#qi-hardware IRC log for Sunday, 2011-02-27

wolfspraulkristianpaul: so you think the Ben might be shut down into a different (still zero power) state out of which it could start faster?00:17
kristianpaulwpwrak: hehe ;)00:19
kristianpaulwolfspraul: yes i do00:20
kristianpaulgusnao: hey there, you should update your ben to last firmware i think, you'll get surprized for all new apps00:22
gusnaokristianpaul, ok, thanks00:25
tuxbrain_awaybefore try the Jay7 aproach of qemu, I would like to know what is wrong with this configure params and how to rid off of that checking I had follow the Canadian compilation instructions on that page http://www.airs.com/ian/configure/configure_6.html00:50
tuxbrain_awayhe configure output here http://pastebin.com/9EYG0eDB00:50
tuxbrain_awayinstalled the this toolchan http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/JlimeToolchain and $PATH is correct00:50
wpwrakzrafa: welcome back ! ;-)01:05
zrafawpwrak: I have a bit of irc thanks to you :)01:13
wolfspraulI have something I cannot really wrap my mind around, maybe I find help here :-)01:38
wolfspraulso we made 100 jtag-serial daughterboards01:38
wolfspraulsent out about 30 to milkymist one rc2 buyers, recalled/replaced some01:38
wolfspraulsome sent here and there for development reasons01:38
wolfspraulnow the stock is down to 6201:38
wolfsprauland sinking (with every rc2 sale)01:38
wolfspraulthe milkymist one rc3 run will be 80 units01:40
wolfspraullet's say 75 are 100% good = sellable01:40
wolfspraulso I need to make another batch of jtag-serial boards01:41
wolfspraulbut how many?01:41
wolfspraulwe will fix a few bugs, so new pcb01:41
wolfspraulcurrently I am thinking I make 20001:41
wolfspraulthat's because my confidence that they will work is high from the first run, this time even flashing and testing will be faster with only free tools01:42
wolfspraulwe need some to go with rc3, and some more to go with xue or other future milkymist-like boards01:42
wolfsprauldoes anybody want to buy some of them alone?01:42
wolfspraulthe additional cost of making more is small, compared to the one-time costs of pcb making, smt run, and general overhead of a run01:43
wolfspraulso I could also make 300 or more :-)01:43
wolfspraulbut I need some sufficiently sane reasons for that other than 'there will be some magic use case for them later'01:43
wolfspraulkristianpaul: wow that mimiandeunice stuff is great!01:48
wolfspraulshe says it's licensed under cc-by-sa, but then she says "For commercial uses, I request you share money with me."02:02
wolfspraulI've seen this a number of times, typically such an additional 'request' is understood to be merely an option, but wanting to respect the author it does make me feel a bit strange.02:04
wolfspraulI guess the -nc license was not an option for her either.02:04
rjeffrieshow does the MM JTAG/serial board compare with other JTAG boards02:12
wolfspraulno idea. it is tailor made for the m1 case, both in hardware and software02:34
wolfspraulof course we follow standards whereever possible, but afaik there weren't many attempts (if any) at making this a swiss-army-knife type of thing02:35
wolfspraulwhich is totally fine by me. I will not try to market it stand-alone either. but if someone here says "make another 50 for me", then that's easy to do in the upcoming run.02:36
wolfspraulif xue remains in dormant state, and we reboot the idea of a mobile minimilky board, that one will use the same connector as m1 (and thus the jtag-serial board) for sure02:37
rjeffrieswolfspraul what connector does it use?02:47
rjeffriesis xua the camera board?02:48
wolfspraulit has a usb mini-b connector on one side, to connect to the host computer (and export 2 usb interfaces, serial and jtag)02:54
wolfspraulon the other side, it has a 100mil 4-pin serial header, and 2*7 jtag header02:54
wolfspraulxue is the camera yes, but (I stand to be proven wrong), I'd say it's on life support right now, at least I don't see any action that makes me believe we will see a xue board or camera any time soon02:56
wolfspraulwhich means that once I worked down the list of my current manufacturing priorities, I will restart the idea of a mobile minimilky board from scratch02:56
wolfspraulmy current manufacturing priorities are:02:56
wolfspraul1) milkymist one rc3 run (first work on improvements)02:57
wolfspraul2) another jtag-serial run to go with it (also including improvements)02:58
wolfspraul3) ben-wpan, both usb and 8:1002:58
wolfspraulwant to get all those done asap02:58
wolfsprauland after that it's either xue, if it is closer to manufacturable state by then, or a mobile minimilky idea rebooted02:59
rjeffriessounds like 6 to 9 months of effort calender time02:59
wolfspraulwell let's see. we learn and can reuse more and more.02:59
rjeffriesis xue project fron Andres?03:00
wolfspraulbut it's not in manufacturable state, and not getting closer the last 2 months03:03
wolfspraulso I first need to work down the current manufacturing stuff, then I'll get back to it03:03
wolfspraulbtw, end of February is approaching and we need to finalize the 03-01 community news03:04
wolfspraulfrom valentine ascii art to ubb to gps baseband work - good stuff but needs a lot of polishing to be publishable03:06
wolfspraulI want to list a few of the new ports that were added into the openwrt image last month. so far I have Emacs, GNU Octave, zgv, supertux, sokoban, qball04:01
wolfspraulany additions?04:02
wolfspraulah, I also need to mention Xiangfu's 02-23 release...04:02
wolfspraulok I will add MPlayer and flite to the list04:04
wolfspraulkristianpaul: do you have some sort of screenshot for Lua on Milkymist One?04:34
wolfspraul(I'm talking to myself, I know. hoping that people will read the backlog later...)04:35
wolfspraulanswer: yes, he has a screenshot, and it's cc-by-sa licensed, and I updated the community news already05:01
cfycan i change my keyboard in nn?05:02
cfyi found the g key is not good as others05:02
rjeffriesXChat looks better than Smuxi05:03
wolfspraulcfy: no the keyboard is just one piece and individual keys cannot be exchanged.05:08
wolfspraulmost likely if you feel that one key works less well than others, it's because of very small tolerances in where the plastic finger that pushes on the metal dome sits exactly, like not being centered.05:09
wolfspraulit may go away over time, or if you wiggle the key a bit05:09
wolfspraulok I've made some progress on the community news05:12
wolfspraulwhat is still missing imo is something about fosdem, and more Milkymist news05:12
cfywolfspraul: can i change a whole keyboard?05:12
wolfspraultheoretically yes, but I don't think anybody has replacement keyboards in stock, and we haven't really made any excess replacement keyboards either05:13
wolfspraulthere are a total of 3 parts05:13
wolfspraulfirst the PCB itself05:13
wolfspraulthen above that, a 'metal dome mat'05:13
wolfspraulthe metal dome mat is glued onto the pcb05:14
cfywolfspraul: oh.got it.05:14
wolfspraulsometimes if a key doesn't work very well, it may also be because that one metal dome over the 'g' is not in the best position for the underlying conductive area of the pcb05:14
cfywolfspraul: i change my way to press g,then i is easier to press.thank you .05:14
wolfspraulthen above the metal dome mat is the keyboard, a plastic/metal structure that is made in one piece05:14
wolfspraulmost of the time the kind of problem you report goes away over time05:15
wolfspraulit has to do with tiny tolerances05:15
wolfspraulwe tried fixing some of these things on the spot, but that always made it worse05:15
wolfspraulwhereas just waiting (and using) the Ben for a week made it go away :-)05:15
wolfspraulthere may also be tiny particles enclosed between the pcb and (glued) metal dome mat05:15
wolfspraulsometimes those particles move when you use the key (are pushed aside)05:16
wolfspraultheoretically you could start over, lift the keyboard, remove the glued metal dome mat05:16
wolfspraulbut removing the glued metal dome mat will surely damage it to the extent that you need a new one to glue onto the pcb05:16
wolfsprauland there may be glue residue from the old one05:16
cfyoh.got it05:16
wolfsprauland you need to clean both the pcb as well as the new metal dome mat so that it's actually better than before05:16
wolfspraulI suggest to just use the key for now, wiggle it a bit, and see whether it gets better.05:17
cfyi think it's better now:)05:18
wolfspraulthe problem is in centering or some obstacles (particles) between pcb, metal dome, and plastic finger that pushes the metal dome down onto the pcb, to make a contact05:18
cfyi press g then display g.05:18
wolfspraulwell thanks for reporting. keyboard problems are rare, but I do hear it once in a while.05:19
wolfsprauljust hard to actually improve the keyboard, and not make it worse :-)05:19
wolfspraulnext is a capacitive touch keyboard, I think :-)05:20
wpwrakwolfspraul: (jtag) i think it's the number you need for MM1 runs, plus the extra sales, plus the quantity you feel comfortable stocking forever. the extra sales would be something like 10, if the openmoko debug board is any indication. (i don't have its sales details, but i heard that some were sold for non-openmoko use, but you didn't hear much about these)05:38
wpwraki wish 2011 was a leap year. that would increase the probability of getting wpan into the 2011-03-1 news ;)05:39
wpwrakwell, not having wpan there gives ubb more room :)05:39
wolfspraulI feel very comfortable stocking those little boards for several years :-)05:47
wolfspraulbecause I think Milkymist will develop slowly (and strongly), and eventually take off when we have the right set of features and demand.05:47
wolfspraulbut on the other hand making 300 or even 500 now seems just excessive05:47
wolfspraulunless I overlooked something05:48
wolfspraulthe 03-01 news is shaping up05:48
wolfspraulhopefully tuxbrain can add a little about fosdem, and a picture or two05:48
wolfspraulthen I need to dig a bit more about milkymist, I'm sure there was more last month05:48
wolfspraul(this month)05:49
wolfspraulwpwrak: can you glance over it now? did I forget something?05:51
wolfspraul(it still needs a lot of editing, so the only point right now is to look for missing news)05:51
Jay7wolfspraul: I hope to fit with kexecboot in 03-01 too :)07:01
wolfsprauloh wow. it would help me more if people polished or edited the existing snippets, rather than trying to rush in something on the last day.07:19
wolfspraulbut sure, if it's working then let's get it in.07:19
Jay7well.. I'm waiting recipe for OE07:31
Jay7I hope tonight or tomorrow07:31
Jay7I'll add note to page after07:31
wolfspraulJay7: btw, what's the full name of your wife? I only say Irina now...07:37
Jay7Irina Bushmeleva07:37
wolfspraulah great, thanks07:37
Jay7may you add link to blog too?07:37
wolfspraulof course, that's great!07:37
Jay710x :)07:38
wolfspraulit's just details details details, takes hours to polish and edit the news page07:38
wolfspraulI'm sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly is kexecboot and what will we be able to do once it is in Jlime?07:38
Jay7is this answer ok? :)07:40
wolfspraulyes and no07:42
wolfspraulhow do we plan to use it?07:42
Jay7easy selection of boot device/partition/kernel07:48
Jay7easy testing07:48
Jay7something like :)07:48
kyakbooting into a rescue/update kernel07:50
kyakbooting into windows07:50
kyak(kidding) -)07:50
Jay7windows may be problem.. kexec can't run kernel32.dll ;)07:51
Jay7kyak: can you answer to ML wrt letter about RNDIS?07:52
Jay7well.. I should go07:53
kyakthe answer would be simple: RNDIS is broken in linux kernel07:53
kyakit used to be OK is some versions, but then it's broken again07:53
kristianpaulwolfspraul: (lua screenshot) so far the only in the blog post, yes  cc-by-sa as all my blog/webpage content07:56
wolfspraulkristianpaul: do you know more Milkymist news?07:57
wolfspraulI think uclibc is still wip07:57
wolfspraulllvm was just an idea, no actions yet afaik07:58
kristianpaulllvm yes idea for  now07:58
wolfsprauloh I could mention that the bootup bug is fixed with diode+reset ic07:58
wolfspraulhow about news in rtems, flickernoise, linux kernel?07:58
wolfspraulor in gps-sdr? (I have your picture already, so maybe I make a line saying that you switched over from SIE to m1)07:59
kristianpaulis not full swich yet07:59
kristianpaul(software and hdl part missing)07:59
kristianpaulIs too early to said that i think08:00
kristianpaul(ulibc) mwalle said is just there http://git.serverraum.org/?p=mw/uclibc-lm32.git;a=summary08:01
kristianpaulSo i think it deserver a news space08:01
wolfspraulyes but it just got dropped there, in the middle of a lot of things if I understand correctly, because lars asked for it08:01
wolfspraulI don't want to create fake news, so until I understand what the actual news/results are, I wait a bit08:02
kristianpauldropped yes..08:02
wolfspraul03-01 is full already, maybe I add that to the 04-1 draft08:02
kristianpaulwolfspraul: (mimiandeunice) I just wanted to read the comic :')08:02
wolfspraulbut was there anything that really got completed/finished in m1 land, that you are aware of?08:02
wolfspraulI need to go over the milkymist-devel list later...08:02
wolfspraulgotta run, bbiab08:02
kristianpaulwolfspraul: (jtag-serial board) may be an addon for debugging nanonote?08:07
kristianpaulSure is usefull have  this kind of board, but not sure if we have enought boards that required that feature...08:08
kristianpaulhey, nice, you already asked nina for the comercial doubt :)08:11
Action: kristianpaul zzz08:14
tuxbrain_awaywolfspraul: http://www.tuxbrain.com/en/content/bruselas-europes-capital takae whatever you want all under ccbysa. If not I will try to do something tomorrow with the news08:36
tuxbrain_awayJay7: native-sdk-image for qemumachine in progress09:29
tuxbrain_awaymy last chance09:29
kyaklarsc: trying to built-in sound modules in kernel - so far so good. The only problem is that kmod-sound-core package gets selected (by AUDIO_SUPPORT) and built in any case. Therefore it tries to load the already compiled-in modules during boot.09:31
kyakIt's not a big problem, but doesn't look very clean in dmesg09:31
kyaklarsc: do you have an idea what could be done to build these kmod-sound-* as openwrt modules (i.e. not to include it in rootfs)?09:32
larsckyak: remove the autoselect09:35
kyakautoselect, huh?09:37
larscof the kmod-sound-core by AUDIO_SUPPORT09:43
larscor a add a depends on @!TARGET_xburst_nanonote09:44
kyaki'm looking at target/linux/xburst/qi_lb60/target.mk09:44
kyakit has DEFAULT_PACKAGES09:44
kyaklisting these sound modules09:44
kyaki'll try to remove it now09:44
larscthese should be removed, if sound support is built-in09:44
kyaki hope this would be enough09:45
kyakhmmm i wonder what needs to be done for the changes in target/linux/xburst/modules.mk to be seen by menuconfig..09:52
larsctouch package/kernel/Makefile09:57
kyaklarsc: alsa-lib selects kmod-sound-core, too -\10:26
kyakseems we can't disable it just on our side, some upstream work is required, too10:27
wolfspraultuxbrain_away: thanks that's a good start. I will do some more editing and polishing tonight or tomorrow.10:27
wolfspraulit's going to be a nice news update10:27
wolfspraulI only wish I had more time to translate what a lot of this tech stuff means for the end user.10:28
wolfspraulit's unfortunate that this is not really happening now, need to do more of that later...10:28
kyaklarsc: so, if i add e.g. @!TARGET_xburst_qi_lb6 to kmod-sound-core DEPENDS, alsa-lib gets deselected, too10:51
kyakand i think that even if alsa-lib will not autoselect kmod-sound-core, it will not be possible to build kmod-sound-core as "=m" (to provide it with other kmod's in packages)10:53
larscwell, if sound support is built-in kmod-sound-* shouldn't be built at all10:57
kyaknot even as a separate package, right?10:57
kyakok, i agree with that10:58
larscthat won't work. something can't be built-in and a module at the same time10:58
kyaki will try to make a patch for alsa-lib that would disable the kmod-sound-core dependency for TARGET_xburst_qi_lb60. I hope it can be accepted by upstream10:59
kyakthere could also be some other packages that have such dependency10:59
kyakdo you think it is the way to go?11:01
kyaklarsc: what's the difference between CONFIG_DEFAULT_kmod* and CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod* ?11:02
kyaknow CONFIG_PACKAGE_kmod-sound are not autoselected, but CONFIG_DEFAULT_kmod-sound* are autoselected..11:03
larscCONFIG_DEFAULT_packge gets defined if the package is the default package list11:03
kyakhm... i did remove those from DEFAULT_PACKAGES11:04
larscyou probably need to refresh the config somehow11:05
kyakhm okay.. it's somewhere else. i just rm -rf .config .config.old && make menuconfig, selected our target and saved the config.. These are still in default pacakges11:08
kyakok, removing tmp/ did help11:17
kyakDefault-Packages were recorded there in tmp/.targetinfo11:17
kyaklarsc: how i can check for TARGET_xburst_qi_lb60 in alsa-lib's Makefile?11:21
wpwrakwolfspraul: (ubb) ah, that's february news indeed. how long those barely three weeks felt ;-) maybe put the two UBB entries next to each other ? (or merge if having two separate entries was an accident)11:22
wpwrakwolfspraul: if non-accident, maybe split the "what is UBB" information (i.e. things from my mail and the wiki page) from UBB production (preorders/shop link). the latter should probably also mention (explicitly) that tuxbrain took the decision to produce the boards and that they're being made right now.11:24
wpwrak(trying to convert rms) nice caption ! ;-)11:24
wolfspraulagree on your ubb feedback11:27
wolfspraulit's still just a meshup right now11:27
wolfspraulyes, separating it into several lines is better11:27
wolfspraulthanks for your feedback!11:27
larsckyak: i don't think that is a good idea. generally i think adding target specific options to a generic package is not a good idea11:32
larsckyak: so it's unlikley for that change to go upstream11:32
larscbut you could have it as a local hack in the qi-hw repos11:33
larsckyak: the syntax would be +@TARGET_xburst_qi_lb60:kmod-sound-core11:33
wpwrakwolfspraul: do you want to include lars' boot time enhancement ?11:33
larsclars' and davids11:35
wolfspraulsure why not, but I will first edit/polish all the snippets I have there now.11:35
wolfspraulunfortunately only very few people are helping with that community news WIKI page :-)11:36
wolfspraulI am not happy with the wording of many of those snippets, I would like to spend more time to explain/translate what it MEANS, rather than just listing accomplishments.11:36
wpwrakdvdk: sorry, lars and david's :)11:36
wpwrakwolfspraul: yeah, the wording needs a little more flesh11:36
wolfspraulbut in order to describe what it means, I first need to mentally zoom out and actually think about what it means, if anything :-)11:37
wolfspraulalso I want to throw in a snippet about osmocom progress on that mtk 6235 phone, at least I had the plan11:38
wolfspraulbut then they are not yet talking to the 6140 tranceiver IC, and who knows when/if they will. so it's just reverse engineering a few digital peripherals. not sure whether I should mention it or not.11:38
wpwrakwolfspraul: ah, there's more from me: the UART board (proof of concept stage, but i think sufficient as an inspiration), announced here http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2011-February/007129.html11:39
wpwrakwith further details here http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2011-February/007132.html11:39
wolfspraulgreat, will add11:39
wpwrakwolfspraul: and the avrdude port to nanonote+8:10 (currently with two pin assignment schemes, the UART and the atusb-pgm adapter), also mentioned in http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2011-February/007129.html11:40
wolfspraulyes, although I am hardly capable of writing one consistant sentence about what this 'avrdude' actually does11:41
wolfspraulI can just guess. 'reflashing an Arduino'?11:41
wolfspraulall Arduinos? or just some models?11:41
wolfspraulno idea11:41
wpwrakit's a utility to read/write/verify flash/eeprom/fuses of AVR chips. pretty much all of them, i think.11:42
wolfspraulwriting good news is hard, it's a mix of technical correctness, translated to be easily understandable, correctly referenced facts (urls), etc.11:42
wpwrakthings like the atmega attiny and so on. includes the arduino universe, of course.11:42
wolfspraulthere you go. where is the sentence?11:42
wolfspraul"Ben NanoNote - now with AVRDUDE" (whatever that means) :-)11:42
wpwrakman avrdude says  avrdude -- driver program for ``simple'' Atmel AVR MCU programmer11:43
wpwrak"Avrdude is a program for downloading code and data to Atmel AVR microcontrollers."11:43
wpwrakthat one doesn't sound too bad11:43
wolfsprauland that avrdude is now running on the Ben?11:43
wolfspraulis it 100% free software?11:43
wolfspraulis it available in Jlime or OpenWrt?11:43
wpwraklemme check the license ... GPLv2+11:44
wpwraki have compile instructions for jlime. http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/ben-blinkenlights/source/tree/master/uart/avrdude/README11:45
wpwrakthe main contribution is not the cross-compilation, which is quite trivial, but the driver for the nanonote's 8:10 gpios11:46
wpwraki haven't tried building it for openwrt yet. not sure if autocrap is happy with the "light" host environment provided by openwrt. let's try ...11:47
wpwrakah yes, looks good11:49
wpwraklet's see if it actually works ..11:50
wpwrakworks like a charm :) now,let's update the readme ...12:08
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: uart/avrdude/README: updated build instructions and added OpenWRT http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/3d3bf1512:12
wpwrakthere we are12:13
wpwrakwolfspraul: tuxbrain is working on a more comprehensive AVR development environment on the ben, with gcc running there natively and such (and of course avrdude)12:14
wpwrakamazing. february was such a busy month, yet we're still 3 kB (compressed) short of the january list traffic12:17
kyaklarsc: thanks for your hints! i'm doing final tests now..12:24
wpwrak(traffic) would be interesting to have list traffic and irc traffic statistics. maybe what's happening is a shift from the list to irc12:26
kyaki always said that IRC > ML :)12:28
kyakwpwrak: now count the words in mailing lists, it would be much less :)12:29
wolfspraulman I'm glad werner beat me. I better bite my tongue.12:29
wolfspraulI did a lot of bla bla talking the last few days, some people may think I'm bored.12:30
wolfspraulbetter get some work done :-)12:30
xiangfukyak: how to show the help of this bot?12:30
xiangfupanda|x201: what is your name in QQ group?12:36
Action: dvdk is just looking over http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Community_news_2011-03-0112:36
xiangfupanda|x201: you are a Hardware Engineer or Software Engineer?12:37
dvdkcool phote with Xiangfu and RMS :)12:37
dvdkwolfspraul: about the sw list:12:37
wpwrakwolfspraul: (statistics) i'll be afk most of today (having an asado :), so you have a chance to catch up ;-)12:37
dvdksokoban is actually just Gforth running the sokoban.fs example that was included for a few months already (just without startup icon)12:37
dvdkwolfspraul: other new software is Brainless, Gnuplot, Plplot12:38
wpwrakwolfspraul: ah, don't you want to mention yi's applications page update ? http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2011-February/007074.html12:40
kyakxiangfu: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Server_Setup#eggdrop , scroll down to "Public commands"12:48
kyakdo you think it should respond to the !help?12:48
xiangfukyak: that will be great.  I saw dvdk input one. :)12:49
wolfspraulok I will edit more tomorrow12:50
wolfspraulsome were already mentioned in 02-01, I don't want to mention the same app twice12:50
kyakyeah, i saw people doing that, too.. i'll do, isn't hard12:50
wpwraki wish we had a format where it's easier to have an overview of things. maybe with one wide column for the text and a column on the left for a picture or two. then end each section with the remaining pictures. would require pictures to have relatively small thumbnails (maybe 300x200 pixels) to look right, and would need some means for making it easy for the reader to connect text with then spacially disjoint pictures12:51
dvdkwolfspraul: well Brainless is pretty new, the others packages have been mentioned before (but weren't part of the official image back then).12:53
wpwraki think it's good to have all the key information on one page, so i like this better than microscopic thumbnails. but it still looks a bit disorderly. well, one could experiment with the material from existing news and see if a nicer layout is possible12:53
dvdkbtw xiangfu, were was the phote with RMS shot?  just wondering.12:54
xiangfudvdk: you mean where?  Beijing.: http://citypw.blogspot.com/2009/10/trip-of-beijing-free-software-seminars.html12:55
dvdkand, did you make RMS buy a nanonote?12:57
xiangfudvdk: no.13:11
panda|x201xiangfu, oh, I'm not in your QQ group yet13:14
panda|x201xiangfu, I rarely use QQ for years13:14
panda|x201xiangfu, mostly, I'm a software engineer13:14
panda|x201xiangfu, I have face to face meet with Wolfgang last year and bought Ben from him directly13:15
wolfspraulpanda|x201: ahh!13:15
wolfsprauldid you also borrow a wifi card from me?13:15
wolfspraulI lost track of some of them :-)13:15
panda|x201woakas, yes, I'm the guy13:16
panda|x201wolfspraul, I still using your wifi card on my demo device13:16
wolfsprauloh that's good to hear - keep it then13:16
panda|x201wolfspraul, also without paying your cash yet13:16
wolfspraulyou paid for the NanoNote I think, and the wifi card is loaned13:16
wolfspraulall fine13:16
wolfspraulgreat to see that you are still around, and the Ben is still being used13:17
wolfspraulvery good!13:17
wolfspraulas you can see software is improving :-)13:17
panda|x201wolfspraul, yeah, of course, very positive progress13:17
panda|x201wolfspraul, also, I've promoted this device with most of the guys I met with13:17
panda|x201wolfspraul, it's one of my favourite gadget now13:18
wolfspraulhow about Milkymist One? :-) can I upsell you to Milkymist One?13:18
wolfspraulhe he13:18
wpwrakwe should get that on video, for promotion ;-)13:18
dvdkxiangfu: try to sell him one next time you meet.  and tell him that it runs GNU Emacs :)13:21
dvdkbut maybe RMS won't buy it unless it's named GNU Nanonote13:22
panda|x201wolfspraul, oops, what is Milkmist One?13:22
panda|x201wolfspraul, yes, I can buy your Milkymist One to show my royalty for qi :-)13:23
xiangfudvdk: :)13:23
dvdkbtw there's more truth in it than you might think.13:23
wpwrakdvdk: GNU/Nanonote ?13:23
wpwraksince it's hardware, shouldn't it have horns then, too ?13:24
wolfspraulpanda|x201: read a bit on milkymist.org first, if you have a little time13:24
dvdklast time i mentioned the NN emacs port  on the emacs-devel mailinglist, RMS contacted me off-list and asked why openwrt weren't part of the GNU project.13:24
wpwrakmaybe something for the future: gnu-horn shaped wireless antennas, maybe like the olpc's foldable "ears"13:24
wolfspraulpanda|x201: it's a very different product from Ben NanoNote, but in the long run they belong together13:24
dvdk"do these people think their freedom is for the birds" or something.13:24
wolfspraulas a 'cool toy', I'm sure Milkymist One will qualify for that category in a few months, if it's not even in there already13:25
kyakxiangfu: --^13:25
xiangfukyak: thanks13:25
kyaknp :)13:26
wolfspraulpanda|x201: it's more challenging that Ben NanoNote too, but it does take things to a new level in some important areas. check it out, let me know what you think.13:26
panda|x201wolfspraul, alright, thanks for the introduction, I'm reading your wiki now http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One13:26
wolfspraulthat's mostly just the production side13:26
wolfspraulthe homepage of the project is milkymist.org13:27
panda|x201OK, step forward ...13:27
xiangfudvdk: how did you reply RMS's email ?13:28
dvdkxiangfu: told him that it's mosty gnu software anyways, and he shouldn't be so conceerned about direct affiliation w/ the GNU project13:31
panda|x201wolfspraul, nah, I'm not an artist like VJ and DJ, so does milkymist still fit me then?13:31
wolfspraulnot sure :-) you can look at it in many ways13:32
wolfspraulI get that kind of reaction a lot though "I'm not a DJ/VJ, it's not for me"13:32
dvdkxiangfu: then i told him that i'm a little dissatisfied with the GPL license in the open source hardware field.  but he didn't really respond to this.13:32
wolfspraulpanda|x201: kristian paul is working on a GPS baseband for Milkymist (One)13:34
wolfspraulwe had plans to work on a milkymist-based camera, though that project is dormant right now (to be resurrected)13:34
wolfspraulsince it's a free IC design, there are many possibilities once we get the foundation right13:34
kyakdvdk: why did you start talking to rms in the first place?13:34
dvdkkyak: he started the offlist conversation.13:36
kyakhm, i might have missed the e-mail from him :)13:37
wolfspraulpanda|x201: were you working on robotics stuff? (I forgot...)13:37
wolfspraulwe need to explain better why milkymist one is interesting to a non-dj/non-vj13:37
panda|x201wolfspraul, yeah, we have a robotics studio locally in Beijing, www.ucrobotics.com13:38
wolfspraulok, I gotta go. great that we reconnected, let's continue soon...13:39
wolfsprauland very nice to hear the Ben (and wifi) are still alive and with you :-)13:39
panda|x201wolfspraul, yeah, me too :-)13:39
wpwrakwolfspraul: (non-vj) maybe mention LHDL prominently there, too. play with a big fpga and *** Free and Open Synthesis ***\footnote{\fontsize=5pt in progress) ;-)}13:42
wpwrakgaah. i knew i'd get the darn acronym wrong !13:46
larsclow-level hardware description language ;)13:46
wpwrakyeah yeah. it will have left my memory by the next time i need it, i'm sure of that ...13:47
confusedpearI need assistance with debian on my nanonote. I can't get the sd card to show up and mmcblk0p1 isn't in /dev13:54
xiangfuconfusedpear: what is the "dmesg" when you insert the sd-card? what is your kernel version? where you download the kernel?13:58
confusedpearis the dmsg the text that ordinarily pops up when you put it in or do i need to look at with something?13:58
xiangfuconfusedpear: no. run "dmsg > dmsg.log"14:00
xiangfuconfusedpear: paster the log somewhere? like : http://pastebin.ca/new.php14:00
confusedpeardmsg command not found?14:01
xiangfuconfusedpear: sorry. 'dmesg'14:01
tuxbrain_awayjay7 there is any howto on how to run the qemu mips image I'm generating (50% now)14:04
confusedpeari got the lenny kernel from pyneo, if i remember correctly though it says it's sid/squeeze14:05
xiangfuconfusedpear: ok.it's should works fine with sd card. so  the 'dmesg' will help a little.14:08
confusedpearI don't have much experience and atm i am trying to find the best way to transfer it to the machine i am on right now14:09
xiangfuconfusedpear: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB14:10
xiangfuconfusedpear: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB#Transfer_files14:10
confusedpearif the nanonote is recognised in lsusb as device 007 does that mean that i should put usb(0?)07 for  ifconfig?14:20
xiangfuconfusedpear: no.14:21
confusedpearso usb0 is fine?14:21
confusedpearI'm running ubuntu right now, I believe i've successfully pinged the nanonote but it is giving me permission denied on the echo command in the nat config section14:30
xiangfuconfusedpear: try 'sudo ....'14:31
confusedpearI assume an echo isn't that important what does that command do?14:31
confusedpearI did14:31
confusedpearit references the folder when it gives me permission denied14:32
xiangfuconfusedpear:echo "1" |sudo tee /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward14:32
xMffxiangfu: I have some patches for qi packages in preparation for upcoming openwrt changes, would you mind to commit them?14:40
confusedpearok i got it, 1 hour later XD14:49
confusedpearI can't ping google for some reason though14:49
xiangfuconfusedpear: is the the message after you insert the card?14:57
confusedpeari just got it to mount14:58
confusedpearidk how14:58
confusedpeari booted with the card inside and i looked in that log file and i saw mmcblk0 so i tried mounting it and it worked :S14:59
confusedpearwhen i got the log i put in pastebin there was no card inside14:59
confusedpearbut which message are you refering to?14:59
qi-bot[commit] kyak: override alsa-lib (untie the kmod-sound-core dependency) http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/89c3ff815:00
qi-bot[commit] kyak: have sound modules built in kernel http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/f747f0d15:00
xiangfuconfusedpear: if you insert the card. kernel will output something like mmcblk0... attached.15:01
confusedpearit wasn't doing that15:01
confusedpeari suspect it wouldn't but would being exposed to cold weather affect the sd reader?15:02
kyakxiangfu: btw, as xMff just mentioned, we would need to catch up with the latest backfire backports, there are some important autoreconf changes there..15:03
xiangfuconfusedpear:  not sure that.15:03
xiangfukyak: ok.15:03
xiangfuI will try to work on that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.  :)15:03
xiangfukyak: I will work on u-boot a little first tomorrow.15:04
kyaksure, it's a good thing joe has some patches already, very kind of him :)15:04
confusedpearyeah i got the card i was originally trying to mount to mount but it's not displaying the insert/remove message15:05
xiangfukyak: joe?  joe-full? sorry I confuse.15:05
kyakxiangfu: jow aka xMff :)15:05
kyaksorry, mistyped it..15:06
larscwhats that black stuff called thats put ontop of the soc?15:06
kyakxiangfu: those ALSA warnings during gmenu2x start are gone now, and i hope that we also won some milliseconds with monolythic kernel :)15:07
xiangfukyak: 'flite' have some noise in 02-23 kernel, I guess it's because enable CONFIG_I2C , I will test the new kernel. see if 'flite' work fine like before.15:10
kyakxiangfu: i remember i mentioned it once.. let me find it15:11
kyak"i noticed that playing the resulting file with aplay produces much better result than playing the output immediately"15:12
kyaki can confrm again that flite -t "test string" play.wav && aplay play.wav is much cleaner than flite -t "test string" play15:14
xiangfukyak: oh. yes. I remember that now. I will test it again.15:14
kyakxiangfu: how do you think - should we mark console apps with a small "C" letter in the corner of the icon. Or maybe put them in a separate gmenu2x tab?15:17
kyaki feel there already are too many gmenu2x tabs :)15:17
kyakbut we need to separate console and gui somehow15:17
xiangfukyak: I would like the "C" letter.15:17
xiangfusince we already have those section. and I don't want like Console-applications  and GUI-applications :)15:18
kyakok, we can start adding the C step by step. I'm sure this can be automated, too15:19
kyakxiangfu: you also mentioned the option for gmenu2x to start the setfont2. I like the suggestion from jirka to separate it per applications. i.e., some applications definitely profit from setfont2 fonts, but some really need colors etc15:20
kyakso it could be done per icon15:21
kyakor maybe just call the regular setfont with terminus-12, for example, for apps like mc or aewan15:22
kyakin this case, we are flexible15:22
xiangfukyak: yes. that 's sound much better. as long as we don't touch too much gmenu2x code.15:24
kyakno, it can be done from gmenu2x's icons15:24
kyakby exploiting it's "parameters injection" vulnerability :)15:25
xiangfukyak: if we have terminus-12. I think most of the application will like using terminus-12. :)15:26
kyaki agree, it looks not so bad. But setfont2's 6x10 is still better when you don't need colors, but rather clean lines15:28
xiangfuthe gmenu2x upstream active again. so I need send our patches to upstream. add nanonote support to gmenu2x upstream.15:31
kyakwell ok.. hope the upstream will have a good run15:33
xiangfukyak: I got goto sleep. see you.15:34
dvdkkyak: the small font hurts my eyes  :)16:00
larscinteresting ingenic signed a licensing deal with MIPS Inc. in january, so now it's actual legel to sell nanonotes ;)16:01
Jay7tuxbrain_away: hey16:16
kristianpaulevening Jay716:18
Jay7tuxbrain_away: http://pastebin.com/tMtRcF0s16:18
Jay7tuxbrain_away: I'm using that script to run native-sdk-image for arm target16:19
Jay7replace qemuarm with qemumips[el]16:19
Jay7may be need to look over qemumips -M ? before16:19
Jay7oh, qemu-system-mips16:20
Jay7        machine="malta"16:21
dvdklarsc: so now we are allowed to use these non-aligned load instructions. haha.16:21
Jay7according to OE's contrib/qemu/run-qemu.sh script16:21
rjeffriesBen as a way to create arduino/avr code and then flash the target is pretty damn BIG news,16:21
Jay7great news16:24
Jay7Andrea have first prototype of linux-kexecboot for nanonote16:24
Jay7I'll test in following 4-5 hrs16:25
Jay7[16:48] <ant__> 1) does nanonote work with vanilla 2.6.36 + patches? why keristoffer's tree?16:28
Jay7[16:49] <ant__> 2) mkimage seems a bit not standard, why? custom u-boot?16:28
Jay7hm.. may be #jlime is better place to ask this16:28
Jay7because we are using jlime recipes as reference16:29
kyakrjeffries: you need to read instructions in thesycon's driver readme17:02
kyakit explains how to put correct Device ID/Manufacturer ID in inf file17:03
Action: kristianpaul playing with parallel port17:10
kristianpaulkyak: I saw him last time jue ene 06 2011 09:5217:19
kristianpaultake that bot !17:20
kyakwell, nebajoth is the only hope to bring that article back and help rjeffries :) i'm not going back to windows to recall how i connected Ben to it17:22
rjeffrieswell now that I tried to get NN going w/Ubuntu I ran into an error. see mailing list17:32
rjeffriesthanks kyak fro the hint17:32
rjeffriesis the Ben NN device ID mfg ID published on wiki?17:33
kristianpaulin wich mode?17:34
kyakrjeffries: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/96442-device-manager-finding-unknown-devices.html17:39
kyakyou need those VID and PID17:39
kyakHID, maybe. Then read the inf files supplied with thesycon and figure out where to put it17:39
rjeffriesok and thanks. now to find VID and PID17:40
rjeffriesoh I see windows will tell me cool17:41
kyakwhat's your error in ubuntu?17:44
kyakah, the mailing list..17:45
rjeffrieshere is an ignorant (of linux) question. My Ben is plugged in and seems to be recognized by Ubuntu17:49
rjeffriesfrom Ubuntu, how do I access Nanonote to read or write files, i.e. Ben as an external drive?17:50
rjeffriesmaybe first, what is needed to ssh into Ben from Linux?17:51
rjeffriesit needs an IP address, but I do not know the sequence of commands.17:51
rjeffriesssh from ubunto into Ben, I mean17:51
kyakrjeffries: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Ethernet_over_USB17:53
rjeffriesdo not know what to do re this:17:56
rjeffriesNote - if you use Ubuntu, consider removing the default connection-manager, and replacing it with wicd. The connection manager has issues with adding & removing networking hardware, while wicd ignores usb0.17:56
bartbesyou're a bit harsh on nm17:56
bartbesI think I set it to ignore usb017:57
rjeffriesthat note comes from the wiki17:57
rjeffriesmy near term goal is simply ssh from ubuntu to nanonote to have a human size keybaord and screen17:58
bartbesthere we go:17:58
bartbesiface usb0 inet manual17:58
bartbesthat ought to do it17:58
bartbesI think..17:58
rjeffriesthanks I will try now17:58
rjeffriesafter editing the /etc/network/interfaces file to add: iface usb0 inet manual18:36
rjeffriesdo I need to reset ubuntu for this to take effect?18:37
xMff"ifup usb0" should be enough18:40
xMffnice, gforth crashes my host compiler18:46
rjeffrieswhat does this mean18:47
rjeffries echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward18:47
xMffit enables ip forwarding18:47
rjeffriessorry will add error message18:48
rjeffriesron@ron-laptop-HP:/$ sudo modprobe iptable_nat18:48
rjeffriesWARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base, it will be ignored in a future release.18:48
rjeffriesnot wure what it means I should do18:48
bartbesalso, if you don't want to have to do that manually, edit /etc/sysctl.conf and uncomment this line:18:48
rjeffriesbut I thought I needed ip forwardinbg??18:49
xMffrjeffries: its an ubuntu error18:49
bartbesso yeah, that would enable it18:49
rjeffriesah yes18:49
bartbesoh and that warning you should just ignore18:50
xMffrjeffries: sudo mv /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf  will make the warning go away (its totally unrelated btw)18:50
rjeffriesok got that part done18:52
rjeffriesfor setting up NAT this ubuntu lappie is using wifi so waht do I specify rather than eth0 for NAT?18:54
rjeffriess/waht/what interface/18:54
xMffwlan0 most likely18:55
xMffcheck with ifconfig18:55
xMffthe one that is not lo or eth018:55
rjeffriesi have telnet to Ben Nanonote thanks to several people19:00
xMffI don't want to confuse you with yet another option but you can also enable "internet connection sharing" in the network manager gui19:00
xMffthis should do all this stuff for you19:00
rjeffrieswhat does this mean on NN19:01
rjeffriesroot@BenNanoNote:/# route add default gw
rjeffriesroute: SIOCADDRT: File exists19:01
xMffit basically means that there already is such a route19:02
rjeffriesah the guy who had this nanonor=te already did that ok19:02
xMffrun "route -n"19:02
xMffit will present you with a listing19:02
rjeffrieson ubuntu or NN?19:07
rjeffrieswhat is a simple NN command to see if internet is availble19:08
xMffping -c1
rjeffriesthis is not yet working hmmm19:09
rjeffriesand thanks for your help xMff19:09
rjeffriesgrabbing coffee19:09
xMffwhich ip did you gave the usb0 on your ubuntu?19:09
rjeffrieswhatever the wiki said let me check19:12
rjeffriesinet addr:
xMffthen your route statement above was wrong19:15
xMffrun this:19:15
xMffroute del default19:15
xMffroute add default gw
rjeffrieson ubuntu or NN ??19:16
rjeffriesroot@BenNanoNote:/# route add default gw
rjeffriesroute: SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable19:18
rjeffriesi wonder if maybe I should use the ip address of my router instead?19:18
rjeffrieswell at least I have a nice keyboard and screen for Ben19:21
xMffrun  ifconfig usb0  on the NN19:23
xMffmaybe one should implement avahi on the nn19:26
xMffthen the ipconfig works automatically at least, and without conflicts19:26
rjeffriesben address is
xMffokay, and the usb0 on your ubuntu uses ?19:29
rjeffrieslet me check19:29
xMffif yes, then its wrong :)19:29
rjeffrieswe have a subnet mismatch19:29
xMffit must be 192.168.254.*19:29
rjeffrieson which end19:29
xMffubuntu usb019:29
xMffwell * replaced with an actual number of course19:29
xMffnot 10119:30
Last message repeated 1 time(s).19:30
xMffI'd suggest
rjeffrieswhat would ubuntu ipconfig look like pls19:32
xMffyou mean to set the ip address?19:32
xMffsudo ifconfig eth0 up19:33
Jay7well.. now I have uImage with kexecboot initramfs inside :)20:24
Jay7let's flash20:24
tuxbrain_awayJay7: mmm where are the sd, and the ext2 stuff to run in qemu?... in deploy/images, doesn't appear any of this...20:27
Jay7remove -sd option with image - it's my local stuff20:27
Jay7ext2 should be available in deploy/*20:27
tuxbrain_awayno it isn't20:28
Jay7what images you have in deploy/*?20:28
tuxbrain_awayjffs2, tar.gz tar.bz20:28
Jay7something like *tar.gz or *jffs*20:28
Jay7ah, tar.gz20:28
Jay7well.. then you should create image with qemu-img, losetup' it, mkfs.ext2' it, mount it and extract tar.gz there20:29
Jay7or add some strings to local.conf20:30
Jay7and just run bitbake again20:30
Jay7mom, I'll paste20:30
GNUtoo|laptophi, my brother is studying economy and he has some study to do on entreprises with more than 15 employees20:30
Jay7tuxbrain_away: IMAGE_FSTYPES = "jffs2 tar.gz ext2"20:30
GNUtoo|laptopdoes QI-hardware have more than 15 employees?20:30
GNUtoo|laptophi tuxbrain_away20:31
GNUtoo|laptopJay7, hi why not ext2.gz20:32
Jay7GNUtoo|laptop: I don't know about it :)20:32
rjeffriesno qi-hardware has afaik no employees the commercial entity is sharism.cc sharism LLC20:32
Jay7for me ext2 is ok :)20:33
rjeffriesand they may have 3 or so "employees"20:33
GNUtoo|laptopah ok20:33
GNUtoo|laptophmmm that's problematic20:33
rjeffriesgood luck20:33
GNUtoo|laptopthey gave him an impossible task20:33
GNUtoo|laptopbecause what he's looking for is usually not published20:33
rjeffrieswell most enterprises have that many employees20:34
GNUtoo|laptopso I thought of going to companies who pubblishes everything20:34
Jay7wow.. archlinux' AUR have xburst-tools20:34
rjeffriessuch as a restaraunt ;)20:34
rjeffriesusing Ben NN via regular lappie screen and a real keyboard is a New World Order20:38
rjeffrieswolfspraul assuming you'd like to sell 10 or 100x more Ben NN, then let's make it dead simple to connect Ben to a Windows system. then...20:40
rjeffriesBen can be a cheap easy little Linux system used from the laptop in schools etc. forget the angst about windows being evil20:41
rjeffriesthis is a plan for world domination by getting a million kids using the Ben Nanonote at the new price of $50 USD. ;)20:41
rjeffrieswith high sales volumes a $50 end user price would make Wolfspraul a Rich man20:43
rjeffriesmore famous that RMS20:43
rjeffriesthe Linux Messiah20:43
Jay7is it right u-boot? http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/software/images/Ben_NanoNote_2GB_NAND/latest/openwrt-xburst-qi_lb60-u-boot.bin20:43
kristianpaulIt seems20:44
Jay7we can bundle NN with g_storage which will contains user manual and some software (for windows - putty and usbnet driver)20:44
Jay7then user can switch usb mode from g_storage to g_ether20:45
Jay7via some interface20:45
Action: Jay7 is looking for latest working Qi's u-boot20:45
kristianpaulJay7: that one u pointed seems be the right one20:47
tuxbrain_awayJay7: (g_storage) for me NN should have a g_ether, g_storage, g_input(keyboard) and a little app than let you chose whatever you want in some moment.20:47
Jay7tuxbrain_away: good plan :)20:48
Jay7opie and gpe have such applets iirc20:48
Jay7at least I have seen something like on Zauruses20:48
tuxbrain_awayand if is posible mix at least input and ethernet... wow :)20:49
rjeffrieswell good news is Ben now talks to my Ubuntu20:51
rjeffriesI'll solve NN to Internet voa Ubuntu20:52
rjeffrieshow hard can it be20:52
Action: Jay7 have resolved it w/o configuring NAT on desktop20:53
Jay7just added static route to home gateway and NAT it there20:54
Ineedhelphello i have a asus xonar D2/PM 7.1 PCI i installed laatest driver and no sound with my logitech z550020:54
xMffwrong channel, sorry20:54
Ineedhelp2 RCA to 2 RCA20:54
Jay7Ineedhelp: this is not general hardware help channel20:54
IneedhelpWhitch channel is it then?20:54
Jay7ask on #help20:55
rjeffriessorry ineedhelp this is not the place you need good luck20:55
Jay7there was idea about base64('qi-hardware') ;)20:55
Jay7yeah.. to have xburst-tools on my archlinux I need to build cross-toolchain20:58
rjeffriesif/when I unplug NN from Ubuntu lappie, will it work automagically when I plug back in guess I'll just try21:15
GNUtoo|laptopis the hardware help21:23
GNUtoo|laptopbut he's gone21:23
rjeffriesif/when I unplug NN from Ubuntu lappie, will it work automagically when I plug back in guess I'll just try. nope21:26
Jay7hm.. xburst-tools for archlinux is looking for configs/stages in /usr/local, not in /usr21:28
Jay7do somebody know maintainer (ormris)?21:29
Jay7oh sh#t21:30
Jay7/usr/etc is pretty..21:31
Action: Jay7 have added patch as comment to package in AUR21:52
Jay7is boot with 'M' pressed causes to boot kernel from SD?22:02
Jay7or just change root for current kernel?22:03
kristianpaulM -> SD yes22:05
Jay7how kernel should be named?22:07
Jay7just /uImage ?22:08
Jay7starting kernel... and nothing :(22:15
Jay7first attempt is failed22:15
tuxbrainJay7: also there kernel images are not zimage are vmlinuz there is any other config parama I must setup on OE? or this will also work with qemu? btw I have to install qemu in my host (apt-get qemu) or there some place in OE and just I have to add it to the PATH?22:15
Jay7tuxbrain: use your host's qemu22:16
Jay7wrt kernel image - no idea.. it should just work22:16
Jay7just pass your image as -kernel22:16
Action: Jay7 is thinking from where to start to debug kernel..22:17
tuxbraindamn it doesn't generate the ext2 .. I have cheked it is on local.conf....22:18
Jay7bad that there is no serial..22:18
Jay7tuxbrain: what distro you are using?22:18
Jay7well.. native-sdk-image is more minimal distro friendly22:19
tuxbrainwhat do you have?22:19
Jay7may be jlime have some other settings22:19
Jay7I've used minimal to build it22:20
tuxbrainok just puting minimal on distro , roger22:20
Jay7this may require to rebuild all from scratch :(22:20
tuxbrainmean while build doesn't matter22:20
Jay7eh.. seems something is wrong with kernel image22:37
kristianpaulJay7: You have last uboot version right?22:41
Jay7I've flashed one from link above22:42
Jay7I'm looking over changes linux-kexecboot.inc does in kernel config22:42
Jay7may be lzma compression + gzip + uImage22:42
Jay7will try w/o all this stuff22:43
wolfspraulkristianpaul: he - it's great that Yi asked then! (about the cable length)22:48
wolfspraulyou need to give us full feedback, every little thing :-)22:49
kristianpaulsure :-) i just answered23:01
wolfspraulyes, but it's amazing how long such things can go unnoticed.23:05
Jay7it booted finally23:21
Action: Jay7 is looking on kexecboot @ NN23:22
tuxbrainJay7: qemu: Too much memory for this machine: 384 MB, maximum 256 MB23:22
Jay7tuxbrain: replace -m value23:22
Jay7now I should try to kexec something23:23
kristianpaulJay7: boot? kexecboot?23:28
kristianpauloh GREAT !23:28
Jay7I see it on NN :)23:28
kristianpaulpics !23:28
Jay7and it even looks alive :)23:29
Jay7moment, I'll prepare SD with jlime ;)23:29
kristianpaulYou are in time for 2011-03-01 news ;-)23:29
tuxbrainJay7: I know I'm start being very annoying but ... Could not load MIPS bios 'mips_bios.bin'23:31
Jay7tuxbrain: this is a bit over my knowledge23:32
tuxbrainthe only thing that kind of do something is  -M mipssim it opens a window called qemu with something that looks like a console but commands there seems some kind of qemu previos to boot23:33
mthtuxbrain: which qemu are you using?23:35
mththere is a variant called qemu-jz which has hardware support that is not in the upstream qemu23:35
tuxbrainmth default in ubuntu lucid23:36
mththen there is no specific support for the Ingenic chips23:36
mththis is qemu-jz: http://code.google.com/p/jz-hacking/wiki/qemujz23:37
mthand this is my branch based on qemu-jz but based on a more recent qemu and with some additional support: https://github.com/mthuurne/qemu-dingoo23:38
mthI think the SD support I added is broken though, so don't expect a great out-of-the-box experience23:38
mththe things I fixed in NAND support might be useful though23:39
Jay7btw, is there any way to get serial console on NN?23:52
tuxbrainJay7:  not without soldering23:55
Jay7tuxbrain: is it just soldering wires or something more?23:56
tuxbrainjust wires but you will ned a 3v3tty to USB cable23:56
--- Mon Feb 28 201100:00

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