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rjeffrieswpwrak lookinh ay your latest UBB/VGA results indicates Wolfspraul should start a program to copyleft (is that a verb??) the XEN-1510T monitor. Maybe bundle a monitor with each UBB VGA adapter?02:30
kristianpaulrjeffries: you could help testing, you have UBB, i guess some time also to reproduce werner work at home and try with your monitor too.02:38
rjeffrieskristianpaul I donated my UBB to the friend who temporarily loaned his Ben to me02:39
kristianpauloh, nice :_)02:40
kristianpaulso, you're are missing that ben currently i hope ;-)02:40
wolfspraulkristianpaul: hey there. What kind of GPS antenna are you using right now?03:05
wolfspraulI'm wondering if we wanted to make an integrated product, what kind of difficulties we would be facing with a much smaller pcb antenna, or other integrated antenna...03:05
kristianpaulhmm thats an unexplored field for me03:06
kristianpaulmy current working antenna is a GPS Active one, RANG001312G03:06
kristianpaulalso considering sige chip is just 2 bit resolution is to say that indoor surelly will be a problem03:07
kristianpaulalso i dint explore yet the internal LNA in the sie chip, wich may allow us to use a PCB like atenna i think03:07
wolfspraulok that's some starting information, thanks!03:07
wolfspraulwe'll get to those things :-)03:08
kristianpaulhey, nice news pointed from Korotnev Vladislav :-)04:29
larscDocScrutinizer: more ore less08:31
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: libtheora: add our own version of libtheora, better tuned for NanoNote http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/b27e01808:47
kristianpaulwpwrak: what the input/output trougput you can achieve using DMA in the 8:10 port?15:22
LunaVorax_miniHi everyone !15:24
wpwrakkristianpaul: 56*4 bits/s = 28 MB/s15:24
wpwrakkristianpaul: if i try to go faster the MMC controller stops working :)15:25
kristianpaulthats in both directions right?15:25
wpwrakwell, in xor out15:26
kristianpaulwell i guess input will be at least that half of fast15:26
LunaVorax_miniIs it a good idea to make a post on the forum about the idea I had for a "Ben Nanonote fork" to see what people are thinking ?15:32
LunaVorax_miniI'm a bit scared that people will take it bad if I only throw in ideas and no "concrete" stuffs (like schematics and such)15:33
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-vga: try to clock MSC faster than the MMC bus; new video mode "640x480/61" http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/581766915:52
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-vga/README: first 640x480 success with the 206NW; housekeeping http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/72235b915:52
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ubb-vga.c (delay): try to compensate for APB jitter (experimental) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/01d33e215:52
wpwrakLunaVorax_mini: what fork ?15:52
wpwrakkristianpaul: input is the same speed as output. it's synchronous, with the host providing the clock.15:53
LunaVorax_miniwpwrak, I suggested manytime that a "devboard" like thing (exactly like the beagleboard and such) based on the Ben Nanonote should be made16:01
LunaVorax_miniNot better than the Ben but only with extra connectivity like VGA, Ethernet and such16:02
LunaVorax_miniI think I suggested it a lot of times... or mayde I though hard about it during a long period of time...16:02
kristianpaulyou can hack the ben to achieve those items, well vga already is16:02
kristianpaulsuguestions are good, but it alos need to be sellable :-)16:03
LunaVorax_miniOf course. That's why I was wondering about making a post to see how good the idea would be.16:03
kristianpauleven if you dont have time or skills for pcb making there are some boards with spi/ethernet ready 10/100Mbits bte16:06
kristianpauljust matter of buy one, plug and hack the linux driver for that chip (microchip one)16:06
kristianpaulof coruse making it willbe fun !16:07
wpwrakLunaVorax_mini: (devboard) that was more or less of concept of the SIE. also, there probably are prototyping boards for this cpu around.16:41
kristianpaularound even in magazines ;)16:45
kristianpauls/in/fitted in16:46
wpwrakah, that vogue thing ?16:46
kristianpauli wonder in wich mobile phones..16:51
LunaVorax_miniwpwrak, of course I could stick with an hawkboard, but since the Ben Nanonote is meant to have open schematics to be reused in other projects it may be "funnier" ;)17:04
LunaVorax_miniAnyway the word "devboard" may be inapropriate for what I'm thinking.17:04
LunaVorax_miniI was more thinking about a (forgive me for saying that) an Apple TV clone.17:05
LunaVorax_miniSmall board with power input + video out + audio out + usb host + ethernet and voilà.17:05
wpwrakLunaVorax_mini: what quantity would you expect to produce ?17:06
wpwrakLunaVorax_mini: and would it be just a bare board or would it also have a case ?17:06
LunaVorax_miniwpwrak, I really have no idea, this is more of a concept rather than a serious thing.17:06
LunaVorax_miniOk I'll tell you the long story about my idea :P17:07
LunaVorax_miniAt first it I had the idea of a device for a game console that would be dedicated to indie video games. SD card slot for storage, video and audio for the TV and ethernet to download games via a Gmenu2X menu like.17:08
wpwrak= pandora ?17:10
LunaVorax_miniBut then I realized that such a Linux powered device could have way more potential. Of course the Ben really is hackable, you guys proved it to me in many ways, but for software focused only people like me, it may be confusing or even dangerous to go down and solder things on the board to add a VGA connector or something.17:10
wpwrakLunaVorax_mini: (dangerous) ubb is fairly safe :) even if you short things, nothing breaks. things can be hacked without incurring excessive risk; don't listen to rjeffries ;-)17:11
LunaVorax_miniThe pandora is the pandora, it's an handled device. I was thinking about a small device for the home and for a lot of purpose (gaming console, jukebox playing files over the networks, etc)17:11
LunaVorax_miniHaha ok17:11
LunaVorax_miniBut in anyway, it can get confusing for some people when it comes to soldering or see the naked board (yikes)17:11
wpwrakyou get used to those worrying sights :)17:12
LunaVorax_miniMaybe I'm too annoying with all of that, I don't know.17:12
LunaVorax_miniBest thing would be for me to get my hand on a hawkboard (which looks closely to what I would want as a Ben Nanonote board), play with it and come back saying "Hey I made this with the hawkboard, why wouldn't make it with the Ben ?".17:13
LunaVorax_miniBut again, that's my idea and fantasy so I need to know what you are thinking about it.17:14
LunaVorax_miniIn the other hand the Milkymist is cool but it may be too advanced for such a little project, also it's using an FPGA and not the Ingenic chip.17:16
LunaVorax_mini(and it's way more expensive than the Ben, because of the FPGA I suppose)17:17
rjeffriesLunaVorax Milkymist is super, but in a completely differnt class than Ben on multiple dimensions17:17
LunaVorax_miniYes rjeffries that's what I tried to say.17:17
rjeffriesyes about $500 now while Ben is nominally $100 + shipping17:17
rjeffriesthere are several pretty cool alternatives around. In addition to Hawkboard (a clone of Beagleboard as I recall) there is the newer Panda board that TI is backing17:19
LunaVorax_miniIndeed, that's also why I suggested a naked board for that Nanonote thing. It would make it more flexible (imo) and remove the cost ot the case, battery, screen and keyboard.17:19
rjeffriesthe project that has faded that was in that direction was swiss army knife board later called SIE17:20
rjeffriesit had Ingenic SOC + FPGA and has a lot more capable i/o than Ben17:21
rjeffriesit eliminated the keyboard, but maintained a connector so the Ben LCD module could be attached17:21
LunaVorax_miniI know rjeffries but I consider the Pandaboard being too sophisticated as it have DVI + HDMI while Composite and/or VGA is more than enough (and everyone doesn't necessarily have DVI/HDMI compatible devices)17:21
rjeffrieswell, that is an interesting point of view in that it is getting hard to find displays that support VGA17:22
LunaVorax_miniIngenic SOC + FPGA ? I never was thinking about a more powerfull device, only a more connectable one.17:22
rjeffriesI could see a nice small market for a next gen Ingenic device similar to what you need, but with newer4760 SOC and more i/o17:23
LunaVorax_miniHum, I don't know, I may have a bad point of view but still it's easier for me to find analog devices. But I really don't know about other people in fact.17:23
LunaVorax_miniMkay :)17:23
rjeffriesLunaVorax where do you live if I might ask17:24
LunaVorax_miniFrance, south17:24
rjeffriesnice place !17:24
LunaVorax_miniI really insist on the fact that I'm not asking for more power, the Ben really is capable !17:24
LunaVorax_miniHaha thanks17:24
LunaVorax_miniBtw, my fellows17:25
LunaVorax_miniMy fellow comp-sci students at college are impressed by the Ben ;)17:25
rjeffriesBen's lack of host mode USB is a sever constratint17:25
rjeffriesas well they should be ;)17:25
LunaVorax_miniI agree rjeffries !17:25
LunaVorax_miniHaha yes "But it really is a computer ?"17:26
LunaVorax_miniI even heard "Can I go on Facebook with that" haha17:26
rjeffrieswell getting on the Internet is not a crazy desire. ;)17:26
LunaVorax_miniNetwork makes the device even more exciting to use indeed.17:27
LunaVorax_miniI'm not trolling, but it's way more magical than an iPad for me.17:27
LunaVorax_miniMaybe I'm too old school.17:27
rjeffriesBen is a minimalist Linux system that is impressive in those terms17:28
LunaVorax_miniIndeed, I couldn't say it better. Could have been great for Python/C coding on the go but the keyboard it a little too... capricious ? ;)17:30
rjeffriesdonning fireproof gear: the Ben keyboard sucks. period.17:31
LunaVorax_miniHum in the other hand, I'm very amused when I read the suggestion for the Ya Nanonote17:35
LunaVorax_miniGPS ! Touchscreen !17:35
LunaVorax_miniMay be a little too much too early ?17:35
LunaVorax_miniIn fact I'm a bit scared about touchscreen, except for the iDevices I rarely saw a good working touchscreen devices... or a non laggy one.17:36
wpwrakrjeffries: (next dev) yeah, it's easier to sneak such a "devboard" in while making a new device.17:37
wpwraksorry, busy day. gptta run. i'll catch up with the discussion ina few hours18:10
Action: Jay7 will try to find Vogue magazine tomorrow20:23
Jay7ah.. Moscow only :(20:24
LunohoDanything interesting inside?20:34
Jay7LunohoD: yeah, qvga screen + board20:40
Jay7kind of advertizing module20:41
Jay7look for links in ML20:41
LunohoDJay7: cannot find the link20:44
Jay7LunohoD: can you read russian?20:46
LunohoDsure ;)20:46
LunohoDi've seen that before20:47
LunohoDdoes the current vogue contain the same thing?20:47
Jay7I've just not seen that before20:47
Jay7strange.. can't find that letter in ML archive too20:48
wpwrakkristianpaul: for tuxbrain, we'll soon need exponential notation: "... was last seen quitting #qi-hardware 1 << 4 days ago"20:52
kristianpaulwpwrak: r u finally going to FISL?21:03
kristianpauli'll write some mails to introduce Jon to some people i know from brazil, so i think i proper cc you too in case of going21:04
kristianpaulokay mail sent !!21:18
kristianpaulah, jon is gone.. anyway :-)21:18
kristianpaulwpwrak: (tuxbrain) naw, i think he will join from time to time, to avoid the idle count to go up ;)21:19
wpwrakkristianpaul: (fisl) don't have a confirmation yet21:32
lekerneltwitterwall on milkymist22:35
wpwraklekernel: cute. now you have an excuse for never turning off milkymist and tv ;-)22:36
rjeffriesclever stuff, lekernel22:49
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