#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2011-05-26

vladkorotnevhello everyone :P06:15
vladkorotnevI got an old Russian game ">;5 'C45A" (transliteration: Pole Chudes) to run on my Ben NanoNote :D06:19
vladkorotnevdemo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA27ig45O6w06:29
xiangfuvladkorotnev, do you fix your gcc problem?06:30
vladkorotnevxiangfu: yes, updated to 2011-05-24 image06:30
xiangfuvladkorotnev, please test and give feedback. I am try to make dvdk happy :)06:31
vladkorotnevis it supposed to turn off the Ben screen after some inactivity?06:31
xiangfunot under gmenu2x. others should works fine.06:31
vladkorotnevI know :P06:31
vladkorotnevbye everyone06:35
kyakguess there was too much talking yesterday and dvdk didn't notice my remark abotu plplot -\06:38
kyakxiangfu: how do you think we mark it BROKEN for now?06:38
xiangfuyes. ok for me, (under 'trunk' branch)06:39
kyakok.. cause it a pity for me to know for sure that build http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.trunk-full_system-05252011-0754/ will 100% fail06:39
kyakand it will fail soon, judging on BUILD_LOG size :)06:39
xiangfurun sed '/plplot/s/=y/=m' now ... :)06:40
xiangfukyak, I just mark all plplot to '=m' 06:45
kyakheh, not sure if it would help now06:48
kyakthe make has probably decided what to build and in what order06:48
kyakdo you think it re-reads .config every time it proceeds to building of next package?06:49
qi-bot[commit] kyak: plplot: mark as BROKEN for it doesn't build in trunk http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/5fdb51a06:52
xiangfu(re-reads .config) not sure. let's see 07:05
qi-botThe build was successfull, see images here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log//home/xiangfu/compile-log//openwrt-xburst.trunk-full_system-05252011-0754/10:22
xiangfukyak, ^10:23
xiangfumodify the .config before the package build works fine.10:23
xiangfukyak, only the URL is wrong. I will fix it.10:23
whitequarkseveral months ago I've asked some stupid questions about the proper way of writing IPU drivers, and someone clever, whose nick I cannot remember now, answered here10:43
whitequarkif that was you, then reply please :)10:43
wolfspraulmaybe mth? look here http://en.qi-hardware.com/irclogs/search?q=ipu10:47
wolfspraulmarch 30...10:47
wolfspraulor roh10:48
kyakxiangfu: heh, nice :)10:59
kyakxiangfu: do you have an overview about how many packages (=m) have failed?10:59
whitequarkwolfspraul: thanks a lot11:03
whitequarkroh: hi! can you reply to some more stupid questions about IPU?11:08
kyakxiangfu: i counted 32 based on BUILD_LOG :) not so many, but some packages are from openwrt-packages git, need to have a look11:21
dvdkkyak: you wrote plplot fails to build?11:22
dvdkdo you have a build log handy?11:22
kyakdvdk: it's here: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/compile-log/openwrt-xburst.trunk-full_system-05252011-0754/11:22
dvdkkyak: you wrote that you marked it as @broken?  it's not marked in the last checkout11:24
kyakit's marked broken in trunk11:28
dvdkok, but does build fail in master or in trunk or in both?11:28
kyakit fails in trunk11:29
dvdkah, ok, so no problem for current firmware?11:30
kyakno, it fails in trunk only11:30
dvdkthat's good, then there is no need to hurry :)11:31
Action: dvdk didn't ge t much sleep recently 11:31
kyakyou should definitely sleep well before having a look at that :)11:32
dvdkjust reading the build log.  but don't even find a "real" error message other than "package/feeds/qipackages/plplot failed to build."11:33
dvdkwas that a parallel build?11:33
dvdk "Entering directory '...plplot" ... error ... "leaving directory '..plplot'".  it doesn't even try to run th emakefile?11:34
kyakit doesn't build driversd 11:36
kyakand then fails during install stage11:36
kyakthat's al i know11:36
dvdkok, my mistake, somehow i accidentally modified the build_log 11:37
dvdkkyak: i think i have found the problem (just looking at the build log)11:48
dvdkit says 'WARNING: libltdl library not found. Setting ENABLE_DYNDRIVERS OFF.'11:48
dvdkso that's why there are no .so drivers generated, and installation fails11:49
dvdkstrange libltdl is listed under build_depends11:49
dvdkthe line before that it says ' Looking for dlopen in dl - not found'11:49
dvdkmaybe libltdl/libdl are note the same in trunk?11:49
kyakbtw.. is it possible to link all these dyndrivers statically?11:52
kyaki think it's linked already in one libplplot.so ?11:53
kyakperhaps it would be easier than figuring our why configure can't find libltdl11:53
dvdkkyak: no i don't want that the way it is now, we can install stuff like the qt output separately.11:54
kyakah, right..11:54
dvdkalso we only load those drivers which are really used11:54
dvdkif we always pulled in qt, we'd map 16MB of .so code11:54
dvdk(i guess)11:54
kyakwould be intersting to have a look at config.log11:55
dvdki can run a few more tests.  currently plplot doesn't even compile in master branch for me (dependency problem? don't know)11:55
dvdkyes that'd be nice11:55
kyakand there is no config.log.. was it the message from cmake?11:56
kyakdvdk: btw, perhaps it also makes sense to rewrite the Makefile, cause it was written in days when there was no cmake.mk11:57
kyaki don't know if this would help11:58
dvdkkyak: current cmake.mk won't help, doesn't support some tricks we're doing. would have to recode that.  11:58
dvdkbtw there's the log:11:59
dvdk"libdl.c:(.text._dl_parse_relocation_information+0x1dc): undefined reference to `TLS_DTPREL_VALUE'"11:59
dvdkthat's the problem.  new uclibc?  no TLS support?11:59
kyaknew uclibc - for sure. and don't know what the hell TLS is12:00
kyakbut it looks like the problem is on libdl side anywau..12:01
dvdk"thread local storage" (maybe?)12:01
dvdknot necessarily, maybe we need to link another lib when using libdl?12:01
dvdkbut libdl is used everywhere.  if this is broken, you'd have many more build problems12:02
kyakmaybe it's used, but "TLS" fucntions are not used12:02
dvdkno, the problem comes from libdl: it might be that libdl now uses libpthread and we'll have to tell plplot to link that, too during detection12:04
dvdkdoing my next try, building plplot at least on master (enabled fortran support, maybe that's needed?12:05
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: (EL PCB tester) hmm, how exactly would that work ? and where do you get such a display ?12:06
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: the (usually 400Hz though you can use higher freq) AC causes some flourescent substance to shine up by exciting it via capacitive AC field. I dunno where to get those "displays" maybe revamp backlights as used in jets and tanks, or sth12:09
wpwrakphew. now there's a piece that's hard to source :)12:10
DocScrutinizerI'm sure 3M or sb is selling this stuff by the meter nowadays12:10
DocScrutinizermaybe you even can get paint to apply to a glas covered with the gnd electrode SnO212:11
DocScrutinizeror was it ZnO2? the transparent stuff used in LCD12:12
DocScrutinizerhard to source - maybe. Hard to build - don't think so12:13
DocScrutinizerif you got no better ideas and materials, then cover the whole PCB with a thin film of water with duh lakmus or phenolphtalein, and place a semi transparent conducting thing on top, then do electrolysis by feeding on pad under test with like 5V and see where other pads start "boiling"12:16
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: got the basic idea?12:20
DocScrutinizerit's not a QA tester but a mere RE tool12:21
DocScrutinizerfor complex multilayer PCB to analyze the connections12:24
DocScrutinizeronce you got the BOM, component placement, and this connection list, it's quite easy to feed this to $kicad and get a proper schematics12:25
DocScrutinizersoory for this being somewhat anti-topic here ;-D12:26
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: hmm. or maybe place the PCB in a vacuum, heat it, inject a high voltage, and watch electrons fly off it, CRT style :)12:28
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: i wonder how they actually do the electrical testing of PCBs in industry. bed of nails seems ... messy12:29
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: already thought about it, use front 'half' of a plasma screen12:29
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: they know their PCB, so have to pin-contact only very few known pads and probe for connect/isolation on a few pairs12:31
DocScrutinizercan be done with one pair of CNC probes12:31
wpwrakokay, that's for large volumes, where you make a custom tester. but for smaller/prototype volumes ?12:32
wpwrakah, cnc probes. that would be slow then. but probably okay for small volumes12:32
wpwrakbeen trying to figure out a way to do such things with my mill. testing pcbs is so boring ;-)12:33
DocScrutinizeranyway doing this N^2 times for a unknown PCB with N (>1000) pads is a nogo12:34
DocScrutinizerhaving a way to sense all pads concurrently (like with my EL tester) will reduce the effort from N^2 to N12:35
wpwrakanother way: heat the pad and look at the board with an IR camera12:37
DocScrutinizerthere are possible optimisations for the N^2 scheme, by using combs with a number of 5mm brushes, then pad pintesting only the 2*5mm^2 rectangles where you got a signal12:37
DocScrutinizer(heat) wont't fly12:38
wpwrak(heat) would be worth a try ... if i had one of these expensive ir cameras :)12:38
DocScrutinizeryou can't follow a trace >10mm in layer 4/8 this way12:39
wpwrakyou should be able to see where it comes out again12:39
DocScrutinizeresp the fine ones used today, which are like 0.05mil12:40
wpwrakCu should still conduct the heat a lot better than the FR412:40
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer: why is this anti-anything? that's great stuff12:40
DocScrutinizerif it doesn't come out <10mm from your heated pad, you get nothing useful12:40
wolfspraulthanks a lot for sharing12:40
DocScrutinizerwolfspraul: it's about RE of closed hw :-)12:41
qi-bot[commit] kyak: gcc-mips: restore cache-amnesia patch to fix build on x64 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/681b26012:41
qi-bot[commit] kyak: centerim5: fix git url; checkout mob branch http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/f74169412:41
wolfspraullet's call it analysis first12:41
wolfsprauland analysis can be used for many different applications12:41
wolfspraulI'm serious. not trying to 'hide' reverse engineering12:42
wolfspraulreverse engineering is an awesome technique in and of itself12:42
DocScrutinizerand the project itself can be attributed open hw anyway12:42
wolfspraulefficient analysis ideas and tools can come in handy in many situations12:42
wolfspraulso - great stuff! :-)12:43
DocScrutinizerthis method, while not fit for decent QA of PCB, could come in handy for a quick and dirty good/bad test12:43
wolfspraulAdam is trying to explain to me for ages how important some particular pcb tests are, but I haven't found the time and concentration yet to mentally absorb it :-)12:44
DocScrutinizeras it detects one of the most annoying failure patterns of PCB: shorts12:44
DocScrutinizerI think when droned in clear water (with a bit of ions aka salt), and then applied some 10V to one pad and looking with a good camera for bubbles building up on other pads could actually work great12:46
DocScrutinizerI hope this chan is logged ;-D12:47
DocScrutinizerwith proper date stamps12:47
DocScrutinizeryou should probably make sure your DUT PCB has the hydrogen side of current flow, not the oxigen one ;-D12:48
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: try it and send pictures ?12:49
DocScrutinizermight consider it, yeah. Alas I have no good camera12:49
DocScrutinizeresp for the bga pads that are microscopic12:50
DocScrutinizeryou'd need a really really good camera for that12:50
DocScrutinizerplus professional lighting, stand etc12:51
DocScrutinizersounds like sth I could do for a master thesis :-D12:51
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer: yes the channel is logged and the logs were even beautified recently...12:58
DocScrutinizerjust for eventual lawsuits12:58
DocScrutinizernah, I bet this is like all my inventions: somebody did it 6 weeks ago, or will do in two weeks with no apparent link to this conversation12:59
DocScrutinizerand I'm not really in the situation for registering patents13:00
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: so, do it, take pictures, post it on slashdot. then it will be very hard for someone else to claim prior art later :)13:00
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: (heat) on vias you lose13:08
DocScrutinizerI bet a beer it's not worth trying13:08
DocScrutinizerwhat you *can* get by checking heat is the actual routing of a burried trace, when you send current thru it13:10
wpwrak(heat) dunno. they should still conduct the heat way better than the FR4. if you "inject", say, 100 K, even remote branches shuold get a delta of a few K (delta between heat conducted through direct trace vs. heat conducted through other traces or board material)13:10
DocScrutinizerbut that'S usually not that much interesting (though I might recycle this isea for a special problem where I need to drill 2 holes into a PCBA)13:11
wpwrakyeah, current always works :) O(n^2), though.13:11
wpwrakare you trying to reverse-engineer something specific ?13:12
DocScrutinizer(heat conducting) the heat conducted to a far away pad directly linked by a trace is way less than that conducted to a parallel trace in a different layer, even when that other trace is thermally "isolated" by some plastic+glass PCB base material13:13
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: nothing special. Just looking at this N900 bare board and pondering about the few testpoints not mentioned in the 'leaked' schematics13:14
DocScrutinizerrhen recalling how I started my chitchat with OM, by ranting "gimme schematics, or I'll do <see above>" ;-D13:15
wolfspraulyou can use sandpaper to go through the layers and then scan them13:16
DocScrutinizerindeed, but that's a lousy method, and frequently introduces lots of errors on vias13:16
DocScrutinizerand usually will need >5 PCB to ruin that way13:17
DocScrutinizeralso takes "ages"13:18
wolfspraulI haven't done it myself, but definitely you can do it with one pcb13:18
DocScrutinizerand all your hair13:18
wolfspraulsteve|m did it a little while back with a board13:19
wolfspraul"I used corning 120, and 400 for polishing it before scanning"13:19
wolfspraul"I used 120 really most of the time, and from one layer to another I would say something like 25 minutes, excluding the scanning"13:19
wolfspraul"400 is only used like 30-50 seconds :)"13:20
DocScrutinizerduh, nice job13:21
wolfspraulhe needed maybe 1-2 boards to become skilled at this, but I think now he feels quite confident with it, and would only need 1 pcb to go through13:21
DocScrutinizerdidn't think it could be done that cleanly13:21
wolfspraulhere in China I can give boards to any pcb maker and they will have a kid sandpaper through it and return the scanned jpegs to me13:21
DocScrutinizerlo roh 13:22
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer: those pics are from China, I don't have a url for the boards steve|m sanded, but it also looked quite clean.13:22
wolfspraulit is slow and tedious, no doubt13:22
wolfspraulmany hours with the sandpaper13:22
DocScrutinizerand won't show micro-short defects etc13:23
wolfsprauland you need a few iterations before you are good at it13:23
wolfspraulbut other than that it's a simple and effective technique to picture the layers13:23
qi-bot[commit] kyak: ghostscript: update to 9.02, fix build http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/601c60713:23
DocScrutinizerI knew of this, but didn't think it's that easy13:23
DocScrutinizeranyway it's not exactly for any nondestructive testing, obviously ;-D13:24
wolfspraulfor the pics of that smartphone (G2), I paid about 100 USD13:24
wolfspraulI give them 2 boards, 100 USD, they send me the jpegs 2 days later13:25
wolfsprauleven more like 90 USD I think13:25
DocScrutinizernow you only need an autistic nerd to convert these pics to a connection-table13:25
wolfsprauland I didn't bargain much13:25
wolfspraulthe kid that is doing the sanding maybe gets 2 USD / hour...13:25
wpwrakUSD ~500/month ? wow !13:26
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: dega: using nanonote version source code http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/6f32e1013:27
xiangfuwolfspraul, ^ see the line_three of this diff :D13:31
qi-bot[commit] kyak: ghostscript: really update to 9.02 http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/11ff55313:31
wolfspraulwpwrak: is it 'wow' because so low or so high?13:32
wpwrakso high ! isn't that what fully grown factory workers make ?13:33
wolfspraulyes but they just take one of their workers13:34
wolfspraul"today, you have to sandpaper this pcb"13:34
wpwrakgreat way to escape the daily boredom of the factory line ;-)13:37
rohi wonder how great quality and ingenuity of chinese products could be if they had such good teachers as some of us had here in germany13:38
rohteachers of professions.. like if you end up in siemens 'lehrwerkstatt' for some time13:39
rohnot neccessarily a nice experience, but usually one which makes your handywork improve a lot13:40
dvdkwhy does package plplot cause openwrt to compile octave, too?  didn't even select sub-package plplot-octave.   or aren't sub-package dependcies not tracked independently?13:51
dvdkoops, compile error (branch master14:00
dvdkpackage dropbear)14:00
dvdkcp: cannot create directory `/home/pub/spock/src/qi/openwrt-xburst/staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-': File exists14:00
dvdkmake[3]: *** [/home/pub/spock/src/qi/openwrt-xburst/staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-] Error 114:00
Action: kristianpaul wonder what you can buy with 500usd in china14:21
whitequarkdoes anyone have docs on Ingenc SIMD instruction set?18:06
kristianpaulnope :(18:23
kristianpauldingux wiki have some data about it18:24
kristianpauli heard also mplayer source code from ingenic have it18:24
kristianpaulhave imoplemented SIMD as asm,18:24
whitequarkkristianpaul: the mplayer code is a huge load of crazy shit18:30
whitequarkyou'll need to be an ingenic developer to understand even a small bit of it18:31
whitequarkthe dingux wiki has a really great manual18:33
kristianpaulyeah but not said i dint point you to mplayer18:55
whitequarkkristianpaul: well, I knew about mplayer and already checked it as a possible source18:59
whitequarkand it's an awful source of information for a complex thing like SIMD ISA18:59
kristianpaulbtw can you tell us what are you planning to do with SIMD and the nanonote?19:15
zeari left you guys just for a moment and you've done a wireless adapter already? :D19:15
kristianpaulpcb so far19:15
zearwell, as long as it works, i'm gonna order two :D19:16
kristianpaulSMT is a WIP but not updates from tuxbrain tha i'm aware off19:16
kristianpaulyeah it does zear 19:16
kristianpauldid you saw wpwrak maill about the tunnel he made to do ssh and ping between nanonotes?19:16
zeari think i've seen the vid19:17
kristianpaulya, that famous video indeed ;-)19:17
zearbtw, did owrt got any better in the terms of the libs and toolchain?19:17
zearso i can port some games without a bigger hassle?19:18
kristianpaulwell. i guess you should consult about owrt libraries avaliabillity19:20
kristianpaulabout toolchain i cant talk too much about it, as the only cross compile i had done for the nanonote was using jlime :p19:21
kristianpaulso wait xiangfu or ask kyak  i hink19:21
zearyeah, same, with the exception i also used the dingoo toolchain with statically linked binaries :D19:21
kristianpaulhey, i about to point you that (statically linked games)19:22
kristianpauli cant see better use for something static, well including kernel may be, and btw does nanonote kernel from owrt suppport dynamic module loading?19:22
zearkristianpaul, you could like the binary dynamically and keep your own libs in the local directory19:23
zearand change the priority of libs over the system ones19:23
zearexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH or something19:24
kristianpaulah, true :-) i forgot is all about those env variables..19:25
kristianpaulso, what games are you wishing to port zear ? :o19:26
zearkristianpaul, i already did some ports very early in the nn history19:26
zearyet before the first batch19:26
zearthough it was all statically linked with the dingoo libs19:27
zeari did spout, prboom, eduke3219:27
zearalso cave story, which i never released19:27
kristianpaulah yes i remenber prboom19:28
kristianpauland gmenu2x wich not a game but very important19:28
kristianpauland that make me remenber somebody was asking for dmenu the other day19:28
Jay7one day someone was asked me about making standalone fb menu from kexecboot :)19:48
kristianpaulJay7: yes :-D19:50
wpwrakJay7: makes perfect sense. ideally, kexecboot should just be a bundle of general components. the fewer kexecboot-specific parts you need, the better.19:50
Jay7btw, may be good idea to do this..19:51
Jay7fb lib + menu lib + xpm lib + ... :)19:51
kristianpaulyay, the ENC28J60 just get to my mother work :-)19:53
kristianpauli'll get some fun with linux soon it seems19:54
kristianpaulbitbang or spi?19:54
kristianpaulENC28J60 <- http://www.sigmaelectronica.net/tarjeta-ethern-p-1503.html19:54
zearkristianpaul, i wouldn't bother playing with dmenu19:55
zearit's fully config file based, means if you want to add a new item to the menu, you have to edit the config file19:56
zearplus it had bugs, a lot.. ;)19:56
zearkristianpaul, and thanks you've remembered about gmenu2x ;)19:57
zeari have also ported dgclock, though it was later reported by someone else from the original sources without button caption changes ;)19:58
kristianpaulzear: btw you know other projects like gmenu2x but a bit simpler, but not dmenu? :p19:58
zearthere is a mc-like menu19:59
zearwritten in sdl19:59
zearfor the dingoo19:59
zearno idea if the code is open though19:59
kristianpaulso how you get in to it? or just heard/saw pics?20:00
zearit was released for the dingoo, i haven't tried it myself20:00
zearjust saw the pictures20:00
zearlet me find it20:00
zearkristianpaul, oh hey, the source is actually out20:01
zearkristianpaul, compiles fine for x8620:03
wpwrakkristianpaul: (enc28k60) ubb + bitbang ! ;-)20:04
kristianpaulwpwrak: got it :-)20:06
kristianpaulthe 100Mb/s version ?20:07
kristianpaulwpwrak: if it is chip compatible i can order one why not20:08
kristianpaulso far this is just 10Mb/s20:09
wpwrakthe chip operates with 3.3 V, so it should be fine20:11
wpwrakseems to need 5 I/O lines. UBB has 6. more than enough ;-)20:14
kristianpaulzear: an nc...20:53
kristianpaulwell i was in thinking something else20:54
kristianpaullike a kexecboot-like menu :p20:54
zearkristianpaul, this thing can actually launch binaries20:57
kristianpaulzear: yeah but is a file browser..21:05
zearwell, i don't really see a difference ;)21:05
kristianpaulwell,if your apps are in the same dir, will look like more a menu.21:05
kristianpaulzear: have you seen kexecboot menu?21:06
zearlooking at it now21:06
zearlooks nice, but a file browser is so much easier in use ;)21:06
zeari can only imagine the ordeal of adding new links to that thing :)21:07
kristianpaulwell, thats a task for the developero, but if the menu worsk, load fast and the know-workign apps get lunched and all wokrs like a charm... well :-)21:09
kristianpaulalso i forgot to said, somebody was/is digging and removing som unusefull code from gmenu2x, thats could change things21:10
whitequarkkristianpaul: is the source code for that fork published?21:10
whitequarkthat's interesting21:10
kristianpaulmay be last image already included that.. well i dont know21:10
wpwrakzear: a file browser is also a little fat ...21:10
kristianpaulwhitequark: in projects.qi-hardware.com there is one for gmenu2x fork i think21:11
kristianpauli know the code is around21:11
kristianpauli saw several commits from qi-bot last weeks21:11
zearwpwrak, i thought you guys were a bunch of geeks who dislike anything that's fool proof ;)21:12
kristianpaulno no, well thats not the idea i think21:13
zearwell, gmenu2x does the job just fine, doesn't it?21:15
zearkristianpaul, there's also this: http://home.gna.org/gp2xmb/21:16
zearit needs some work, but is presenting very well21:16
kristianpaulzear: kinda it does, but is just getting fat/slow as time goes21:16
kristianpaulwoah looks interesting21:17
zearkristianpaul, here you can see it in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSxwkB3a9J821:17
zear(whenever dingux is on)21:18
kristianpaulzear: is feasible to port this gp2xmb?21:20
kristianpaulmay be you already looked at the code?..21:20
zearit was ported to the dingoo, so i see no reason why it couldn't be compiled for the nn21:20
zeari don't know about the code, but feature wise the dingux port was reather broken21:21
zearit was quite an early port though21:21
zearbut then somebody ported gmenu2x and everybody forgot about that21:21
kristianpaul    * >=libsdl-1.2.1121:28
kristianpaul    * >=sdl-mixer-1.2.721:28
kristianpaul    * >=sdl-gfx-2.0.1321:28
kristianpaul    * >=sdl-image-1.2.521:28
kristianpaul    * >=libconfig-1.0.121:28
qi-bot[commit] David K├╝hling: plplot: fix compile problem on ubuntu 10.10 hosts (host's libm not found) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/54cdac821:43
wpwrakzear: (fool proof) oh, i wouldn't worry about that. fools are creative ;-)21:49
kristianpaulthats true21:53
kristianpaulall we are ;)21:59
grunthusHi, having reflashed my Ben, I notice the backlight stays on, with no timeout. 22:29
grunthusNot so good for battery life.22:29
larscbut the screen is off?22:33
grunthusHi, no the screen stays on too, should have said.22:34
grunthushad a look in dingoo settings, but didn't see a timeout setting there.22:34
grunthusgot to go now, perhaps see you here again larsc, thankyou.22:43
--- Fri May 27 201100:00

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