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wpwrakrejon: good morning :) when are you heading out ?11:46
kyakwpwrak: may i ask you a fast question: how can i choose which one of 16 channels in 2.4Ghz band will be used by atben/atusb? And does it make sense to choose a channel different from the oen used by my 2.5 Ghz router nearby?11:54
kyak*2.4 Ghz11:55
kyaki.e. will i gain soemthing from this?11:55
wpwrakyes, it's better to be far away from frequencies with interferences12:01
wpwrakin atrf-*, you specify the channel with -c #12:01
wpwrakin iz... you change the places where it says "11"12:02
kyakmy router is just 1 meter away from laptop :) so ok, i'll be changing the channel12:02
wpwraknote that wlan and wpan use different channel numberings12:02
kyakit's using channel 6 now btw12:02
wpwrakatrf-rssi -g ca show you the map;ping12:02
kyakok, thanks12:03
wpwrakpress E and it'll show the channel numbers at trhe bottom, inclusing the typical EU assignment12:03
wpwrakU for US, J for japan12:03
kyaki'll try that, thnkas12:03
qi-bot[commit] Stefan Schmidt: spi/atusb: Static info request during probe is async for usb now. (ben-wpan-stefan) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/1414ef516:13
rjeffriesthese guys are interesting. open license just like qi-hardware. http://leaflabs.com/devices/ 16:13
rjeffriesMIT license for hardware is A Good Thing, correct? 16:41
rjeffriesThey use KiCad. This is an interesting interview. http://dangerousprototypes.com/files/DP-LeafLabs-Maple.mp316:44
kristianpaulMIT, humm16:44
kristianpaulis it copyleft?16:44
kristianpaulremener not all open source and free software licenses are copyleft16:44
rjeffriestheir current license is actually share alike, they plan to go to MIT as it is MORE permissive16:45
kristianpaulsee !16:45
kristianpaulnot all people like copyleft,but thats a separate topic :)16:45
rjeffriesthese guys closley resemble the qi-hardware crew check them out16:45
kristianpaulold club way16:45
rjeffrieswell, they are not spread all over the world yet16:46
rjeffriesthey switched to KiCad from Eagle because KiCad is open, ;)16:46
kristianpaulthey document how maufacture stuff?16:47
kristianpaulactually do they manufacture or just sell prototypes?16:47
rjeffriesThey manufacture. Doing some good work. 16:48
kristianpaulhow easy is to reproduce that good work?16:49
rjeffriesif you listen to the interview, it is really interesting16:49
rjeffriesgo look at their site. they share oretty well I think)16:49
kristianpaulno time know, but i prefer read :)16:49
rjeffriesthey mention OpenMoko (they borrowed DFU from it)16:51
wpwraktalk done :) now it's the drinking phase of the conference ;-)17:46
kristianpaulhow was it?17:47
kristianpaulinteresting questions?17:47
kristianpaulTalk is it recorded somwhere?17:47
wpwrakonly had time for two. one was about what we learned from openmoko ;-)17:48
kristianpaulnice questions :)17:48
wpwrakdunnp. could be. i'll need to ask around17:48
kristianpaulworth the try17:48
kristianpaulso wen can link it to next news17:48
wpwrakthe other question was about the open-source hw license17:49
kristianpaulyou ran the slides from the nanonote btw?17:49
wpwraknaw, didn't have time to set this up17:49
kristianpaulopen-source, like MIT Apache and BSD ? :)17:49
kristianpaulanyway, enjoy your drinks17:50
Action: kristianpaul lunch time17:50
wpwrak(license) we talked about it some time here. but it wasn't too good.17:50
wpwrakrejon: 5 min to go :)17:52
wpwrakrejon: i'll be iin the spwaker's lounge later17:52
kristianpaulmilkymsit one?17:55
kristianpaulrejon:'s talk i mean17:55
wpwraknew, some edu thing17:55
wpwrakM1 is on saturday17:55
kristianpaulhum, like the sugar platform or something?17:56
wpwrak(edu) new, non-technical i think17:56
wpwrakrelocating :)18:02
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: tools/Makefile (BEN_DIRS): comment out dirtpan again, to avoid hdr dependency (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/673d29a19:02
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: TODO: various updates (master) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/d94ac9519:02
wpwrakkristianpaul: the streaming should be here: http://tv.softwarelivre.org/19:06
wpwrakkristianpaul: will take a while for mine to show up. they first have to censor the clips ;-)19:07
kristianpaulthanks for the link19:09
kristianpaulchanging topic19:09
kristianpauli think was wrong asume 0 and -0 as a valida value coming from the sige ADC19:09
kristianpaul-3, -1, 1 , 3 looks more sensate19:09
kristianpauli said that after ecounter some division by zero warnigns in a octave i was trying with the sampled data19:10
kristianpaulnow it seems the missing part is a mixer for the complex values19:11
kristianpaulfor osgps19:11
wpwrakthat's what you'll find in the math textbooks ? :)19:11
kristianpaulyes,but i tought it was arelady implemented19:12
kristianpaulif a software said that can analize in-phase nand quadrature samples, i asumed it was implented19:12
kristianpauli still having my doubts and still reviwing osgps source code19:13
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-06292011-1525/19:14
kristianpaulin the other  hand i noticed that sige evb manual have some isntructions to put sige chip in real mode19:20
wpwrakoh. that sounds interesting19:20
kristianpaulwell, acording to books and speedevil comments, this will mean 4x data compared to I/Q sampling19:21
kristianpaulbut indeed, most of the code i had found asume real data19:21
kristianpaulwhat sige adds is their propietary downcoverter serializer for making esier the later processing19:21
kristianpauland it is truth in theory cause if implemente the correlator in hardware, ie namuru, i may not need to use some correlation arms, asuming i trust sige for what is I and Q19:22
kristianpaulyeah, i'll try check the output for real putput with scope tonight :)19:23
kristianpaulnow IF sampling willbe ~16Mhz instead of 2.556Mhz from the downcoverter19:24
kristianpaulactually sige chip will be kinda same as the maxim one too19:24
kristianpaulbut we'll se :)19:24
kristianpaulwpwrak: complex is the data type implemed in C99 for complex number inst?19:25
wpwrak(like maxim) then you'll even have a second soure :)19:25
kristianpaulcause at first grep it dint showed up from osgps..19:26
kristianpaulor this graph lied to me http://home.earthlink.net/~cwkelley/receiv5.gif :p19:26
wpwrakmaybe they do complex math with real/int math19:26
kristianpaulgood point19:28
kristianpaulwpwrak: yeah, not only a second source in hardware, also more code to analize the data, inclduing the SoftGNSS port to octave (thanks a lot david his fix to it), fastgps too19:33
kristianpauland gps-sdr from CTAE 19:33
kristianpaulokay, i'll change that resistor position and see how the data came out from it :)19:33
wpwrakresistor position ?19:36
kristianpaulin the EVB hw1 and hw0 defines the chip mode19:37
wpwrakah :)19:37
kristianpaul47K actually DocScrutinizer 19:37
kristianpaulbecause it need to be set low19:38
DocScrutinizerthought as much, but 0R been to the point ;-)19:38
kristianpaulmake sense, the one i have is SE4162, so this was before :)19:44
wpwrakrejon: so ... when do you want me to break your M1 ? :)19:46
wpwrakwhen ? today ? tomorrow ? saturday befoe your talk / sat after your talk ?20:02
wpwrakor some undefined future ? :)20:02
rejondo we have time now?20:02
wpwraki guess we can try our luck and still make the 6pm shuttle20:04
wpwrakor else another day :)20:05
rejonwpwrak, sorry, getting distracted20:13
rejonwith fab stuff20:13
wpwrakheh :)20:14
wpwraksounds like a "tomorrow" vote then20:15
wpwrakand what exactly are you guys fabbricating ? :)20:19
kristianpaulelectric motorcycles?20:26
methril_workrejon, are you fabbricating something in Brazil?20:33
rejonnot yet20:34
rejonwould like to!20:34
viricrejon: like what?20:34
methril_workrejon, i would like to help on this matter20:35
viricquem e brasileiro aqui?20:35
methril_workninguem, mais estou morando no Brasil :)20:36
viricna cidade?20:37
methril_workPelotas - RS20:37
viricah. nao conhe├žo. rejon tambem?20:38
viricalso rejon ?20:39
methril_workviric, are you in Brazil? I though you where from Barelona (Spain)20:39
viricmethril_work: no, from Girona, Catalunya :)20:40
viricmethril_work: we work with some people in Brasil related to some closed electronics :)20:40
methril_workwe met at Fix Party bcn20:40
methril_workviric, really?20:40
viricmethril_work: with me? I doubt it20:40
viricWhat is that party? :)20:40
viricI never heard of it20:41
methril_workyou are not a Fixed OpenMoko owner?20:41
viricno no20:41
methril_workthen i`m wrong :)20:41
methril_worki`m the party fixer in Spain20:41
methril_workbut i rellocate last year20:41
viricYou got close though.20:42
rejoni'm here with wpwrak at FISL20:42
rejonyes, great to make qi hardware here20:42
rejonnanonotes, mm1, etc :)20:42
viricCongratulations :)20:43
kristianpaulif you manage to bypasss customs and import laws i guess20:43
rejonjust make them here20:43
methril_workkristianpaul, you have tax reductions if you are a producer20:43
rejonnot sure about raw materials20:43
rejonanyway, this is all speculative optimism :)20:43
kristianpaulyeah, tha was my point20:43
kristianpaulmethril_work: are you a producer? you just said some minutos about some magic words about electronics :)20:44
methril_workkristianpaul, unfortunately i`m not a producer20:45
methril_worki`m only a electronic user20:45
methril_workbut.... i`m brazil located so i`m interested in any qi initiative here20:45
kristianpaulbtw is ANATEL familiar with with you?20:45
methril_worki know what ANATEL is20:46
methril_worki`m not EE, so i don`t need to be aware of20:48
methril_worki`m in the middle of EE & SW20:48
kristianpaulignore me for a while i think been in a fan less place make write more than i wich20:49
kristianpaulbbl i need water or somwthing, got some headched :S20:49
rejonsorry guys, really not paying attn20:52
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