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kristianpaultheorically and legally what is the maximun coverga i can achieve under the 802.15.4?..00:43
kristianpaulacording to wikipedia the PHY "902-928 MHz: North America"00:43
kristianpaulso that should improve coverage a bit i think00:47
kristianpaulhmm IEEE 802.15.4c00:51
rjeffries__kristianpaul assume you know the radio in ATben ATusb is 2.6Ghz01:03
rjeffries__i mean 2.4 Ghz01:03
rjeffries__I need to read data sheet for the RF chip01:04
wpwrakrjeffries__: you're correct. the chip only does 2.4 GHz. IEEE have specified a fairly large number of PHYs for 802.15.4, some in 802.15.4-2003 and -2006, some in 802.15.4a, etc.02:05
rjeffries__wpwrak if there wre a next Nanonote, you see ATben as ain internal plugin, I suspect?02:20
wpwrakrjeffries__: as a fixed internal subsystem02:21
rjeffries__relayed" why to just build the AR86RF231 and antenna etc on main pcn02:21
rjeffries__so the second 8:10 would be for... memory card02:21
rjeffries__i think i understand02:22
rjeffries__yupos be damned02:22
wpwrakrjeffries__: ideally, two 8:10 for whatever use. the internal one typically with a memory card, the external one possibly with UBB and friends. the internal one should be placed such that peripherals would protrude into the battery space, so that one has the option of mounting something larger, even if only temporarily02:23
rjeffries__would you like to get rid of NAND02:24
wpwrakyeah :)02:24
wpwraki don't like nand. it's messy and doesn't age well.02:24
Action: rjeffries__ nods02:25
kristianpaulergg, nand uses a parallel data bus,02:25
kristianpaulwell NOR?02:26
rjeffries__do 16 GB mem cards work with Ben now?02:26
kristianpaulyou got a 16Gb mem card and is not working?02:26
wpwrakkristianpaul: NOR is like RAM. NAND typically uses a narrower bus. in the ben: DRAM 16 bits, NAND 8 bits, 8:10 4 bits02:26
rjeffries__no I am asking wonder also if 3GB is ok02:27
wpwrakkristianpaul: NOR is also expensive, compared to NAND02:27
rjeffries__32 GB02:28
wpwrakkristianpaul: for the ya, i'd want DRAM on a 32 bit bus. and DDR/DDR2.02:28
kristianpaulno non-volatille memory?02:30
kristianpaulah, like in the early palms ;-)02:30
kristianpauli had a m101 stored somwhere, that really booted fast02:30
kristianpauloh sure 32 birs is way to go :-)02:32
rjeffries__I have a Palm Treo that is still running (although I am not actively using iy)02:36
rjeffries__when teh phone radio is not active, battery life is amazing02:37
rjeffries__I did not keep track, but it has run several weeks now, I'd say will over a month02:37
kristianpaulanyway, my point was recall fast boot by use of a flash memory with a wide bus, or may be a hibernate/resume/suspend technique, wich btw the nanonote  is capable of suspend at least..02:39
kristianpaulpalm m100, sorry02:42
kristianpaulnice times :-)02:42
wpwraklarsc: btw, how many MMC controllers does the 4760 really have ? the programming manual seems somewhat undecided between 2 (section 35) and 3 (sections 1 and 41)03:52
larscwpwrak: 304:45
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: 4th: compile fine now http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d938d6704:59
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: ascii-paint: update to 0.3.1, compile fine now. http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/ba3ac4505:35
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: nanonote-files: restore sound configure when boot http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/ad4e84806:28
wpwraklarsc: excellent, thanks !10:22
larscat least thats how I interpret it10:31
larscwpwrak: although the devboard has only two mmc card slots10:31
larscbut since it is possible to map all 3 mmc cores to port E I should be able to test them all10:36
wpwraklarsc: ah yes, all neatly together13:58
kristianpaulhehe, i got all mimi and eunice cartoons with wget --mirror :D14:11
kristianpaulwell i can delete 640x199 vesion..14:14
rjeffriesThis looks like a good book on "Internet of Things" which I claim (humble as always) may be a solid target market for a future Nanonote with integrated 802.15.4 6LoWpan radio16:29
wpwrakrjeffries: how do you imagine it to be a target market ?18:25
LunaVorax_miniI was skeptical about the accuracy of this book  rjeffries... and then I saw that one of the author is a member of the Contiki OS. That's enough to convince me that the book isn't bullcrap18:46
rjeffrieswpwrak Ben could be a verty low cost potable terminal that talks to a collection of 6LoWpan devices18:46
rjeffriesa while ago I talked with an engineering grad student at CalPoly a local college18:47
rjeffrieshe is working on a project where they use wireless at a station to exchange batteries for electric vehicles18:48
LunaVorax_miniTalking about the Ben. I know I'm annoying with that but every day I tell myself that if the Ben had a video out + ethernet (or easy network/internet connection) + usb host, appications of this devices would be endless... sounds stupid but it definitely is true18:48
rjeffrieswhen I say Ben I really mean a followon that has the radio built-in18:49
rjeffriesLunaVorax_mini I agree. wpwrak dislikes ethernet due to size of rj45 connector but it is a univaersal way to hook up to a router18:51
rjeffriesmy thinking is that soem small compromises on formfactor to allow18:51
rjeffriesa bit more space while not going anywhere close to netbook size would work18:52
rjeffriesthe idea of a nanonote (future) that supports a better keyboard that is also a little18:53
rjeffrieslarger makes sense. the usability of current keyboard is IMO poor (and I am being polite)18:54
rjeffriesthat book is expensive $58 USD but I may buy it to learn more18:54
LunaVorax_miniI believe the Ben should be forked into a Milkymist-like device. A board for a lot of uses.18:55
LunaVorax_miniI though about simple jukeboxes playing musing from local network or "retro" video game consoles18:56
rjeffriesLunaVox_mini that is what I am thinking. iT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A CONSUMER ELECTRONICS DEVICE TO FIND A MARKET18:56
LunaVorax_miniCaps lock troubles ?18:56
rjeffriessorry for all caps mistake. d'oh18:56
LunaVorax_miniAt least I got it right18:57
LunaVorax_miniI wasn't thinking in a "find a market" way18:57
LunaVorax_miniOnly in a "hack it" way18:57
LunaVorax_miniThe Ben is hardly hackable, unless you go into the schematics and build your own, right ?18:58
LunaVorax_miniI feel bad for giving my opinion but not having the required knowledge to give a real hand.18:58
rjeffriesthe board Carlos started (SIE, earlier called swiss army knife card) that married Ben SOC with an on-board FPGA and dumped the keybaord, but allowed for Ben LCD display and had USB host and Ethernet is close to what we could envision, but implmented with new Ingeninc SOC 4760 one assumes18:59
rjeffriesoh and with werner's radio stuff naturally18:59
LunaVorax_miniWhat is this ?18:59
LunaVorax_miniRadio ?18:59
LunaVorax_miniLike FM Radio ?19:00
rjeffriesATben ATUSB 802.15.4 which has reach of 10 meters or more, about 1 Megabit per secone, 6LoWpan protocol19:00
LunaVorax_miniI'm not really sure I know what this protocol is19:02
LunaVorax_miniOh right ipv619:04
LunaVorax_miniMan I still live in 198919:04
LunaVorax_miniI forgot ipv4 ended19:04
LunaVorax_miniI mean19:04
LunaVorax_miniWell you understood19:05
wpwrakrjeffries: (ben as wpan console) sure, it can do that. but is plain 6lowpan enough ? or are there more stacks that need supporting ? i.e., what exactly do the things you envision it to talk to talk ?20:23
wpwrakrjeffries: (ether) i think it's slowly dying. i'm a luddite myself, but i see less and less reason for putting up with wires. and outside the near confines of my lair, it's a wifi world anyway20:24
wpwrakLunaVorax_mini: (video out) i wonder if you couldn't bitbang, say, CGA ;)20:25
wpwrakhmm, would be nice to have something like this for ben+ubb: http://ucontroller.com/Propeller Protoboard Designs for the Beginner.pdf20:35
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