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wpwrakzrafa: thanks ! seems that debian ran into the same problem: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=51543101:04
wpwrakzrafa: and there's even a worse incarnation, for beta releases: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=56334401:04
wpwrakso .. the bad spectrum is not a new problem: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/wpan/tst-tx/03:00
wpwrak(in a way, that's good - means that i can debug it with the latest boards, which support the constant frequency test mode)03:03
kristianpauloh, adam is cooking something :-)06:14
wolfspraulcooking what?06:24
wpwrakhmm .. the clock looks rather awful. with lots of noise just in the FM range.08:37
wolfspraulthat's the ben clock you are reusing?08:59
kristianpaulwolfspraul: i dont understand very well cause i traduced his blog entry (http://east3yrswest3yrs.blogspot.com/2011/01/blog-post_12.html)09:19
kristianpaulLooks healthy09:20
wolfspraulah I see09:20
wpwrakwolfspraul: yes. but it seems that i'm catching the FM outside the ben.09:24
qi-bot[commit] Wolfgang Spraul: added snippet about new metal sheet http://qi-hw.com/p/m1/26e2d3209:24
wpwrak's make the caps a little larger ...09:26
wpwrakthat got rid of some of the reflections, but not the "hill"09:34
wpwrakhmm. now the question is how much of this horror is real and how much comes from the scope probe. http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/werner/wpan/rework-20110112/10:09
wpwrakthe DC offset is rather puzzling, too10:10
qi-bot[commit] Joachim Steiger:  added missing background image http://qi-hw.com/p/m1/5228a8712:01
qi-bot[commit] Joachim Steiger: Merge branch 'master' of git@projects.qi-hardware.com:m1 http://qi-hw.com/p/m1/a0552c412:01
wolfspra1lroh: there it is, nice :-)12:02
qi-bot[commit] Joachim Steiger:  added more parts and material properties http://qi-hw.com/p/m1/922800412:16
qi-bot[commit] Wolfgang Spraul: added some sourcing notes for case parts http://qi-hw.com/p/m1/d61c13214:51
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atrf-txrx: new option -C to control CLKM output http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/cb7afe118:15
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atrf-txrx.c (enter_test_mode_231): disable CLKM in AT86RF231 test mode http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/e90c59618:15
kristianpaul:/, i dont know why my computer just shutdown... it was installing some rtems depences last time i had contact it by ssh19:26
kristianpaulanyway.. lets see how it goes after this19:28
wpwrakroh: hmm, in the usb button box, where the angled sides meet the top. were the angled terminations of the side part also laser-cut ?19:31
wolfspraulkristianpaul: do you know much about the milkymist one expansion header?19:51
wolfspraulI am looking at it right now, wondering how flexible it is...19:52
kristianpaullet me see19:53
wpwrakwolfspraul: "versatile" or "how far can it bend before it breaks" ? ;-)19:53
kristianpaulJ21 is that expacion header?19:55
kristianpaulsheet 319:55
kristianpaula PCB layout i missing btw, i thin is not much hard export from altium..19:56
kristianpaulin pdf i meant*19:56
kristianpaulwolfspraul: whos needs IO we have _wonderfull_ usb  :-D19:58
wolfspraulI think there are two. J3 and J21.19:58
kristianpaulwhere is J3?19:58
wolfspraulJ21 has 16 pins, J3 has 18 pins.19:59
wolfspraulJ3 is right next to it.19:59
wolfspraulI think they are both expansion headers, no?19:59
wolfspraulstrange, the bom lists both j3 and j21 as 2*9 http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_RC2_BOM20:02
wolfspraulbut J21 has 2*8, and J3 has 2*920:02
wolfspraulI think...20:02
kristianpauli need a rc3 pic, wait  amin20:04
kristianpaulboth are 2*920:06
kristianpaulmay be some pins not routed20:07
wolfsprauloh you are right!20:07
wolfspraulit was changed on rc220:07
wolfspraulok so on rc2, we have 2 2*9 expansion headers20:07
kristianpaulto be fair from where you get your rc3 pdf sch?20:08
wolfspraulthere is no rc3 yet20:08
wolfspraulthe files are a bit messy, sorry :-)20:09
wolfspraulI just google20:09
wolfspraulhe he20:09
wolfspraulthe only way to really this this up is all into kicad etc. but that's not my #1 priority right now20:09
wolfspraulto really clean this up20:09
wolfspraulrc2 schematics pdf: http://www.milkymist.org/mmone/rc2_schematics.pdf20:10
wolfspraulJ21 is documented on page 3, still haven't found J320:10
wolfspraul(and the pdf is not searchable :-))20:10
kristianpaulha i catch you !20:10
kristianpauli tought u already founded20:10
kristianpauli still looking for J3 too20:11
kristianpaul (and the pdf is not searchable) PAIN !!20:11
kristianpaulok from m1 ucf i can see 12 IO20:13
wolfspraulah j3 is for audio only20:13
wolfspraulpage 1, I think j3 is hooked up to the audio codec20:14
kristianpaulfor how long it will? :-)20:14
wolfspraulso only j21 is the fpga expansion header20:14
kristianpaulhttps://github.com/lekernel/milkymist/blob/master/boards/milkymist-one/synthesis/common.ucf (from line 298 )20:15
kristianpaulaudio, hum, what i fell is missing a extension cable here..20:16
kristianpaulany way20:16
kristianpaulfor gps-sdr 13 pins are not so bad, not sure for a captiva cmos...20:25
wolfspraulkristianpaul: yeah for image sensor it's not enough20:28
kristianpaulThe MIC2550A20:31
kristianpaulis 2.0 USB compliant20:31
kristianpaulbut nah, is too much to deal with i think20:37
wolfspraulkristianpaul: correct20:39
wolfspraulMilkymist One will be fun20:39
wolfspraulthere are like 1000 really nice, really important open TODOs20:39
wolfspraulthe main thing in this project is to pick your battles wisely20:39
wolfspraulI am still mentally wandering around the project trying to understand all the various things that work or don't work, could work, should work, will never work, etc.20:40
wolfsprauland whether they are hard or easy to fix, depend on each other or not, and so on20:40
rohwpwrak: nope. the angled stuff was filed after lasering it in a way that the were 'just long enough'22:35
rohfiled manually22:35
rohthen glued22:35
rohalso sandpaper was used22:35
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