertoire.03:39
wolfspraulI hope that doesn't get too boring, there are many useful apps too, check http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Applications03:44
rjeffrieshttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/13588168/papilio-fpga-shield-for-arduino  coolproject03:57
rjeffriesas is this board http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/seeeduino-adk-main-board-p-846.html03:59
kyakTesseract: if using the latest image, mounting the data partition should be as easy as "mtd.nn format_data_default; mtd.nn mount data /data" (for the first time)05:14
kyakafter that, just "mtd.nn mount data /data"05:14
kyakyou can also add thi line to /etc/init.d/start05:15
wolfspraulkyak: since he went through the steps from the old wiki page - if he has no data on the Ben yet, the best may be to start over with a full reflash?05:16
Tesseractheh, just did one05:17
Tesseractoh well05:17
kyakwolfspraul: i assumed he has just did the full reflash 05:17
Tesseractrunning reflash_ben.sh05:21
Tesseractnow for the 20 min wait05:21
kyakTesseract: just to confirm, are you reflashing all bootloader, kernel and rootfs?05:22
Tesseracteverything currently05:23
Tesseractoh, is the data partition already 1.4Gb in size after reflashing?05:28
Tesseractonly requiring mounting?05:28
kyaknope, you need to format it for the first time05:29
Tesseracthmm, this should go up on the wiki if it works.05:29
kyakthen you shouldn't ever format it again (unless rootfs size changes)05:29
Tesseractkyak: on that first command you sent me, it throws up the error: "cannot attach mtd3 (file exists)"06:08
Tesseracthmm, perhapse i delete the /data directory and retry06:08
wolfsprauldon't delete the /data directory06:09
wolfspraulthe existance of that directory is completely unrelated to mtd3 or any of the ubi stuff. however, you need the /data directory as a mount point.06:09
Tesseracti'm assuming it still mounted to that directory, as i cant seem to delete it anyway06:11
kyakwhat does 'mount' show?06:12
Tesseractdf -h shows it's mounted06:14
kyakand the size is..?06:14
kyakall right then06:14
Tesseractsorry, 1.406:14
Tesseracta resounding success06:14
kyaknow you should add the mount command to your /etc/init.d/start06:15
wolfspraulTesseract: congratulations!06:15
Tesseractecho "mtd.nn mount data /data" > /etc/init.d/start . should work to put it in the start file?06:16
Tesseractand thanks a heap for getting the data partition to co-operate!06:18
kyakbetter edit the /etc/init.d/start manually, as it has things there06:25
kyakoh, there is no /etc/init.d/start by default.. you could have a look into /etc/init.d/ben-nanonote and put your command there06:27
kyakin the start() function06:28
Tesseractand it works on reboot06:43
Tesseracthowever, in the same function, ifconfig usb0 doesn't work06:53
Tesseractoh well06:53
kyakdon't do that in start scripts06:55
kyakhave a look into /etc/config/network06:56
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: new package: pem, tool to help you keep track of your personal income and expenses (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/46fbba111:33
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: nanonote-files, configu.full_system include svn (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/6341d4c11:55
wpwrakdamn google !12:11
wpwrakthey tried to poison us12:11
wpwraktoo many bloody caipirinhas12:13
RON_wpwrak what have you heard from people who have received atben from our VERY seldom-seen tuxbrain friend?15:55
RON_wolspraul have you recieved your tuxbrain atben atusb order?15:55
lekernel"bluetooth support for the pulseaudio sound server". what the heck is that?!20:20
viriclekernel: it's the 21th century on electronics and free software20:23
viricdid you just wake up from consoles, sound blasters, and 80386 personal computers running linux 1.0? :)20:23
viricBecause you are going to get bad surprises20:24
viric*21st* :)20:24
lekernelso in the 21st century, we are supposed to have audio clicks and various sound breakages and bugs when you are playing audio from two applications simultaneously with pukeaudio?20:25
lekernelnot to mention that when pukeaudio output is enabled in mplayer, I cannot smoothly play videos anymore20:25
viriclekernel: ah, you should get newer hardware20:26
lekernelthere is a small hiccup every 2 seconds or so20:26
viricit's an indicator of obsolescence.20:26
lekerneloh, all these things worked perfectly with alsa20:26
viricthat's so outdated!20:26
lekernelalso, when playing said videos, the cpu usage isn't high20:26
lekernelit's just all pukeaudio bugs20:26
zeari don't like pulseaudio either. Latest gdm update forced me to install pulseaudio and since this i have lots of audio problems20:27
lekernelbut there is bluetooth support. yay!20:27
lekernelyeah same here, fedora and gnome3 forces it on everyone20:27
viricpeople gets strong links with the past; the enforcement is for your wellfare and safety20:29
lekernelalso I cannot see the point of playing your audio on a remote machine ... never had a need for that20:30
viricand for a subset of use cases, pulseaudio has been proven to move some bytes to some place better than other solutions.20:30
lekernelsame for those stupid x11 redirects that never work and serve as a catch-all excuse for x11 problems... do you see a pattern here?20:30
viricthat sounds like 'flexibility' and 'modularity'20:31
lekerneli don't have any "strong link" with the past, but I do enjoy audio that just works out of the box without having to type "killall -9 pulseaudio" every hour or so20:32
lekernelalsa was closer to that than pukeaudio20:32
lekernelfirst there was x11, now pukeaudio... i'll end up buying a mac if that trend continues20:33
lekernelat least apple got the UI and audio right20:34
viricSome try to achieve what apple achieved, but with another software license.20:41
lekernelif only the pulseaudio people would focus on getting it to _work_ on the local machine before implementing weird and often useless feature like bluetooth and tcp/ip ...20:43
lekernelit's really creating tons of problems on my machine because of its bugs20:44
viricthe world advances at giant steps.20:45
viricAnd you alone will be able to slow it down only a little :)20:45
lekerneli'm by far not the only one who complains about pulseaudio bugs. there are so many...20:46
viricI'm just seeing a project about scanning bloggers in 3d.20:46
viriclekernel: I personally keep out it :)20:46
rjeffriesdo we have report sof people receiving atben radio boards (likewise atusb boards) and people getting them up and running23:36
rjeffriesBen to Ben seems to be doable.23:36
rjeffriesWolfgang did you get your order from David at Tuxbrain?23:36
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