#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2011-06-27

stefan_schmidtwpwrak: reset should be ok now (can't verify) and I'm now working on the actual SPI transfers00:13
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: spi_atben: correct interrupt cleanup order when removing the driver (ben-wpan) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/d8bd10a00:18
wpwrak(spi xfers) great00:18
wpwrakmaybe unbinding the driver before rmmod helps:00:22
wpwrakcd /sys/bus/spi/drivers/at86rf23000:22
wpwrakecho spi*.0 >unbind00:23
wpwrakat least with this, i get only one spi master and one reset after re-insmodding00:23
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: cool, let me try00:24
wpwrakthe platform device is still around, though. hmm.00:24
stefan_schmidtnope, does not help00:28
stefan_schmidtback to good old reboot here.00:28
stefan_schmidtAt least I'm able to test stuff that way :)00:28
stefan_schmidttalking about it.... reboot time :)00:28
kristianpaul(tempest) interesting concept, i wonder if a 1 bit ADC/DAC can implemented using a UBB and some glue logic00:31
wpwrakkristianpaul: why stop at 1 bit if you have 4 of them ? ;-)00:31
kristianpaulya, but that will require a ADC chip, for the one bit i was thinking in a flip-flop 00:33
wpwrakhow many DAC chips do you see on ubb-vga ? ;-)00:35
wpwrakADC would be admittedly trickier00:35
kristianpauli never said ADC chip :)00:35
kristianpaulwell glue logic plus glue resistors :p00:36
wpwrakno glue needed. just the Rs ;-)00:37
rjeffriesthe only (slight) bummer is one must choose to EITHER do VGA OR 802.15.4 OR AM radio transmitter.00:40
kristianpaulfor now i have UBB's so the choice is already set ;)00:41
kristianpaulah, there is 433Mhz too using rfm12b modules rjeffries 00:43
kristianpauli really enjoy my off line nanonote, be disconnected is good from time to time00:43
wpwrakrjeffries: in the 1970ies, the avantgarde were the DJs. 20 years later, the VJs. 20 years later again, the UBB-Jockeys ;-)00:44
rjeffrieskristianpaul you are correct. wonder wht happened with the Hope RF module project00:44
rjeffriesif there is ever a next Nanonote, in addition to 802.15.4 being built-in, I'd vote to also have VGA (prolly using a chip rather that wpwrak's magic00:46
kristianpaulwpwrak:  you wizard !! :)00:47
kristianpauli knew it xD00:47
zearrjeffries, the hardware would then need to support running programs at a decent framerate in higher res00:47
rjeffriesmaybe. but the use case for me is simply a larger screen. not watching videos.00:48
zearrjeffries, well, sdl apps will also be very laggy00:49
rjeffriesany follow-on to Ben will use a considerably faster cpu. amd will support much better memory bandwidth00:49
zearrjeffries, unless you don't mind running 320x240 on a TV screen00:49
zearthen phisically you have a larger screen, but the same resolution00:49
kristianpaulrjeffries: i gues you aware of last 4770 ingenic chip ;)00:49
kristianpaulman i want a laptop with that chip for sure :D00:50
rjeffriesI tried to gey data sheet on 4770 but ingenic site seemed to time out00:50
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: your spi classifier works here now. Time for me to get the spi read and write functions running00:51
rjeffrieszear i expect a nanonote 2.0 will support somewhat greater resolution on the lcd, but probably nothing radically better00:51
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: http://pastebin.com/MATaxrep00:51
kristianpaulwpwrak: you have some guide or code sniped about implementing a NCO in C? :-)00:51
zearrjeffries, 2x the current res would make a lot of X11 apps usable00:52
rjeffrieshas 4770 been seen in the wild? we know there are tablets based on 476000:52
kristianpauli dont think so, seems kinda new00:52
rjeffriesoh 64x480 would be sweet yes00:52
zearrjeffries, then just add a touchscreen and you have tons of software perfect for the nanonote00:52
rjeffriescapacitive touch screen technolgy is a commodity now00:53
wpwrakrjeffries: you shuold be able to have VGA with the ben already. just make an 8 bit analog RGB mixer and program the LCD controller accordingly00:54
kristianpaulwpwrak: (flip flop) some resistors and transitors, and thats it the, 1 bit ADC 00:56
rjeffrieswpwrak pardon my ignorance, but what would be used as i/o with ben?00:56
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: (read 1) nice :)00:56
rjeffriesseen tuxbrain00:57
wpwrakkristianpaul: while (1) { int n; for (n = 0; n != period; n++); asm(""); }  ? ;-)00:57
kristianpaulwpwrak: okay,but the asm part what for?00:57
kristianpauli mean asm? is not all about C and pointers?00:58
wpwrakrjeffries: the ben's SoC can do up to 800x600. considering that ubb-vga manages 1024x768 with semi-reasonable timing, i don't think 800x600 would be too difficult to get right.00:58
rjeffriesthat will be some VERY compact machine code;(00:58
wpwrakkristianpaul: gcc -O9 -S whatever.c   ;-)00:59
wpwrakkristianpaul: or what exactly was your question ?00:59
zearwpwrak, do the -O* past 3 have any actual effect?00:59
wpwrakzear: wrong question :) the right question would be "do i read all the gcc release notes" ?01:00
zearwpwrak, no i don't, but i remember reading somewhere that 3 is the limit ;)01:00
wpwrakkristianpaul: (1 bit adc) hmm, what's the flip-flop doing ?01:01
wpwrakrjeffries: (vga i/o) you'd have to either solder to the test points under the battery, or make an FPC and connect instead of the LCM.01:02
wpwrakrjeffries: if you want a fancy solution, make a PCB with pogo pins that touches the test points.01:02
kristianpaulwpwrak: (adc) is like a sampler, well i just read it from here http://www.s5tech.net/s53mv/navsats/n12.gif01:06
kristianpaulwpwrak: (exactly question) implement something like this in C http://www.colorado.edu/geography/gcraft/notes/gps/gif/costas.gif01:07
kristianpaulbut actually seems more esier for 1 bit using digital logic..01:08
wpwrakkristianpaul: (adc) at looks more like a 16 bit adc :)01:08
kristianpaulwpwrak: no no, there is no 16 bits anywhere01:09
wpwrakkristianpaul: (demodulator in c) you should visit your friends at the university. they ought to have some fun books in the EE section. books that go well beyond my head ;-)01:09
wpwrakkristianpaul: (16 bit) "integrator (counter)" and "16 bits/millisecond"01:10
kristianpaulwpwrak: true, but not the adc !01:11
wpwrakah ! you mean the "SAMPLER" "D-FF" bit01:11
kristianpaulsince 10 minutes ago, yes01:12
Action: kristianpaul still need to improve comunication skills01:12
wpwrakconcept looks a bit odd. it may be more a synchronizer. you don't need that if you just want to sample analog data to memory01:14
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: spi_atben: refcount the master (ben-wpan) http://qi-hw.com/p/qi-kernel/d37779401:22
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: maybe this helps. the sequence would be: insmod ....; unbind the at86rf230; rmmod spi_atben01:22
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: if you don't unbind, the rmmod will still succeed, with disastrous effects01:23
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: ok, thanks01:23
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: its already past 3am here. Will work on this more tomorrow.01:24
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: At least I'm some good steps forward now. SPI read and write should work tomorrow01:24
stefan_schmidtAfter that there is only IRQ left01:25
wpwrakkewl. you'll be bored most of the week then ;-)01:25
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: heh01:29
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: how long are you at FISL?01:29
wpwraki should be back home sunday late afternoon, airlines and volcano willing01:30
kristianpaulbrazil, how is you portun~ol going? ;)01:30
Action: stefan_schmidt hopes wpwrak has some little time left tomorrow for atusb and the parcel arrives in time :)01:30
wpwrakkristianpaul: when i talk to them in spanish, and they answer in portugese, that's usually sufficient for taxis or to buy some beer :)01:32
kristianpaulsound good :)01:32
stefan_schmidtnight all01:33
kristianpaul"Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Radio Amateurs, Theoretical Part"01:34
kristianpaulwpwrak: i dont have too much friends at university..01:35
kristianpaul"Global Positioning by Satellite" P. Mattos 01:35
wolfspraulwpwrak: did you get your atben/atusb in time?02:28
wpwrakwolfspraul: i didn't get them yet. but they should be delivered tomorrow. that would be just in time. within less than 24 hours of me heading to the airport :)02:33
wpwrakwolfspraul: any news about yours ?02:39
wolfsprauljust fired an email to the headquarters, cc you :-)02:40
wolfspraulon the other hand someone just rang Adam's bell...02:40
wolfspraulthe plot is thickening02:40
wolfspraulread the backlog - you forgot a major accomplishment of mine - SAKC!02:40
wpwrakyeah ! and AVT2 too02:40
wolfspraulthat was a beautiful little project, if the software effort would not have broken down almost immediately after the run, it could help us quite a big going forward...02:41
wolfspraulsure there's more stuff02:41
wolfspraulwas wikireader in that list?02:41
wpwrakof course, nothing that could compare with the experience gained from 1 year of hard thinking ;-)02:41
wpwrakoh, right. that one too02:41
wolfsprauli've seen that 'CPU on a DIMM' idea last at this rfid project that is so totally screwed up that nobody knows how to rescue it02:44
wolfspraullet me see what happened there since last time I looked :-)02:44
wolfspraulstill not dead yet it sems :-) http://www.rfidguardian.org/index.php/Main_Page02:46
wpwrakmodules don't make sense in such a design. they're wrong at at least 3 levels02:46
wolfspraulit's amazing how this type of academic funded project just never dies, has some similarities to Qi :-)02:46
wolfspraul(i hope the similarities end there...)02:46
wolfspraulI like the timeline "17 Oct 2008: RFID Guardian v4 will be commercially available"02:47
wolfspraul"25 Aug 2010: Engineering samples of (a part of the whole thing) have been delivered"02:47
wolfspraulnobody say anything about the Ben and the Ya anymore :-)02:47
wolfspraullast I heard funding was running out in Nov 201002:48
wpwrakwell. both dates are on the same side of the big bang ;-)02:48
wolfspraulwith the project totally completely irrevocably screwed up (we looked at it in detail)02:48
wolfspraulmaybe they got an extension and can go in circles a little longer02:48
wolfspraulone of their many design mistakes was a 'cpu on a dimm' idea02:49
wolfspraultruly grandiose02:49
wpwrakthe domain will expire in october. then you'll know jusr how dead the project is :)02:49
wolfspraulit will live on as an ipad app02:49
wolfspraulat least that's a fashionable way to show what one is 'working on'02:50
wpwrak(cpu on dimm) from a 3rd party ?02:50
wolfspraulthat's just the project that popped into my mind hearing this idea02:51
wolfspraulAdam got the m1 rc3 pcbs!02:51
wolfspraulunfortunately not the atben/atusb shipment I'm waiting for, oh well02:52
wpwraklet's see what comes from barcelona. now there's no excuse not to react :)02:56
wolfspraulwpwrak: there is one funny story in the rfidguardian project that I have never heard in that way, one-of-a-kind02:57
wolfspraulso their entire hw design approach is utter nonsense02:57
wolfspraulanybody with manufacturing experience will come to that conclusion (we ran this by multiple people)02:57
wolfspraulnow comes the best part02:57
wolfspraulthe managed to take their main manufacturing partner down with them!02:57
wolfspraulthey went bankrupt02:57
wolfspraulthat could never ever happen with a Chinese company02:57
wolfspraulno matter how stupid the customer is, it's impossible02:58
wolfspraulbut in this case, the poor small corp that took on this project went bankrupt over the nonsensical attributes it had!02:58
wolfsprauland their customer, being on an academic slow-but-sure dripping funding, outlasted them02:58
wpwrakwow ;-)02:59
wolfspraulwhen I hear this kind of story I look at my Chinese guys here and I smile and I know they do something right...02:59
wpwrakthat takes skills02:59
wolfspraulyes you totally have to protect yourself from the stupidity of your customer02:59
wolfsprauldon't take 1 penny risk on your shoulder, if that risk relates to the smartness of your customer - NO!03:00
wolfspraulyou ordered this - here it is! tracking number... 100% prepaid...03:00
wpwrak(skills) kinda like rambus almost taking down intel with that rdram03:01
freakazoid0223patent trolls wouldn't be what they are today without them (rambus)03:07
wpwrakor NTP03:10
kyakAM signals using LCD screen? Sounds like trolling to me :)04:46
DocScrutinizermissing context but they did that "For Elise" from CRT iirc04:55
kristianpaulAny gnu octave hacker around and awake?05:01
kyakDocScrutinizer: i'm talking about the e-mail to ML05:05
DocScrutinizermy life pretty much became ML free due to *massive* overload and no smart filters around in this world05:06
DocScrutinizerI even have difficulties to spot news on the 7 ML I'm still following, under all the "23756" tagged to ML I can't follow anymore05:08
kristianpaulis confusing debug a octave with lasterror05:08
kristianpaulso the error i wanted wasnt the last one :/05:08
rsharpewpwrak: It seems you have to have a device before you can successfully call platform_driver_probe05:10
DocScrutinizerkristianpaul: what was your comment about "nice link" about? I forgot05:12
kristianpaulDocScrutinizer: like http://www.colorado.edu/geography/gcraft/notes/gps/gif/costas.gif05:15
kristianpaulthe top url for tha gif05:15
DocScrutinizeraah the gps stuff05:15
DocScrutinizeryep, excellent work05:16
DocScrutinizergot it from speedevil05:16
DocScrutinizerthis guy is incredible05:16
kristianpaulah, yes05:17
DocScrutinizerhalf the wiki - the better half - on openmoko and on maemo is made by him05:17
kristianpaulactually speedevil gave me that link again in #hihgaltitude05:17
DocScrutinizeryeah, he's doing balloon with methane05:18
DocScrutinizerliving somewhere rural where next building seems 5 miles away :-)05:19
kristianpaulcool :-)05:19
DocScrutinizerkinda reminds me on our modem hacker dspaaron05:20
kristianpauland he has internet, something i can achieve again if tried that..05:20
DocScrutinizerwell, maybe not next building but next post office is 5 miles away ;-D05:21
DocScrutinizeractually the best part in hanging out on irc in dozens of chan is you get to know some smart people after a few years ;-)05:23
DocScrutinizerWTF!! [Notice] -NickServ- 19 channel access matches for the nickname jOERG_rw05:30
DocScrutinizerI need to drop responsibilities...05:30
DocScrutinizerand ML 05:30
Action: DocScrutinizer idly wonders how to properly close down a chan for good05:41
DocScrutinizeror if that's even feasible, desirable, and of any benefit05:41
DocScrutinizergood, server chanlist not even shows #openmoko.de, #opie.de etc05:52
DocScrutinizerthere's still an #opie chan though :-o05:52
wpwrakrsharpe: (device before probe) such as platform_device_register ? i do that before calling platform_driver_probe10:08
wpwrakrsharpe: it appears that the problem is now that the at86rf230 doesn't get removed when removing the underlying SPI master. if i manually unbind it first and only then rmmod spi_atben, things appear to be okay10:09
wpwrakwolfspraul: (boards arrived) great ! soon, you'll be able to play ! ;-)10:10
wolfspraulyeah, definitely10:10
wolfspraulI demoed NanoNote and M1 to 2 people from Intel Labs today, ben-wpan would have been a nice addition of coolness factor...10:10
wolfsprauluse 2 Ben, and start the music on Ben A from Ben B, connected with ben-wpan. just for the heck of it...10:11
wpwrakheh :)10:12
wpwrakjust don't try to stream the music over wpan :)10:12
wpwrakuntil we have proper csma-ca (an "upstream" issue), bulk data transfers quickly end up in both stations jamming each other. they'll recover nicely enough once you make one stop, but ...10:13
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.full_system-06262011-0753/11:35
kyakthe list of failed packages is awasingly stable :)11:37
jow_laptopsame over on openwrt11:50
kyakthat's another good news :)11:52
kyakperl and qt4 build fine on our buildhost11:54
kyakthat's strange11:55
kyakvim, too11:55
jow_laptopfalse positives11:56
jow_laptopit scans the log for *** ERROR or something11:57
jow_laptopthat is normal in some compile outputs11:57
jow_laptop(e.g. ignored failed make targets)11:57
kyakwould it be better to scan for "ERROR: package .* failed to build"?11:59
kyakbtw, i wonder why "kernel" package always results in error?12:01
kyakok, there really is an error..12:02
wpwrakkyak: have your wpan boards arrived yet ?14:19
kyakwpwrak: if everything goes fine, i'll have it tomorrow14:47
kyaki'm not sure yet what would be the first thing to do with it :) perhaps i'll try to reproduce the dirtpan hack and start using some network applications14:54
wpwrakkyak: sounds like a good idea :) you'll notice that, if you have bulk traffic, TCP will hang. that's because there's no collision detection yet, so at some point both sides just jam each other.15:02
kyakyeah, i read earlier today15:02
wpwrakkyak: other tools to try are atrf-rssi -g and atrf-txrf -P. the latter allows you to find out how far the signal can travel.15:03
kyaki think, if there is no fix for it, it can be workarounded by traffic shaping15:03
wpwrakkyak: for these tools, the kernel driver must be absent/disabled. otherwise, kernel and tool will fight for access, usually both losing15:03
wpwrak(fix) naw, that's something quite low-level. the chip can do it. we just haven't enabled it yet.15:04
kyakyeah, that's a cool thing to explore.. Whether i can still use Ben in a bathroom :)15:04
wpwrakkyak: i think that will be an extremely common usage scenario ;-)15:05
kyakright.. so it will also be a himudity testing for atben15:06
wpwrakand the ben ;-)15:07
kyakyeah, this, too15:07
kyakis there an accepted solution for casing?15:07
kyakor is it not clear yet?15:08
wpwrakkyak: still unclear. i don't even know how well or bad the sugrus worked in the end (after curing)15:13
kyakwpwrak: do you mean the production samples?15:14
wpwrakkyak: tuxbrain wrapped one atusb in sugru, then tested it. he said rf performance suffered a lot. but the sugru was still wet at that time. he didn't report back yet if it got better after letting the sugru dry (takes ~24 hours)15:17
kyakah, i see15:17
kyaki was thinking maybe covering it with lacquer wouldn't do a lot of harm (if it isn't already covered during production)15:19
wpwraklacquer may be a possibility. that adds very little material.15:26
wpwrakthe board is convered with solder stop, but all the pins and such are exposed15:27
kristianpaulIs it posible that a corrupted uboot dont allow the nanonote to power on by the power button, and the only power it on seens to be when you connect the battery for first time?16:19
wpwrakseems somewhat unlikely, but it's hard to tell what a bad u-boot could or couldn't do16:20
kristianpaulhe ;)16:32
kristianpauli think the bad is the user, liers !! 16:32
wpwrakyeah. that's what all the people from support say ;-)16:33
methril_workmost of the time it's users fault :)16:33
kristianpaulwell, just trying to a friend in the town use his nanonote and stop it from taking dusts...16:35
kristianpaulbtw wpwrak  you have a mm1 already sint?16:35
kristianpaulkyak: there is an official image with allegro srpite editor, alex4 and Allegro demo?16:44
kyakkristianpaul: official - no, but there is a "nightly" image16:47
kyakher eis it16:47
kyakit has the stuff you mentioned included16:48
kristianpaulwow this is awesome http://people.canonical.com/~kirkland/Screenshot-ec2-cost.png16:59
kristianpaulwhy nobody told this byobu existed before 16:59
kristianpaulmy .screenrc is full of custom configs when somebody upstream already had done thye dirty work  :)17:00
wpwrakkristianpaul: that's the new ubuntu desktop ?17:01
kristianpaulwpwrak: is a debian package17:02
kristianpaulubuntu dekstop dunno i dont use ubuntu since 6.04..17:03
kristianpaulyeah, finally i can quit gnome applets !17:16
kristianpaulstill worldclock but well17:16
kristianpaulmethril: it was you that help with octave the other day?17:16
wpwrakkristianpaul: (m1) nope, i'll see one for the first time at fisl (rejon's)17:18
kristianpaulwpwrak: :-)17:20
kristianpauli tought mm1 was bigger17:20
kristianpaulintiialy :)17:20
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: got your parcel and had already fun with broken hardware I see :)18:40
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: ah, and some first 6lowpan patches have been posted18:43
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: nice that Siemens is doing the work for you ;)18:43
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: yeah ! but i'm not sure if they're still at siemens18:45
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: Dmitry should still be there and he has spoken about his colleague doing the 6lowpan work18:48
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: no idea if they do it in their spare time though18:48
stefan_schmidtAnyway, less work for you. :)18:48
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: everything prepared for FISL or doing some late minute packaging18:49
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: doing the traditional last minute talk writing18:58
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: packing will come later18:58
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: heh18:59
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: good boy. Don't break with old habits :)18:59
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: I leave you alone with atusb pestering then19:00
wpwrakyeah. that may take a while. and you're almost done anyway ;-)19:04
stefan_schmidta penny for everytime I heard that19:08
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: feels good when people believe in you, eh ? ;-)19:13
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: lol19:13
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: I happily believe in myself. Just want more spare time :D19:14
wpwrakgrmbl. already 20 slides. and i haven't even touched anything technical :-(19:31
kristianpaulwhat is the university you are going to give speech? :) 19:32
dvdkhi kristianpaul, had problems with octave?19:39
wpwrakFISL is hosted at Centro de Eventos PUCRS. pucrs = PontifĂ­cia Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul 19:40
wpwrakdvdk: btw, did you order any ben-wpan boards too ?19:40
dvdkwpwrak: not yet, waiting for the firmware-related dust to settle :)19:41
wpwrakdvdk: ;-))19:41
dvdkbtw, 19:42
dvdkeven without 6lowPAN, can i access the 802.15.4 layer with the normal unix socket api (as just another address family?)19:42
kristianpauldvdk: yes19:43
dvdkyes, and? :)19:44
wpwrakdvdk: as ieee 802.15.4 sockets or, with dirtpan, also as IPv419:44
kristianpaulmoment !!19:45
dvdkwpwrak: so that would actually make it useable. hmm. 19:45
wpwrakdvdk: ;-) tools/dirtpan/dirtpan.c shows you how to open IEEE 802.15.4 sockets19:46
dvdkhmm, cannot click that link :/19:47
kristianpauldvdk: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/kristianpaul/GNSS_SDR__.tar19:47
dvdk(but first hit on google)19:47
kristianpauldvdk: see it your self19:47
kristianpauli alrady did some hacks, but still work to do19:48
dvdkwhy does everybody around here have an accuont to upload to qi-hw/people?19:48
dvdkkristianpaul: many functions, which one to invoke?19:48
kristianpauldvdk: init.m19:48
kristianpaulah i forgot some additional files19:49
dvdkok, let's see whether the latest build of octave has any problems19:49
kristianpauldvdk: ( upload to qi-hw/people) may be because our home made servers dont have enought bandwicht or storage avaliable?19:51
kristianpaulwich is at least my personal case19:51
kristianpaulthis code was made for matlab19:51
dvdkwpwrak: looked at your example.  this looks perfectly usable to me.  cool.  just need to think about what i can do with the 802.15.4 feature :)19:52
dvdkkristianpaul: yeah but /me doesn't have an account.  even hosting some source-code snaphsots (gforth) that is used by the our firmware on my dyndns.19:53
dvdkkristianpaul: you mean it's not working because it's written for matlab?  not because the nanonote's octave is broken?19:53
kristianpauldvdk: i'll remenber that to wolfgang, but sure he never asked you?..19:53
kristianpauldvdk: you need this file too http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/kristianpaul/GNSS_signal_records.tar.gz19:54
dvdkkristianpaul: nope.  i wouldn't have cared before my university finally closed my account a few weeks ago19:54
dvdkgzip: stdin: unexpected end of file19:55
kristianpaulsee, my ISP hate me..19:55
kristianpauli'll upload again19:55
dvdkjust an incomplete upload?19:57
kristianpaulwas 13Mb actually..19:58
kristianpaulthis is last "error" i dealing with http://paste.debian.net/121192/19:58
kristianpauldvdk: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/kristianpaul/GNSS_signal_records.tar.gz uncompress in same folder GNSS_SDR__ is 20:01
kristianpaulyou can run git diff to discover hacks i did20:04
kristianpaulmy friends in octave shell are lasterror.stack.file and lasterror.stack.line 20:04
dvdkjust came back20:06
wpwrakdvdk: if you want an account, one word to wolfgang will be enough ...20:07
dvdkkristianpaul: on my PC (octave 3.2.4) I get "Probing data (../GNSS_signal_records/GPS_and_GIOVE_A-NN-fs16_3676-if4_1304.bin)", then20:08
dvdk`pwelch' undefined near line 97 column 520:08
dvdkthe paste from you, was that run on a nononote?20:08
kristianpaulon my PC20:09
kristianpaulnanonote not yet, first pc :)20:10
dvdkok, thought so :)20:10
kristianpaulfor pwelch i installed in debian octave-signal20:10
dvdkok, insatlling20:11
dvdkbtw, that change "+    pwelch(data-mean(data), 16384, 0.1024, 2048, settings.samplingFreq/1e6)"20:11
dvdkchanges semantics.20:11
dvdkyou mean octave 'pwelch' needs different arg?20:11
kristianpauli just wanted to skip the message :p20:12
dvdkyou replaced 1024 with 0.102420:12
dvdkah, same result as your paste.  but it had already opened a  plot20:13
kristianpaulsure me too20:13
kristianpaultwo plots actually20:13
dvdkBTW I did some SDR work a while ago at Frauenhofer, always refusing to use matlab.  20:14
dvdkmost of our code was SIMD C-code for Cell-CPU, but then test-cases and lookup table-generation etc. was done in octave20:15
Action: kristianpaul refuses SIMD code20:15
dvdkwell, it ran > 10^6 times faster than octave :)20:20
kristianpaulsure !20:20
kristianpaulin octave overlap is four variable to pass20:21
kristianpaulin mathlab third20:21
kristianpaullets fix that :)20:21
kristianpaulha no20:22
kristianpaulpwelch(x,window,overlap,Nfft,Fs, range,plot_type,detrend,sloppy)20:22
kristianpaulbut octave said pwelch: arg 3 (overlap) must be real from 0 to 0.95000020:23
kristianpaulwhen thats 102420:23
dvdkkristianpaul: fixed the plotAcquisition.m file, I think20:28
dvdknow it runs a little further, and aborts there20:29
dvdkpostProcessing.m at line 113, column 120:29
dvdk(fclose: invalid stream number = 4)20:29
dvdkhere's the output http://paste.debian.net/121195/20:31
dvdkbtw plotAcquisition.m: need to double-check my changes, maybe i broke something (don't know how it would look when correct)20:32
dvdknow trying to do more sth more relaxing for the rest of the evening :)20:32
kristianpaulwhat can i see you disablet the partially the plot20:33
dvdkkristianpaul: no, just fixed the syntax to correspond to octave (the 'handle' stuff isn't fully supported)20:33
dvdkand hold(h, 'on') triggers an octave bug here20:34
dvdkso without handle sohuld be ok , too20:34
kristianpaulhAxes=gca() ?20:34
dvdksee the manual.  just a guess.  20:34
dvdk'get current axes'20:34
dvdkseems to be ok.  20:34
dvdkalso look at  /usr/share/octave/3.2.4/m/plot/hold.m20:34
dvdkoctave tries to emulate matlab syntax, but it seems to be mostly untested code.20:35
dvdkjust go for the std octave syntax instead20:35
dvdkgoing to be online again tomorrow20:36
dvdkgood night20:36
kristianpaulthanks for the help20:36
kristianpaul(be mostly untested code) :D20:37
dvdkkristianpaul: regarding the overlap, just convert the sample-number into a "relative window size" i.e. 'overlap_samples / windowsize_samles' should be ok20:37
dvdk(just widely guessing )20:37
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: I now get the right requests and answers in the spi transfer function but rf230 is unhappy while waiting for it:20:38
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: http://pastebin.com/qijkRNRj20:38
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: You can see that two register values are requested MAN_ID0 and MAN_ID120:39
stefan_schmidtand they come back with the correct values: 0x1f and 0x0020:39
stefan_schmidtbut while this happens I got hit my a scheduling while being atomic. Do I get this right?20:40
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: hmm, can you push your current code ?20:53
wpwrak(or upload spi_atusb.c somewhere)20:54
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: moment20:54
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: http://datenfreihafen.org/~stefan/atusb.c20:56
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: I need to clean up my local mess in some sane commits. Will do this right after the dentist appointment tomorrow20:56
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: (scheduling while atomic) Thinking about it rf230 may hold a spinlock and usb_control_msg is not safe for this20:57
stefan_schmidthmm, it holds a mutex lock around the spi communication20:58
wpwrakstefan_schmidt: for the registers, why not use the ones defined in  #include "../ieee802154/at86rf230.h"  ?20:58
wpwrakoh, you're doing synchronous transfers. interesting idea ;-)21:00
wpwraknaw, they should be async21:00
wpwrakso you call completion when the URB is returned to you21:00
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: I took what was there from the usb skeleton driver I got21:00
wpwraksync is messy and inefficient21:01
stefan_schmidtAnd it worked fine for the other parts. Yeah, I know without SPI involved, directly from the ATMega no lock21:01
stefan_schmidtI see your point21:01
stefan_schmidtneed to rework using async urbs21:01
wpwrakif you really want to go sync, then you'd have to add yet another worker, etc.21:01
wpwrakasync is a lot cleaner than sync. also, the whole at86rf230 driver should be async, too. also the stack above it.21:02
wpwrakthere should be countless examples to pick from :)21:05
stefan_schmidtok, some sleep now, early dentist appointment tomorrow, clean up my mess and push out current state, rewrite the USB side to be async using submit_urb and friends21:05
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: picking the right is difficult :)21:06
wpwrakif you hack all night, then you'll be tired and numb tomorrow and won't feel so bad in the torture chamber ;-)21:06
stefan_schmidtOn the positive side is that if it takes longer and longer I'm even more happy when its done :)21:06
wpwrakexcellent philosophy ! ;-)21:07
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: I could ask the dentist if he has a problem with me sleeping while he does his work ;)21:07
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: sleeping now. I wish you a unproblematic flight21:07
wpwrakbtw, the conflict with sleeping is probably with something inside spi.c21:07
wpwrakat86rf230.c now only has the mutex left. the spinlock is already dead :)21:08
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: will keep you informed if you have a chance to connect to the internet from FISL21:08
wpwrakkewl. sweet dreams ! :)21:08
stefan_schmidtwpwrak: hmm, maybe a spinlock in spi_sync() itself21:08
--- Tue Jun 28 201100:00

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