#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2011-02-28

Jay7that's not just wires.. :)00:01
kristianpaulwires + solder paste + solder iron00:01
Action: Jay7 have PL2303 usb<-> rs232 only here00:01
Jay7I don't know about voltage00:02
kristianpaulIt dint sound 3.3V compliant..00:02
Jay7I see no way to get FTDI-based cable easily00:02
kristianpaulnot locally?00:03
kristianpaulMay be wolfspraul can sell you a multi funcional jtag-serial board ;-)00:03
kristianpaulI think you can re-use the other cable if you can force it to work at 5v..00:04
Jay7hm.. seems kexec isn't working00:05
Jay7after kernel selection nothing happens00:05
kristianpaul(5v) you can then make an voltage shifter http://ur1.ca/3cpv800:05
kristianpaulBut i recomend that as the last option00:06
tuxbrainno way of make qemu-system-mips work:( ... I will try those recomended by mth tomorrow , .... man I have spend tooo much time trying to have this avr stuff on NN ... tomorrow really is the last chance ....00:09
Jay7tuxbrain: seems native compilation was faster way :\00:10
kristianpaultuxbrain: why not cross compile? or bad things happen when trying that..?00:10
kristianpaultuxbrain: btw fedora mips may have som rpm for arduino stuff i think00:10
kristianpaulyou can take a look, just in case..00:11
tuxbrainkristianpaul on cross(cross) compilation (aka Canadian compilation) I can't rid of configure check of default name gcc output check and fails00:11
tuxbrainbtw if some one see something wrong here let me know :00:12
tuxbrainqemu-system-mips -M magnum -m 512M -kernel vmlinux-2.6.37-r4-qemumimps.bin -serial stdio -append "console=tty1 console=ttyS0,115200n8 logo.nologo debug root=/dev/sda rootfstype=ext2" -hda Jlime-native-sdk-image-2010.1-qemumips.rootfs.ext2 -net nic -net user,hostfwd=tcp:
Jay7-serial stdio00:13
Jay7better to remove it now00:13
tuxbrain-serial stdio is a desperate last time addiion to see if I have see something more without it does the same00:13
Jay7you can look at serial by pressing Ctrl + Alt + 300:13
Jay7qemumi_m_ps ?00:14
Jay7is it ok?00:14
Jay7and what problem was with 'malta'?00:15
wolfspraultuxbrain: what are you trying to accomplish? maybe xiangfu can help you.00:16
Jay7that bios problem?00:16
wolfspraulI would have not suggested you the qemu route00:16
wolfspraulthere are too few people using qemu with NanoNote, if it works at all it is a bumpy road00:16
wolfsprauland we never made that any coordinated priority either00:16
wolfspraulwerner said avrdude is already running on jlime and openwrt - so what else is missing now?00:17
tuxbrainwolfspraul:  a cross tools for compile avr binaries on NN00:19
tuxbraingcc, binutils and avr-lib00:19
tuxbraincompiled host=mips target=avr00:19
wolfspraulyou want a compiler on Ben that can produce avr binaries?00:20
wolfsprauland how is qemu supposed to help you now?00:20
wolfspraulyou want to build the mips2avr cross compiler in a mips qemu session?00:21
tuxbrainI have tried in NN but is toooo slow00:21
tuxbrainI have achieved the binutils  indeed :)00:22
tuxbrainon NN00:22
mthin theory you should be able to build on x86/x86_64, with host=mipsel and target=avr00:22
tuxbrainyes in theory00:22
tuxbrainCanadian compilation00:22
wolfspraulbut that doesn't work?00:22
tuxbrainit fails on a check on configure00:23
tuxbrainon checking default gcc output files00:23
mthdoes config.log provide any useful info?00:23
tuxbraini says gcc doesn't produce executable binaries  or something like that00:24
tuxbraintotally true00:24
tuxbrainbut logical00:24
tuxbrainlet me check if I can revoer the config.log00:25
Jay7so kexecboot is booted on NN but there are some problems with kexec00:26
Jay7that's all for today00:26
Jay7I'll investigate tomorrow00:26
Action: Jay7 -> sleep00:29
mthI'm going to sleep as well00:30
mthtuxbrain: if you can find or recreate the config.log, please put it on pastebin or a similar place00:30
mththen I or someone else can have a look at it00:30
tuxbrainhere it is the config.log http://pastebin.com/QMYcSfY7 goodn8 guys00:38
xMfftuxbrain_away: mpfr is missing00:45
GNUtoo|htcdreamI was curious about usrp00:51
GNUtoo|htcdreamand I wondered what was the differences between them00:51
kristianpaulYou mentioned you're interested in Wifi networks debuging, right?00:53
kristianpaulhe, you just turned on all your gadgets it seems ;-)00:54
GNUtoo|htcdreamthe dream oomed when lookin at an usrp-nuradio pdf00:56
kristianpaulGNUtoo|htcdream: i think wpwrak is in a "asado", so may take a while to reply00:58
GNUtoo-n900what's that?00:58
GNUtoo-n900and I lack some notification system on SHR...01:00
GNUtoo-n900I think i should add one01:00
GNUtoo-n900kristianpaul, what do you know about gps-sdr?01:17
kristianpaulGNUtoo-n900: wich part exactly?01:18
GNUtoo-n900does it work yet?01:18
kristianpaulGNUtoo-n900: you mean gps-sdr.com ?01:18
kristianpaulor my atemtp og doing gps-sdr on the nanonote?01:18
kristianpaulGNUtoo-n900: it basically read the i/q data from serveral devices as usrp gn3s dongle, and well,correlate the data and give you a fix point, and navigation01:33
kristianpaulIt can read from a file, but i really dint get a fix point in that way, a a proper sample file from usrp is kind of big..01:34
kristianpaul(1Gb or so i think)01:34
GNUtoo-n900yes i saw that01:35
kristianpaulI written in C++ and required SIMD..01:35
GNUtoo-n900600M for 1 fix01:35
kristianpaulyou can cheap and just put a small file, and track just PRN01:36
kristianpaulcheat also using gpredict to catch the gps satellites on the sky at  the time you take the sample01:36
kristianpaulGNUtoo-n900: my focus about a fully sdr process,  is not this gps-sdr.com software01:38
kristianpaulThere is one project called osgps.01:38
kristianpaulit worked with an old flahsion acquisition module (PCI bus)01:39
kristianpaulBut the code is portable, no SIMD required.01:39
GNUtoo-n900the sparkfun gps stuff need windows anyway....so not usable01:39
kristianpaulgn3s dongle?01:39
kristianpaulno windows !01:39
kristianpaulno no01:39
kristianpaulthat dongle basically re-use the usb comunication module from the USRP01:40
GNUtoo-n900sparkfun comments talked about a windows aquisition program01:40
kristianpaulI mean is a cypress mcu01:40
GNUtoo-n900ah ok01:40
GNUtoo-n900so no windows needed01:40
kristianpaulI mean is a cypress mcu, you can code it with sdcc and sadly it required a pre generated blob froma cypress tool01:40
GNUtoo-n900but the dongle is not cheap.....for a single purpose chip01:41
kristianpaulcheck osgps code on SF.net they have a driver for that dongle01:41
kristianpaulindeed, no cheap..01:41
GNUtoo-n900i would prefer a gnuradio01:41
kristianpaulof course01:41
kristianpaulah well that dongle is supported by gps-sdr.com software01:41
GNUtoo-n900you've got that dongle?01:44
GNUtoo-n900I thought as the images sounded similar01:45
kristianpauli have a EVB from a similar IF chip from sige01:45
kristianpaulno acquisition hardware, just the EVB01:45
GNUtoo-n900what is evb?01:46
GNUtoo-n900evaluation board...right01:46
kristianpaulof course sige is not the only ic manufacture for rf fronted, there are more01:47
GNUtoo-n900btw is pinguino project dead?01:49
kristianpaulhe, no i donk think so01:49
kristianpaulJust irc is not wide used01:49
GNUtoo-n900ahh ok01:49
kristianpaulYou should looks at some GNSS/GPS related books: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/GPS_Free_Stack/Books01:51
kristianpaulI dinget get all the theory and and still diguesting some things, but you got the idea from time to time.01:52
kristianpauls/dingent/ dint get01:52
kristianpaulof course, any doubt i can resolve you if know i'm here :-)01:56
GNUtoo-n900maybe I'll ask later if i need01:58
kristianpaulBtw, the only way or return an array from a function is using a pointer?01:59
GNUtoo-n900an array is a pointer no?02:00
GNUtoo-n900isn't it a pointer to the firsrt element02:01
kristianpaulah, i can use a struct too02:01
GNUtoo-n900or you can use a pointer02:02
kristianpaulyeap !02:02
GNUtoo-n900and return error code02:02
GNUtoo-n900as everybody do02:02
kristianpaulhe yes, i'm just taking my time, is first time i write in C actually. well formally :-)02:03
GNUtoo-n900in C for GNU/Linux userspace you mean02:04
GNUtoo-n900else you know microcontrollers C02:04
kristianpaulyeap linux/rtems :-)02:05
kristianpaulansi c :-)02:05
GNUtoo-n900i'll try to sleep02:06
kristianpaulyou should ;-)02:06
Action: kristianpaul dont remenber using pointers when coding with sdcc02:07
kristianpaulAnd lot of problems just solved embedding some asm (dont kill me that ;-))02:08
kristianpaulxiangfu: There is a way in git to automatically push a master and testing branch when hitting, git push?02:09
kristianpaulMorning btw :-)02:10
wolfspraulkristianpaul: you applied the high-speed fix to your jtag-serial board, right?02:11
wolfsprauldid you notice any speed increase after that fix? (did you verify it is now connecting in high-speed with dmesg or so?)02:11
wolfspraulhow long does a complete reflashing take now? I remember before you said something about '1 minute'?02:12
kristianpaulwolfspraul: (fix) yes02:12
kristianpaulsure i verified02:12
kristianpaul(how long) i cant tell, i mean i dont re-flash everything02:13
kristianpaulJust change some parts of memory from time to time.02:13
wolfsprauldoes it feel faster now?02:13
wolfspraulah, that's good then! so whatever exactly you reflash right now, it basically just takes 'a few' seconds?02:14
wolfspraul20 or so?02:14
kristianpaulyeah is fast 10 to 15 i think02:14
kristianpaulfor a few megabytes, my rtems binary is not more than 3Mb02:15
wolfsprauldoesn't matter. the faster the better I'd say.02:15
kristianpaulsure :-)02:16
wolfspraulgood to know that the fix is improving things.02:16
xiangfukristianpaul: git push --all02:20
kristianpaulwhat if i have other dirty branches i dont want to mek public ;-)02:22
xiangfukristianpaul: let me test a little. never using the --all before.02:29
kristianpauloh, np02:29
xiangfukristianpaul: oh. --all will push all local branch to remote.02:34
xiangfujust tested.02:34
kristianpaulyeah, it looked kike that02:34
kristianpaulmay be git allow me to created aliases.. but anway i just wanted to be a bit lazy and save the typying of two commands ;)02:35
xiangfukristianpaul: another method is "git push [repository] branch1 branch2" :)02:35
xiangfukristianpaul: like "git push origin master testing"02:36
kristianpaulah, how blind, i never tought i just can put one branch next to other02:36
xMffme, I failed to set a subject with git-send-email02:37
xiangfuxMff: when you add "--annotate" the mail will pop up for you to edit02:37
xMffhowever, xiangfu: I sent some patches to the list to fix qi packages with most recent backfire02:38
xMffyou should add them when you sync next time02:38
xiangfuxMff: thanks.02:39
xiangfuxMff: do you want direct commit to qi packages? maybe we can add you to qi packages member :)02:41
xMffI think I already have, but my git skills are still weak so I prefer to go the indirect route for now02:41
xMffyes, I am listed at http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/02:42
wpwrakwhoa. turn your back to the channel for half a day, spend 1+ hour catching up !04:37
wpwraknow, let's see what happened over there at #milkymist ...04:37
wpwrakkristianpaul: btw, what wast the cable length thing wolfgang mentioned ?04:37
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb-pgm: changed LED color; cleanup of silk screen http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/22f7eee05:33
wpwrakwolfspraul: oh, one more very important news item: now we have statistics in the IRC channel ;-) (!stat !top10 !seen and such)06:01
wolfspraulwpwrak: the length of the upward-pointing usb cable we include with the jtag-serial duaghterboard06:12
wpwrakwolfspraul: what's the issue with the cable ? too long ? too short ?06:13
wolfspraulno issue, it just turns out kristian paul thought for a long time 'cables from sharism are too short', and ew didn't realize06:13
wpwrakaah, i see06:16
kyaki thought "the shorter the more reliable", Moreover, Ben is usually near the laptop, so shortness is good to make it all compact06:38
kyakif i really needed, i could go a buy 5m extension cable06:39
kyakand now, do you really think you can easily find that short USB cables in shops?06:39
wpwrakyou can probably find a few different lengths in most well-stocked06:40
wpwrakfor fancy choices, you can try places like digi-key ;-)06:40
Action: kyak always forgets to put the strongest arguments at the end of the statement06:41
wpwrakthose (active, i hope) 5 m extension cables may be potentially troublesome. shorter - passive - ones, too. so think it's good to have a usable cable that comes with the machine. particularly in a case where it's not just the standard mini USB cable. (e.g., micro-usb, angled, and so on)06:44
wpwrakby the way, needing an angled cable sounds like a bit of a design flaw to me ;)06:46
kyakwhat can i say? i definitely have more than one (or even more than 5) spare mini-USB cables, but i'm using the one shipped with Ben. It's short and compact. Less wires on my table06:47
wpwraki don't even know which cable i'm using :) i tend to favour slightly longer cables, though, because my pc's front usb socket is the bottom, and my devices are usually on top of a table adjacent to the desk. so that's at least ~70 cm up and ~50 cm to the side. everybody's setup is unique.07:07
Action: xiangfu have 10cm usb cable :)07:08
wpwrakxiangfu: and some people have a very unique setup ;-)07:16
wpwrakaw_: i'm thinking about a production test plan for the wpan boards. when you mass-produce a board, do you normally test the connectivity of capacitors ? (i.e., if they've been properly soldered)07:18
panda|x201xiangfu, wow, good patches for u-boot merge07:18
xiangfupanda|x201: oh. you are in u-boot mailing list :)07:20
panda|x201xiangfu, yeah, I also maintain u-boot for our board07:21
aw_wpwrak, good question; this is depends on if automated program that testing/verifying the functionality of that concerned capacitor!07:22
xiangfupanda|x201: great. then you can help me review our code. and give us some advice.07:22
aw_wpwrak, some test equipment I met/used before. Like ATE system or ICT machine can measure dedicated smd capacitor by probing test points of that concerned capacitor.07:24
wpwrakaw_: atben and atusb have the usual bypass caps around the chips, the two load capacitors for the crystal, and 2-3 DC blocking caps for RF07:24
wpwrakaw_: (test points) ah, so they put extra test points into the layout ? or can the ate "grab" the terminals of the capacitor directly ?07:24
wpwrakaw_: in the case of atben/atusb, some cap malfunctions can be easily detected by a functional test. e.g., if the ones carrying the RF signal aren't connected, the resulting signal will be very weak (although you may still have reception over a short distance). also, if analog bypassing is very bad, then the signal amplitude will change during a packet transmission. this should also be detectable by software.07:28
aw_wpwrak, be noticed (such test points) is all simulated in advance not like you did on atben and atusb. This close knowledge are surely i used before to probe/'grab' the terminals of capacitor directly without supplying power.07:29
wpwrakaw_: if the crystal load caps are unconnected/missing, the frequency will be a little off. about 250 ppm if both caps are missing. haven't measured what happens if only one is connected.07:29
aw_you could imagine that ICT machine is a active multimeter as capacitor measurement.07:30
wpwrakaw_: what is simulated in advance ?07:31
aw_wpwrak, agreed your idea on detecting by a gunctional test. that's the conceipt of ATE machine/industry.07:31
wpwrakaw_: (250 ppm) this may be difficult to detect in a functional test. need to try. you should be able to see the error in the carrier frequency, though (with a spectrum analyzer)07:32
aw_wpwrak, yes, normally 250ppm malfunction which should be recognized on functional test stage if watch out carefully. :-)07:33
wpwrakaw_: there is also one test point for clock output. on atusb, it's very ATE-friendly. on atben, i didn't have enough room, so it's a bit smaller. you can still reach it with a probe, but it may be difficult with pogo pins (at least the kind i have. i've seen a catalog with better ones at openmoko.)07:34
wpwraki think i'll abuse some of the older board for fault simulation. take a known to be good board (even if a bit different from the current ones), they rip out components and see what happens :)07:36
aw_wpwrak, you don't need to let atben/stusb be as a good design of ATE-friendly or ICT. surely you can see many such knowledges introduced on internet. Unfortunately i didn't involve a responsibility in om.07:37
tuxbrain_awayzrafa mth take a look on the line 339 from the config log http://pastebin.com/QMYcSfY7 seems ther is some hardcoded path /mnt/sda6/programas/stuff/tmp/work/i686-mipsel-sdk-linux/gcc-cross-sdk-4.4.2-r2.1/gcc-4.4.2/configure --build=i686-linu [...] this can be the cause of the problem? don't know how to solve it.07:39
wpwrakaw_: yeah, my goal is to have a quick functional tests that finds as many issues as possible. not sure what failure rate to expect for smt there07:39
aw_wpwrak, you could survey ADS (advanced design system) on web for studying simulation. Unfortunately it's not open source /free then.07:43
wpwrakaw_: heh, i think i'll just improvise :)07:43
aw_maybe some other same idea has been discovered out to do same idea on free s/w. don't know. ;-)07:44
aw_wpwrak, i think using a functional test which is good enough...07:44
wpwrakaw_: i mean, the basic principle should be easy enough. remove component, measure what happens, then try to construct an automated test for it.07:45
aw_always will have a potential failure rate during smt!07:46
wpwrakaw_: yeah, just sending a few packets should already tell us a lot. plus a look at the spectrum to see if it's nice and clean07:46
wpwrak(smt) yeah. i just wonder how many things could go wrong there that wouldn't be caught by visual inspection.07:47
wpwrakwell, we'll certainly find out :)07:47
aw_when i dealt with Motorola for mass production: there's  a lot of validation system review like your questions on what failures will be? how to prevent?....tons of them.07:48
aw_well...good that you always has have solid precautions, studies before productions. :-)07:49
wpwrakaw_: yeah, it's so much easier to fix a problem before MP than on a few million units afterwards ;-))07:50
aw_such thinking as you is rare and commendable. ;-)07:50
wpwrakthanks ;-)07:53
aw_wpwrak, if u like, later u can survey HP Momentum which is the Simulation of Power Amplifier Bias, Match and Housing Effects.07:53
aw_well..it's CLOSE!07:53
wpwraksigh. microwave design simulation. how i'd love to have something like that ...07:54
wpwraksince i couldn't find any useful simulation tools, i had to do everything by trial and error :-(07:55
aw_wpwrak, we know. ;-)07:56
kyakxiangfu: yesterday, i tried adding "C" to gmenu2x icons. It looks more than ugly.. What do you think about changing the name instead? E.g. "[c]abook" or "[abook]". This also has an advantage that console apps will be grouped in gmenu2x08:01
kyaksince they are sorted by name08:01
wpwrakhmm, interesting. i could actually have made the atben clock accessible to the ben, by putting a ~100k resistor between CLKM (clock output) and SCLK. well, there's not enough room on the pcb to do this easily (i would have to make it quite a bit bigger for this)08:02
wpwrak(or use microvias and place the resistor on the backside, to make production even more fun ;-)08:04
xiangfukyak: hmm... how you adding "C" got gmenu2x icons?08:07
xiangfukyak: just found one command: convert -size 32x32 xc:transparent -channel RGBA -blur 0x6 -fill darkred -stroke magenta -draw "text 4,25 'C'" console_c.png08:08
xiangfucan create on C png. then we can merge the console_c.png and icon. I don't know how to merger too pictures.08:08
kyakxiangfu: i was playing manually with gimp so far08:09
kyaktried various options08:09
xiangfukyak: I think 'ImageMagick' can do this.08:10
kyakit sure can08:10
kyakthe first question is what to do :)08:11
kyakall icons are different. It is hard to find a combination of right size/background color/ foreground color and transparency of "C" to match every icon08:12
wpwrakif all else fails, you can use pnmcomp (from netpbm)08:13
kyakconvert should know how to merge. But again, the question is what to do, not how to do :)08:16
xiangfukyak: asking in #imagemagic irc. :)  I think we first test "C" or "Console" first.08:22
xiangfuhope I can get answer soon.08:23
aw_xiangfu, is GPC27 in NN as an input now?08:23
kyakxiangfu: ok, seems you are aimed at adding this letter :) you'll see its ugliness eventually, or, if it looks great somehow, i will be glad08:24
xiangfuaw_: output.08:26
xiangfuaw_: sorry. it's input08:28
wpwrakkyak: you could also try draw a large terminal symbol, shrink the existing icons, and put them inside the terminal.08:28
aw_xiangfu, wow...it's not useful to configure it as output. :-(08:28
wolfspraulmaybe a [c] prefix is even easier?08:28
kyakthis could work :)08:28
kyakneed to see how it looks like.08:29
kyaksquare brackets could also be a good indication of console app08:29
wpwrakor maybe a different font then ?08:30
kyakwpwrak: or, developing your idea, just to use terminal.png for all console apps :)08:30
wpwrakhehe ;-)08:31
kyakit is also fair because most console apps jsut don't have official icons08:31
kyakdifferent font - won't work without gmenu code midification08:31
xiangfukyak: all console apps using terminal.png. sound better.08:32
kyakyeah, this sounds good to me, too08:32
aw_xiangfu, later you could try to let it as input, then s/w side to monitor this pin: if detects Low, means NN is in a charge cycle; it's strong pull-down (~10mA) by charge IC itself.08:33
xiangfuaw_: it's input now.08:34
xiangfuaw_: the LED is controlled by hardware.08:35
aw_xiangfu, this is thus led ON. yes...LED is controlled by charge ic itself not s/w.08:35
aw_xiangfu, but as s/w side, surely NN can detect GPC27 to know if it acts in chargin cycle. ;-)08:37
xiangfukyak: then we will have a lot of terminal.png . like vim, emacs :(08:37
Jay7xiangfu: do you have now other icons for vim/emacs/other console apps?08:37
kyakxiangfu: maybe we can make exception for some of them? But actually, by seeing vim icon people could get wrong impression that they are about to see gvim08:38
kyakmaybe we could find a nicer terminal.png, some scale of grey. It won't be so black and eye-catching08:39
Jay7use svg of gnome's one or konsole's one08:39
Jay7to create template08:40
Jay7then just use 24x24 icons to place inside :)08:40
Jay7iirc, you are using 32x32 now08:40
kyakthis is what wpwrak suggested08:41
kyakyou won't know how it will look like until you try08:41
xiangfuJay7: all the icons are here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/gmenu2x/source/tree/master/nanonote/skins/Default/icons08:42
Jay7kyak: don't ever say me.. I've spent a lot of time trying to choose right icons for kexecboot actions :)08:43
xiangfuJay7: it's Faenza. from gnome.org. I am using the same in my pc. :)08:43
Jay7I've finished with oxygen08:43
xiangfuaw_: if the changing finished. if the LCD will change?08:44
aw_xiangfu, not follow your meaning. ;-) are you saying that before today I mentioned, NN's GPC27 is output? now changes to input..then s/w side will get that what's happening?08:46
xiangfuaw_: no. I am if the battery is full. the LED will change?  sorry.08:47
aw_xiangfu, yes, if charge ic acts that as a finished charge on battery. charge ic's CHRG pin will go high impedance so that it lets LED OFF. Meanwhile it's thus GJC27 is as a INPUT high. then s/w should can be realized NN is known as a fully charged.08:51
xiangfukyak: how about shrink the terminal.png to the left corner of icon. maybe is better then just a "C"08:52
kyakxiangfu: you can try. But i now have a strong feeling it won't work. Due to different icons - it will cause different contrast levels, and will look ugly08:53
xiangfuaw_: ok. understand. thanks08:57
kyakxiangfu: soem screeshots, i made yesterday:09:06
xiangfukyak: this one I just make: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/gmenu2x_C.png09:14
xiangfukyak: your idea :)09:14
Jay7instead of adding [c] to name you may just use [name] :)09:17
Jay7I mean text label under icon09:17
kyak[c] increasing the length by three symbols, and it may look strange for short names, like [c]sc09:19
kyakmaybe [sc]09:20
xiangfuJay7: kyak: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/gmenu2x_C_1.png09:20
Jay7looks better imho09:20
kyaki think [aewan] is pretty distinctive09:20
Jay7but you should notice users that apps in [] are console apps :)09:21
kyakyeah, i wonder if they will figure that out09:21
kyakshould be obvious, no?09:21
Jay7after 2-3 runs should be :)09:21
tuxbrain_awayzrafa mth I have tried to rid off this paths with --with-build-time-tools=/usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/bin --with-mpfr=/usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/usr when calling configure  but it didn't help :( the ugly path still there like I have not put nothing09:22
xiangfuas long as we make different with GUI icons.09:24
kyakah, so you want to change both icons and names?09:25
xiangfukyak: no. no. I almost give up change icons. it's need too much time.09:25
kyakwell, i counted 27 console apps icons :)09:27
tuxbrain_awayxiangfu kiak , the idea of [name] looks nice and easy, once we got a user manual we can also clarify in advance but as has been said after start two [names] apps people can figure out it selfs09:27
xiangfukyak: Jay7 let's start with "[terminal_apps]" the only problem is the GUI apps will always at the end.09:27
kyakxiangfu: i agree. For the gui apps at the end, could we prefix them with a "space"?09:28
kyakto move them up09:28
tuxbrain_awayor patch gcc to ignore [] on shorting09:28
Jay7hm.. thats may be problem..09:29
tuxbrain_awaysorry gcc->gmenu I kind of obsesed this days09:29
kyakit 's a good point. gui apps must be higher09:29
kyakmaybe we should put [] on gui apps? :)09:29
kyakJay7: {[ look pretty much the same on Ben's LCD :)09:30
xiangfufind ./applications/ games/ programming/ terminals/ utilities/ | grep -v .gitignore | wc -l09:30
Jay7may be patching gmenu2x is good idea..09:31
Jay7other good idea to have some mark in configs that app is console app09:31
Jay7then gmenu2x will add [] automagically09:31
kyaksounds like an extra work :)09:32
kyakbut a good idea09:32
xiangfuJay7: as long as the patch accept by upstream :)09:32
Jay7shouldn't be very hard09:32
Jay7iirc, yesterday we was announced as upstream ;)09:32
Action: Jay7 should look into gmenu2x code one time :)09:33
kyakhm, i wonder if we can use one of utf-8's square brackets. Not the ascii one09:33
Jay7may be there is something good for kexecboot09:33
Jay7or vice versa09:34
kyakJay7: i heard that gmenu2x's code is am awefull piece of shit. Besides, it's using SDL09:38
kyakas far as i know, are drawing directly to FB :)09:38
kyak*you are09:38
Jay7yes, we are..09:38
Action: Jay7 have some kind of own UI library already..09:39
kyakJay7: but what you should look into sometime is the new openwrt image :)09:40
kyakyou'll like it!09:40
Jay7kyak: yeah, I should :)09:40
Jay7I should spend more time to playing with NN anyway09:41
Jay7at least to find why kexec is not happens09:41
Jay7ah.. I should make nice pics for news :)09:42
kyakJay7: what is the flow with kexecboot? Is it u-boot -> uImage+kexecboot+kexec-tools (the boot menu) -> uImage ?09:44
Jay7interface is working ok09:44
Jay7but when I choose image to boot (kexec) it freeze09:44
Jay7I suspect kexec-tools vs uImage09:45
kyakis kexecboot kind of a small layer between u-boot and the uImage you want to boot?09:45
Jay7yes, just kernel + initramfs + kexecboot binary, which is UI to select partition and run kexec on choosen kernel image09:46
kyakso kexec must also be present in this small image?09:46
Jay7yes, we have it inside initramfs09:46
Jay7both (kexecboot and kexec) are compiled with klibc09:46
Jay7but you may run kexecboot as standalone binary as well09:47
tuxbrain_awaywpwrak: maybe I start to understand the aversion of the "autocrap club" to GNU building system...09:47
Jay7this way I will try to debug it09:47
kyakrunning it as binary is similar to supplying command-line arguments to kexec?09:48
Jay7with UI :)09:48
kyaksure :)09:48
kyakok, it's inetersting to give it a try09:48
Jay7you may port it to openwrt ;)09:48
kyakyes, i had a look into OE recipy for kexecboot - shouldn't be very hard09:49
Jay7but currently we have no recent tarball release09:49
Jay7we are using git versions to build for OE09:49
kyakyeah, saw that09:49
Jay7is it ok for OpenWRT?09:50
Jay7nice :)09:50
kyakok, dinner time :)09:50
tuxbrain_awayJay7: can I suggest that that menu only comes up with a certain power+letter combination? if not let NN boot on a default kernel/rootfs09:50
Jay7tuxbrain_away: it is possible but should be implemented :)09:50
tuxbrain_awayJay7: whatever , the idea of finally a multibooting system on NN is cool :)09:51
Jay7I hope one time I'll extend it to make nfs/loop boot possible as well09:52
Jay7at least I have this in long-term todo09:52
xiangfutuxbrain_away: already support in new u-boot. POWER + F1/2/3/409:52
xiangfuPOWER + F1/F2/F3/F4/m, we have five now :) and we can change it in user space by using fw_setenv09:53
tuxbrain_awayxiangfu: I didn't notice this,! what correspondacies are09:53
tuxbrain_awayf1->boots what?09:54
xiangfutuxbrain_away: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/nanonote-files/script-files/usr/bin/mtd.nn#L7309:55
xiangfutuxbrain_away: by default F1/2/3 . I setup them to sd-card partition 1/2/309:56
xiangfuF4 will try to load the kernel inside rootfs.09:57
tuxbrain_awayxiangfu:f1/2/3 share same kernel?09:57
tuxbrain_awaymmmm or share same rootfs?09:58
xiangfutuxbrain_away: no.09:58
xiangfutuxbrain_away: F1/2/3 will load kernel at sd card partition 1/2/3  /boot/uImage09:59
tuxbrain_awayok f4 = Nand+rootfs kernel09:59
tuxbrain_awayf1/2/3 sd+sdrootfs kenel cool09:59
tuxbrain_awayso I can have Nanowar edition/jlime beta4/jlime devel and openwrt in same device :)10:00
xiangfudinner time :)10:01
tuxbrain_awayany one with a debian rootfs in sd?10:01
tuxbrain_awayplease any one with building knowledge that can help me on the crossbuild of crossbuilding tools will be appreciated? zrafa maybe you have to regenerate the toolchain with corrected paths the only solution?10:05
mthtuxbrain_away: what if you remove the jlime tools dir from your PATH?10:41
mthit seems mipsel-linux-gcc has problems compiling a small test program that does nothing special10:42
mthI don't know if GCC will build the compiler that runs on x86_64 and produces mipsel code automatically if it is not found10:44
mthit is also possible it will just abort then10:44
tuxbrain_awayit pass10:44
tuxbrain_awaylets see how it compiles :P10:44
Jay7tuxbrain_away: so you have your canadian cross now? :)10:45
tuxbrain_awaylets see...10:45
tuxbrain_awayI'm near to cry.... it's compiling.... it's DAMN compiling.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!10:48
Jay7tuxbrain_away: only 2 days of wasted your and CPU time :)10:48
tuxbrain_away mipsel-linux-ar: Program not found :(10:49
Action: tuxbrain_away is actual stamping his head on the keyboqjwlefpqoeuv qqopwieyamvñ apoqhppnf10:49
Jay7well.. may be 3 then :)10:50
tuxbrain_awayso I guess I have to create a mipsel-linux toolchain  first?10:51
xMffa working one :)10:52
xMffdid you try to locate the libmpfr.so in your current broken one?10:53
tuxbrain_awayyes it's there...10:53
xMffI cannot imagine someone just forgot to package it up10:53
tuxbrain_awayI even make a ls -s and create that path but it didn't found it if I pont to the toolchain it sais wrong ELF something if I point to my buildinghost (/usr)10:55
xMffyou mean /mnt/sda6/programas/stuff/tmp/staging/i686-linux/usr ?10:55
kristianpaulwpwrak: (cable) yes10:55
xMffand which mpfr.so did you put there?10:56
xMffthere may be several, one for the target (mips binary) and one for the host (ix86)10:56
tuxbrain_awayall them10:56
tuxbrain_awaysame result10:56
xMffthats bad10:57
xMffdid you try to install mpfr on your host? My ubuntu calls it "libmpfr1ldbl"10:58
kristianpaulwpwrak: (cable setup) uniquite indeed, actually i think your PC setup is similar to what i have here too10:59
mthtuxbrain_away: you could try the toolchain for Dingux: http://code.google.com/p/dingoo-linux/downloads/list11:01
tuxbrain_awaymmm in theory If I had succesfully compiled Jlime in OE I  should have a working toolchain someplace isn't?11:01
mthit produces mipsel-linux code on x8611:01
xMfftuxbrain_away: yes11:01
Jay7tuxbrain_away: yes, you have it somewhere in TMPDIR11:01
mthDingux uses uClibc though, does Jlime use that or glibc?11:02
tuxbrain_awayglibc I guess11:02
kyakJay7: what configure options would you recommend for kexectools for Ben?11:02
mththen the toolchain from OE is probably better11:02
kyakJay7: it builds fine with default options11:02
tuxbrain_awaysearching....  find /OE/work2|grep mipsel-linux-ar11:03
Jay7kyak: --enable-uimage11:03
mthisn't "find -name" faster?11:03
Jay7kyak: and you may add proper --enable-bpp to remove unneeded code11:03
kyakJay7: what would --enable-uimage do?11:04
xMffadd support for uimages :)11:04
Jay7kyak: add code to look for /boot/uImage11:04
xMffthe ones used by u-boot11:04
Jay7if no boot.cfg was found11:04
Jay7this is not required but may be useful11:05
kyakJay7: are icons and stuff compiled in?11:08
Jay7you need only kexecboot binary and /usr/bin/kexec iirc11:08
kyakthen, here's the Makefile http://pastebin.mandriva.com/2202611:12
kyaki will try the binary at home later, but at least it builds fine :)11:13
kyakbuilding it in kernel is trickier - i don't know how to do that at the moment11:14
Jay7kyak: cool! thank you! :)11:14
Jay7kyak: yeah.. you should be able to build custom initramfs11:15
kyakxMff: maybe you have an idea about that?11:15
Jay7then build kernel with it11:15
xMffkyak: my collegue messes with initramfs for openwrt xen, I'll write up my findings this evening, have to go to work now11:15
Jay7that was not easy with OE as well :)11:15
kyakthat's way too deep into openwrt internals for me...11:16
Jay7np, we may build kernel with OE11:16
kyakxMff: cool, thanks!11:16
kyakJay7: there is nothing that can be done in OE and can't be done in openwrt :)11:19
kyakok, i'll commit the kexecboot Makefile.. who knows, what will happen to my HDD in the evening11:20
qi-bot[commit] kyak: kexecboot: initial port http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/cf28aa311:23
kyakJay7: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/kyak/tmp/kexecboot.png11:32
kyakcouldn't resist :) it looks awesome11:32
Jay7kyak: yeah :)11:32
kyakhow does it scan partitions?11:33
Jay7did you booted from NAND or SD?11:33
kyakok, will have a look11:34
Jay7kyak: easy way - place kernel to /boot/uImage on SD11:34
kyakit is there11:34
kyaki have jlime on SD11:34
Jay7check Debug log from system menu11:35
Jay7it should contain messages about every partition11:35
kyakit detects ext2 on /dev/mmcblk0p111:35
zrafatuxbrain_away: it seems like if you are using the toolchain from jlime.com?11:36
Jay7kyak: doesn't it contain message like 'fs is not supported by kernel'?11:36
kyakah, it is mounted11:37
kyakthat what's it doesn't like11:37
Jay7hehe :)11:37
kyakall right, now it found it11:38
Jay7well.. now you can try to choose it and look what happens11:38
kyakkexec failed: invalid arguments11:38
kyakit's /sbin/kexec11:39
kyakshoudl i symlinks to /usr/sbin/kexec11:39
Jay7sh#t .. I should add --with-kexec-binary=...11:39
Jay7do it please as temporary solution11:39
Jay7I'll add configurable path later11:39
kyaki'm adding it to Makefile, in order not to forget11:39
kyakah , ok.11:39
kyakoh wait11:41
kyakit's already /sbin/kexec -> /usr/sbin/kexec11:41
Jay7const char kexec_path[] = "/usr/sbin/kexec";11:41
kyakit's ok :)11:42
kyaki mean, the path11:42
dvdkAny plans for qi-hardware to be present at Linux-Tag 2011?  Registration deadline for projects is today!11:42
dvdk(just sent a mail about that to the list, btw)11:42
Jay7kyak: can you try to kexec' that kernel by hands?11:43
kyakJay7: it did something to my keyboard (repeat rate has changed) and the ethernet gadget driver is not working :) i had to reboot11:43
Jay7ah, yes.. it changes keyboard rate11:44
kyaki mean, yeah, i can try :) but haven't tried yet11:44
Jay7I should make it configurable as well11:44
kyakwhy would it change the repeat rate?11:44
Jay7it was unusable on Z's11:46
Jay7I'll switch it off for stand-alone mode11:46
kyakJay7: hm, when using kexec directly, should i mount the partition?11:46
Jay7kexec -l /mnt/boot/uImage11:46
Jay7kexec -x -e11:47
kyakroot@ben:~# kexec -l /card/boot/uImage11:47
kyakCannot determine the file type of /card/boot/uImage11:47
kyak# file /card/boot/uImage11:48
kyak/card/boot/uImage: u-boot/PPCBoot image11:48
Jay7seems kexec-tools have no support of uImage..11:48
Jay7but we have tried to boot uImage on arm11:48
kyakneed to have a look at kexec-tools makefile11:48
Jay7and it was ok11:48
Jay7iirc, from 2.0.x there was support of uImage11:49
Jay7have you zImage or vmlinux.bin somewhere?11:51
tuxbrain_awayzrafa : nop from qi-hardware11:51
wolfsprauldvdk: I don't think anybody has such plans at the moment.11:51
wolfspraulThe closest would be Tuxbrain, but Berlin is quite a trip for him and I think he said something about it being too expensive, and hackable devices also not attending? something like that11:52
kyakJay7: have both of them11:52
Jay7kyak: try with zImage then11:53
Jay7I mean kexec -l11:53
kyakhm, exactly the same message11:55
kyak/boot/zImage: ACB archive data11:55
Jay7have your kernel CONFIG_KEXEC=y?11:55
kyaki hope it's the right zImage i found..11:55
kyak# CONFIG_KEXEC is not set11:56
kyakis it it?11:56
Jay7it seems11:56
kyaklemme correct this11:56
kyakany other relevant options?11:56
Jay7iirc, no11:56
kyakJay7: when being in a kernel with CONFIG_KEXEC, can i boot into another kernel that doesn't have CONFIG_KEXEC?12:01
Jay7kyak: imho, yes12:01
Jay7but not 100% sure :)12:02
kyakok, we'll se :)12:02
tuxbrain_awayzrafa: confirmed I was using the qi-hardware one12:02
zrafatuxbrain_away: okey.. and you are having problems with configure of avr tools right?12:05
tuxbrain_awayzrafa: yep12:06
zrafatuxbrain_away: have you the proper PATHS in environment setup.. have you ran ". /blabla/environment-setup" before ./configure?12:06
tuxbrain_awayzrafa: yep, I have installed the toolchain in /usr/local/12:07
tuxbrain_away(well) tar -xjz on /12:07
zrafaokey.. and did you run ". /blabla/environmentsetup" before configure?12:08
tuxbrain_awayyep , checked that $PATH contains the blablabla mipsel/blabla/bin12:09
kyakJay7: hm. i booted into the new kernel, tried to kexec the /card/uboot/uImage, /boot/uImage (the one i'm booted in), /boot/zImage - same result12:09
tuxbrain_awayyou can checkit here http://pastebin.com/QMYcSfY712:09
zrafahehe :) okey.. some configure accept --host. Have you tried that?.. like ./configure --host=mipsel-linux- ?12:09
Jay7kyak: that is bad..12:10
tuxbrain_awayzrafa: yep build, host & target setted up12:10
zrafatuxbrain_away: sorry that I am writting with a little mess.. no mouse right now.. and no desk :P (i am moving and this pc is on the floor) :)12:10
zrafatuxbrain_away: let me check if I can write the pastebin and read12:11
Action: tuxbrain_away complain your kidneys12:11
dvdkwolfspraul: ok.  at least there should be one or two NanoNotes at the Forth-ev booth (if forth-ev participates)12:11
Jay7kyak: may you join #kexecboot?12:11
zrafatuxbrain_away: the first error I see about C compiler can not create executable.. (thinnking)..12:13
zrafatuxbrain_away: what "gcc --version" tells you now?12:13
zrafatuxbrain_away: (on the shell you are using for configure of course)12:14
tuxbrain_awayUsing built-in specs.12:15
tuxbrain_awayTarget: x86_64-linux-gnu12:15
tuxbrain_awayConfigured with: ../src/configure -v --with-pkgversion='Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5' --with-bugurl=file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-4.4/README.Bugs --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran,objc,obj-c++ --prefix=/usr --enable-shared --enable-multiarch --enable-linker-build-id --with-system-zlib --libexecdir=/usr/lib --without-included-gettext --enable-threads=posix --with-gxx-include-dir=/usr/include/c++/4.4 --program-suffix=-4.4 --enable-nls --enable-clocale=gnu --en12:15
tuxbrain_away-libstdcxx-debug --enable-plugin --enable-objc-gc --disable-werror --with-arch-32=i486 --with-tune=generic --enable-checking=release --build=x86_64-linux-gnu --host=x86_64-linux-gnu --target=x86_64-linux-gnu12:15
tuxbrain_awayThread model: posix12:15
tuxbrain_awaygcc version 4.4.3 (Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5)12:15
tuxbrain_awayI think I have found the trick :)12:17
zrafatuxbrain_away: can you try this? :  - use another shell without the environment-setup ran. Just set the PATH var manually using this way : export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/jlime-2010.1/mipsel/bin/12:17
zrafatuxbrain_away: and then run : ./configure --host=mipsel-linux ?12:17
zrafaah.. okey :)12:17
tuxbrain_away.\configure without your enviroment12:17
zrafatuxbrain_away: let me know if your trick is working. Maybe is not a trick12:18
tuxbrain_awaythen make with enviroment set up12:18
tuxbrain_awaynow is building12:18
zrafatuxbrain_away: hehe .. no sure if that would work. In fact I am suggesting set PATH and run configure without the toolchain environment.. but with --host at least12:18
zrafatuxbrain_away: but if you are seeing that it is using the toolchain to build .. great ;)12:19
zrafatuxbrain_away: some time it is just okey setting PATH manually (so shell can find the mipsel-linux-* binaries and running the configure with --host12:20
zrafatuxbrain_away: and for kernel environment setup is not needed neither.. just make with ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE.12:22
tuxbrain_awayI run configure with the build host target config, so Makefile is generate to crosscompile, then I setup the toolchain variables to buid... binutils compiled :)12:22
tuxbrain_awaynext gcc12:22
zrafawow fast12:23
tuxbrain_awayyeah confirmed the trick is to \configure without the enviroment variables and build with enviroment variables12:44
tuxbrain_awaygcc is happily Canadian crosscompiling12:44
zrafahe ;)12:47
tuxbrain_awayups error on make install?12:48
tuxbrain_away/usr/bin/install: no se puede efectuar `stat' sobre «build/fix-header»: No existe el fichero o el directorio12:49
tuxbrain_awaybut avr-gcc seems in place so I will take is as valid....13:02
tuxbrain_awaynow avr-libc13:03
xiangfukyak: wpwrak some usb cables of mine http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/File:Usb-cables.JPG  :)13:07
kyakxiangfu: it's not usual for people to compete for who's something is shorter ;)13:08
xiangfu0.4 ~ 0.8 USD, 3 ~ 5 RMB13:10
wpwraktuxbrain_away: "patch gcc to ignore []" i like that idea ;-))13:12
tuxbrain_awayyeah fuck arrays13:13
xiangfukyak: I was think connect freerunner and ben nanonote. then I bought those two blue cables.13:14
tuxbrain_awaydamn ...13:15
tuxbrain_awaythe gcc make install has to be fixed before I can procced with avr-libc... there is avr-g++ avr-c++ but no avr-gcc13:16
kyakxiangfu: sure, these are cool cables :) can be very convenient in some cases13:17
wpwrakxiangfu: nice cables :)13:42
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: new package curveship: Interactive fiction + interactive narrating http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/5c1590613:57
GNUtoo|laptopwpwrak, hi, kristianpaul told me that you knew the USRP,I wondered what was the difference between all the models, are there stuff that you can't do with lower end models, like 80211g debugging?14:04
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: there are basically three generations: USRP1, USRP2, and the N2xx series14:05
GNUtoo|laptopwhat about N1xxx that has an omap inside?14:05
GNUtoo|laptopI meant E10014:05
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: usrp1 uses USB, the others use gigabit ethernet. N2xx and USRP2 are quite similar.14:05
GNUtoo|laptopah ok, I know for usrp1 vs usrp2 but not for the others14:06
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: ah, the embedded thingy. yes, that exists too, but seems to be a lot less powerful. consider that you have to do the numbercrunching on that slow CPU and not on your PC14:06
GNUtoo|laptopusb2 is too slow for some stuff like 8021114:06
GNUtoo|laptopah ok ouch14:06
GNUtoo|laptoparmv7 with neon vs core i7.....14:07
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: yup :) so the real choices are only USRP2 and N2xx, where USRP2 is nearing EOL, with N2xx as the replacement14:07
GNUtoo|laptopcore i7 is way faster...14:07
wpwrak(alas, it's also more expensive than the USRP2)14:07
wpwrakyeah, your PC will run circles around anything embedded ;-)14:07
GNUtoo|laptopand between N210 and N200?14:08
wpwrakhmm, need to check ...14:09
Action: tuxbrain_away with tears in his eyes looks at console seeing avr-tools finally completed....14:09
GNUtoo|laptoptuxbrain_away, avr-tools in oe?14:10
tuxbrain_awaynot GNUtoo|laptop manually crosscompiled14:10
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: oky, that's easy: there is no N200 device ;-) N200 is the series, N210 its first member14:10
tuxbrain_awayI will let others to do such distro integration14:11
wpwrakM_Rojas: good morning ! :)14:11
M_RojasGood morning :-)14:11
tuxbrain_awayif my tar.gz works , for me is far than enough... I have wasted a looooot of time on this, I can afford waste more.14:12
tuxbrain_awaycall me coward if you want :P surelly I am14:12
xiangfukyak: I can reproduce the 'flite' issue. [flite  -t "hello world" a.wav && aplay  a.wav] is better then just [flite  -t "hello world"]14:21
xiangfukyak: in release 2011-02-2314:22
kyakxiangfu: good :) seems we have the same problem then14:24
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: then you have to choose carefully which RF daughterboards you want. e.g., which frequency range, and so on14:24
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: also, some can do full-duplex while others can't14:24
GNUtoo|laptopbascally I don't have the money yet14:25
GNUtoo|laptopbut I wanted to know how much I needed to save...14:25
GNUtoo|laptopand was curious also14:26
GNUtoo|laptopI bet I will also need to work for radioham licenses14:27
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: you'll need about USD 2200. and if you don't have RF items in your lab yet (adapters, antennas, cables), then expect to spend a few more hundred USD on these. RF stuff is expensive :-(14:27
GNUtoo|laptopBasically if I can find a good job this summer, it may accelerate the savings14:28
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: (license) as long as you keep your emissions low enough, nobody will notice ;-) also, you may be able to avoid going over the air14:28
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: an influx of money always helps :)14:29
wolfspraulphew, it's getting there slowly http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Community_news_2011-03-0114:30
wolfspraulonly ubb and hoperf missing14:30
tuxbrain_awayI cannot test until a few hours but if some one can confirm it works on NN (at least execute) I will be very happy to ear,14:30
tuxbrain_awaynow I have to follow the avrdude tutos of wpwrak and pack also the Arduino libs to have the full basic package to start ot think in a front end for all this (well I will start with a Makefile and tutorial :P)14:30
wpwrakwolfspraul: quite  a lot of stuff this months, eh ? ;-)14:31
wolfspraultuxbrain_away: can you reply to David's idea about linuxtag on the list?14:32
wolfspraulI think you said nobody would go, bearstech also won't.14:32
wolfspraulI'm not sure what David plans or how we could support him.14:32
wolfspraulthe 'other' David :-)14:32
wolfspraulwpwrak: I hope it's still readable.14:33
wolfspraulI kept with a simple layout so it's easy to browse/glance over it14:33
tuxbrain_awaywolfspraul: will check the list and see what can we do14:34
xiangfukyak: for now. have no idea how to fix that. maybe report bug to flite first. but I can not find where to report it. I just update the wiki page. Known Issue: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/OpenWrt_Software_Image#Image_2011-02-2314:35
kyakxiangfu: at least we have the workaround for that14:36
jow_laptophow does flite play the file?14:36
jow_laptopis it piping it to some external player?14:36
kyakgood question. i feel that it is cat'ing to /dev/audio or something :)14:37
wpwrakwolfspraul: does the fpga bootup fix have something on the wiki ?14:37
jow_laptopcould it be that it is slightly too slow to generate audio in realtime?14:37
kyakjow_laptop: it doesn't actually create any file unless you tell it to14:37
kyakyes, could be so14:37
wolfspraulyou mean a link? yes - a lot. OK I add a url.14:37
wpwrakwolfspraul: cool ! even better than i expected :)14:39
wolfspraulthanks for asking, you hit exactly the right point14:40
wolfspraulI like the news slowly, it won't get much better anymore, just details.14:40
wolfspraulstill need to split ubb into several lines, let me see...14:40
wolfspraulbtw, I spoke to Marcin from the mtk 6235 project briefly, and he says he is making very good progress14:42
wpwrakwolfspraul: do you want to mention the uart board, avrdude-on-ben, and yi's applications list ?14:42
wolfspraulthrough his company he has access to serious rf and communication/protocol equipment, so that won't be an effort that stops easily.14:42
wpwrakwolfspraul: (mtk) nice ! :)14:42
wolfspraulapplication list is referenced in several places, that's enough14:43
wolfspraulavrdude - maybe 04-01 then we have more to say14:43
wolfspraul(I'll take a note there now014:43
wolfsprauluart - up to you, sure I can add it14:43
wolfspraulso yes, he is already looking into the communication with the 6140 transceiver, and is optimistic to have rx/tx working 'soon'14:43
wpwrak(avrdude) ok :) maybe put uart there then, too. avrdude is a prerequisite for uart14:44
wolfspraulcan you use avrdude with ubb?14:44
wpwraksure. you need something on the other end that connects to your circuit, but then it works of course.14:45
tuxbrain_awaywpwrak: I hope so that is one of the main reasons I order them14:45
jow_laptopkyak: looks like it has multiple audio backends, maybe it uses the wrong one for playback14:45
jow_laptoposs instead of alsa14:45
wpwrakwolfspraul: here's one example: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/wpan/tmp/atusb-pgm-20110203.jpg14:46
wpwrakwolfspraul: (that's the one i use to flash the mcu on atusb)14:46
GNUtoo|laptoptuxbrain_away, why not: bitbake avrdude ?14:46
kyakjow_laptop: nice hint.. need to check it from build logs..14:47
wolfspraulbut the uart board has an uart ic on it, no?14:47
wolfspraulthat is not actually needed?14:47
tuxbrain_awayGNUtoo|laptop: need the wpwrak patch14:47
M_Rojaswpwrak: about the picture, thanks! :-D14:47
GNUtoo|laptopjust qdd it in oe14:47
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: you need the driver for the nanonote's GPIOs14:47
GNUtoo|laptopahh ok14:47
jow_laptopkyak: #ifdef CST_AUDIO_LINUX defaults to oss and there's an explicit #ifdef CST_AUDIO_ALSA14:47
tuxbrain_awayyes maybe I will add that patch to the receipt and build , but it's  on alpha but workable state14:48
wpwrakwolfspraul: the UART board has just an ATmega48. i use the in-circuit programming signals also for communication with the ben, so there's no need for an extra programming cable14:48
jow_laptopuhm, where's flite hosted? cannot find it in the qi repo14:49
kyakjow_laptop: seems it can be fixed with --with-audio=ALSA,,,14:49
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: also, for atusb, you need an entry for the ATmega32U2 in avrdude.conf14:49
wpwrakGNUtoo|laptop: there are still a few loose ends, e.g., for programming the UART board with the "real" firmware (right now, i just have a trivial led-blinking thingy), you'll need to supply a clock. the driver doesn't do that yet. once all this is done, i'll send the patches upstream and things should trickle down after a while14:51
kyakjow_laptop: seems that it's in openwrt feeds14:52
kyaknot in qi-;s14:52
jow_laptopoh :)14:52
kyakyeah, i was surprised , to :))14:52
jow_laptopyeah... --with-audio="oss"14:53
jow_laptopI think this explains it14:54
kyakso. can we rely on you to fix it? :)14:54
xiangfukyak: oh. then why I can not reprocude the error in 2010-12-14. because I am using my port version which is 1.4. and don't have those configures.14:58
wolfspraulalright, enough15:00
wolfspraulit stays up for further edits or feedback until tomorrow, and I push it out sometime tomorrow then15:01
kyakxiangfu: maybe you can share the makefile with jow. He could update the upstream version15:01
xiangfukyak: jow_laptop : http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/commit/cd33c1caf8987175ee9bc7eddf6d0fc7d26ae262/15:04
xiangfuI am compiling this 1.4 version flite now.15:05
jow_laptopxiangfu: okay, I'll put it on the queue15:05
wpwrakwolfspraul: (community news) looks nice !15:07
xiangfukyak: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/nand_ecc.txt_2.wav. by [flite nand_ecc.txt nand_ecc.txt_2.wav] which nand_ecc.txt is kernel document. it's killed by kernel.15:08
wpwrakwolfspraul: the dvdk+larsc ubifs speedup also goes into 2011-04-01 then ?15:09
xiangfuwpwrak: should be. :)15:14
wolfspraulwpwrak: yes, and let's see in which bigger context this resurfaces.15:18
wolfspraulmaybe dual-booting, maybe faster booting, don't know yet.15:18
wpwrakokay, sounds good15:20
zrafatuxbrain_away: nice.. you did :)15:35
xiangfukyak: jow_laptop . the flite 1.4 works fine with [flite -t "hello worls"].15:35
xiangfujow_laptop: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/xiangfu/tmp/flite-1.4-release.config.log15:35
jow_laptopxiangfu: did it pick alsa as backebd?15:36
xiangfuautomatic selected.15:36
jow_laptopthe old flite used oss, this explains the quality difference15:36
jow_laptopold flite goes through oss emulation15:36
jow_laptopthis probably kills performance15:36
tuxbrain_awayzrafa: after some manual intervention on copy files but yes... It finally builds.... now is matter to know if it also works :P15:40
zrafatuxbrain_away: yep.. no sure how to test that. Maybe against arduino?15:42
xiangfujow_laptop: then we can easy fix that by removing --with-audio="oss" \  :)15:42
xiangfutime to sleep.15:43
jow_laptopthough I intend to make it configurable15:44
jow_laptopvia menuconfig15:45
tuxbrain_awayzrafa: yes that's the goal :) I think I will try to recreate this http://www.tuxbrain.com/content/%E6%9C%AC-ben-nanonote-editandocompilandoflasheando-un-sketch-de-arduino but on jlime beta4 and lastest Openwrt release15:47
zrafatuxbrain_away: ah nice ;)15:48
tuxbrain_awaywow reflash.sh has a progress bar :) (as you might guess) I have not use it for long time :), may be I will do a fork with a distro selector : 1)Qi, 2)jlime 3)debian? 4)librewrt?17:03
xMffkyak: regarding initrd, my collegue pointed me to this: http://www.djarvur.net/products/howtos-and-other-docs/how-to-create-initrd-gz-to-boot-openwrt-x86-from-usb-flash17:09
xMffkyak: it is proof-of-concept quality at best, but I already have some ideas for enhancements17:10
kyakxMff: ok, thanks! i'll have a look...17:10
kyakxMff: it seems that kexec is not working on mips btw -\17:12
kyaka guy from #kexecboot pointed here: https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/711517:12
kyaki tried using this patch in 2.6.32 from backfire.. no luck17:13
xMffhm I see17:13
kyakkexec says that uImage is "unknown files type" and it is silent on vmlinux/vmlinux.elf17:13
kyakthere is no error, no output, and i stay in the same kernel17:14
kyakthey also pointed to CONFIG_KEXEC=y, which must be present.17:15
kyaki double checked, it is there..17:15
xMffdid you append arguments?17:16
xMffkexec -l ... --append="console=..."17:16
kyakhm, nope: )17:16
kyakone moment17:16
kyakhm.. first of all, seems that i misunderstood the kexec utility. Does it mean to be used in two commands?17:21
xMffthe first one sets up the env17:21
xMffand the -e executes it17:21
kyakinteresting. i need to experiment more..17:22
kyakfor now i see the "Bye..."17:22
kyakand then all hangs17:22
rjeffrieswpwrak: is the following list comprehensive17:35
rjeffrieswpwrak BEN 8:10 port UBB (no electronics, simple extension of signals so a ribbon cable can be attached)17:36
rjeffrieswpwrak 2) atBen 8:10 card with 802.15.4 radio and (later) 6LoWPAN protocol stack)17:37
rjeffrieswpwrak 3) ??? UART implemented with AVR chip, 8:10 card for Ben ???17:38
rjeffries4) atUSB 802.15.4 radio on USB stick for Linux PC17:38
rjeffriesend of list. ;))17:39
rjeffriestuxbrain_away 's work to get AVR tools working on Ben NN should yied significant new interest and Ben sales17:40
tuxbrain_awayrjeffries: after the hell of fustration I have passed (basically for my ignorance on the matter) I hope you where true, I hope in a week or so I have a easy to use enviroment (console based) with some examples to attack(sorry attract) Arduino lovers. of course if all work as expected. Once with this base we can start to think on a graphical onekeypress arduino frontend as his java big brother but thinked to fit on NN17:46
tuxbrain_awayregarding the list, I will rise one pos the atUSB and down the UART.17:47
zrafatuxbrain_away: what should the arduino GUI on nn do?17:47
tuxbrain_awayload/save/edit/compile/upload scketches , and a SPI console to send/recieve messages from/to Arduino17:49
tuxbrain_awayalso containing examples, and select the destination (board/atmega)17:50
rjeffriestuxbrain_away GUI would be nice, but a good design console program with that functionality would be ok/fine17:53
tuxbrain_awayrjeffries: I have in mind to clone the look and feel of the caracteristic arduino env to make beguinners feel familiar with it, the pro can directly edit the make file or even piss off on Arduino API17:55
tuxbrain_awaybut of course all have an start, and this is just replicate this http://www.tuxbrain.com/content/%E6%9C%AC-ben-nanonote-editandocompilandoflasheando-un-sketch-de-arduino, with the builded tools , and the patched avrdude17:57
tuxbrain_awayfrom here multiple items on todo list... integrate this tools on OpenWrt & OE, finish and upstream avrdude patches, make demos interacting with gnuplot , and send keypresses to Arduino  to demostrate interaction with platform beyond pure compilation, and of course the gui18:00
tuxbrain_awayso due there is an quite presentable todo list, I was thinking to aglutinate them all on a ardunote project which have the aim on make NN the perfect portable Atmega related front end... focused on Arduino but taking advantage that is attacks directly to SPI  instead of serial we an use chips directly without need of board at all.18:03
tuxbrain_awaywpwrak: how many free gpios has UBB if is used to flash a atmega chip? due the free gpios can be used as some kind of proves to test in/outs of the chip to cheeck the uploaded program ...18:06
tuxbrain_awaywell in fact once flashed you can use the 6 gpios as some what of digital analizer.... so a cronogram in gui can be also usefull for the pros :)18:08
tuxbrain_awaybut again ... as Wolfsaid let focus... and step by step18:09
kyakxMff: could it be that vmlinux.elf and uImage have different entry points?18:12
kyaki boot into uImage, as usual, and then kexec vmlinux.elf (cause kexec only know elf-mips)18:12
xMffkyak: maybe18:13
kyakit call the new kernel at some address..18:13
kyak"Will call new kernel at 00014350" and then "Bye ..."18:14
kyakthis is basically what's described in the bug report and in forum18:14
kyakbut i'm sure i applied the patch...18:15
kyakthe kernel command line is taken from the current kernel18:15
kyakbut i also tried to set it explicitely18:15
kristianpaulThis looks interesting for Xue http://www.ohwr.org/projects/wb-serializer-core/wiki18:59
xMffkyak: I know very little about kexec myself, I need to research it first19:08
Action: Jay7 is in doubt wrt adding kexecboot port to news page19:08
Jay7we have kexecboot ported and working but we have no working kexec :)19:08
Jay7but we have nice screenshots ;)19:10
kyakEntry point 0x8001435019:20
kyakthis is said by readelf -l /boot/vmlinux.elf19:20
kyakbut it kexec tries to boto from address 0x0001435019:20
kyakthe problem??19:21
Jay7may be19:22
tuxbrain_awayI miss those package in openwrt  gcc gcc-symlinks cpp g++ g++-symlinks binutils binutils-symlinks linux-libc-headers-dev libc6-dev autoconf make libz-dev libz1 perl perl-dev perl-modules tcl tcl-dev python-modules distcc coreutils19:27
tuxbrain_awaysorry this is all I try to install this is what I miss Unknown package 'gcc'.19:29
tuxbrain_awayUnknown package 'gcc-symlinks'.19:29
tuxbrain_awayUnknown package 'cpp'.19:30
tuxbrain_awayUnknown package 'g++'.19:30
tuxbrain_awayUnknown package 'g++-symlinks'.19:30
kyakfirst of all, there are no *dev packages, as i know.19:30
kyakfor the others, you should opkg update and opkg list |grep for what you need19:30
kyakif you need development files, you'll copy it from your build tree.19:31
xMffkyak: the kexec manpage states hat kexec does shutdown if -f is not given19:34
xMffkyak: maybe this causes issues on the NN19:34
kyakxMff: kexec -l -f /boot/vmlinux.elf has the same effect - it all hangs19:37
xMfffound another thing19:39
kyakthis one seems to be there already19:41
kyakthere is a big patch at the end: http://people.mandriva.com/~apatard/kexec_mips.patch19:42
kyakit's something very different and much bigger19:43
xMffkyak: hm, can you try to remvoe the crashdump patch from openwrt?19:53
xMffkyak: generic  930-crashlog.patch19:53
kyakrm -rf target/linux/generic-2.6/patches-2.6.32/930-kmsg_dump_backport.patch19:54
kyakmake target/linux/{clean,install}19:55
kyakis it the patch?19:55
xMff931 in backfire19:56
kyakso i added 023-mips-fix-kexec.patch and removed 931-crashlog.patch19:57
kyakbuilding now..19:57
xMffit is not included?19:58
xMff023 I mean19:58
xMffwas added 11 months ago19:58
kyak023 is not backported19:58
xMffI assumed this is already done :)19:58
kyakhm, good idea.. maybe there are other patches for 2.6.32, which are not backported yet.?19:58
xMffprobably but I doubt there are that many which would affect kexec19:59
kyakxMff: i see no changes20:07
xMffkyak: :(20:35
tuxbrain_awayI think I had break somthing trying to install bin-utils... reflashing20:39
tuxbrain_awaya question: sure there is a wise reason but why isn't dev packages part of the repositories?20:40
tuxbrain_awayon openwrt20:40
wpwraktuxbrain_away: you "lose" one signal for reset (if you support the in-circuit programming interface and don't do the "trapdoor" change of reset as gpio)20:42
kyakxMff: thanks for support anyway! Someone from #kexecboot suggested using 2.6.37. Do you think it would hlep?20:43
wpwraktuxbrain_away: with the rest, you're free to do as you please. for spi, you need four signals: sclk, mosi, miso, and also nSS20:43
xMffkyak: certainly worth a try20:43
xMfftuxbrain_away: due to openwrts history, it always was made for devices that cannot host a toolchain, therfore very little effort was put into making such dev packages20:44
tuxbrain_awayxMff: roger20:44
kyakxMff: guess i will wait for that openwrt release in May, when we catch up with the latest trunk and therefore the kernel20:45
xMfftuxbrain_away: do you try to install gcc etc. on openwrt?20:45
xMff*on NN20:45
tuxbrain_awayI'm trying to get as close as my own previous devian tutorial to compile and flash to NN, so the only reference to have a building system using opkg was the jlime one, but it fails miserably on openwrt20:47
tuxbrain_awaydebian (my apologizes to all debianites)20:47
xMffI don't know this tutorial, is there a link somewhere?20:47
tuxbrain_awaybut re reading the Arduino Makefile template, I thing only my toolchain is needed20:48
tuxbrain_awayat risk that qi-bot kicks me by spammer by thirth time today here is the link  http://www.tuxbrain.com/content/%E6%9C%AC-ben-nanonote-editandocompilandoflasheando-un-sketch-de-arduino20:49
tuxbrain_awaythere is also in english (just click the british flag)20:49
xMffah, so you basically try to to build an avr toolchain which is hosted on xburst (mips)20:49
tuxbrain_awaythe toolchain is already builded now20:50
tuxbrain_awaynow I will test if I do it right20:50
tuxbrain_awaylink to the toolchain http://www.tuxbrain.org/downloads/nanonote/arduino/mipsel-avr-gcc-4.3.4-binutils-2.20-libc-1.6.8.tar.gz20:50
xMffare there major obstacles with compilation of the avr toolchain?20:51
xMffif not, it should be easy to package it so it can be compiled like a regular package for openwrt20:51
tuxbrain_awayI have some strange problem on make install part of the gcc20:52
tuxbrain_awayit miss a file during the proccess but the build goes fine.20:52
xMffhm ok20:53
tuxbrain_awayxMff:  if you do this you will have my eternal gratitude and hate in same qty: love due will sweet the rest of the "ardunote" project , and hate due if you have done tree days before you had save me (an part of this community due my annoyance ) a tree days of headaches :P20:55
xMffI'll give it a try20:59
tuxbrain_awaywpwrak: I have to start to decipher your messages sooner than later,  due the moment to apply their content is becoming very near... :P, when you mean the reset, you mean to reserve one signal to do what I done manually when I work with NN serial... to push reset just before trying to upload,  isn't it?21:00
kyakxMff: your queue must be sooo long by now :)21:00
tuxbrain_awayxMff: I have used version and patches form lastest script form this post of avrfreaks. http://www.avrfreaks.net/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=4263121:01
tuxbrain_awaythis include some patches to reduce bin size and include lastest atmega chips (like atmega2560)21:02
xMffare those patches required to compile the toolchain or are they just optimizations?21:02
tuxbrain_awaydon't know... I just a howto follower, the 90% of time I don't know what I'm really doing21:03
xMffokay, I'll try my luck with vanilla stuff first21:04
tuxbrain_awayatleast try to use same versions :) then we can apply patches and we can detect if some one breaks the thing21:05
wpwraktuxbrain_away: to hold the avr in reset during programming21:07
tuxbrain_awaywpwrak: roger due I will not mess with you insight of the black magick you are doing on avrdude, your words are dogma for me. one gpio reserved for reset :)21:13
wpwraktuxbrain_away: it's actually not so much avrdude magic ;-) if you look at the "serial programming algorithm" under "memory programming" in about any avr data sheet, you'll find the protocol there21:15
wpwraktuxbrain_away: you basically have to hold reset low while programming. you could this with an external switch, of course. e.g., a reset button. but it's nicer if everything con be controlled from the ben.21:16
tuxbrain_awaywpwrak: I agree, this will give even a more near "arduinic" experience :)21:17
tuxbrain_awaythe need of presing reset manually has being removed since USB Duemilanove21:18
wpwraktuxbrain_away: what's not so nice is that this means that you have only one gpio left after reset and spi. that one could be used for avr-to-ben interrupts or for a ben-to-avr clock.21:19
wpwraktuxbrain_away: alas, if you need both, things will get messy21:20
wpwraktuxbrain_away: (2009) wow, you had to do that ? how rustic21:20
tuxbrain_awaybut you only need this while programing isn't it?21:20
wpwraktuxbrain_away: the reset ? yes21:21
tuxbrain_awayand Arduino boards had their own clocl21:21
wpwrak(own clock) good. then you can have interrupts :)21:24
tuxbrain_awaymmmmmm...... I guess the following tellme if I'm wrong... I guess it will be better while programing  use ben-clock so then we can program arduino board or a nude atmega chip. but while runing if is an arduino board use the arduino clock, talking from absolutly ignorace21:27
tuxbrain_awaythose thinkg is what I want to contron from a gui selecting target.21:28
tuxbrain_awaythe gui can also have the wiring schema to work with that target.21:29
tuxbrain_awaywell time to time flash finished let's try again21:30
wpwraktuxbrain_away: your avr only needs a clock from the ben during programming if it doesn't have a clock of its own. this can happen if you set the fuses to, say, extrnal clock or crystal but you only have the internal oscillators21:30
wpwraktuxbrain_away: mosr avrs come with the fuses set to the internal clock, so that's fine then21:31
wpwrakrjeffries: (list of projects) correct. uart still needs a better name ;-)21:32
tuxbrain_awayatben, atusb, attty21:33
tuxbrain_awaythe last openwrt image is an amazing step forward in the soft part.... intuitive, good looking and full of apps.. jlime guys hurry up due the Openwrt has taking you advantage :)21:35
dvdkjust testing jo-philipp's patches to emacs, libggi, gforth, octave, plplot and going to commit soon.  just letting you know to prevent any collisions on commit :)21:37
zrafatuxbrain_away: hurry : ;-)).. Nah, jlime has already apps users want. When nn users becomes 10.000 surely they will ask for new applications. There we can do more work ;) For now, Blizzard is doing the proper work to do.. merging ideas to OE.21:44
zrafawe can do more work= we can work another week more :P21:45
tuxbrain_awayzrafa:just kidding :) both jlime an openwrt have make gigantic steps in estethic and usability great work dudes21:46
xMffhmm, where should such an avr toolchain be placed? /usr/local/avr ?21:46
tuxbrain_awayxMff, nice place :)21:47
xMfflocal sounds stupid if its a package anyway, so I guess just /usr/avr is okay21:47
tuxbrain_awayalso ok21:47
tuxbrain_awayat the end the avr toolchain is setup on Makefile21:47
tuxbrain_awaydo you know if gnuplot can draw on line data?21:48
zrafatuxbrain_away: btw, B_Lizzard has some ideas for some new stuff using a new toolkit as well (we were thinking to do a new widgets kit just for jornadas and nn). Maybe we do something on that land as well21:50
B_LizzardWell, it would be nice if I had anything to show21:51
B_LizzardWe should work on some specs, zrafa21:51
B_LizzardDefine the file-format for the parser, function interfaces etc21:52
zrafatuxbrain_away: and like you know he has "that" thing with drugs.. and I have with drinks... so the real work takes time :D21:52
B_Lizzard*gets stoned*21:53
zrafaB_Lizzard: specs: yes, you are right. I will be next week moved, so we can continue ;)21:53
B_LizzardSee ya tomorrow then21:54
tuxbrain_awayXD  B_Lizzard sat yes, if it comes from ground it can't  be so bad  is some kind of vegetable :P21:54
kristianpaulEyesisMaps is awesome !21:58
tuxbrain_awayautoreplying my gnuplot quiestion http://users.softlab.ntua.gr/~ttsiod/gnuplotStreaming.html21:59
tuxbrain_awayI suggest to change the worm icon.. I feel very dissapointed waiting for some kind of port of worms!, but well disappoint disapears after first hundred score :P22:02
kristianpaultuxbrain_away: yeah,new icons may cause some random feelings22:05
kristianpaultuxbrain_away: he, you get caught at the end, thats important !22:09
tuxbrain_awayyeah is the clear example of  " bah what a silly game, I will catch one more number and I let it go" on a while 1=1 bucle :P22:11
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: gforth: patch from jow to adapt to build-system changes http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/859170522:33
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: emacs: patch by jow to adapt to build-system changes http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/d1d5fe422:33
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: octave: patch by jow to adapt to build-system changes http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/bd7269722:33
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: plplot: patch by jow to adapt to build-system changes http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/5e9064e22:33
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: libggi: patch by jow to adapt to build-system changes http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/3c62d2b22:33
rjeffries wpwrak I did not remember your plans for an 8:10 "uart" I suggest Ben Serial os BS for short. ;)23:13
wpwrakBS sounds good :) my plan ... lemme find it23:15
wpwrakrjeffries: here: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2011-February/007132.html23:17
--- Tue Mar 1 201100:00

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