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kristianpauldammit, i will not release my away state until get time to read away log..00:56
wpwraktuxbrain: (usb scope) much better than the previous one. still, no comparison with the rigol. also not the very low sample rate. you usually want something like 5-10 times the analog bandwidth.  furthermore, no indication of the buffer size. the rigol has 500-1000 kSamples. that's pretty nice to have if you're hunting for problems in some serial protocol.01:12
wpwraktuxbrain: also .. how is the linux support ? :)01:18
rohhe wolfspraul03:01
wolfspraulroh: hi!03:06
rohwolfspraul: how is it going?03:09
rohany news when you will need the next batch of cases?03:09
wolfspraulI will order 80, transparent light-blue03:09
rohbecause we will move the agency this month, and the sooner i know the better we can do that03:10
wolfsprauloh, nice. where do you move to?03:10
rohto wedding. more space. part of a former public bath03:10
wolfspraulI read a few things about this 'sugru' stuff - is this about some enclosure for ben-wpan?03:26
wolfspraulI want to have a nicely worded and illustrated news item about it in the next newsletter.03:26
rohwolfspraul: lets do some tests about feasibility first03:26
rohmaybe it de-tunes the antenna and its all fnord03:27
wolfspraulah OK, got it03:29
wpwrakwolfspraul: if you know the silicone used for sealing sinks and such, it would be similar to that, only a bit tougher03:38
wpwrakwolfspraul: testing would mean a) find out if it does anything nasty to the RF, and b) find out how much of it you actually need. let's hope one bag is enough, for it's not a cheap material.03:39
wpwrak(of course, not being cheap also has an advantage - it means that you can get it in small portions. the regular silicone usually comes in quantities of 100 g or more, which would be enough to enclose the board plus the ben)03:41
kristianpaulzrafa: hi dude04:09
kristianpaulzrafa: sie +  fpga and linux is great i agree04:09
kristianpaulfor your profesor indeed04:10
kristianpaulbut yes, we lack some reallly nice features like small screen for example04:10
kristianpaulexpensive indeed (mm1), at least for a university buy04:11
kristianpauljust.. well your profesor can learn how the milkymist soc works, and how customize it..04:12
xiangfukristianpaul: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Case-video-in-element-hole-2.JPG04:13
kristianpaulor create custom cores and well.. thats important too04:13
xiangfukristianpaul: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Case-video-in-element-hole-1.JPG04:13
kristianpaulwow nice !04:13
kristianpaulthats a really *proper* hole, know mine looks ugly :/04:13
kristianpaulnice view ;-)04:14
xiangfukristianpaul: I made a bad decision. screw a big hole oh the top. so stupid (I was thinking it for memcard)04:16
kristianpaulyou may use it for gpio bus at somepoint04:17
xiangfuoh. yes. then it's not so bad :)04:21
aw_xiangfu, ths hole-6 is you drilled?04:30
xiangfuaw_: yes.04:31
aw_xiangfu, nice! since i have them but i didn't play them for a while. for selling not my toy. :-)04:31
aw_xiangfu, have you tried latest m1 msd?04:32
xiangfuaw_: not yet.04:32
aw_xiangfu, hm..i'll try it this afternoon. i may need your helps then. :-o04:33
xiangfuaw_: I also will try it afternoon. then we can do it together.04:34
aw_xiangfu, tks.04:34
kyakwhitequark: nope, it won't build05:32
whitequarkkyak: can you post the buildlog to pastebin?07:37
kyak$ (./autogen.sh && ./configure --disable-firmware --with-readline && LC_MESSAGES=C make) 2>&1 | wgetpaste07:45
kyakYour paste can be seen here: http://dpaste.com/529543/07:45
kyakwhitequark: --^07:45
whitequarkxiangfu: can you check the build system? I think that kyak's error is caused by not adding include path of libusb-0.1 pkgconfig to the global includes09:10
whitequarkI'm not sure how that should be integrated to autoconf09:10
xiangfuwhitequark: ok. I will look into it. I meet the same error here.09:13
whitequarkkyak: what distro do you have?09:29
kyakMandriva 2010.209:32
whitequarkkyak: can you use your package manager (rpm, right?) to print a list of files in libusb-0.1 package?09:40
kyak$ rpm -ql libusb-compat0.1-devel-0.1.3-3mdv2010.1 | wgetpaste09:42
kyakYour paste can be seen here: http://dpaste.com/529571/09:42
kyakwhitequark: i have libusb-1.0 devel installed as well09:42
whitequarkcan you list that as well?09:44
whitequarkah no09:45
whitequarkno need09:45
whitequarkit fails in jzboot, which uses libusb-1.009:45
whitequarkthat is the broken lib09:45
whitequarkyes, I've guessed correctly09:46
whitequarkthat's definitely missing pkgconfig support09:47
kyakare you sure? /usr/lib/pkgconfig/libusb-1.0.pc09:48
whitequarkkyak: not your system, but Makefile.am for jzboot09:59
qi-bot[commit] Peter Zotov: Rename config.h to app_config.h, as old name conflicts with autoconf. http://qi-hw.com/p/jzboot/04ed52310:15
qi-bot[commit] Peter Zotov: Use pkg-config to detect libusb-1.0. http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/fdbf94c10:16
whitequarkhehe, so I've managed to tweak autoconf magic without xiangfu10:17
whitequarkyou can try to build it again10:17
wolfspraulroh: you there? did you see xiangfu's feedback about ST ANDBY, and missing labels for the buttons?10:31
kyakwhitequark: shell_builtins.c:145: error: cfg_environ undeclared (first use in this function)10:34
kyakwhitequark: but yeah, it goes futher this time :)10:34
whitequarkkyak: you've forgot git submodule update12:24
whitequarkit is the biggest drawback of submodules12:25
kyakwhitequark: all right, it build fine now!12:27
whitequarkkyak: good. does it actually work with ben?12:32
kyakwhitequark: haven't tried it yet, perhaps when i'm at home12:33
kyakwill it work with the firmware already supplied by usbboot?12:33
whitequarkkyak: yes, it was developed for that firmware12:42
kyakall right then12:43
kyakwe will know in a few hours :) unless someone tries it before12:43
GNUtoo|nexusonehi kristianpaul12:51
GNUtoo|nexusonehi tuxbrain12:55
kristianpaulGNUtoo|nexusone2: hello13:01
GNUtookristianpaul, I built a pic programmer yesterday, not on a breadboard, the connection seem ok13:02
GNUtooI saw that the pinguino project has a new website etc...13:02
GNUtoobut the IRC channel seem dead13:03
whitequarkGNUtoo: pics... you seem to be masochistic13:27
GNUtooI already bought one13:28
GNUtooI know they are hard to program13:28
whitequarkI wonder if they have at least half of an advantage over atmel uCs13:30
whitequarkatusbs if you need fast one, and http://obdev.at if you are satisfied with slow, low-speed, but cheap software one13:31
whitequarkparticularly, http://www.obdev.at/products/vusb/index.html13:32
whitequarkpics (at least pic8) are 12V-programmed, have at least 4 cycles per operation (no pipeline, and same peak frequences as on atmels), have INCREDIBLY crappy memory layout with banks, idiotic I/O port registers and incompetent peripherals13:38
jow_laptopawh not again13:40
whitequarktheir whole existence only satisfies perverted wishes of some evil god13:40
wpwrakwhitequark: and you havent't even mentioned their assembler yet :)14:22
wpwrakwhitequark: they do have a low-voltage programming mode, though14:23
DocScrutinizeratmels are awesome15:02
whitequarkwpwrak: I don't quite remember anything awful with their assembler itself (through I won't be surprised if it is); besides of that, their instruction set is something chip designer should be ashamed of15:14
wpwrakwhitequark: (asm) the branch instructions are negated. "skip the next instruction, if ...". this is extremely confusing.15:19
kyakwhitequark: what is the correspondence between nerase in usbboot and jzboot? and nprog/nprogram/nprogram_oob?17:28
kyakthe number of agruments is different17:28
kyaki don't want to get it wrong :)17:28
whitequarkkyak: the first argument is NAND chip ID17:51
whitequarkthen goes first block ID and length17:52
whitequarkblock is eraseblock for nerase and page for nprogram17:52
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