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wolfspraulawake yes, but too late for Fusin :-)00:28
rjeffriesI am awake but just barel03:05
tuxbrain_awayDear all as I have suggested to Jlime guys, It woul be awesemos if we can have an "especial" realease for Fosdem to show up, I don't think I will have any time more than flash and go. There has been a lot movement on Openwrt with a lot of new packages and fixes and sure your NN  has more than a "vanilla" distro. I would love to have an state of the art image to show on Fosdem. Hope you can help out there07:13
wolfspraultuxbrain_away: xiangfu is always working on a new image :-)07:14
wolfspraulbut I doubt we have another one before he returns from chinese new year, which is after fosdem07:15
B_Lizzardlarsc, on that matter, could you point me toward the usb-net patch for 2.6.36?07:15
B_LizzardI think I'd add support seeing as it's a commonly requested feature07:15
tuxbrain_awayI know but someone else can do an quick&dirty non official one to show things07:15
wolfspraulthat would be very buggy07:20
wolfspraulI am building images once in a while, but the only way I get things done is to kick out every package that fails, which last time was maybe 5-10.07:21
wolfspraul12-14 is the latest and best openwrt image07:21
tuxbrain_awaywell then script to costumize a 14-12 to be (even) more spectacular?07:22
tuxbrain_awayyou know installing packages , icons and any pimping  etc07:23
tuxbrain_awaywhatever help will be appreciated07:24
tuxbrain_awaywhen I got time I will resucitate the FDOM spirit , this will be called FDOwrt or something like that07:26
tuxbrain_awaybut man, I'm really upset, I have to deal with the arduino shortage, prepare some SDG devices , short out some A4 banners + flyers+stickers, and of couses prepare the NN and MM , for fosdem. + Finish a business plan presentation for monday for the investor program + puting some blog post on the trip to fosdem + lastest news  on Tuxbrain + add SDG, Posiflex, and others products to catalog..... aaaaah!07:30
tuxbrain_awayso any help will be really apreciated :)07:31
B_LizzardI'll send you a complete ubi image of muffinman you can play with and tell me what you want07:32
tuxbrain_awayYou see wolfspraul? B_Lizzard that is the kind of reply that make me smile :)07:33
B_LizzardYou'll have to pay me 50$07:33
tuxbrain_awayand that is the kind of reply that makes me cry ...07:33
B_LizzardOops, sorry07:33
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: make libgfortran depend on @INSTALL_GFORTRAN toolchain option http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/deda4c007:55
B_LizzardDoes anyone know where the usb-net patch is?08:49
wolfspraulB_Lizzard: I don't even know what it's for.09:12
wolfspraulusb ethernet?09:12
B_Lizzardlarsc knows09:12
B_LizzardHe's told me countless times but I can't remember09:12
larscB_Lizzard: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/qi-kernel/source/commit/f39709ba061049463b1a607369e476512da9ec5b/09:25
B_LizzardOh crap, I think I passed that one over09:26
B_LizzardSorry for the trouble09:26
wolfspraulB_Lizzard: you can try searching the irclogs, it works quite well09:29
B_LizzardHey, thanks09:30
wolfspraulwell, I just tried and cannot quickly find it :-)09:30
wolfspraulanyway you got it now...09:31
kristianpaulhe, there is a search box there..09:32
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: plplot: fix svgalib driver display bug w/ plenv() resetting current color http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/be5eeea13:25
rjeffriesHow does http://sharism.org relate to http://sharism.cc [puzzled]14:46
urandom__wait sharism.org is sponsored by google?14:52
kristianpaulrjeffries: Sharism at work<- sharism.cc , just that i guess15:14
urandom__i really dont understand what those sharism.org guys are up to15:16
kristianpaulbecause _sharism_ it self?15:17
rjeffriesJon Phillips is behind sharism. at one time he was advising/working with Wolf, but does noot seem to be active here and now.15:40
rjeffriesIMO sharism.org is very different than Sharism at Work Ltd. with domain of http://sharism.cc15:42
rjeffrieskristianpaul where are you in terms of geography? Europe?15:43
urandom__the more i read on sharism.org the less i understand. do they try to reinvent socialism or is it just some fancy social network concept?15:46
urandom__sad that Jon Phillips isnt here, so i cant ask15:47
lekernelurandom__: I asked him and one of his friends a couple of times and didn't actually understand any better... :p15:50
urandom__i wonder how they got google and mozilla sponsoring them15:51
urandom__maybe its part of the secret world domination plans of google, "google bank" or so15:53
kristianpaulrjeffries: south america15:55
kristianpaulsharism/share/ just keep sharing15:55
kristianpaulurandom__: re-invent or just re-name some not very wellcome words for our current society15:56
kristianpaulis now what history tell us? (re-name) :)15:56
lekernelurandom__: google sponsors a lot of crap15:56
kristianpaulincluding gsocs ;-)15:57
kristianpaulwich is nice !15:57
lekernelin hindsight I don't find gsoc was that nice15:57
urandom__how do i get my plan for world domination sponsored by google?15:57
kristianpaulwell, they pay people for supporting some floss projects...15:58
kristianpaulsurelley i hava  dark side that i dont know15:58
urandom__google is good at using free software for making profit15:59
kristianpaulurandom__: is not capitalism, is not comunism, but wondery it dint mention nothing about socialism15:59
kristianpaulany way..15:59
urandom__like the zeitgeist guys who also try to reinvent communism, fucking waste of time, they should learn from history and use whats already there16:01
urandom__just because there is still anti-communist paranoia in the USA is not a valid reason for making up new terms16:02
lekerneloh, zeitgeist has tons of problems :)16:03
kristianpaulurandom__: indeed16:04
Jay7yet another boot splash16:06
lekernelI just saw their leader talking about a car that has a pendulum (yeah, wtf) so it would nicely stop on the side of the road if you drive it while being drunk16:06
lekernelor explaining that doing away with capitalism would magically solve all conflict of interests16:07
lekerneloh my...16:07
lekernelthey have a (very) few interesting ideas though. like house-building robots16:09
urandom__i really hope the revolts (or maybe revolutions) in egypt and tunesia wont be fucked up by islam fuckheads16:11
rjeffriesis wolf here?16:11
rjeffries<kristianpaul> rjeffries: south america //I'm trying to figure time zones for the interesting people here16:12
Jay7rjeffries: hard task :)16:15
urandom__(if i might do some political propaganda): the only real alternative to capitalism http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U4e6ALxOhk16:21
rjeffrieshello Wolf22:12
rjeffrieswhat is local time? Already Monday I assume.22:13
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