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LunaVorax_miniHey all08:40
LunaVorax_miniat http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Porting_programs the scummvm packages is marked as broken. But so far the dingoo binary works (only if libmad is copied into /lib/). Therefore, is it marked broken only because it has a libmad dependency ?08:41
LunaVorax_miniSince afair you try to avoid any mp3-related software into the Nanonote to keep it free as possible.08:42
zhichengxiangfu: busy?08:43
xiangfuzhicheng: hi08:43
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: let me check that ...08:46
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: we have '--disable-mad ' in the configure parameters.08:49
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: the BROKEN is only for not compiled package. not for running. so if it compile fine we should remove the BROKEN.08:49
LunaVorax_miniSo, so far I don't know what it wouldn't work well.08:51
xiangfuI am testing. ... see if it can compile in my pc :)08:53
LunaVorax_miniI would try it too but I'm at college right now, and on my netbook. Not the best machine to compile ScummVM :/ (takes forever)08:55
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: you can try to using SDK, should be fast, no needs to compile the toolchain. just download and unzip it :)08:57
LunaVorax_miniOh btw09:09
LunaVorax_miniI know it's useless and stupid09:10
LunaVorax_miniAnd is there a simple way to change the bootscreen09:10
LunaVorax_miniAt best, completely hide all of the verbose boot-up text and only show a 320x240 image09:10
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: it's really needs a lot time. :)09:12
LunaVorax_miniOh ! So it isn't that simple then ?09:17
xiangfujust needs time. it's still compiling. so far no error come out.09:17
xiangfucompiling  'engines/****'09:17
LunaVorax_minioh ok09:18
LunaVorax_miniI think some engines could be avoid to be compiled.09:25
LunaVorax_miniMaybe, I don't know. But some heavy games won't probably launch under scummvm09:25
LunaVorax_miniLike Woodruff and Curse of Monkey Island09:25
LunaVorax_miniI'll have to try it.09:25
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: I got some link error about 'scummvm'14:16
LunaVorax_miniHeya !14:17
LunaVorax_miniWhat's a link error ?14:17
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: 1. apply this patch in openwrt-package.14:23
xiangfu2. got those errors: http://www.openmobilefree.net/other/downloads/tmp/scummvm.log.bz214:23
xiangfua lot of link error.14:23
xiangfuI am not look into detail. maybe you can help :)14:24
LunaVorax_miniOk i'll look at this xiangfu :)14:26
xiangfuLunaVorax_mini: thanks.14:27
kristianpaulwpwrak: can do a 30 mts with atben/atusb.16:46
kristianpaulsorry asking and not checking chip specs.. but i think you already did that real world measurements..16:47
lekernelhow the heck can one create a link in a slashdot submission?17:02
lekernelah, <a href= ... for some reason it didn't work the first time i tried17:03
lekernel@#{(é! their new submission system is a nest of bugs. at least with chrome :(17:05
kristianpaulpor cierto heberth wpwrak es el desarrolador del atben/atusb, y SI habla espa~nol ;)17:09
kristianpaulclaro un poco de ingles no cae mal/ of course, a little of english is always wellcome17:10
qi-bot[commit] Ayla: The log.txt file will now be saved on the user-specific directory. http://qi-hw.com/p/gmenu2x/3998e1917:22
dvdklekernel: just voted for your slashdot submission (and added a few tags)19:52
dvdklekernel: slashdot website is full of javascript bugs, also regularly hits me with firefox  it seems :(19:54
dvdks/it seems//19:54
wpwrakkristianpaul: (30 m) no, i never got that far. only about 10 m. (indoors, with an uninterrupted air path but obstacles in the line of sight)20:37
kristianpaulheberth: :(20:38
kristianpaulwpwrak: ok, thanks !20:38
kristianpaulheberth: so, no, try asking jpmandon20:38
wpwrakwww.dangerousprototypes.com has picked up the ubb-vga slashdot story. some more visitors :)20:46
kristianpaulis sever okay now?20:49
kristianpaulah, yip20:49
kristianpaulhum, their DSO dint look bad either20:53
kristianpauloh, i dint knew that about sony ericssson..20:55
kristianpaulokay too much news !!20:55
heberthkristianpaul:  tank you20:58
Action: kristianpaul is a tank now ^_^21:00
Action: dvdk just commented on the dangerousprototypes article21:06
wpwrakdvdk: ah, thanks ! didn't even notice that bit ...21:10
kristianpaulgood comment, indeed is more than bit bang21:13
kristianpauli liked the words from /.   'unexpected capability.'21:18
wpwrakyeah, that sums it up pretty nicely :)21:24
fusinhi Qiots ;)21:54
dvdkjust added an entry to our software on ohloh.net22:01
dvdkstill unfinished, tired, going to continue tomorrow22:01
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