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qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: remove useless config.h http://qi-hw.com/p/jzboot/c9f7c8508:12
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: update libusb-1.0 LIBS CFLAGS to configure.ac http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/71d2db008:14
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: jzboot: submodule update http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/ad27abc08:14
xiangfuwhitequark is faster.08:15
xiangfuI just merge my code to xburst-tools.08:15
xiangfukyak: ^08:15
tuxbrainwpwrak: I have 3 possible recruits for the RF analisys from the guifi.net project , two of them (the less "affordable" due are really busy guys) have equipment and whatever else needed to perform certifications, the other one is more easy to reach can't perform certification but has equipment and skills to do obtain reliable results , I will try to meet him next week to do some testing of the tests,  with the prototypes, so is time to think how we go08:16
tuxbrainnna do that due it will be similar to put an 4 years old child in front of the commands of a Boing 74708:16
tuxbrainof course the 4 years old dude is me08:16
kyakxiangfu: yep, i'm watching it :) would be great to adapt the reflash_ben.sh commands to jzboot. It still makes we wondering08:18
xiangfuwhich target images you using?08:19
xiangfuxburst_target1.bin xburst_target2.bin or the jzboot's firmware?08:19
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: add print version http://qi-hw.com/p/jzboot/2a49d7108:40
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: jzboot. submodule update http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/c07092808:47
xiangfukyak: I think the ingenic's target image not working under software usbboot mode.08:49
whitequarkkyak: have you tried jzboot with ben?10:16
kyakwhitequark: started it and saw it recoginze the chip, nothing more11:59
kyakwhitequark: i mean, i did nothing more than that12:00
wpwraktuxbrain: (guifi) excellent ! yes, the one with basic equipment will probable be more than enough for the production testing. but it's good that you also found people who can do certification. that will be13:26
wpwrakvery valuable in the future13:26
whitequarkkyak: can you start it with parameters -C config/boot.cfg and post the debug log (-d4) to pastebin?13:32
kyakwhitequark: ./jzboot/src/jzboot -C config/boot.cfg -d4 would output usage15:17
whitequarkkyak: -i 0, of course15:22
kyakwhitequark: http://dpaste.com/530034/15:41
whitequarkkyak: hmm, looks like your ben is in strange state. try replugging it and running that again16:04
whitequarkthe library should not timeout16:05
kyakwhitequark: after replugging http://dpaste.com/530039/16:14
kyakthe output is different for the first time16:14
whitequarkkyak: looks like the firmware is wrong (probably). can you compile stage1&2 from xburst-tools (the usual way) and place them into jzboot/firmware/ instead of existing ones?16:22
kyakxburst_stage1.bin  xburst_stage2.bin, right?16:26
kyakwhitequark: http://dpaste.com/530044/16:29
whitequarkah yes, much better now16:40
whitequarkbasically, it works just as expected. I'll now look up correct values for ben, and probably you will able to flash it16:41
jesperjis there an open source GSM modem firmware?20:19
jesperjfor replacing GSM modem firmware in cell phone20:19
jesperjI'll just throw the link here and explain what I'm up to:20:19
jesperj no way that I will use some totally unknown phone from some small China company that almost doesn't seem to exist without checking it for backdoors etc, and besides that I'd like to replace the firmware / OS with open source stuff that I can modify20:21
whitequarkjesperj: there is no such thing as generic 'GSM modem firmware' at all. you'll need different firmwares for each particular modem (not even talking about calibration data)20:37
whitequarkmoreover, due to GSM being very closed and unfriendly, and requiring a lot of NDAs and certifications, there is AFAIK no open-sourced GSM firmwares at all20:38
whitequarkat least ones that can work in a real phone20:38
wpwrakwhitequark: well, this goes in the right direction: http://bb.osmocom.org/trac/20:44
jesperjwhitequark: oh ok...20:47
GNUtoowhat about osmcombb?20:52
whitequarkwpwrak: that's interesting, but it even cannot transmit yet20:53
wpwrakwhitequark: sure ? http://laforge.gnumonks.org/weblog/2010/08/14#20100814-dieter_tch_voice_call20:54
whitequarkwpwrak: oh well. then i read an outdated wiki page20:58
jesperjDoes anyone in here know what that white stuff on the chip can be?22:11
jesperjAnd the black cable my guess is it could be for the antenna...22:11
jesperjI am wondering about the white stuff because it is in the way so I can't see what chip is under it :)22:12
wpwrakjesperj: you shouldn't post things via web space that requires registration for viewing22:17
jesperjwpwrak: I didn't register and it works finre22:18
jesperjwpwrak: do you have trouble viewing that url?22:19
wpwrakjesperj: yup. i get this: http://imageshack.us/img/blocked_login.jpg22:19
jesperjthat's strange22:20
jesperjmaybe it works only for the poster of the image then22:20
jesperjwpwrak: That sucks though if you can't see it. Sorry for that.22:24
rohhm. worked for me (link)22:28
rohwhats the thing you hold up?22:29
rohmy guess is the white stuff is just silicone to keep something from ratteling22:30
jesperjyeah it's a camera22:30
jesperjroh: something on the chip from moving? Or like working as a protector against something that lays against the chip?22:31
rohthe latter22:32
rohlike the cable of the cam or so22:32
jesperjroh: http://pastebin.com/SMB2tsUG I'm trying to find out the hardware on this phone22:34
jesperjoh.. hm... yeah maybe... Could that flat cable really be a problem for a chip like that though? It shouldn't be a matter of "physical" harm if so, more like some interference or something if it gets too close?22:34
rohit has 2 sim slots.. so i guess its some mediatek based design.22:34
rohjesperj: no clue. my guess is just mechanical fitting.. so it doesnt matter much. if you really want to reverse it, buy a second one. one will die.22:34
jesperjor hmm... actually it could be that the back cable on the right is supposed to rest between the silicon on that chip and the stuff that pressed against it22:34
jesperjin the assembly22:34
jesperj(I think the black cable is for the antenna)22:35
rohcould be some antenna. dunno what. bluetooth? wifi? for gsm its too short22:35
jesperjwell it has bluetooth but not wifi22:36
jesperjI got this phone as a gift22:36
jesperjand the first thing I do is taking it apart O_O22:37
jesperjI'll feel bad if it won't work when I put it together heh22:37
jesperjbut I need to know what kind of phone I am playing with22:37
jesperjand what I can do with it22:37
rohi think if the silicone does have any function you could replace it with a drop of hot-glue later22:37
jesperjwhat about the metal cover to the left?22:41
jesperjcan one open those without destroying things?22:41
jesperjare those there for cooling or just for keeping curious ppl like me from looking at what is under? :)22:41
jesperjwpwrak: if you get curious I can repost to imagebin or something22:42
wpwrakjesperj: (metal cover) if it's an RF shield (> 10 x 10 mm2, about 2 mm thick), then there are components underneath. and it may be designed such that you can't remove it without destroying it.22:47
jesperjwpwrak: http://imagebin.org/14724022:48
jesperjHope this works better22:48
jesperjbbs need to do something22:48
wpwrakjesperj: that works, thanks !22:55
wpwrakjesperj: yes, the "can" is a shield. can't quite see if it's removable or not. probably removable.22:55
wpwrakjesperj: what's the thing on the flat cable ? is seems to rest on the chip with the "bird dropping". so that looks indeed like some silicone buffer. you can probably lift it off with a knife with only a minimum of residues.22:59
jesperjwpwrak: I'm going to resize and upload some more images of the phone pcb23:25
jesperjI guess you could not see the other ones in the pastebin.com post either then, that were on imageshack23:25
jesperjI need to find some good free image hosting website that stores the images permanently though. flicker perhaps?23:26
wpwraki see only one in the imagebin23:27
jesperjwpwrak: the thing on the flat cable that I am holding with my fingers is the cell phone camera23:27
jesperjwpwrak: I meant http://pastebin.com/SMB2tsUG23:27
wpwrak(camera) ahh, then the bird dropping is definitely a bumper. should be soft if you press on it gently with a fingernail23:28
jesperjis flickr an ok image "album" website for sharing lots of images?23:29
wpwrak(imageshack) naw, just frogcubes23:29
jesperjmeh. stupid imageshack :-(23:29
wpwrak(flickr) dunno, never used it :)23:29
wpwrak(i upload my files either to downloads.qi-hw or, if it's not related to qi-hw, to my own server)23:30
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