#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2011-03-02

Fusinok, time for sleep00:05
tuxbrainladies(if any)..., gentleman(also if any).... I have a working (or at least ejecutable) avr-toolchain + avrdude patched installed on my NN.....YIPIKAYHEY!!!!!!00:07
tuxbrainthe problem is that I'm getting out of space on NN only 57Mb left00:07
tuxbrainso I can't install anything with opkg00:08
tuxbrainnow that that speed has been improved we can't change the partition size to something a litlle bit bigger?00:09
wpwrakyou could offer a web-based compilation service, let the ben connect to it via cdc_ether00:10
xiangfutuxbrain: congratulations,00:11
xiangfutuxbrain: I would like make help make arv-toolchian + avrdude as openwrt packages.00:11
tuxbrainxiangfu: I would love to have it, really, but I can guess it will not be trivial00:12
tuxbrainI have an installation error on gcc I have to solve manually copying reanaming the executable gcc-cross to avr-gcc manually, and avr-lib needs native ->avr copilation toolchain .... gooddamn  I'm barelly not knowing what I'm saying00:14
tuxbrainpatched avrdude yes is trivial :)00:15
tuxbrainmoving the 90Mb of the toolchain to uSD to do some test00:18
tuxbrainI will have to mount the extra Nand space to install all this...00:18
tuxbrainwhy NN live is never easy...00:19
wpwrakit is if you cross-compile ;-)00:19
tuxbrainI want to cross-compile :) but in NN :P00:20
tuxbrainthere is anything I can empty on a vanila lastest distro  to gain some space? I was unable to install gcc-mips and libgcc?, only 115K left00:23
tuxbrainwell dudes time to some sleep , let's see if tomorrow I fin a way to fit all that(gcc-mips, libgcc, avr-toolchain, avr-dude, arduino libs and arduino template Makefile) on NAND somehow to free the precious GPIO pins to do the test00:28
wpwraktuxyeah, it would kinda suck if you needed a memory card for this ;-)))00:33
wpwrakbah, tuxbrain: ...00:33
tuxbrainwe have 2Gb on nand there has to be a way to fit I guess :)00:37
tuxbraintuxyeah XD00:38
Jay7nice nickname :)00:38
Action: Jay7 is building native-sdk-image for nanonote00:39
Action: Jay7 -> sleep00:40
tuxbrainwell I will use it when I finaly make my arduino blink at NN will :P00:40
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: nanonote-files: add kernel-6x11-font http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/5fee02300:55
kristianpaultuxbrain_away: felicitaciones !01:25
kristianpaul(UIO) he, finally !01:44
kristianpaulah.. 200701:45
Action: kristianpaul uses xserver-xfbdev in his laptop01:48
Action: kristianpaul go back to do so C readings01:52
RylandAlmanzaHi, I'm a programmer thinking of buying a nanonote. Would this be suitable for my purposes? I would generally be using it for programming, but I would also like to know what kind of limitations there are on wifi.02:03
wolfspraulsounds like it is very suitable, yes02:04
wolfspraulwhat kind of programming interests you?02:04
RylandAlmanzaa very broad range, but how about webdesign? Even if I didn't have wifi, it would still be good for developing and testing websites, correct?02:05
wolfsprauldo you like large screens?02:06
wolfspraulthe NanoNote is a very mobile small thingie. no touch-screen, only keyboard.02:07
RylandAlmanzaI don't mind small screens, but I didn't think about what that would do to the websites02:07
wolfspraulit's cpu power is limited, 336 mhz mips, 32 mb memory02:07
RylandAlmanzawould it be somewhat like viewing a website on a cell phone?02:07
wolfspraulso depends on what you think about when you say 'websites'02:07
wolfspraulthe cell phones have crazily optimized browsers02:07
RylandAlmanzaah, I see02:08
wolfspraulthere is no way the NanoNote can match that02:08
wolfspraulthe browser you can find useful on NanoNote is more something like lynx, elinks, w3m, netsurf02:08
wolfspraulif that kind of challenge interests you, go for it02:08
wolfspraulif you compare with a browser on a recent iphone/android, don't go there it will disappoint you02:08
RylandAlmanzaAnyway, webdesign was just an Idea. I would be content with even just console based applications02:09
wolfspraulthat sounds more NanoNote-likish02:09
wolfspraulhave you seen this?02:09
wolfspraulbrowsing through this list may give you a rough idea where things are today, at least in OpenWrt02:10
wolfspraulthere is also Jlime02:10
RylandAlmanzaOk, thanks, I'll have a look at it right now :)02:10
wolfspraulon the programming side, things that are 'not bad' today are guile, python, perl, php, bash, gforth - in GUI toolkits sdl, qt, gtk02:10
RylandAlmanzaSounds like a blast to me! Right now I'm stuck with trying to program on a Nintendo DS with linux installed on a hombrew cart... Doesn't work very well...02:12
RylandAlmanzaBut, by "not bad," could you be more specific? What kinds of things wouldn't work? I'm pretty sure I've got my mind set on buying one of these no matter what, but I'd like to know anyway.02:14
wolfspraulhmm. I'm just one guy, I cannot qualify so many different toolkits and languages.02:15
wolfspraulwhen I say 'not bad' that means I think it works, but there may be bugs02:15
wolfspraulwhen can you say 'pythin is great on the NanoNote'?02:15
wolfspraulI think I can only say that if I know several very active Python app development are going on.02:15
wolfsprauland there is someone here in irc who says "Python on the NanoNote is great"02:16
wolfspraullike for example we have emacs on the NanoNote02:17
wolfspraulbut emacs is big, and whether it's 'good' or 'not good' depends on many details02:17
wolfspraulfor emacs, David Kuehling who is sometimes on this list (nick: dvdk) can give you a definitive and honest answer where emacs stands today02:17
wolfspraulfor guile, maybe zedstar02:17
wolfspraulwe have working sdl, qt and gtk apps on the NanoNote, so those toolkits definitely work02:18
RylandAlmanzaOk, thanks for all the help, I'm going to keep looking over that wiki page, and I'll let you know if I have anymore questions. :)02:19
wolfspraulsure, thanks for your questions, and stop by anytime...02:20
wolfspraulare you in the US?02:20
wolfspraulat this time it's quiet here because of timezone02:20
RylandAlmanzaYes, I am.02:20
wolfspraulthe Europeans are mostly asleep02:20
wolfspraulwe have some 'Americans', though mostly in the south :-) (Colombia, Argentina)02:20
wolfsprauland I'm here, and some other Asian early rises...02:21
RylandAlmanzaWhat time is it where you are?02:21
wolfspraul10:20 am02:21
RylandAlmanzaOh, cool. Where did you learn english so well?02:22
wolfspraulin the US02:24
wolfspraulworked in Connecticut for over 10 years02:24
wolfspraulif you order a NanoNote (just explaining some background info), it will come from Hong Kong with Fedex02:24
wolfspraulit costs about 25 USD shipping, and takes 3-4 days to arrive02:25
RylandAlmanzaOk, I'm willing to pay 25 USD shipping, and I actually would've expected it to take longer than that. Thanks for the info :)02:25
wolfspraulwe would be very happy to welcome you to the club, sounds like you are doing closely related things already with Nintendo Linux hacking etc.02:26
RylandAlmanzaYeah, just very hard with a Nintendo DS, because it wasn't meant for that kind of stuff. A nanonote would definately be much more suitable.02:27
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: cleanup code style, cleanup command process function http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/702b54a02:45
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: increate cmd buf size, some code style cleanup http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/f68500302:45
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: add JZ4760 EVB Lepus config file http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/aa59c6a02:45
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: add new command: reset, then we can reboot device after reflash http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/ff3182d02:45
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: update Changelog http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/b3ebec302:53
rjeffries_wolfspraul when you listed a few programming languages that are "not bad" on Ben NN for that guy, you missed Lua. ;)03:16
rjeffries_compared to programming on his Nintendo DS vs Ben NN, he will think he died and went to heaven03:17
wolfspraulLua, true03:26
wolfspraulsorry about that03:26
wolfspraulI just was listing off the top of my mind03:27
wolfspraulwe have so many :-)03:27
wolfspraulI want to consolidate a little, make a list of 'officially' supported programming languages03:27
wolfspraulbut it's so hard to qualify how good language support actually is03:27
wolfspraulbecause every language ties into libraries, extensions, modules. some things may be hopelessly non-performant, so it's better to not even claim they exist. and so on.03:28
wolfspraulwe get to it over time03:28
wolfspraulbest is if every language is 'alive' in the sense that there are actively maintained programs/apps/games using it, with people behind.03:29
rjeffries_here is a cool little USB power supply http://jeelabs.org/2011/03/02/new-usb-power-option/03:29
wolfspraulgotta go, bbiab03:29
rjeffries_a few people here have used Lua if I recall correctly03:29
rohwpwrak: http://jeelabs.com/products/uart-plug03:42
rohuart for i2c... and the chip can do spi too. and its cheap. can be used with a ubb ;)03:42
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: reflash_ben.sh, new option b k r, reboot device after reflash http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/a8f5b6103:49
wpwrak(and some of the "americans" only come back after dinner ;-)05:21
wpwrakroh: (uart) nice :) but i'm actually more after the avr than the uart functionality per se. the uart doesn't do much for me, but having an avr is good.05:24
zrafayeah, we eat from this part05:25
Action: wpwrak needs to make progress with the spectrum analyzer so that i have an excuse for cutting the wifi ;-)05:25
awwpwrak, have you ever used PPTC resettable polyfuse?06:26
wpwrakno, i haven't used polyfuses yet06:28
kyakwow.. i really do know how to waste my time. Building and running malta target in qemu is so easily done with openwrt, just a matter of few "clicks"06:32
kyakwhy the hell i did that by hand..06:32
wpwrakkyak: for wasting your time, try building your kernels on the ben. that should do nicely :)06:33
awwpwrak, thanks.06:34
kyaki tried, it doesn't waste my time, it is wasting Ben's time :)06:34
kyakok, what i actually wanted to see is if kexec will work on mipsel malta06:36
wpwrakkyak: what's the actual problem ? that it is supposed to work but for some reason doesn't ? or do we have a more specific situation ?06:42
kyakwell, it _should_ work, and some people even reported that it works on mips with their routers. And there are even some patches, but after all it just doesn't owkr06:43
kyakthe last thing i see before everything hangs is "Switching no new kernel bla-bla-... Bye.."06:44
wpwrakhmm, nasty then06:44
kyakyes, very annoying,too06:44
wpwrakto kexec(1) seems to be happy06:44
kyakand the worst thing is that i feel that this is beyond my knowledge06:45
kyaki wil try with qemu as a last resort, then i'll give up :)06:46
wpwrakthere are worse situations :) like realizing that this ought to be within your knowledge but that you really shouldn't sink that day or two into it just now :)06:46
kyakyeah, this is bad06:48
wpwrakkyak: if you have a serial console, that may help. could be that the new kernel starts but dies later on.06:48
kyakwpwrak: no serial console -\ This is i thought qemu might help06:49
wpwrakkyak: you could also put a loop somewhere early. e.g., outputting something on UBB :)06:50
wpwrak(something) like a square wave06:50
wpwrakthat way, you'd see if you reach that point06:50
kyaki.e. this needs to be done in kernel code?06:50
wpwrakdebugging the early boot code is no fun, because you don't have printk06:51
kyakoutputting something to UBB06:51
kyakoh, there are printk's06:51
kyakat least during the "Bye.." message :)06:51
wpwrakyes, this looks like something that needs to be done in the kernel06:51
wpwrakthe question is how far you get after the "bye"06:52
kyakyes, this is a good question06:52
wpwrakthat may be very short. e.g., you may crash within 1-2 instructions if you have the wrong address06:52
wpwrakif you make it to the new kernel, it may still die very early -> low-level uart output or toggling a ubb line06:53
kyakyou are right..06:53
wpwrakif you make it a little further, you want console output06:53
wpwrakcould also be that everything is fine but it just can't bring up the lcm06:53
kyaksounds like debugging the kernel is a nigthmare :)06:53
wpwrakdebugging the early kernel is hard. once you make it a bit further, it gets easier06:54
wpwrakover here, you can see my credentials on the topic :) http://bootimg.sourceforge.net/06:55
kyakwow! i remember you mentioned you planted a tree in the kernel :)06:56
wpwrakah no, it's not that one ;-) my seeds are things like the fat file system and initrd06:57
kyakbut that you were a predecessor of kexec!!06:57
kyakvery cool :)06:57
kyakseems that i could use your hand06:58
wpwrakconceptually, yes. kexec was an independent implementation. peter anvin and i helped to smoothen it (kexec) a little, though. and i bribed linus with a beer to consider it for inclusion into mainline ;-)06:58
kyakah, so this is how it works! corruption everywhere ;)06:59
wpwrakindeed ;-)07:00
kyakwpwrak: i remember you said once that you are unemployed at the moment. Is it still the case? (i don't have anything to offer to you, but it seems that you are the man of many talents)07:03
wpwrakyeah, qi-hw is still my full-time hobby. i plan to keep it this way for at least one more month, then i'll have to start looking for some real income07:04
kyakyour employer will be lucky to have you :)07:06
wpwrakthanks ;-)07:06
kyakroot@OpenWrt:/# kexec -l /lib/vmlinux.elf07:09
kyakInvalid memory segment 0x100000 - 0xeaffff07:09
kyakcoudl be a problem because this vmlinux.elf has ramfs built-in..07:11
wpwrakhmm. maybe. if it;'s truly too big, yes07:11
kyakyeah, 43Mb07:12
kyakwill try with a bare kernel..07:12
wpwrakyeah, 43 MB sounds unhealthy for a 32 MB machine ;)07:13
kyaknah, i boot with -m 25607:14
kyak(start qemu, i mean)07:16
wpwrakhmm, qemu may change the picture07:18
kyak# kexec -l /lib/vmlinux.bin07:19
kyakCannot determine the file type of /lib/vmlinux.bin07:19
kyakhmm ok, so kexec insists on having elf image..07:19
wpwrakhow about adding a serial console ?07:19
kyakto Ben?07:19
wpwrakkexec also has an option -t to force the file type. a binary without headers or such may need this.07:20
kyakok, will try that07:20
wpwrak(serial console) yes, to the ben07:20
wpwrakfor kernel hacking, a serial console is quite handy07:20
wpwrakit lets you do things like putting a   cli(); while (1);  right after some point of interest, and you'll still see everything that happened shortly before07:21
kyakyeah, i might want to consider that.. But first i need to buy this ttl<->COM port cable07:22
wpwrakor another ben :)07:22
kyakwhat a great idea :)07:22
Action: wpwrak is working hard on increasing wolfgang's sales :)07:23
kyaki was considering the second ben anyway. Was waiting for some confirmation about wifi card from wolfspraul :)07:23
wpwrakseems that all he has left are somewhat questionable wifi cards. i think pulster may have some, though.07:24
wpwrakhmm, time for a siesta before i fall off the chair :)07:25
kyaknow that you've given me the use case for the second Ben, this sale could work without the wifi card :)07:25
kyakwhat i'm hearing? Mighty Werner is going to sleep? :)07:27
kyakhave a good rest then ;)07:31
Jay7kyak: buy me one ttl<->com too ;)08:12
Jay7at least say me how to find it :)08:13
kyakJay7: do you mean, buy you another Ben? :)08:17
Jay7kyak: no, I mean only that special cable :)08:19
kyakinsane... they ask ~1200 roubles (42 USD) for such cable08:22
kyakno way08:22
kyakmakes me angry08:24
kyakthis costs nothing08:24
kyakit's 50 cent08:24
kyakin China08:24
tuxbrainjay kyak, I bought mine from here http://apple.clickandbuild.com/cnb/shop/ftdichip?productID=53&op=catalogue-product_info-null&prodCategoryID=10508:25
kyaki would hang such "entrepreneurs"08:25
kyaktuxbrain: wouldn't be much cheaper considering delivery -\08:25
Jay7kyak: I'm reading logs08:25
xiangfukyak: Jay7 you can buy the usb-jtag/serial board which is used in MilkyMist one :)08:25
Jay7kyak: iirc, qemu-system-* can't do kexec08:26
kyakJay7: so far, it seems so,, kexec can't load the elf image08:26
tuxbrainxiangfu: this will also work as usb-3v3tty interface?08:26
tuxbrainfor NN?08:26
kyakxiangfu: what would be the price? :)08:27
Jay7at least all my attempts with qemu-system-arm was failed08:27
tuxbrainxianfu any howto about this?, this can make the jtag board also selled as NN complement!08:28
Jay7wrt cable08:28
xiangfutuxbrain: I am using usb-->serial/12-->TTL. which is very big. usb<->jtag is much better :)08:29
Jay7is there any scheme available to do it by hands?08:29
Jay7or at least 3.3v <-> 5v convertor08:29
xiangfutuxbrain: I will take a picture . wait one moment.08:29
kyakxiangfu: hm, cool. So you Ben has jtag interface?08:30
xiangfutuxbrain, kyak , I guess the jtag also works fine in Ben NanoNote.08:31
xiangfukyak: since the another serial can switch to JTAG pins08:31
kyakJay7: http://www.ftdichip.com/FTProducts.htm something of thes i think is used..08:31
kyakxiangfu: "another serial"?08:32
tuxbrainwow, NN will pass to have no connectivity to SPI/jtag/serial/w6lowpan , not bad08:33
xiangfukyak: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Serial_console#Hardware_mod_to_have_a_pluggable_serial_port08:33
xiangfukyak: see the first picture comment.08:33
xiangfuit's not /dev/ttyS1. it is /dev/ttyS0 have four pin out. two under battery. the other two is share with JTAG pins.08:34
xiangfukyak: the TP4 and TP5 can switch by software  JTAG <--> ttyS008:35
xiangfukyak: for now. it's ttyS0. I think kristianpaul is using this port connect the GPS.08:35
kyakok, so it requires some modifications08:36
kyak(using jtag)08:36
kyakusing usb-ttl cable we can simply connect to TX/RX/GND pins under the battery08:36
kyaktherefore, the jtag board for MM can't be used without disassembling Ben?08:37
xiangfukyak: correct.08:38
tuxbrainkyak I supose if you want the jtag funcionallity yes but if you can live only with serial I suppose you can those under the battery , isn't it xiangfu?08:38
tuxbrainkyak also if you can live without the ben keyboard meanwhile you have serial plugged08:39
kyakdo you mean that serial port and keyboard share some pins?08:41
kyakit means that the second Ben can't be used (via keyboard at least) as a ttl cable :)08:42
kyakJay7: random people report that kexec is working with qemu-system-arm: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel.kexec/362708:43
xiangfutuxbrain: correct.08:43
Jay7kyak: I've used it with -M akita mostly08:44
Jay7so may be just this machine emulation can't do kexec08:44
xiangfukyak: when enable the serial console understand battery. the keyboard have problem when press Ctrl/Alt/Red + KEYS08:45
kyakxiangfu: ok..08:46
xiangfukyak: the problem is only the first time press.08:46
xiangfukyak: like. 1. Shift + q = q, 2. Shift + q = Q.08:46
kyakthis is strange08:47
xiangfukyak: the serial RX pin share with KEYIN_8.08:47
kyakoh, ok08:48
xiangfutuxbrain: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:IMG_0401.JPG08:50
xiangfutuxbrain: sorry. forget to change file name. how to change name after upload file?08:50
kristianpaulxiangfu: (how to change) just move it10:53
kristianpaulxiangfu: kyak http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:IMG_0082.JPG10:56
kristianpaulYes, but now i see xiangfu is using the rx/tx under the batery (i wonder why..)10:56
kyakkristianpaul: so you keep your Ben opened?10:57
kristianpaul(jtag and ben nanonote) a short intro about it will be nice :-) (I dunno how usefull)10:57
kristianpaulkyak: nope10:57
kristianpaulkyak: i soldered and make a connector in the back10:57
kyakkristianpaul: coudl you post more photos of this? :)10:58
kristianpaulwait a min10:58
kyakis really interesting how it looks like10:58
kyakhow do you attach GPS module to Ben?10:58
kristianpaulusign that connecto10:59
kristianpaulwait a min10:59
dvdkso yesterday i missed the uio flamewar ?11:00
kyakhi David :)11:00
dvdkmorning.  yeah suggested to wpwrak he could use linux new UIO (userspace i/o) to help with his UBB kernel dirver project.11:01
dvdki think the same approach will be helpful with the mplayer video driver for jz47xx accelerated output11:01
dvdk(mplayer/vidix is were i stumbled over uio)11:02
kyakwell, i don't quite understand what is it, but i like the words "mplayer jz47xx accelerated output" together :)11:02
dvdkgoing to hack mplayer to dlopen and use jz47xx_vid.so11:03
dvdkso we can package and develope these two parts separately for now11:03
dvdkfirst code is going to be 100% userspace (mmap /dev/mem), later move parts to kernel11:03
kyakoh cool11:04
kyakso you are on it :)11:04
dvdkyeah, may take only a few more weeks.11:05
dvdkso don't wonder if i make some minor patches to the mplayer package11:05
dvdkthat's going to be the hook needed to load the external jz47xx driver11:06
kyakdo whatever you need to do, i'm only glad :)11:06
kyakso it's going to be -vo vidix-jz ?11:06
dvdkkyak: something like that, yes.11:07
dvdkmore like fbdev:vidix ?11:07
kyakvery exciting11:07
dvdkbut first it needs to work11:07
dvdkfor now i only have the basic vidix skeleton11:07
dvdkno functionality11:07
dvdkok need to do some work11:09
kristianpaulkyak: http://kristianpaul.org/~paul/tmp/benserial/ fell ree to upload to qi wiki, i dint have time now11:10
kristianpaulgotta go (work)11:10
kyakkristianpaul: thanks, i'll have a look11:11
wpwrakkyak: (need sleep) yeah. ubuntu and usrp2_fft killed me yesterday.12:43
wpwrakkyak: (serial) there is one uart but it has two sets of pins. one set is shared with jtag while the other is only uart or gpio. alas, we have the keyboard on one of the uart/gpio lines. the uart/jtag ones are available.12:45
wpwrakkyak: (serial) here's the competition :) http://www.almesberger.net/misc/ben/idbg-v2-install.jpg12:46
wpwrakkyak: but an ftdi may indeed be easier to handle in this case, even though the company is unpleasant12:48
kyakwpwrak: okay :) thanks for information12:55
kristianpaulwpwrak: what i need activate for kernel debug/console by serial port. my laptop have an onboard serial port,so i was thiking in wiring it with the nanonote so i can get fun with linux someday15:01
wpwrakthe console is already activated. just connect the 3.3V-compatible uart and you're good.15:07
wpwrakkristianpaul: btw, the idea of reusing the jtag board sounds quite good. this may be an easier first step than messing with the laptop.15:08
kristianpaulok, so i need solder jtag pads :-)15:13
wpwrakin the ben, yes15:15
kristianpaulsure ;)15:15
wpwraknice .. i now have a pretty fast spectrum analyzer for the usrp2 that does exactly what _I_ want ;-) that's a relief after the day of pain15:17
kristianpaulubuntu pain? ;)15:17
kristianpauli was told gnuradio works prety well in fedora15:17
kristianpauloh, i dint noticed the _I_15:17
wpwrakwell, it all began with me trying to upgrade ubuntu in order to resolve that jikes dependency. i looked at their download site and found "natty". not realizing that this was only alpha, i installed it. things went downhill from there ...15:18
wpwrak(fedora) and i'm not going to switch distributions like that ;-))15:19
kristianpaulno no, just saying :-)15:20
wpwrakyesterday, i tried to 1) reinstall some packages to see if it was just some dependency mishap, 2) examine where usrp2_fft.py segfaulted, 3) disable DRI in my X (it segfaulted in DRI), 4) look for alternative spectrum analyzer implementations and try to make them run, and finally, after all the rest failed, 5) started writing my own.15:22
kristianpaulwhat is your  current spectrum analyzer implementation?15:27
kristianpauloh, writing :D15:27
wpwraknice .. does about 60 fps :)15:28
wpwrak80% cpu, single-threaded. i should at least dual-thread it.15:29
tuxbrainxiangfu: you have become an Asian Qi Hardware distributor/reseller? if so great :) http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=366163215821:41
tuxbrainwpwrak: just suggestion but have you saw this http://www.varesano.net/projects/hardware/Femtoduino, is CCBySA, is in KiCad, is small , is cheap.... maybe it can be a replacement on UART? more power more versatility and it can also act as our proposals of SPI/UART translator, but more things in addition22:17
wpwraktuxbrain: yeah, looks nice. you can play with this one, too :) UART is more proof of concept than anything else. and it's still much smaller ;-))22:40
wpwraktuxbrain: from the software side, they should be almost the same. so you can apply things i do for uart (avrdude and such) to the femtoduino as well22:41
tuxbrainwpwrak: the problem is that is not aviable yet :), so to play with it I have to produce it.... let's play first with his big brother UNO22:43
tuxbrainthat's the cool thing on the atmega family, once you have the soft for one, you barelly have the soft for all22:44
tuxbrainI will have a busy week , so my time to play with ardunote will be barelly nothing, I hope next week I can arrange a hacking session to finish the base system.22:47
wpwraktuxbrain: will you go to the pcb fab tomorrow ?22:50
tuxbrainno they will sendme the pcbs to home22:50
tuxbrainThey ignore my visiti proposal :(22:51
tuxbrainI suppose they will arrive by the end of the week22:51
tuxbrainwell time to rest22:55
--- Thu Mar 3 201100:00

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