#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-04-06

zrafakristianpaul: finally, after serveral days without internet at home I was able to read the logs for the tuxbrain[ answer02:32
zrafaso yes.. I read the log if I asked something :)02:33
zrafakristianpaul: about sie vs milkymist.. I see that you love milkymist a lot and you have named it several times like better than sie. But I just want to know which is really a good toy for uni. And sie is for professor okey, better than nn (for the fpga and free gpios, without lcd, etc). And I like the idea to help. But I do not see milkymist like better than sie for the uni. It does not run Linux and it is expensive. The idea at uni is for linux embedded sy02:35
xiangfuzrafa: milkymist can run Linux :)02:40
zrafaxiangfu: great! I did not know. which distribution is okey for it? .. is linux vanilla okey then?02:42
zrafaxiangfu: so it is just expensier now that linux is official on milkymist02:42
xiangfuzrafa: not linux vanilla.02:42
zrafaxiangfu: some distribution linux kernel?02:42
xiangfuzrafa: https://github.com/tmatsuya/linux-2.602:44
xiangfuzrafa: I nenver try linux on m1. when I have time. will try run linux on m1.02:45
xiangfuzrafa: fyi: git://github.com/psycho-nico/milkymist-openwrt.git02:45
zrafaxiangfu: nice.. thanks for the links!.. I am saving them.. no good internet these days02:47
panda|x201xiangfu, ping!02:52
panda|x201wolfspraul, ping02:52
xiangfupanda|x201: pong02:52
whitequa1kxiangfu: have you tried jzboot with ben?02:54
xiangfuwhitequa1k: not yet02:54
whitequarkxiangfu: btw, what's your timezone?02:56
panda|x201whitequark, his timezone is UTC+802:57
Action: Jay7 have another HW idea06:32
Jay7pci-e board which looks like ethernet card from computer side06:33
Jay7but this is real computer itself :)06:34
Jay7with ethernet and some usb on rear side06:34
Jay7i.e. router-on-an-pci-e-card :)06:34
rjeffriesthis is a clever and cheap ($6 uSD) little radio 2.4 Ghz subsystem06:37
kyakJay7: what is the use case? :)06:39
Jay7kyak: router :)06:39
kyakfor router, you buy a router. A big noisy PC with a router inside is not a router :)06:39
Jay7I have always running bit noisy PC and always running router :)06:40
kyakbtw, how is it different from pci-e ethernet card?06:40
Jay7well, not very noisy but06:40
Jay7kyak: much more cables around :)06:41
kyakyo ustill have usb on the rear side06:42
kyakanyway, it's a strange idea, but somehow appealing.. A single board PC liviing inside the other PC :)06:43
Jay7at other side.. I need just pass ethernet card to virtual machine which will act as router..06:43
Jay7kyak: idea isn't new. there was sun-pci :)06:45
Jay7x86 computer on pci board for sun HW06:45
kyakha! they can't live without x86, can they? :)06:46
Jay7someone even have installed windows xp on that board :)06:56
kyakthat were dark times, when computers were not capable of running virtual machines without significant loss of performance :)06:57
Jay7yeah :)07:01
Action: Jay7 is looking at Aewan07:45
Jay7seems it should be easy to create recipe07:45
kyaklooking at openwrt port, very easy - doesn't even need patches :)07:47
Action: Jay7 trying :)07:48
Action: Jay7 is looking for something similar from deps side to just copy recipe from07:50
kyakis it really not ported yet?07:52
kyak(i'm asking same question about w3m port - which is not in OE)07:52
Jay7I haven't find OE recipe for aewan07:52
Jay7well, trying to build :)07:55
Jay7I'll push it to OE on success07:59
Jay7so jlime people may create package for Jane :)07:59
whitequarkJay7: there are some FPGAs, on the high-end side, which are done exactly that way07:59
whitequarksome Virtex's IIRC07:59
kyakah, crafty plans to entice Jane to Jlime!08:00
whitequarkyou can make a router inside easily. just add a MIPS IP core and some Gigabit Ethernet ones :)08:00
Jay7kyak: hehe ;)08:09
Jay7whitequark: 'just add' it's not about me ;)08:09
Action: Jay7 is not HW guy at all :)08:09
Jay7I can solder cable or something simple by ready scheme but can't develop HW :)08:10
Jay7B_Lizzard: I have recipe for aewan08:10
B_Lizzarduh huh08:11
Jay7well.. it's even built ok for armv708:12
Jay7someone should test it on target though08:12
Jay7B_Lizzard: http://pastebin.com/faMB9egb08:13
Jay7can you build it and place to feed for Jane? :)08:13
B_LizzardThat will be 10$08:15
Jay7send your invoice to Jane ;)08:15
B_LizzardOK D:08:15
B_Lizzardwhat aewan version?08:16
xiangfufound one link: http://www.debwrt.net/08:57
xiangfunot look into detail. just one URL.08:57
whitequarkcan anyone check jzboot with ben?12:02
kyakwhitequark: is there a manual/config for that?12:19
whitequarkkyak: just build xburst-tools, plug ben in usb-boot mode and launch ./jzboot -i 013:10
whitequarkah yes, also -d413:10
whitequarkit will spit out some debug info then13:10
kyakah, so it's merged into xburst-tools, right?13:15
kyakjust -i 0? how would i supply images names? Addresses?13:16
whitequarkkyak: it'll go to interactive shell mode then13:29
whitequarkjzboot has entirely different concept than xbboot/uxbboot13:30
whitequarkit's much closer to uboot13:30
whitequarkthe flashing itself is done via scripts, or you may provide instructions on commandline (think of 'bash -c')13:31
kyak5@D5MK HML DK;HB?1 @IF 5I 04DK@, )13:34
kyakthat's what i'm asking, how to flash?13:34
kyakis there some help/manual/whatsoever?13:34
kyakso i go to interactive mode, then what? :)13:35
whitequarktry typing 'help' :)13:35
whitequarkalso you may take a look at subdirs config/ and script/13:35
kyakok, i'll have a look when i'm back home13:36
whitequarke.g. my board is flashed by running config/boot.cfg and then script/flash_xz0032_linux.scr13:36
whitequarkthe important part now is (for me) to get the debug output for ben13:36
whitequarkit's unlikely, while possible, that everything will work as-is13:37
whitequarkand sadly I don't have ben to test13:37
kyakok, it will burn me ben :)13:37
whitequarkyeah, that's my evil plan13:38
kyaki have a backup ben coming in anyway :)13:38
kyaki hope it's coming..13:38
whitequarkthen you have a chance to observe two different explosions13:38
whitequarkmaybe the second one will have green flame or such13:39
kyaki only wish it wouldn't explode at customs house :)13:40
whitequarkactually that may be very good. $100 per customs house isn't a lot if we won't see them in future13:41
kyakha-ha, nicely said13:42
kyak(it's not logged this way ;)13:43
kyakwhitequark: xburst-tools/jzboot is just an empty directory14:55
kyakare you sure it's already merged into xburst-tools?14:55
xiangfukyak: it's a 'submodules' in git. try 'cd jzboot && git pull' it's just like a independence git , (which is submodules of xburst-tools git)14:56
xiangfukyak: learn from whitequark  :)14:56
kyakcool :)14:57
kyakstill nothing14:58
kyaki have a feelign i have to add a remote14:58
xiangfugit modules update14:58
xiangfugit submodules update14:58
kyakstill nothing :)14:59
xiangfu_kyak: git submodule init && git submodule update15:08
xiangfu_kyak: after that. you can "cd jzboot && git checkout master" then it's just like a normal git15:09
kyakit is working now15:10
kyakshould i build from the top level dir or from within jzboot?15:11
xiangfu_top level.15:11
xiangfu_whitequark: have finished connect jzboot to xburst-tools make system.15:11
kyakxiangfu_: do i need to do something special?15:12
kyakit won't build jzboot15:13
kyakshould i re-configure?15:13
xiangfu_kyak: just "./autogen.sh && configure...."15:15
xiangfu_kyak: ./autogen.sh  && ./configure  --disable-firmware --with-readline && make15:18
xiangfu_then you can got the 'jzboot' under 'jzboot/src/'15:18
kyakyeah, already on it15:18
kyakit didn't detect my libusb1.0-devel15:20
kyakcomplains for missing libusb.h15:20
xiangfu_do you got those:15:21
xiangfu_checking for main in -lusb... yes15:21
xiangfu_checking for main in -lusb-1.0... yes15:21
xiangfu_checking for main in -lreadline... yes15:21
xiangfu_the libusb. have 0.1 version adn 1.0 verison. usbboot and xbboot --> 0.1 , jzboot --> 1.015:22
xiangfu_it's under "ls /usr/include/libusb-1.0/libusb.h" in my system15:22
xiangfu_kyak: I have to sleep. will check the irc log. :)  good night.15:23
kyakchecking for main in -lusb... yes15:26
kyakchecking for main in -lusb-1.0... yes15:26
kyakchecking for main in -lreadline... yes15:26
kyaki have both libusb1.0-devel and libusb-compat0.1-devel15:26
whitequarkkyak: grhm. I was sleeping. Does it build for you now?18:28
GNUtoohi kristianpaul21:03
tuxbrainwpwrak: victor has pick up the atben and atusb to make cool hi res pics on the prototypes , he has better equipment and skills to do so, I will have access to this Osciloscope http://www.syscompdesign.com/CGR101.html21:52
tuxbrainis enough21:52
rohtuxbrain: for what?22:20
tuxbrainroh, to debug the reset USB problem on atusb22:20
rohthats only on flashing, right?22:22
tuxbrainone unit gives problems on connect to pc, entering on an endles connect disconnect loop or something... don't know, I'm still pending on reflashing it with lastest firmware and see if it behaves the same way, but in case that yes, werner askme to plug it to an osciloscope to see what happens, and I ask it the specifications of this one http://www.syscompdesign.com/CGR101.html are enough to that task or not. roh the real thing is I have no Idea on whe22:31
tuxbrainre to connect what and what to lock at but well I hope in the guiadance of master, I will be their hands and his eyes, he will have to guide them.22:31
rohits a 20mhz dso22:37
rohcould be fast enough22:37
roheh.. nah.., its 2mhz22:37
rohcould be. dunno.22:37
rohnot sure22:37
wpwraktuxbrain: (scope) yeah, ought to do .. barely :)22:50
wpwrakwow .. USD 189 ! that's awfully expensive22:51
wpwraka rigol DS1052E would have a "street" price of USD 399. and that's a real scope, going up to 50 MHz (1 GSa/s), and with up to 1 MS memory.22:54
wpwraktuxbrain: so yes, if you have one lying around, why not. but if you're thinking of buying it, better get something decent22:55
tuxbrainyes I already have it (well victor have it)22:56
wpwrakalright. it'll be sufficient for this task. it's even 25% better than the absolute theoretical minimum that can show the clock ;-)22:58
tuxbrainhttp://www.dealextreme.com/p/rigol-ds1052e-5-6-tft-lcd-50mhz-2-channel-digital-color-storage-oscilloscope-30573 mmm tempting23:03
Action: wpwrak wonder if the designers of that 2 MHz scope confused 2011 with 1911, and thought they're a few years ahead of the curve ;-)23:03
wpwraktuxbrain: the rigols are good devices. not perfect but good value.23:07
wpwraktuxbrain: (i have one .. well, the DS1102CD)23:08
methril_tuxbrain, i use the dual channel model everyday23:15
methril_has a bad gtrigger, but it allows to woakas23:15
methril_s/ woakas /work23:16
wpwrakmethril_: the rigol or the syscomp ?23:16
methril_the rigol, at work23:16
wpwrakmethril_: good :) yeah, the trigger is a bit weak. sometimes, you don't even see what it triggered on. so it takes some getting used to.23:18
methril_wpwrak, yes, it's my daily pain ;)23:18
methril_we don't have any debugger, because i motivated to use OpenSource tools, so we only have PINs & the USART (i make it working)23:19
wpwrakmethril_: very good ! :-)23:20
tuxbrainmaybe this one http://www.dealextreme.com/p/dso-2090-pc-based-40mhz-2-channel-usb-digital-storage-oscilloscope-37062 with this software http://hantekdso.sourceforge.net/23:37
tuxbrainI'm online?23:59
tuxbrainyes it seems so23:59
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