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kyakCanada was out of luck yesterday04:56
kyakfirst USA (read South Park), the Russia (read hockey)04:56
wpwrakkyak: what happened with south park ?07:57
kyakwpwrak: they made laugh of Canada, once again12:32
wpwrakkyak: hmm, it may have to come to war after all. only blood can wash away the shame.12:41
kyakwpwrak: :)12:56
wolfspraulwpwrak: you will like this http://newsandinsight.thomsonreuters.com/Legal/NY/News/ViewNews.aspx?id=1592814:12
wolfspraulsome legal reality14:12
wolfspraulcreativity finds its niche in all professions, it seems :-)14:13
wolfspraulso we should be careful to make too many assumptions sometimes, just my thinking...14:13
wolfspraulwhen I read this article, it sounds more like sports than law to me, somehow14:16
wpwrakgrmbl. cd /sbin; mv reboot reboot-ws  # i hate it when i reboot my workstation instead of the ben14:31
kodeinI can see how that can get annoying14:37
Fusingood evening Qiots ;)15:13
qwebirc48371wpwrak this is a clever little device. would be cool accessory fo Ben http://www.elektor.com/news/25-dollar-computer-has-arm11-processor-and-hdmi.1811108.lynkx15:15
Action: qwebirc48371 is rjeffries on a computer with no smuxi client15:16
Fusinhi rjeff on computer with no chat-client15:16
Fusinwhat good is a computer without chat???? 8)15:17
Fusinwow @ Raspberry15:19
wpwrakrjeffries: this deivce has been mentioned about a dozen times here already, besides making pretty much all the major and minor news outlets ;-)15:20
wpwrakrjeffries: yes it's cute. take a ben, put in ubb-vga, wrap some duct tape around it so that you don't see that it has screen and keyboard, and voila, you have pretty much the same :)15:21
Fusinright, but the ben version is 4 times more money15:22
wpwrakFusin: maybe you can get some rejects with broken display a little cheaper ;-)15:29
wpwrakFusin: also, are they mass-producing that USD 25 device already and this is the final cost for the customer ? or could this maybe just be the BOM cost ?15:30
Fusinyep. also, if they add display, keyboard, battery, it will cost more than 25 bucks15:31
Fusintime ti food yet, i'll be back (with stomac filled)15:32
rohi think its vaporvare.15:32
qwebirc48371wpwrak cute reply, but off base. How would one add a camera module to Ben? Whatever. ;)15:32
rohmy guess is: for 25$ they could get all parts bom besides what they get sponsored(no money), it includes no pcb (or a sponsored one) and no manufacturing(soldering) no case)15:33
qwebirc48371geeze I am not suggesting an alternative to Ben. but you know that.I specifically asked if this could be an accessory15:33
qwebirc48371I do not think the $25 is selling price. I think it could be done for $5015:34
qwebirc48371assuming very very thin margins15:34
rohqwebirc48371: well.. maybe. in obscene numbers. and no earnings.15:34
rohcurrently my estimation is that the pcb and cpu alone cost >20$15:35
qwebirc48371the goal is not profit they guy wants to provide computing to kids who have no nothinh15:35
rohqwebirc48371: sure. nice idea. that stuff will not help em.15:35
rohsee olpc. much more realistic.15:35
qwebirc48371you are high on the cpu roh one can get a nice ARM for ~$5 or les15:35
rohqwebirc48371: arm is a scalar from 40cent to 12$.15:36
rohthats not it. the one they use there is quite fast and expensive. also not the issue15:36
qwebirc48371guys, get a grip. this is not trying to be OLPC (a cool project, yes)15:36
rohqwebirc48371: what i dont get is: why does this guy not cooperate with olpc or so? to me it looks more like a pr-stunt as anything really altrusistic. i am not convinced of the 'helping kids' intention in that case.15:37
rohqwebirc48371: oem-ing some ready made hw would also be much cheaper. stuff wit that specs exists already.15:39
rohproblem stays the same: which poor people do you know which have a hdmi-port on a tv but no money for a computer?15:39
qwebirc48371OLPC is a very nice system. But let's say someone can make a very stripped down minimal system that hooks up to a HDMI TV (most TVs have that interface these days) and use a $3 full size keyboard to learn programming e.g. Lua, Basic, Forth... it's a cool ideea. he will eiether fail, or maybe he makes it happen. good on him 15:41
rohqwebirc48371: most tvs: bs.15:41
rohmost tvs on this planet are CRT. also in developing nations.15:41
rohan none of these has hdmi.15:42
rohfrom my pov the assumtion that people have hdmi ports (especially poor ones) is incredibly arrogant.15:43
jlamotheqwebirc48371: Isn't that the idea behind the raspberry pi?15:43
qwebirc48371it did cross my mind that wolfspraul & Co. could offer this organization a Ben in large quantity for maybe $50 and THAT could chnage the world. ;)15:43
jlamothe(perhaps what you were talking about... I haven't been paying attention to this channel)  ;)15:43
qwebirc48371roh you are out of date about TVs this guy is targeting UK. you can not buy a flat screen that does not have HDMI. ;)15:44
rohqwebirc48371: i think nobel intentions are good. but first and most of all, the third world doesnt need more of our electric garbage. and no low-end computing.15:44
rohqwebirc48371: and why doesnt he organize hw-recycling courses then?15:45
rohyou can get hw with that specs easily for free.15:45
rohin container-volumes.15:45
qwebirc48371roh would you like him to use Ben's ? just askin'  ;)15:46
rohqwebirc48371: if it would be ok for his ideas, sure. mostly i think a monitor and a keyboard with it are fine.15:46
rohon the other hand... second hand N900 are coming down from 200 to 100E value now also ;)15:47
rohbut i am not sure. is it really a problem getting your hands onto a computer in the uk?15:47
rohuh. need to run. sorry. bbl15:49
DocScrutinizerroh: (hdmi) exactly my point as of a few days ago17:24
lunavorax_miniWhat ?17:25
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: it says that it also has composite video. at least they got that right ;-)17:46
DocScrutinizeroh, ok17:46
DocScrutinizerjust for fun: http://www.dedoimedo.com/images/computers_years/2011_1/linux-world-map-large.png17:47
DocScrutinizerI found myself loving the noob desert17:48
wpwrakcute :)17:51
wpwrakbut shouldn't this be "the _forbidding_ land of gentoo" ? :)17:51
wpwrakinteresting. to play a quicktime video in decent quality, i must not use avformat, libdv, or vorbis (which both somehow know how to decode it), but ppm.melt (mlt) is strange ...17:55
wpwrakhmm ... http://frei0r.dyne.org/gallery  "Frei0r plugin gallery". when you click on the name of one of those visual effects, it gives you the source code. quite the hardcore "gallery" :)18:08
Action: kristianpaul stay at the debian republic for now18:09
Action: Jay7 is in Archland near The Great Compile and Chackra Bay :)18:14
lunavorax_miniKDE Sea, the swimming pool for dummies20:04
Action: lunavorax_mini stop trolling20:04
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, what were you talking about that has composite video ?20:06
Action: Fusin loves his Mint-Laptop ;)20:10
wpwraklunavorax_mini: that "$25 pc"21:01
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, oh ok, the specs changed then ?21:20
wpwraklunavorax_mini: no, i think people just keep on overlooking that it also has composite video21:25
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, Ok I see that21:25
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, this HDMI output seriously is pathetic21:25
lunavorax_miniwpwrak, I may be too old-school anyway. Probably bad for a 20yrs old haha21:26
lunavorax_miniI always though that in order to really learn "computing" (understand programming) you had to use a slow machine, because it was making you understand why you have to write good and efficient code.21:28
lunavorax_miniSo even 700mhz cpu may be a little too high ;P21:28
kristianpaulHey, anyone had tried musl? seems smaller that uclib23:23
uncloudedHi, can someone please help me building OpenWRT? Specifically alsa-lib doesn't build.  it says "error: 'versionsort' undeclared".  This page: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.uclibc.buildroot/29842 says it's because versionsort is not available in uClibc-0.9.3023:56
kristianpaulhad you asked at #openwrt?23:56
uncloudednope. will do, thx23:58
xMffunclouded: known issue23:59
kristianpauldunno is this is also present in openwrt from qi repo..23:59
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