#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2011-03-05

qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: usrp/fft.c: added Hamming, make dump easier to interpret http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/fff1e1e00:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: usrp/fft.c: made window function user-selectable, added hann, blackman, rect http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/95a9e1200:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: usrp/fft.c: added support for averaging of FFT results before dumping http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/c98b91600:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: usrp/fft.c (do_fft): don't output the sample number when dumping http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/b90e3e200:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: tools/Makefile.common: offer LDLIBS_$(TARGET) twice (hack - needs more study) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/9552b9f00:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: tools/atrf-txrx (DEFAULT_TRIM, usage, main): changed default trim from 0 to 8 http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/da8962300:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: usrp/sps/: spectrum scan utilities (work in progress) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/fd27bdc00:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: usrp/sps: further improved scripts, added Makefile http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/7258e1000:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/fw/Makefile: abstract host so that one can use HOST=ben instead of jlime http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/2f85fa900:59
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/fw/atusb.c (main): enabled blinking the LED for the prototypes http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/4759ea600:59
wolfspraulAkiwiguy-iPad: hi05:57
Akiwiguy-iPadAnd before anyone asks, yes, I'm on an iPad, and I would much rather have a nanonote in my hand with wifi and irssi. Because the nanonote is epic.05:58
jow_laptop... as is the price for the wifi :D05:59
Akiwiguy-iPadI want to buy a nanonote. I'm saving up... Don't know how much it would be in New Zealand dollars.06:00
Akiwiguy-iPadPlus then I would need the wifi card.06:01
Akiwiguy-iPadHow much is the spectec microsd wifi card?06:01
wolfspraullast I checked it was about 80 USD06:03
wolfspraulis it even still available? let me check...06:03
wolfsprauldoesn't look like that. not available anymore, at least not at expansys.com06:05
Akiwiguy-iPadOo, that's expensive06:05
Akiwiguy-iPadAnd darn.06:06
wolfspraulI may have a used one I could give you for free if you ordered a NanoNote :-) I have two left, need to check the details if you like.06:07
wolfspraulbut then I'm a little worried - if wifi is so important to you the NanoNote may not be your best fit.06:07
akiwiguy-iPadHello again.06:58
wolfspraulsorry gotta go, I read the backlog later...07:12
wolfspraulakiwiguy-iPad: if you don't catch me here, you can email me at wolfgang@sharism.cc07:12
dvdkmy display went (almost) completely white. :/11:02
dvdklooks like gmenu2x sets some bad brightness/contrast settings11:02
dvdk(bootup messages display correctly)11:02
dvdkah, ok, managed to set the gmenu2 "backlight" setting from the (now barely visible) gmenu2x settings app.11:05
dvdkwas set to 100% (but not by me!), now back to 2011:06
kyakdvdk: :)11:27
dvdkhi kyak11:28
dvdkjust trying to compile mplayer.11:28
dvdkbut it doesn't show up in 'make menuconfig' nor .config :(11:29
dvdk./scripts/feeds install MPlayer11:29
dvdkInstalling package 'mplayer'11:29
dvdkmaybe some dependency problem?11:29
kyakdvdk: hm.11:30
dvdkrunning make package/symlinks11:31
dvdkmaybe it helps11:31
dvdkok, seems to work now.11:32
kyakdvdk: does it show up in ./scripts/feeds search MPlayer?11:32
kyakdvdk: are you using the latest feeds?11:33
dvdkbut anyways, after make symlinks problem seems to have been fixed.11:33
kyakor you pin it to some svn revision?11:33
dvdkusing feeds.conf supplied by openwrt-xburst (?)11:33
kyakok, so it is pinned to some svn revision11:33
dvdkNo rule to make target `package/MPlayer/compile11:33
kyakpackage/mplayer/compile :)11:34
dvdki hate it11:34
kyakok, i agree11:34
kyakwe need to rename it11:34
kyakeither all to MPlayer, or all ot mplayer11:34
Action: dvdk thinks that all packages are othewise lowercase11:35
dvdkDebian seems to handle it that way11:35
dvdkrenaming: sounds like 'tree conflict' once i try to commit :)11:36
kyaknot a problem, make package/symlinks should fix it11:37
dvdkBTW working on an mplayer patch to dynamically load jz47xx_vid vidx11:37
dvdkgoing to commit to MPlayer/patches, that's why please wait with renaming :)11:38
dvdkor is it mplayer/patches?11:38
kyakdvdk: i see feeds.conf from openwrt-xburst mainly as a means to "pin" to some specific svn revision to be able to reproduce the build later. I myself always use the latest feeds.conf11:38
kyakit's mplayer/patches11:38
Action: dvdk doesn't have the time to wait for package recompiles after updating feeds :)11:39
dvdkbtw openwrt-xburst.git : always using the latest version11:39
dvdksrc-link qipackages ../../openwrt-packages11:39
kyakyep, using the latest version of openwrt-packages always11:39
kyakbut not the latest version of openwrt-feeds :)11:40
dvdkkyak: btw noticed that most recent mplayer-svn can use ffmpeg's theora decoder (i.e. not libtheora).11:40
dvdkmaybe that gives us some performance gain?11:41
kyakoh, that's god11:41
dvdkwell, without ffmpeg's simd assembly stuff, maybe difference is minor.11:41
kyakmaybe we should use the latest mplayer from svn always..11:41
dvdkkyak: well, pin down a revisino and use that.  upgrade after testing that it works.11:42
dvdksome revisions (seldomly) have bugs11:42
dvdkbtw: using svn download method might not work.11:42
kyakwhy not?11:42
dvdkmplayer does a ffmpeg git checkout from ./configure when using the version from svn11:42
kyakheh. Maybe it can be cancelled?11:43
dvdkmaybe manually package ffmpeg externally and use it as shared lib?11:43
dvdkto safe some flash11:43
kyakit's already packaged externally11:44
dvdkyeah, can be cancelled.  need to tell ./configure to use an external libffmpeg (i think)11:44
dvdkok, then maybe autodetected already&fine.11:44
kyakwe'll see :)11:44
Jay7kyak: I've pinged larsc yesterday wrt kexec11:45
kyakJay7: yep, i've seen it11:45
Jay7but it was too late and I've fall asleep :)11:45
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: mplayer: enable vidix driver subsystem; try to dynamically load jz47xx_vid.so http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/945028612:36
kyakdvdk: nice job! is it playable?12:41
dvdkhu?  no.12:43
dvdkit's just the hook that's needed to load the .so driver12:44
dvdkthe .so driver is not even 5% done yet.12:44
dvdk(developing it separately on sourceforge)12:44
kyakdvdk: ok :)12:47
dvdkjust having it in openwrt-xburst.git is going to make it easier for others to test and patch12:47
dvdkwhy is it that mplayer compiled with ONFIG_DEBUG=y is so huge? (30MB package)13:29
dvdkshouldn't everything be stripped when the package is build (debuug info only left on the host for remote debug)13:29
dvdkinstallation takes hours13:30
dvdkooops: ls /usr/bin/mplayer13:32
dvdk-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root        92.7M Mar  5  2011 /usr/bin/mplayer13:32
Jay7seems it have some promo video inside :)13:34
kyakdvdk: in fact, when i built minimal image with config.debug, i found it is more than 700 Mb :)13:35
kyakso it leaves symbols on target, too13:35
dvdkkyak: but it shouldn't.13:35
dvdkin fact ipkg is run with -g0 option.13:35
dvdkshouldn't it then strip debug info away?13:35
Jay7OE split debug info ingo -dbg packages13:35
dvdkyeah, but i do remote debug anways, and only need the debug info in the host build directory13:36
kyakdvdk: but maybe it thinks that you are going to debug on target?13:36
dvdkdon't think that openwrt even supports that13:37
dvdkthere is no other way to debug13:37
dvdk(no other debug option)13:37
dvdkipkg-build -c -o 0 -g 0 /home/pub/spock/src/qi/openwrt-xburst/build_dir/target-mipsel_uClibc- /home/pub/spock/src/qi/openwrt-xburst/bin/xburst/packages13:37
dvdkshouldn't that remove any debug info from the package?13:38
kyakmaybe if you have CONFIG_PACKAGE_gdb=y, then openwrt fairly assumes that you are going to debug on target13:39
kyakhave a look in data/qi_lb60/conf/config.debug, maybe it will help you.. I never finished it, but there are all debug options i could find in openwrt :)13:39
dvdkah, but does package_gdb build a target 'gdb' package or just add mipsel-...-gdb to toolchain?13:43
dvdki thought the latter13:43
kyakbuilds a target, i suppose13:43
kyakthereis CONFIG_GDB=y for want you want (probably)13:43
dvdkyeah, i only have config_gdb set, btw13:44
kyakwhat is your grep STRIP .config?13:44
dvdkauto-set by config_debug!?13:49
dvdkwith config_debug set, i don't have the option to select 'sstrip' for stripping13:54
kyakdvdk: yep, CONFIG_NO_STRIP is autoselected by CONFIG_DEBUG. But it seems that you don't need the CONFIG_DEBUG.13:54
dvdki need config_debug, else i only see symbols, not line numbers13:55
kyakCONFIG_DEBUG enabled debugging symbols on target, you don't need that13:55
dvdki now have config_debug & config_strip13:55
kyakCONFIG_GDB should work for you13:55
kyakno :)13:55
dvdki think it's correct now: config_debug to add '-g' to cflags, and use_strip to strip it from the package13:56
dvdk(had a silly crash-bug in my latest commit, btw, but only with -vo cvidix)13:56
kyakah, so you still have a "strip" option13:56
dvdkyes, but toggleing config_debug seems to change strip, so you have to manually re-set strip afterwards13:57
kyaki think it should work this way :) you are right13:57
dvdkalso 'sstrip' is not possible offered when config_debug, it seems13:57
dvdkbtw accidentally committed make_flags-j4 with my last commit?13:58
dvdkusing it here to speed up builds.13:58
kyakbut i don't see that config_debug toggles the strip13:58
dvdkhmm.  but it definitely changed13:58
dvdkor did i toggle it accidentally?13:58
kyakit toggles the Strip arguments13:58
dvdklets see whither mplayer is now back to sub-10MB range13:59
dvdkok, mplayer is again small now14:03
dvdklet's see whether gdb still works14:04
dvdkok, it now runs code from jz47xx_drv.so14:04
dvdk...and crashes :)14:05
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: mplayer: fix silly crash bug with -vo cvidix (when jz47xx_drv.so present). http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/81b426614:06
kyakdvdk: cool :) having debugging capabilities is great, i realized it once again after connecting to Ben's serial console14:12
dvdkkyak: btw remote-debugging shared libraries is much more difficult, though14:13
dvdkgdb: add-symbol-file FILENAME ADDRESS14:13
kyakcan you compile you library in mplayer ?14:15
kyakfor testing purposes14:15
dvdkkyak: i do not want to: mplayer is too huge.  uploading 5MB over and over wears out my flash :)14:30
dvdkdebugging via printf() should work for now.  there is some shared object debugging support in gdb, but it doesn't work for me currenlty14:31
kyakbtw, you could try installing it SD card14:34
dvdkstill turn-around time for 5MB copy is too long.  mplayer linking would also take too long for my taste :)14:35
dvdkok, then lets see whether i can heuristically get some physical memory resources from user space14:36
kyakok, my last proposal - try qemu :)14:36
kyaki found it extremely easy to use with openwrt malta(qemu) target14:36
dvdkkyak: can someone write a HW scaler emulation for qemu, please? :)14:42
viricdvdk: recent qemu uses GL for rendering14:44
viricisn't it?14:44
dvdkviric: was talking about the jz47xx hw scaler unit that i'm trying to program14:45
viricyou can use nfs over usb14:45
dvdkdidn't think of that actually14:46
dvdkcould also link to /tmp :)14:46
kyaktoo many options to debug things on Ben :)14:46
Action: dvdk is off to lunch14:46
viric /tmp? how would that help?14:46
kyakthere's a tmpfs in /tmp14:49
viricin the ben?14:49
viricwith 32MB of RAM?14:49
kyaktmpfs on /tmp type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,size=14108k)14:50
Jay7tmpfs is swap-backed14:50
Jay7so 32 + size of swap :)14:50
Jay7afaik, yes14:50
viricI didn't know it could use swap14:50
kyaki have a swap partition on SD card14:51
viricI remember it is an easy way to crash a system14:51
Jay7yeah, remove SD where swap resides :)14:51
kyakyep, remove SD and it will hang14:52
viricno, I mean filling a tmpfs when the system does not have enough memory14:52
kristian1aulargh!,  one hour lost because a missing rewind14:54
viricwhat do you rewind?14:58
kristian1aula file descriptor15:01
kristian1auli forgot rewind because i open it, seek to end (to get size) and let it like that.. '_'15:01
steve|mhuh, can't you use fstat()?15:04
kristian1aulhehe, well fstat is a unix system call but not part of the standard lib i remenber15:06
kristian1auli know it is posix but.. i want to stick ansi c for a while and see15:06
kristian1aulI had that discussion on my mind for some days (fstat or fseek)15:08
Action: kristian1aul is a bit stubborn15:09
qi-bot[commit] kyak: add sound options to default config, so that it won't popup http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/04a194b15:38
methrilwolfspraul, i did the first step :)16:04
methrilwolfspraul, now waiting for the MMOne to arrive16:04
kristianpauloh, congrats !16:05
wolfspraulmethril: oh wow, fantastic!16:06
wolfspraulthank you for your trust in this project16:06
methrilwolfspraul, thank you for bring all those fantastic projects to us16:06
methrili'm going to announce in my blog (something new to said)16:07
wolfspraulexcellent, thank you16:08
wolfspraulm1 needs a lot more stories to be told, but of course the first step is to get more hardware out16:08
wolfspraulso I cannot complain, we are slowly picking up16:08
methrili'm going to start with the dev env.16:09
wolfspraulyou can hookup with xiangfu, who is also just starting (he got his m1 on Thursday)16:09
wolfspraulkristianpaul has a few weeks head start16:10
wolfspraulthen there are others of course - the best place is the #milkymist channel16:10
methrili'm on the channel following lekernel progress :)16:11
Action: kristianpaul think wolfspraul forgot nelson for the count ;-)16:12
kristianpaulAlso he is in brazil16:12
wolfspraulno did not forget him, but he is very quiet/invisible. I tried to give methril some nicknames for people to ask, if he runs into problems.16:13
methrili've nelson in my contacts16:14
methrili talk with him sometimes16:14
kristianpaul(quiet/invisible) yeap16:14
kristianpaulmethril: (ask) yeap i can help with my little experience with mm1 so far :-)16:18
kristianpaulAlso i'm very patient :-)16:18
methrilkristianpaul, thank you for the offer16:19
kristianpaulmethril: what are you plans with milkymist?17:00
methrilkristianpaul, help with linux port (mainly), but i would like to learn Verilog17:05
methrilkristianpaul, and why not, experiment with FPGAs (maybe hw-radio,...)17:06
kristianpauloh, wich part of hw-radio?17:07
methrili would like to deal with USRP like radio (and maybe i could do some boards to adapt it)17:09
methrili also would like to experiment the osmocon progress in our FPGA17:09
methrilbut it's a really long term17:09
methrilkristianpaul, are you interested in HW-radio too?17:12
methrilwhat area?17:12
kristianpaulindeed, is long term17:12
methrili get impresse for the UNcube project17:14
methriland i see some of your blog posts :)17:15
kristianpaulfuncube dongle?17:15
kristianpaulor also the satellite?17:15
methrilwell the satellite17:15
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