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xiangfuC-Keen: Hi, is your nanonote work again?04:23
tuxbrainkyak xiangfu: building image following   http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image fails on gtkhtml06:28
tuxbrainchecking for GTKHTML... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.16.0 enchant gconf-2.0 iso-codes) were not met:06:28
tuxbrainNo package 'enchant' found06:29
tuxbrainNo package 'iso-codes' found06:29
tuxbrainn -s data/qi_lb60/files 00:2406:30
tuxbraindoesn't work, there is no "data" dir in openwrt-xburst06:30
tuxbrainkyak xiangfu: building image following http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image fails on gtkhtml06:30
tuxbrainchecking for GTKHTML... configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-2.0 >= 2.16.0 enchant gconf-2.0 iso-codes) were not met: 07:2606:30
tuxbrainNo package 'enchant' found 07:2606:30
tuxbrainNo package 'iso-codes' found 07:2606:30
kyaktuxbrain: seems that you are not using the latest openwrt feeds06:32
kyaki remember this error, it had been fixed06:32
kyaktuxbrain: edit your feeds.conf and drop the trailing "@..."06:34
kyakthis way you will use the latest fedes rather then stick some specific svn revision06:35
kyakyou are using @2551306:36
kyakand this bug was fixed in @25949 :)06:36
kyak(don't forget to run make package/symlinks after that)06:37
xMffkyak: hi, any outstanding issues with the migration to trunk?06:38
kyakxMff: oh, hi! i've sent an e-mail to ML here:06:39
kyakbasically, it's not so bad at all06:39
kyakmost apps build and run fine06:39
xMffah the binutils and ncruses tickets06:41
xMffI'll check them later today06:41
kyakthere is also 9047 ticket06:41
kyakbut it is related to backfire06:41
xMffdid you test the last patch in #9048 ?06:41
kyakyeah, i was the anonymous proposer :)06:42
tuxbrainxiangfu then what should had to be changed in http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image? due I'm making a fresh git checkout06:48
xMffkyak: I committed #9044 and #904806:49
kyakxMff: thanks!06:51
xiangfutuxbrain: we have move the  'data/'  folder to one package.06:52
xiangfutuxbrain: I will update the wiki page now.06:52
kyakxMff: while you are here, i wanted to mention one more thing:06:53
kyak$ ./staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-0.9.32/usr/bin/perl -e "print join(' ', @INC)"06:53
kyak/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.10.0/i686-linux /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.10.0 /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/i686-linux /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0 .06:53
kyakxMff: don't you think it's weird?06:53
xMffkyak: I never actually built perl on openwrt yet but I think its config.pm must be patched06:53
kyakit's causing compilation problems for packages that find perl in stagind_dir06:53
kyakcause perl is not able to find it's own modules06:53
kyakfor exmaple, if i build plplot, then perl, it's OK. But if i build perl, then plplot, then plplot fails to build :)06:55
xMffI see06:56
kyaki tried to have a look, but there was no fast solution. Then i marked plplot as BROKEN :)06:57
xMffI think the perl binary sources its @INC from config.pm06:57
kyakyeah, and config.pm is generated at build time..06:58
xMffI think the generated one is not even used06:58
xMffbut the system wide one06:58
kyakin feeds/packages/lang/perl/perlmod.mk, there is PERL_LIB := $(STAGING_DIR)/usr/lib/perl5/5.10. It is later passed to configure06:59
kyakso it's really weird06:59
kyakthat it is missed at some point later06:59
xiangfutuxbrain: I will split them to two parts. 1. build release image. 2. build last git commit06:59
xMffkyak: can you locate the config.pm in your staging_dir qand upload it?06:59
kyakstaging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-0.9.32/usr/lib/perl5/5.10/Config.pm is at http://dpaste.com/523410/07:00
xMffnow please try this:07:01
xMffPERL5LIB=staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-0.9.32/usr/lib/perl5/5.10/ ./staging_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc-0.9.32/usr/bin/perl -e "print join(' ', @INC)"07:01
kyakthe stagind_dir is prepended to @INC07:03
kyak(btw, this is the hack used by xiangfu to build plplot :)07:03
xMffI think we should put a wrapper perl in staging_dir07:04
kyaksounds goof07:05
xMffyou said it prepended @INC, so there still was /usr/local stuff in it?07:05
xMffcan you run strings on the binary and see if those paths are coded in?07:06
kyakhardcoded :)07:06
xMffso we have to trac that down07:07
kyakhave to go now.. see you later!07:09
xiangfutuxbrain: ^07:28
tuxbrainthanks xianfu, I will test procedures once the build I runing right now (wich I guess is a mixture of both :P) finish :), I need a full toolchain with qt, if the mixture brings it to me I will be fine :)07:43
viricah great news10:09
kristianpaulJay7: Can you request the hardware HDL part?10:58
kristianpauli mean RTL source code10:59
kristianpauli'll do too10:59
Jay7It's not my project :)10:59
kristianpauland wait for replly10:59
kristianpaulyes no mather10:59
kristianpaulask/push !10:59
kristianpaulask/push !!! :-)10:59
B_LizzardAre you Mr. Stevens?13:39
B_LizzardHead of Catering13:39
mstevensnot me13:41
wpwrakB_Lizzard: the one with a business proposal involving a large money transfer ? :)13:42
B_LizzardOh come on, classic Eddie Izzard13:43
mstevensYes, I propose you transfer me all your money.13:43
mstevensB_Lizzard: I am not familiar with the gentleman's work.13:43
B_LizzardI have 200 euro in the bank13:43
wpwrakB_Lizzard: let's find out by how much they let you overdraw our account ;-)13:44
wpwrakB_Lizzard: heh, cute :)13:48
tuxbraindamn it, I have not remove the /CONFIG_ALL=y option ... I'm building the whole repo , the good thing is that if successful builds I will ha a damn complete toolchain with all libs aviable on openwrt :P15:09
tuxbrainis building since 7:00AM now is 16:0015:09
jow_laptoptuxbrain: you can just abort, disable config_all and continue15:33
tuxbrainyeah I can but... I love to see my machine working :P, and I'm courious how much space the FULL toolchain will arrive.15:38
tuxbrainafter if finish I will do a "just image build" and compare15:39
tuxbrainyes I need new glasses, xMff I can be a real PITA isn't it? any advance on avr tools ported to openwrt you experience any problem?15:43
viriclars_: 2.6.36 is the only vanilla kernel that runs on the nanonote? Do .37 and .38 work as is?18:45
lars_.37 does18:48
lars_.38 does not18:48
viriclars_: can you point me to some document that talks about 'the hardware has a problem that makes suspend-to-ram fail after some time suspended'18:50
lars_not really, afaic it was only discussed here18:51
viricand what does it require to become 'sure' it is a hardware problem?18:52
lars_a hw fix18:53
viricHow have been the attempts to fix it, to decide 'it's a hardware problem'?18:54
lars_i don't think so.18:54
lars_we can work around it in sw, by wakeing it up with the rtc clock from time to time18:55
viricI was told here you (and some other people here) think it is a hardware problem18:55
viricWhat happens with that rtc clock?18:55
lars_i assume, that it is a hardware problem, because it doesn't occur on other jz4740 based devices.18:56
lars_the rtc clock would wake up the device18:57
viricisn't the rtc clock in the jz4740?18:57
lars_but you'd wake up the device before the problem occurs19:01
viricyou mean a problem of the jz4740 in the nanonote, or a problem out of the jz4740?19:01
lars_after two hours19:01
lars_i guess it's a problem of the nanonote circuit19:01
viricbut noone found out what problem still19:01
wpwrakdo we know if the work-around eliminates the problem reliably ? or are there unintended side-effects ?19:04
lars_i'm not sure if anybody tested it yet extensivly19:08
viricWhat I tested was to suspend19:13
viricwait some hours, and try to wake it up19:13
viricand it was *off*19:13
viricI had to power it up as if it was off.19:13
viricIs this the behaviour you saw?19:13
viricit did not look hanged. I expected to find it hanged19:17
viricI've no idea. I imagined that :)19:24
virichere people simply said 'it does not work'19:24
kristianpaulold gps-receivers (1990) we're prety valuable for hacking21:16
kristianpaulsurelly the equivalent to a computer with ISA slots and GPIO board, vga board, processor board..21:19
LunaVorax_miniHi all !22:14
LunaVorax_miniIs anyone available ?22:14
wpwrak... asked the sailor upon entering madam's parlour :)22:16
tuxbrainwpwrak: you are a poet :P22:38
tuxbrainLunaVorax_mini: seems yes, what happens?22:39
LunaVorax_miniSorry I was afk22:44
LunaVorax_miniOk so22:44
LunaVorax_miniI'm lost with the wiki so I'm going to ask my question here22:44
LunaVorax_miniIs a Ben Nanonote 2 is in the works ?22:44
kristianpaulIt depends how you see it22:54
kristianpaulThere are ongoing side projects around22:54
kristianpaulLike avt2,but i dont know his status clearly22:54
LunaVorax_minikristianpaul, what ongoing project is the closest to the ben then ?23:00
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