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rozzinWhat should I do with patches to stuff under feeds/packages/?02:01
rozzinShould I just send the (svn) diff to the Qi Hardware mailing-list,02:02
kristianpaulyeah, send patches to mail-list02:02
rozzinor should I move whatever package I've changed into qipackages and submit that diff,02:02
rozzinI have changes that I need to the OpenWRT Makefiles for gsl and mpc.02:03
rozzin... and then I have some new packages to add on top of that :)02:04
rozzinMade a bunch of changes to GJay to make it work on OpenWRT/Ben.02:05
rozzinIt looks like upstream OpenWRT has updated ncmpc already.02:16
LunaVorax_miniHi everyone !07:35
LunaVorax_miniCall me stupid but07:35
LunaVorax_miniI decided that my Ben will now replace my phone07:35
LunaVorax_miniAs I never use my phone and as it only serve as a clock.07:35
LunaVorax_miniThe Ben is less dangerous (no radio waves) and way more useful.07:35
LunaVorax_miniI wonder if that would be hard to add a "sleep" function to Gmenu2x09:12
Jay7should be easy09:12
LunaVorax_miniTo turn the screen off when the Nanonote isn't used in order to save some battery.09:12
LunaVorax_miniYeah, I should look at the GMU's code.09:12
LunaVorax_miniDunno if the Ben Nanonote's processor also support some sleep function and stuff.09:13
LunaVorax_miniLike we have on regular x86 laptops09:13
Jay7echo 'mem' > ......09:13
Jay7(can't remember path)09:14
LunaVorax_miniWhat ?09:14
Jay7but I'm unsure we support this right now09:14
Jay7suspend to ram09:14
Jay7echo mem > /sys/power/state09:14
Jay7kinda this09:14
Jay7or call pm-suspend09:15
Jay7but as I said I'm unsure NN is supporting this09:15
Jay7well.. I should go09:15
Action: Jay7 afk09:16
kristianpaulcurios that i havent  heard about sebastien workshops over this side of the world ;)18:17
kristianpauli mean so often :-)18:19
virichave you seen http://www.raspberrypi.org/ ?22:07
viricI wonder what camera they use.22:08
wpwrakviric: have you seen the thread on the mailing list ? ;-)22:08
wpwrak(camera) a poorly mounted one, it seems :)22:09
wpwrakahm i's with a cable. then the position would be determined by the case. okay, so it may be fine in the end.22:12
virichm. no. the thread no. I just saw that on regular press22:21
viricWell. On fascist press in fact, that I was showing to someone for an example.22:22
viricthat small 'pi' thing has openGL ES too.22:25
wpwrakwith an open source driver ? ;-)22:28
viricI've no idea. They really tell little in their web site.22:28
wpwraki think i know the answer already :)22:29
viricif it is not there, it is not open. Clear. :)22:32
lekernelviric: next time, bring qi hardware news to the news sites instead of bringing the crap from the news sites into qi hardware22:33
wpwrakthat would indeed be helpful :) it's nice to hear from what's happening in the world around us, but it's a bit irritating if that makes up the majority of the discussions in "our" project ...22:34
viricI agree.22:34
lekernelI could do without such crap as this pi thing22:34
viricI still consider the nanonote far more useful than this pi thing, clear.22:35
lekernelthis is just empty buzz and proprietary stuff22:35
wpwrakviric: (opengl) we've been hunting for open opengl quite a bit in openmoko and didn't get particularly far. all the usable chips have some proprietary component that quite spoils the fun22:35
viricwell, I was surprised that something like this appeared in a fascist newspaper. :)22:35
viricwpwrak: really? I thought there were some opengl es things in mesa.22:35
wpwrakviric: good PR :)22:35
lekernelwpwrak: you can improve the milkymist tmu and get full opengl es from it22:36
lekernelit should be doable in a couple of months imo22:36
wpwrakviric: i mean on small devices (smartphone and such)22:36
wpwraklekernel: heh, wish i could commit to this sort of effort22:36
lekernelexcept, of course, driver for imbecilic software like X.org22:36
viricwhat is there in linux using GL other than X.org?22:37
viricI've only seen GL used in X.22:37
lekernelyes and this is one big problem22:38
viricbut there are small devices out there like touchscreens with GPS, running Linux (I don't know how much of GNU), and with 2D GL for sure, no?22:39
viricI never thought they were running any X.22:39
viriclekernel: have you written your synthesizer? :)22:40
viricI remember you wanted to do so.22:40
lekernelyeah. no, i'm not done with it22:40
lekernelif you want, you can help me sell thousands of M1s, then i'll get more time to work on that synthesizer :)22:41
viricI usually appear in the side of 'bad examples', when marketing people talk about me22:41
viriclekernel: how do you program the fpga in m1?22:43
viricyou have jtag pins in the board?22:43
viriclekernel: and are the 128MB of RAM available for the linux OS there, or they are for the fpga only?22:44
lekernelyes, there is JTAG on board, and this is one way (among others) to load the FPGA22:44
virichm sorry. I'm mixing things. I thought mikymist was a spartan 6 attached to a nanonote board22:44
viric(so, with a linux running in something very similar to the nanonote)22:45
viricbut is there a linux running in a cpu in the fpga?22:45
lekernelthere's uclinux yes22:45
lekernelwith 128M RAM22:45
viricah uclinux22:45
viricthat's basically linux without mmu?22:45
lekernelyes. there is an existing effort to add a MMU to milkymist, but i'm not throwing much energy into it22:46
lekernelit brings zero feature to my application22:46
lekernelit's just geeky fun22:46
viricthe milkymist soc is in verilog, right?22:46
viricthat keeps me a bit out meanwhile.22:47
viricWhat can't uclinux do? I mean... I know the effects of no mmu. but I don't know how that maps to syscalls22:50
lekernelif you're good at vhdl it shouldn't be hard to pick up verilog22:50
viricI also think so22:50
virichas userland software to be any special to run for uclinux?22:50
lekernelno fork/mmap, and wild pointers can do a lot of harm22:51
wpwrakhmm, whay's the antonym of "to tame" ? "feralize" probably isn't in the dictionary ... :)22:51
viriclekernel: but there should be a fork/mmap syscall anyway22:51
wpwrakof course, in a way, that just makes it better, hmm ...22:51
viriclekernel: otherwise it reduces a lot the amount of userland reusable22:51
lekernelthere's some support indeed22:52
lekernelfor a few cases22:52
virichm okĀ·22:52
viricSorry for not having looked more at milkymist still22:52
viricok, late in CEST. Good night!22:54
wpwrakgrmbl. vga+lcd together doesn't seem to work anymore. sigh. so much about a cool "press photo".23:07
kristianpauljust stoped working ? or..23:08
wpwrakone of the changes since i had it working may have broken it. or maybe it just has a low probability of working in the first place. all the timing is very fragile.23:09
wpwrakkristianpaul: btw, have you build your ubb-vga yet ? :)23:10
wpwrakkristoffer: and how about yours ? :)23:10
kristianpaulwpwrak: he, not but is on my todo23:11
kristianpauli will23:11
wpwrakonly takes about 1-2 hours to make. most of the time goes into figuring out which vga wire goes where.23:11
kristianpaulokay i'll source the vga female connector tomorrow23:12
kristianpauloh, make brd is working23:14
wpwrakin ubb-vga ? yes, but it shows you an untested design23:15
kristianpaulah np not thiking in making a brd  ;)23:15
wpwrakthat is basically my best idea for a mechanically sound cable so far23:15
wpwraki did the layout mainly to check if the idea would work at all, with enough room for things, etc.23:16
wpwrakthe corresponding schematics are also slightly different, "make schp"23:16
wpwraknote that i switched Y and R, to have better ground connectivity. so the colors would be off with the current driver. fixing that is just a matter of changing two #defines, though23:17
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-vga.c: moved timer setup and LCD disabling into noirq setup http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/f7e8fbb23:25
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-vga: new option -2 to keep on refreshing the LCD display (experimental) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/ba1d29723:25
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