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qwebirc75420You have GP782A0 ?00:28
kristianpaulhi wolfspraul 01:58
kristianpaulCan you please take a look at https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/Ben_NanoNote01:59
kristianpaulFix all the erros you found,01:59
kristianpauland expand intro history :-)01:59
kristianpaulif you consider it should01:59
wolfsprauloh wow, wait looking01:59
kristianpaulwpwrak: qi-bot is able to read commits from github?03:36
kristianpaulwolfspraul: ^03:36
wolfsprauldon't know03:38
kristianpaulhe i dint knew this http://opencores.org/news,130495961103:46
wolfspraulhe, nice03:48
kristianpauloh, there is a phone number :-)03:49
wolfsprauljust checking their donation, it's up to about 10,000 USD now, not bad03:49
wolfspraulshows that there is quite some passion behind this idea03:50
wolfspraulnot that those 10k usd will ever result in anything, imho :-)03:50
DocScrutinizerwow, would result in a nice holiday here :-D07:26
DocScrutinizerkristianpaul: microSD is mostly specifying formfactor, while SDHC is a protocol implying a maximum supported storage size (next step SDXC)07:30
lunavorax_miniHello everyone !14:33
lunavorax_miniIs it me or did the VGA via SD Card slot on the Ben Nanonote made some serious progress ? :)14:34
wpwraklunavorax_mini: it did fro the first version to the latest. didn't have time to play with it last week, though, so no progress since it hit the news14:40
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, I said this because I saw some articles about it on hackaday and such with a beautiful picture of a perfect vga screen.14:46
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, well this one actually http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/ubb/vga/web/ubb-vga-pub-1024-medium.jpg14:50
wpwraklunavorax_mini: dvdk submitted it to slashdot once i had set up a page about it: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/ubb/vga/web/14:53
wpwraklunavorax_mini: i mentioned the page on the mailing list: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2011-May/007981.html14:54
wpwrak(although after we got slashdotted ;)14:54
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, ok :)14:55
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, I suddently was wondering if that kind of hack was possible on my netbook which got an SD card slot.14:55
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, not necesseraly a VGA hack but a bliniking led hack and such.14:56
wpwrakdepends on whether you can find out what controller chip is used for the sd card slot. it's probably some usb-to-sd/mmc/ms/etc. bridge14:59
methril_workonce again wpwrak impress me14:59
wpwrakthen you can try to find documentation. then find out if it implements some direct gpio access. if it does, great. if it doesn't, your plan B would be to see if you can fake transactions to a point where they do something useful. faking transactions is tricky, though.15:00
wpwrakmethril_work: success ! ;-)15:03
methril_worki need to met you some day, you motivate some hackers ;)15:05
lunavorax_miniok wpwrak look even harder than I though :P15:06
wpwraklunavorax_mini: yeah. it's much easier with an SoC, like in the ben. there, you have the controller right in the cpu and you can generally switch the pins to gpio15:07
wpwrakmethril_work: actually ... i should have a slot to speak about qi-hw at FISL. so if you go there, we could have a few beers ;-)15:08
methril_workwpwrak, i`ll try to go15:09
kristianpaulbeer !15:11
kristianpaulfree beer? ;_)15:11
kristianpaulwpwrak: methril_work have a mm1 i think, so i think it looks like you can make a party :-)15:11
methril_worki`ve 15:12
methril_worki`ll try to be there15:13
wpwrakmethril: great !15:14
lunavorax_miniOh it's in Brazil !15:15
wpwraklunavorax_mini: no less than the biggest annual free software event on the planet :)15:17
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, darn :( can't be there at all15:17
lunavorax_minitoo far15:17
wpwrakit's actually a pretty convenient distance from buenos aires ;-)15:18
Action: kristianpaul is near but dont have credit now, may be for a travel to argetina later15:18
kristianpaulindeed wpwrak :-)15:18
kristianpaulI think you can reach brazil even by Bus i was talk some day..15:18
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, I really don't have credits for now, even less if you add the fact that I still am considering to make a donation to qi-hw ;)15:19
wpwrak(now they're even flying there from the domestic airport, which is a few taxi minutes closer to my home than the international one. has more strikes, though.)15:19
methril_workwpwrak, if i finally go, you could come to Pelotas, and we go together15:21
wpwrakkristianpaul: (bus) should be feasible. it would be something like 24 hours, i guess. by plane it's something like 2-3 hours15:21
methril_worki`m living near Porto Alegre15:22
methril_work2-3 hours by car15:22
Action: methril_work bbl, lunch time15:23
Action: methril_work i`m back16:01
ron_wpwrak have you been following recent news about device support by Android22:13
ron_protocol does not look too complex22:14
ron_one reason it may be interesting w/Nanonote is it's designed for USB device (like Ben) talking with external platform (USB host)22:15
ron_some interesting Android-ish stuff will support the Google protocol22:15
wpwrakrjeffries: funny. reversed host/device roles ;)23:19
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