#qi-hardware IRC log for Monday, 2011-01-03

oofoeHi! Quick question... I had a LOVE program crash and lock the SDL screen.01:18
oofoeAll black, nothing showing. I'm still logged in through ssh but I don't see any process01:18
oofoeto kill and get my framebuffer back. What should I do? Thanks!01:18
oofoeBTW, this is for the NanoNote...01:18
wpwrakoofoe: seems that you'll have to await the return of the maker of love ... (or just reboot :)01:51
oofoeI think he's asleep... ; - )01:57
oofoeI just thought someone else might have run into the problem another way.01:57
oofoeI have learned how to turn off the LCD backlight from the shell...01:57
oofoeYou can echo a "1" into /sys/class/lcd/lcd_power (I think that's it (I've switched screens right now)) to turn it off.01:58
oofoe"0" turns it on...01:58
wpwrakkewl. now you can use the ben as a flashlight :)02:00
oofoeApparently, you can use "fbgrab /sys/class/framebuffer/fb0" (or something like that (I switched screens again!)) to get a screen cap.02:02
oofoeThis sys stuff is very interesting... When I was first using UNIX, we didn't have any of this...02:03
oofoeThere appear to be several fb* tools in /usr/bin...02:03
wpwrak(fb0) isn't there one in /dev, too ?02:03
wpwrakyeah, /sys is somewhat inspired by what sun did on solaris, but with a ton more things added. the new place to dump stuff, after /proc got too messy ;-)02:05
oofoeYeah, there's the /dev/fb0, but the sys stuff seems more intended for monitoring and control.02:06
oofoeI guess like /proc...02:06
wpwrakyes, and /sys also provides the raw data for /dev02:09
wpwrakanyway, the evil day star will be up soon. time for me to crawl to bed ...02:11
oofoeQuick question before you go... Is there an equivalent of fuser installed on the machine?02:12
oofoeI thought I could find who has the lock on /dev/fb0 so I could kill it to reset things, but no fuser...02:12
oofoeOh, well, I have my own day star to face in about five hours. Probably a good time to call it off...02:18
qi-bot[commit] Wolfgang Spraul: fixed path in Makefile http://qi-hw.com/p/m1/05e9a3103:04
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, http://qi-hw.com/p/m1/05e9a31 -> unknown host04:58
wolfspraulworks here04:59
wpwrakhmm, interesting. temporarily. on the 2nd try, it worked04:59
wolfspraulunknown host? you mean qi-hw.com doesn't resolve?04:59
wpwrakyeah, didn't resolve. well, false alarm then, sorry.05:00
wolfspraulyou probably saw that I committed the --plot stuff, and exit code fixes05:03
wolfspraulso I think next I will bring some reports/files live on the server, meaning that I automatically generate them upon commits05:04
wpwrakah, exit code, yes. tested it. works great ! thanks !05:04
wpwrakhaven't played with --plot yet. but if schhist is happy, then i guess it works :)05:05
wolfspraulhow about the cmdline options now?05:05
wolfsprauldo you need more?05:05
wpwrakfor now, i'm more than satisfied with the ones we have :)05:05
wolfspraulI need to start communicating with upstream at some point, to make the patch more maintainable.05:06
wpwrakyou probably already saw that i automated most of the process for atusb. CAM and toner transfer are done. only the BOM is missing.05:07
wpwrak(upstream) yup :)05:07
wolfspraulno I haven't seen it yet05:07
wolfspraultoo many things05:07
wolfspraulbut it sounds great! very nice...05:08
wpwrakthis should do the trick: cd ben-wpan/atusb/cam2; make05:09
wpwrakthen you can "make cng", "make drill", "make mill"05:09
wpwrakwell, it won't do much without a mill, but at least the mechanisms are all there05:10
wpwrakand in ben-wpan/atusb itself, "make front" and "make back" print the respective sheets for toner transfer05:10
adamw_wolfspraul, I got no replies after typing "gtkterm -p /dev/ttyUSB1 -s 115200"05:37
wolfsprauladamw_: try this: unplug jtag-serial. run "tail -f /var/log/syslog" on your computer (as root). then connect the jtag-serial again.05:38
adamw_Jan  3 18:37:54 adam-laptop kernel: [13245.600186] usb 6-1: USB disconnect, address 305:39
adamw_Jan  3 18:38:46 adam-laptop kernel: [13296.953092] usb 6-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 405:39
adamw_Jan  3 18:38:46 adam-laptop kernel: [13297.095148] usb 6-1: not running at top speed; connect to a high speed hub05:39
adamw_Jan  3 18:38:46 adam-laptop kernel: [13297.117387] usb 6-1: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice05:39
wolfsprauldo you see a new entry in lsusb?05:41
wolfspraulbtw, in the Windows reflash tool, did you also create a random serial number?05:41
adamw_ID 20b7:0731 by lsusb05:42
wolfspraulin "Hardware Specific, Port A, Hardware", you need to change from RS232 UART to 245 FIFO05:42
wolfspraulat least that's what my notes say05:42
adamw_no , i didn't create a serial number.05:42
wolfspraulok, that shouldn't matter05:42
wolfspraulhow about the change from RS232 UART to 245 FIFO?05:42
wolfspraulit seems your Linux machine does not create /dev/ttyUSB devices, don't know why05:43
wolfspraulunfortunately I don't have a board here so I cannot try/compare05:44
wolfspraultry this: lsusb -v -d 20b7:073105:45
wolfspraulit should list a lot of data, don't paste it here but upload it to pastebin.com05:46
adamw_it can not be detected in FTDI FT_Prog utility, so i can't see if the change from RS232 UART to 245 FIFO.05:48
wolfspraulhe. maybe because you switched the vid/pid?05:49
adamw_yes, i think.05:49
wolfspraulgo back to Linux and try that lsusb -v -d command05:49
adamw_upload to pastebin.com?05:49
yizhangmy nanonote always disconnects from my machine after 10, 20 seconds after i connect it to my PC. does any of you had such problem and how did you fix it?05:49
wolfspraulhave you tried that before? it's fun...05:50
yizhangany suggestion would be greatly appreciated.05:50
wolfspraulI remember something on the list about that.05:50
adamw_wolfspraul, never used pastebin.com   , just try...second05:51
adamw_wolfspraul, http://pastebin.com/RAuFcdVp05:53
wolfspraulgreat! :-)05:54
wolfspraulyeah, it doesn't look configured (flashed) very well05:54
wolfspraulbInterfaceClass = Vendor Specific Class05:55
lekerneladamw_: can you connect your cable to a high speed port?05:55
lekernelit should work in high speed05:55
adamw_lekernel, with m1?05:57
lekernelto a high speed USB port on your computer05:57
adamw_yes, connected05:57
lekernelyour syslog says otherwise05:58
adamw_which parameters will be different?05:59
lekerneladamw_: it's 0713 (not 0731)05:59
lekernel Jan  3 18:38:46 adam-laptop kernel: [13296.953092] usb 6-1: new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 406:00
lekernel Jan  3 18:38:46 adam-laptop kernel: [13297.095148] usb 6-1: not running at top speed; connect to a high06:00
lekernelit shouldn't print that06:00
lekernel[316014.256182] usb 1-3: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 306:00
lekernelyou also flashed the wrong USB ID, which could also explain your other problems06:00
adamw_oah...man! i changed wrong ID!06:01
adamw_btw, how can i change my VID in FTDI FT_Prog utility?06:02
lekernelthe same way you change the PID06:02
adamw_sorry all i did is bother you guys.06:02
wolfspraulI'm surprised it's not detected as high speed06:02
lekernellsusb output with the cable correctly flashed => http://pastebin.com/AwjFCH5x06:02
adamw_but i used F5(scan) the FT_Prog didn't see it?06:03
adamw_well...let me try anther new pod.06:03
lekernelthis problem is explained in the FT_Prog documentation and you should either disable the EEPROM temporarily (so the cable reverts to its default IDs) or modify the driver's INF file to use the new IDs06:03
wolfspraullekernel: hmm, but your device class is also still 'vendor specific'06:04
wolfspraulfor the serial shouldn't there be some serial device class?06:04
wolfsprauladamw_: when you flash again, remember changing "Hardware Specific, Port A, Hardware" from RS232 UART to 245 FIFO06:05
lekernelthe other usb/serial cables I have here also use "vendor specific" class06:05
wolfspraulat least that's what I did and it worked well06:05
wolfsprauladamw_: on the windows side, you should edit the .inf file to add both 20b7:0713 and the (wrong) 20b7:0731 - then you can easily use FT_Prog when needed06:06
adamw_the 20b7:0713 in *.inf is correct, just I typed wrong in FT_Prog program. :)06:08
wolfspraulyes but now you need to add the wrong one so you can fix that one board06:09
wolfspraulthat sounds easier than disabling the eeprom06:09
wolfspraulconnect the board directly to your notebook, not to an external hub06:10
wolfspraulI'm still surprised about the high-speed thing, let's see :-)06:10
lekernelthat's the most troubling issue so far06:11
lekernelbut maybe it's only a hub/port/cable problem06:11
adamw_in windows, it can show "Milkymist USB JTAG06:24
adamw_" & "Milkymist USB Serial06:24
wolfspraullet's focus on Linux06:25
adamw_i know why  I got wrong. I just changed the wiki page from "0731" to "0713"...man06:25
wolfspraulthe PID should not matter that much for your testing right now06:25
wolfsprauldid you connect it directly to your notebook before? or to a hub?06:26
adamw_direct to notebook.06:26
wolfspraulok where are you now? did you change the PortA/Hardware thing to 245 fifo?06:27
wolfspraulwhat does Linux say in /var/log/syslog when you connect the board?06:28
wolfspraultail -f /var/log/syslog06:28
adamw_new full speed USB device using uhci_hcd and address 1006:30
adamw_Jan  3 19:29:25 adam-laptop kernel: [16336.119151] usb 5-2: not running at top speed; connect to a high speed hub06:30
adamw_Jan  3 19:29:25 adam-laptop kernel: [16336.143386] usb 5-2: configuration #1 chosen from 1 choice06:30
wolfsprauladamw_: run 'dmesg' and paste the last 20 lines or so in pastebin.com06:35
wolfspraullekernel: maybe his ehci/uhci drivers in Linux are messed up?06:37
wolfsprauladamw_: try 'lsmod|grep hcd'06:39
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: I suggest using OVP components built to purpose. USB2.0 parasitary capacitance is rather insanely low06:39
adamw_wolfspraul, no reply after 'lsmod|grep hcd'06:40
wolfspraullekernel: on the other hand, why would the low-speed/high-speed problem prevent ttyUSB from showing up?06:40
wolfsprauladamw_: try the gtkterm thing again, on /dev/ttyUSB0 and /dev/ttyUSB106:41
wolfspraulI don't think they have been created though...06:41
wolfspraulwhat kernel do you have? (run 'uname -a')06:42
adamw_no work, i remember gtkterm can let me scroll to select /dev/ttyUSB0 or ttyUSB106:43
wolfspraulrun lsusb -v -d 20b7:0713 again (pastebin), I'm wondering whether the interface class is now different...06:46
wolfspraulI mean I don't know why your Linux should know there is a serial port there06:46
DocScrutinizerwpwrak: sparkgaps are nice... for circuits with electron tubes06:47
DocScrutinizerand happy new year @ everybody06:49
adamw_wolfspraul, http://pastebin.com/m4hK8me506:50
wolfspraulhappy new year to you too!06:52
adamw_lekernel, do i need to do http://www.milkymist.org/wiki/index.php?title=Working_ftdi_eeprom06:53
wolfspraulok. manufacturer, product and serial strings are still not set, but that shouldn't matter.06:53
wolfspraulno you don't need ftdi_eeprom06:54
wolfspraulcan you run 'uname -a'?06:54
wolfspraulunfortunately I don't have a board, and I'm not clear what makes Linux detect the ttyUSB. only lekernel can help :-)06:54
adamw_Linux adam-laptop 2.6.32-27-generic #49-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 1 23:52:12 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux06:55
wolfspraulit seems Windows can detect the serial port?06:57
adamw_it shows06:57
wolfsprauldo you have a serial terminal software in Windows?06:58
adamw_hmm...let me try to use it in windows06:58
wolfspraulwhich Windows version do you have? if it's old, there may be a software called 'HyperTerminal'07:03
wolfspraulI think they removed it in Vista though07:03
adamw_you are right07:06
adamw_i am installing Teraterm Pro07:06
wolfsprauldoes anybody know how to check for low-speed/high-speed usb device setup in Windows?07:11
wolfsprauladamw_: your Windows machine and your Linux machine are two different notebooks, right?07:12
adamw_wolfspraul, hey now i used Tera term Pro in windows with feedback (RX/TX) worked well.07:15
wolfspraulwell at least that :-)07:22
wolfsprauldo you have a usb memory stick?07:22
wolfspraulI am wondering whether your Linux notebook supports USB high speed at all...07:23
zrafawolfspraul: I do not know what low-speed and high-speed means yet :) is that usb 1.0 and 2.0 ?07:23
wolfspraulhow old is the Linux notebook?07:23
kristianpaulzrafa: yes07:23
wolfspraulif you have a usb memory stick, try connecting it and let me know what /var/log/syslog says07:23
zrafakristianpaul: great, at least I guessed well ;)07:23
kristianpaultry different usb ports is good idea, some laptops dont have all of then in 2.0 mode07:23
wolfspraultrue, good idea07:24
kristianpauladamw_: pastebin the output for lsusb with NO usb device connected07:24
kristianpaulthat usually tells:  Linux Foundation X.X  root hub07:25
adamw_kristianpaul, with lsusb -???07:25
kristianpaulso X.X may be 1.1 or 2.0 i hope :-)07:25
kristianpauladamw_:  no -07:25
kristianpauljsut lsusb07:25
adamw_Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub07:26
adamw_Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub07:26
kristianpaulgood you seems to have 2.0 USB ports :-)07:27
adamw_Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub07:27
wolfspraulwhich one was the jtag-serial board connected to earlier?07:27
adamw_i have three usb ports and all i tested07:27
adamw_no show ttyUSB1 or USB007:28
wolfspraulwell, I am not sure those 2 things are connected07:28
wolfspraulwhy would ttyUSB not work if in low speed?07:28
kristianpauladamw_: what is your current linux based distro?07:29
kristianpauluname -r07:29
adamw_[19906.712572] usb 5-2: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB007:29
adamw_[19906.712628] usbcore: registered new interface driver ftdi_sio07:29
adamw_[19906.712633] ftdi_sio: v1.5.0:USB FTDI Serial Converters Driver07:29
wolfspraulwhat's that?07:29
adamw_i can easily do a FDTI USB>TTL cable07:30
kristianpauloh :-)07:30
adamw_not the problem cable 2232H07:30
wolfspraulfirst you should try to get the serial port to work07:31
wolfspraullinux needs to create ttyUSB devices07:31
adamw_so i just don't know why my linux laptop can not detect /show ttyUSB107:31
adamw_but it can work in windows as well while running Tera Term07:32
wolfspraulcan you connect the jtag-serial, then pastebin lsusb -v07:32
wolfspraul(just -v, for all devices)07:32
wolfspraulif the Linux kernel doesn't know the vid/pid, and it also has no recognizable interface class, how can it create a serial device?07:34
wolfspraulI don't get it. There must be more.07:34
wolfspraulhow many external USB connectors does your notebook have?07:38
wolfspraulright now the jtag-serial board seems to be connected to a 1.1 hub07:38
wolfspraulso is a Logitech mouse07:39
adamw_three ports07:40
adamw_i typed 'ls /dev/ttyUSB1' to each port after I plugged07:40
kristianpauladamw_: did you tried type also dmesg after you pluged (to get a better debug) ?07:41
adamw_all not detected jtag-serial07:42
wolfspraulone by one07:42
wolfspraulmaybe the board just works fine07:42
adamw_kristianpaul, YES07:42
wolfspraulI keep saying that I don't know why Linux would detect the ttyUSB device. earlier lekernel seemed to say that if it's not detected as high-speed, then it won't setup the ttyUSB?07:43
wolfspraulbut I wouldn't know why07:43
adamw_i didn't see any like 'attached to /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyUSB1'07:43
wolfspraulso maybe we have 2 problems right now:07:43
wolfspraul1) your notebook does not have external usb 2.0 (high-speed) ports07:43
wolfspraulmaybe all 3 external ports are 1.107:43
wolfspraul2) it is not clear (to me) how Linux detects the ttyUSB devices, whether that can only work in high-speed07:44
wolfspraulworst case we run the whole test in Windows07:44
adamw_so for 1) how can we easily make sure my linux laptop built with 2.0 (high-speed)?07:44
wolfspraulit is 'built', but not sure about the external connectors07:45
wolfspraulyou have 3, right?07:45
adamw_yes, 3 ports07:45
wolfspraul1 has the jtag-serial now, another one has the logitech mouse, right?07:45
wolfspraulhow about the 3rd one. move the jtag-serial from where it is now to the 3rd one.07:45
wolfspraul(the empty one)07:45
wolfspraulthen pastepin lsusb -v again07:45
adamw_the others two I unplugged07:45
wolfspraulbefore when you ran lsusb, you had jtag-serial and logitech connected07:46
adamw_ok....let me do three times again with only jtag-serial07:46
wolfspraulmove jtag-serial to the one that was _not_ used by jtag-serial or logitech before07:46
wolfspraulwe already know that the port you had jtag-serial before, and logitech before, are both 1.107:46
wolfspraulso you only need to try the 3rd one07:46
adamw_now..i was confused...so let me do each usb port and pastebin.com07:48
adamw_usb port1 : http://pastebin.com/qiYtpPaW07:53
adamw_usb port2 : http://pastebin.com/1iEP44FF07:56
wolfspraulon Windows, you can try something like this http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html07:57
adamw_usb port3 : http://pastebin.com/LFXqw1EF07:58
kristianpaulhmm seems to me that 2.0 port is not externally wired08:01
adamw_kristianpaul, what did you mean?08:02
kristianpauladamw_: 1) your notebook does not have external usb 2.0 (high-speed) ports08:03
adamw_Are you meaning that there's no 2.0 port in my all 3 ports ?08:03
wolfspraulok but that's a side issue08:03
wolfspraulwe are trying to test the jtag-serial boards08:04
wolfsprauladamw_: on your Linux notebook, we cannot test high-speed right now.08:04
wolfspraulbut back to the jtag-serial board - it only works in high-speed mode?08:04
wolfspraulft2232h datasheet says high-speed and full-speed compatible08:09
wolfspraulso why are the ttyUSB not being created?08:10
wolfspraulor the other way round - how can Linux know there is a serial device there?08:11
wolfsprauladamw_: random attempt :-) try 'modprobe usbserial'08:14
adamw_what's it?08:15
adamw_no reply08:16
adamw_after typing08:16
adamw_type 'modprobe usbserial' after dmesg?08:17
wolfspraulI'm reading about a kernel bug... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159231808:18
wolfspraulwhich appeared in 2.6.32-25 (and you are on -27, very close)08:19
wolfspraulmaybe scrap Linux and just test on Windows08:20
wolfspraulI have no board here, I cannot effectively help you debug it.08:20
wolfspraulyou have no known-good board either, and were not able to prepare for the testing in advance.08:20
wolfspraulyou already can verify the serial port in Windows, the only thing that remains is a quick jtag test08:21
wolfspraulnot sure you have full-speed or high-speed in Windows08:21
adamw_but all linux commands depends on device name, isn't it?08:21
wolfspraulI don't have complete overview.08:22
wolfspraulthe vid/pid is quite important08:22
wolfsprauland I think the 'interface class' too, but that may be wrong already08:22
wolfspraulthe strings should not be important, but who knows, someone may also look at those08:22
wolfspraulwhen you reflash, remember to set the iManufacturer, iProduct and iSerial strings08:23
wolfspraulfor the iSerial, just let FT_Proc create a unique/random number08:23
wolfsprauliManufacturer = Qi Hardware08:23
wolfsprauliProduct = Milkymist One JTAG/serial08:23
wolfspraulyou can check with lsusb -v -p 20b7:0713, the boards you are making should look like http://pastebin.com/AwjFCH5x08:24
wolfspraulexcept that the iSerial should be unique on each board08:24
wolfspraulalso back when I flashed them, in FT_Prog I set this "Hardware Specific, Port A, Hardware" from RS232 UART to 245 FIFO08:25
wolfspraulI suggest you only flash and test 20 now.08:26
wolfspraulthat's enough08:26
wolfspraulno need to waste time with the other 80, since we will most likely fine-tune this setup, looking at the confusion we are facing right now :-)08:27
adamw_yeah..i can sure I did a unique/random number in FT_Proc08:27
wolfsprauljust play around a little08:27
wolfspraulwe don't know much, and have few boards to compare with/debug08:27
wolfspraulmaybe when lekernel is back he can correct some of our assumptions...08:27
wolfspraulfrom what you see in Windows, it seems that flashing works, and serial works too08:28
wolfspraulthat's a good sign08:28
wolfsprauljust need to find a way to check jtag from Windows08:28
adamw_yeah...I'll try to reflash Manufacturer name08:28
wolfsprauland maybe see whether the board is recognized and operating in high-speed mode08:28
wolfspraulI pasted a link to some free software above, maybe that helps.08:28
adamw_yeah...I'll try it08:28
wolfspraulthis one08:29
wolfspraullooks similar to lsusb08:29
wolfspraulI haven't tried, I have no Windows.08:29
adamw_also maybe I directly use xilinx tool to test if jtag function is ok08:29
wolfspraulon Linux?08:29
adamw_on windows08:29
adamw_but I didn't try...before08:29
wolfspraulnot sure it works, there may also be problems in recognizing the board08:30
wolfspraulmaybe if you flash the vid/pid to be the same as in the xilinx cable it can work?08:30
adamw_so need to check somewhere document is08:30
wolfspraulthere are quite a few switches and settings, and ftdi variants...08:30
wolfspraulI think it's messy anyway, we are not well prepared. So just find whatever way you think the boards are working. serial and jtag.08:30
wolfspraulonly test 20.08:30
wolfspraulthen we need to improve this whole process in Linux08:31
wolfspraulyou tested serial already, just need to find a way to test jtag :-)08:33
wolfspraulwith serial working, I'd say things look good08:33
wolfspraulI'm an optimist...08:33
adamw_yeah...via Tera Term Pro, it works well08:33
adamw_well...i try my self to find if using xilinx tool in windows to test jtag.08:34
wolfspraulI can imagine that the xilinx tool will look for specific pid/vid numbers.08:35
adamw_once I success in window and read Spartan 6 id back then the jtag/serial run should be all fine08:35
wolfspraulso unless you reflash the jtag-serial boards with the vid/pid usb ids that the xilinx software expects, it may not work with the jtag-serial board08:35
wolfspraulof course I'm guessing08:35
wolfspraulor maybe you can tell the xilinx software somehow to accept 20b7:071308:36
wolfsprauland to understand that it is a ftdi 2232 with jtag on port a08:36
adamw_but I still feel strange why my linux laptop is 1.1 not 2.008:36
wolfspraulthe 2.0 is internal08:36
wolfspraulthe external connectors (seem) all to be 1.108:36
wolfspraulthe notebook is 4 years old, right?08:36
adamw_hmm....i checked official web...it said08:36
wolfspraulwhat notebook model is it?08:37
adamw_ha...bad...it's really 2.0 internal only08:37
wolfspraulbtw - I really think the low-speed high-speed discussion is besides the point.08:37
wolfspraulaccording to the 2232 datasheet the chip should support both08:37
wolfspraulso there are more configuration issues on the Linux side, not just low-speed08:38
adamw_V1020 model , Fujitsu08:38
wolfspraulboth serial & jtag _should_ work with low-speed as well, I think08:38
adamw_hmm...I'll check 2232 jtag/serial circuit again tonight08:39
wolfspraulit works in Windows08:39
wolfspraulI'd focus on that08:39
adamw_well...i need to have dinner now,08:40
adamw_see you later08:40
adamw_thanks a lot!08:40
kristianpaularggg openmoko support for wikireader sucks :(09:03
kristianpaulThe wikireader i have to my mother for chrismas jsut got bricked09:06
kristianpaulI debug my self the SD card and seems dead, no fdisk, no dmesg recognize it09:06
kristianpaulI write that to OM support09:06
kristianpaulThey first askme to do silly procedure of taking SD & Batterues back and put it again09:07
kristianpaulNow i reply with a: i dint work09:07
kristianpaulplease tell how to debug SD, i *bought* a bran new SD from kingstone09:08
kristianpaulThey reply: ok, send us the device back to Sandiego, CA, we can see what was wrong with it..09:08
kristianpaulThats 50usd i'm not going to pay more for it, i already pay around 160USD just to have in holliday09:09
zrafakristianpaul: better would say to buy two nns and work on better wikireader for it :)09:35
zrafawould say= would be09:35
kristianpaulzrafa: my mother is not good with keyboards..09:36
kristianpaulno good at all and no hope it will change09:36
kristianpaulI like the wikiriader i have from you btw :-)09:37
zrafakristianpaul: you could disable several keys on nns, so it looks like OM wikireader :)09:37
kristianpaulany way i formally close this off-topic chat, sorr for the noise i was a bit biased and angry09:37
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: (OVP and USB 2.0) high-speed is a pain, yes. but full-speed is a lot more relaxed. and the components are cheaper, too. TVS are quite pricey for what they are.09:56
wolfspraulwe have sorted out the jtag-serial stuff in the #milkymist channel09:57
wolfspraul"modprobe ftdi_sio vendor=0x20b7 product=0x0713" did the trick09:58
wolfspraulall moving now :-)09:58
wpwrakDocScrutinizer: (happy new year) you too ! :)09:58
wolfspraulDocScrutinizer: Dieter didn't make it to 27c3 either in the end, he got snowed in.09:58
wpwrakzrafa: (usb 2.0) its a bit more complex. usb 1.0, usb 2.0, etc. are the versions of the standard. then you have low-speed, full-speed, high-speed, and soon yet another thing (don't know what they called it - "insane speed" perhaps ? :)09:59
wolfspraulsuper speed?09:59
wpwrakzrafa: now usb 1 only defined low and full speed. usb 2 defines everything in usb 1 plus high-speed09:59
wpwrakzrafa: so if a product says "usb 2.0", it can still be only high- oder even low-speed. needless to say, this is rather confusing.10:00
kristianpaulhmm confusing indeed10:02
wpwrakwolfspraul: (usb 1.1 vs. usb 2.0 hub) do you know that, if you have a EHCI (the high-speed controller), that you also have an OHCI/UHCI (low/full-speed) in parallel ?10:10
wpwrakwolfspraul: (usb) the EHCI only does high-speed. if your device is something else, it gets rerouted to the UHCI/OHCI10:11
wpwrakwolfspraul: so it seems unlikely to me that thus 4 yo laptop would only have 1.1 ports on the outside. possible explanations for not detecting a high-speed device as high-speed would include: 1) kernel somehow not configured to support it (not terribly likely with ubuntu, but you never know), 2) some odd bios setting that disables the EHCI, 3) some mystery bit in the FTDI that makes it not ask for high-speed, or 4) some hardware flaw t10:14
wpwrakhat makes high-speed negotiation fail.10:14
wpwrakwolfspraul: did adam try to insert a usb flash stick ?10:15
wolfspraulI don't think so.10:15
wolfspraulwe have put this high-speed thing aside for now.10:15
wolfspraulI thought he googled that his notebook indeed only has usb 1.1 on the outside?10:16
wolfsprauldon't worry about it. maybe he needs to buy a new notebook anyway, and then switch to fedora right away...10:16
wolfspraulthat thing he has right now is old10:16
wpwrakthe link he posted seems to say only usb 2.0: http://www.fujitsu.com/cn/services/hardware/pc/lifebook/v/v1020-4.html10:17
wpwrakthe tricky bit with using different machines is that sometimes your problems come from the capacitative load. e.g., the first atusb boards had TVSs of 330 pF on the USB lines. they worked flawlessly with my PC and my fujitsu laptop. then i connected them to the OQO a few days ago. lo and behold, they didn't even enumerate.10:19
wpwrakof course, 330 pF is way too high. (what's allowed are 50 pF) after removing those little monsters, the boards worked fine.10:20
wpwrak(i used those 330 pF critters, because a) i hadn;t foung the limit back then (it's a bit hidden in the standard. they write a lot about low-speed and then even more about high-speed, but the full-speed load limit is conveniently placed only in the caption of a figure), and b) becasuse i had hoped to make the board easily diy-makeable :)10:23
wpwrakwolfspraul: another issue with the ftdi chips: their horrible lack of documentation makes linux support unreliable, particularly when it comes to the eeprom utility (ftdi_eeprom). it's not so bad for the really old chips, but more recent ones can have issues. e.g., with the FT232RL, the default use set an endpoint size to zero, so the chip would enumerate, but any attempt to send bulk data with libusb would fail, with the kernel compla10:35
wpwrakining that the message was too large.10:35
wolfspraulI know. We are working on making all of this work flawlessly out of the box, but it will take some time.10:35
wpwrakwolfspraul: so your approach of trying with the official windows tools first has some merits (i guess you didn't expect me to say that :)10:36
wpwrakwell, or at least s/windows/proprietary/10:37
wolfspraulyeah well. this jtag-serial run is a little less organized than normally anyway.10:37
wolfspraulI am gambling that the board is so simple that not much can go wrong :-)10:37
wolfspraulso I sent all 3 working boards to Sebastien, leaving 0 for Adam. That would be a total no-no for any normal product.10:38
wpwrak(not much can go wrong) about one month if fighting the ft232rl taught me otherwise ;-)10:38
wolfspraulessentially Adam has to make 100 of a totally unknown board (for him), right away. No testing preparations, just make them then find out whether they work :-)10:38
wolfspraulyes I know, it's risky. I am crossing my fingers.10:38
wolfspraulSebastien needed his 3. If Adam would have had one the last month or so things would be much more controlled.10:39
wolfspraulbut this way, they are more fun :-)10:39
wpwrakdo sebastien's work ?10:39
wolfspraulit'll be fine.10:40
wpwrakyeah the boards aren't too expensive, so it's not too big a gamble, i guess10:40
wolfspraulnext time we raise the standards a little.10:40
wolfspraulin a way, at least the lowering of standards was on purpose / controlled. controlled chaos...10:40
wpwrakif sebastien got his three to work, then the chances of adam eventually succeeding should be rather good :)10:40
wolfsprauloh of course10:40
wolfspraulthose boards worked even before I sent them to sebastien10:41
wpwrak"controlled flight into terrain" (-:C10:41
wolfspraulthe board was designed by Yanjun Luo10:41
wolfsprauland he soldered (by hand!) 4 of them10:41
wolfspraulthey all worked10:41
wolfspraulhe kept 1, gave me 310:41
wpwrakaah, so the 3 are not from the same batch as adam's. i see.10:41
wolfspraulafter consideration, I decided to give all 3 to Sebastien, even though it was risky on Adam's side10:41
wolfspraulthat's why Adam is scramling (a little) right now10:41
wolfspraulno not at all. the pcb was made elsewhere, the sourcing was elsewhere.10:42
wpwrakyou should have bribed yanjun to make one more :)10:42
wolfspraulcrystal was changed, headers were changed, one usb bug (high-speed related :-)) was fixed10:42
wolfsprauland then 100 right away, and first time for adam to ever have a working one in his hands10:42
wolfspraulthis is not the right way to do things, I know. but whatever. some tough decisions here...10:43
wolfspraulat least it's a global collaborative project10:43
wpwrakyeah. i known to be good unit would have helped adam at least with the host software side10:43
wpwrakbut well, no risk, no fun :)10:43
wolfspraulwe decided against it ;-) (sorry Adam...:-))10:43
wpwrakand adam's learning experience will be more profound ;-)10:44
wolfspraulwpwrak: I see adam slowly developing hardcore foss survival techniques, like 'when in doubt what to do in a directory, just run make and see what happens'10:49
wolfspraulif he continues down that road, he will be really good in a while :-)10:49
wpwrakhehe :)10:50
bartbeshave you guys seen the clock oofoe made?10:53
bartbes(I believe he called himself oofoe1 here)10:54
wolfspraulno - clock?10:54
bartbesoh yeah10:57
wolfspraulbartbes: nice!10:57
bartbesand that picture is really bad10:57
wolfspraullet's get this included in the images10:57
bartbesI was waiting for him to show10:58
wolfspraulnlove could become really great on the NanoNote, of course I know many details are still missing, but I'm hopeful...10:58
bartbesso we could talk about adding the battery indicator10:58
bartbesalright, I got a better picture10:58
bartbesnot quite focused, but at least you can see what's going on10:59
bartbesincidentally the nn's clock is off11:01
bartbesbut meh, who cares11:01
wolfspraulwe need some good nlove screenshots11:02
wolfspraultaken on the device, clean 320x240 png11:02
bartbesI totally forgot about fbgrab11:02
bartbesheh, well, I guess you would see no diff if I were to run the clock on my comp11:02
bartbes(yay, cross-platform!)11:02
wolfspraulthat's not nice :-)11:03
bartbesanyway, I guess I need to put some more work into the graphics11:03
bartbesand get some games out11:03
bartbesin fact, I recently heard nlove might be popular in the caanoo scene11:04
bartbesI shall investigate11:04
wolfspraulthat'd be awesome11:04
bartbesmadness, looking for uses of your own program11:05
bartbes124 downloads on openhandhelds.org11:07
bartbesI didn't even know they mirrored :O11:07
zrafawpwrak: thanks for the clarification! ;)11:46
wpwrakzrafa: ah, and wolfgang was right. the new speed with usb 3.0 is called "SuperSpeed" (3.2-5 Gbps, depending on how you interpret it)12:09
wpwrakwow, boom picked up a TVS for a LED. now, how did i get it to do that ? ;-)13:52
zearhey guys, i thought maybe one of you have a better knowledge about the current state of the nanonote and could reply to this nice fella: http://boards.dingoonity.org/ben-nanonote/does-it-worth-buying-ben-nanonote-for-retro-hacking/13:54
wolfspraulwell you covered it nicely13:58
wolfspraulI think 'n'love = nanonote love13:58
zearwolfspraul, my knowledge is quite outdated13:58
wolfspraulyour post does sound a bit depressing though :-)13:58
zearwolfspraul, yeah, it is sort of true though13:58
zearif nanonote had an easier in use toolchain, i'd port a lot more stuff to it13:59
wpwrakwolfspraul: funny - after an eeschema --bom, eeschema comes up with a black background13:59
wolfspraulI've seen that too13:59
wolfspraulmaybe some settings get saved13:59
wpwrakzear: jlime has a very nice toolchain13:59
zrafawolfspraul: nlove == nanonote love sounds like a nice name for a nanonote distribution :)13:59
zearwpwrak, which doesn't work for me13:59
wpwrakzear: how come /13:59
zrafazear: nah13:59
zearwpwrak, first, rafa left a lot of default settings in the config files13:59
zearlike sdl-config14:00
zrafazear: there is a proper toolchain on qi servers14:00
zrafazear: jlime toolchain I mean14:00
zearand the second is, for some reason i can't get a simple helloworld to compile14:00
zrafazear: the old at jlime.com is bad built14:00
zearwhile rafa, on the exact same toolchain, can compile everything14:00
zearzrafa, why didn't you tell me? :D14:00
zrafazear: you should use that one if you want to work a bit again ;)14:00
zearzrafa, that should be sweet14:00
wolfspraulzear: xiangfu wrote up this... http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/discussion/2010-December/006622.html14:01
zearalso, nice to see you online again :)14:01
zrafazear: because you was a bit tired and frustrated with your nn and broken screen14:01
zearzrafa, my screen is fine if i don't wiggle with it14:01
wpwrakzear: if your host is 64 bit, then you may need some small tweaks to make it work. but once it works, it's very comfty14:01
zearwpwrak, nah, it's x8614:01
wolfsprauloh good point. that sdk I pointed to is 64-bit.14:02
zearwpwrak, i don't remember the exact error i was getting, but the same error with dingux toolchain meant the toolchain was placed in the wrong path14:02
zearbut we've double checked with rafa and everything seemed to be correctly installed14:02
wolfspraulso you have a 32-bit system?14:02
zearwolfspraul, yes, a 32 bit gentoo14:02
wpwrakzear: maybe just try rafa's latest and see if it works now ?14:02
zrafazear: the link to the jlime toolchain and instructions are here : http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Jlime14:02
zearwpwrak, yeah, i'll have to try this14:02
wpwrakzear: one of the nice features is that you can install .ipkg packages into your build environment. so if you need some exotic library, you just install the -dev package and you're good.14:03
zrafazear: again.. the old one worked for me because my local settins. But the toolchain was not properly built. SO forget that. We tried to fix that one because we did not have the proper one (which we have now)14:03
zearzrafa, sounds great now14:04
zeari'll check it out sooner or later14:04
zrafawolfspraul: the xiangfu link you put here looks like xiangfu did the same mistake like me to prepare a sdk or toolchain14:04
zearwpwrak, i prefer a "non-interactive" kernel where i don't need to use any package managers to install extra apps14:05
zrafawolfspraul: I will try to talk him about.. it should not have a hardcoded DIR or local settings from his environment14:05
zearand where i can do just export PATH="${PATH}:/path/to/my/toolchain" and not play with any weird commands like with the openmoko toolchain ;)14:06
zrafawolfspraul: I did the same, and now check how tired is zear after to try with me to use a bad toolchain14:06
zearzrafa, i basically have some other stuff to do for today ;)14:06
zeari'll try it out in the near future though14:06
wpwrakzear: huh ? are you seriously claiming packages are a bad thing ?14:06
zrafazear: no problem, I have not with a lot of time either14:06
zrafazear: so just try whenever you want14:06
zearwpwrak, no, but i like when you have everything in your toolchain already and you don't need to worry about installing extra packages14:07
wpwrakzear: doesn't have much to do with the kernel, by the way14:07
zearbecause sooner or later you'll break your toolchain with some dependencies you downloaded from the repo :D14:07
zrafazear: well, but we can not put all the 15.000 packages on toolchain14:07
wolfspraulwpwrak: does the background change after --bom bother you a lot?14:07
zearwpwrak, i meant non-interactive toolchain, sorry ;D14:07
zrafabetter if we install them when we need14:07
wolfspraulif not I will just wait a little and see what accumulates. I have seen this one but wasn't alert enough to investigate on the spot.14:08
wpwrakzear: well, the toolchain has the basics. but there's just too much stuff around for an installation of everything to make much sense. besides, some things probably conflict with each other in some ways.14:08
zearzrafa, i know, i guess i'm just used to gaming devices' toolchains, where all you need can be fit in a ~50M toolchain file14:08
zrafazear: and we can add stuff with just a command (with opkg-target). It is really easy.14:08
wpwrakwolfspraul: only until i find out how you managed to make this happen ;-) (it's easy to revert - change the preferences. even if you don't save them, they "stick". more magic.)14:08
wpwrakwolfspraul: (saw it) good. so it's not just some local quirk :)14:09
zearbtw zrafa, what was miriam's eeepc's model?14:09
wolfspraulit's probably saved automatically14:09
wolfspraulI am not surprised14:09
wolfspraulthere are so many load and save config calls all over the sources, unbelievable14:09
wpwraksigh. it's just a little odd that it also auto-saves if you have a "save" button right there14:10
wolfspraulI am setting the background to black. I probably need to be more diligent, find out where it's saved, and then revert to the original value at the right time.14:10
wolfspraulnot surprised. from looking at the sources the config stuff is really messy.14:11
wolfspraullots of defaults, overrides, read, write, etc.14:11
wpwrakzrafa: how big is your package repository ? ;-)14:11
wolfspraulin some places they even reload because they don't trust what's in memory...14:11
wolfspraullet's just accumulate a few more bugs then I'll fix them in one go14:12
wolfspraulif you want it fixed, let me know14:12
wpwrakbtw, why do you set the background to black when generating a BOM ?14:12
wpwrak(fixed) yeah, no hurry14:12
wolfspraulgood point, just a bad flow14:12
wolfspraulI just need to look into it, no problem other than time.14:13
wolfspraulI'm most concerned about maintenance overhead when upticking KiCad, that will be interesting.14:14
zrafazear: eeepc 90014:14
zrafazear: I guess that asus does not make it anymore14:14
zearzrafa, i bought exactly the same model then :D14:15
zrafazear: haha.. :D14:15
zearand if it wansn't for the meeting, i probably wouldn't decide to purchase one14:15
viricanyone tried to use fbreader?14:15
zrafazear: we are using linux mint there.. really nice and fast14:15
zeari really liked the size factor and how it presents in general14:15
zearzrafa, i'll remember to bug you a bit about it once i get it in mail14:16
zearthe one i bought (secondhand) comes with xandros preinstalled14:16
zrafazear: that sucks (xandros)14:16
zearbut the seller was so nice to call me and apologise for the preinstalled linux, assuring me i can reflash to xp in no time ;D14:17
zrafazear: warning: I think that there is a tiny really tiny fat partition (maybe 5mb). dont delete that one14:17
zearzrafa, what would happen if i did so?14:17
wpwrakis xandros upstream still around ? i think the eebox or whatever it is called i got for my tv also had xandros. couldn't even update the distro :)14:17
zrafazear: it is really OT, we can continue at jlime or private :)14:17
zearsure ;)14:18
wpwrakzrafa: now that we all are curious about what happens ;-)14:18
zrafawpwrak: haha :D14:18
zrafawpwrak: repositoy: I guess that around 15000 packages :)14:18
wpwrakzrafa: any idea how many MB ? ob kinda curious how it relates to zear's 50 MB14:19
zrafawpwrak: xandros: the eeepc just let you install pacakges from some asus repo IIRC, few packages and xandros really sucks for me14:19
zrafawpwrak: zear's 50 MB is a toolchain for linux game consoles.. which brings with SDL, allegro, etc.. libraries used by games14:19
zearzrafa, not allegro, i failed to properly port it14:20
zearbut sdl, vorbis and stuff like that14:20
zearfor curious: http://code.google.com/p/dingoo-linux/downloads/detail?name=dingux_toolchain_20091022.tar.bz2&can=2&q=14:25
wpwrakhmm, there's a bug in boom's price selector. if picking a part X that also satisfies the requirements for part Y, then it'll use X for both, even if there was a cheaper choice for Y. something to fix in the rewrite ...14:25
kristianpaulyay seems i finally i'm not getting repeated data in a common pattern14:28
wpwrakwith the ring buffer ?14:30
kristianpaulwell i dint changed that part of the code14:31
kristianpaulActually i just modified the C code was polling data14:31
kristianpaulIt was pointing a fixed address now i points the whole 1024 registers in secuence14:31
wpwrakah. so what did you change then to make it work ?14:34
kristianpaulThat make me thing if want go back to fixed pointe i should do more test with the timing setup on the (SMCR14:34
kristianpaulwpwrak:  i replaced a constant with a for loop14:35
wpwrakeek :)14:35
wpwrakmaybe try to get help from the people who have been working with SIE in the last months ? maybe they already know the problem or have solved it14:36
kristianpaulI need clen more stuff i wanted to confirm my theory of exotic timing tune in the Xburst EMC14:36
kristianpaulwell.. there is an already solution14:36
kristianpaulbut not compatible with ring buffer14:36
kristianpaulcause it requires start a reading, wait it finish, then read the collected data and start again..14:37
kristianpaulkind of slow for what i'm looking (stream gps raw data as it arrives)14:37
kristianpaulWell i already wrote to qi list with cc to carlos, and dint get other replies besides the one you can see :-)14:38
kristianpaulAnyway i'm learning a lot with all this issues :-)14:38
kristianpauls/issues/ignorance from my side14:38
wpwrakmaybe ask a bit more specifically, e.g., whether any of carlos's students has done something similar. then poke that guy.14:39
kristianpaulThe ADC is the most similar14:39
kristianpauland it works as i already pointed14:39
wpwrakthe fragile timing doesn't sound good. if you don't solve this early, you'll never be able to trust your results.14:39
kristianpaulThey still need a IRQ glag implemented as a register14:40
kristianpaulyeah, i need trust my results indeed14:40
kristianpauli alredy send one to be analized i'm hoping get results back soon14:40
wpwraki'd still kinda suspect caching. but the symptoms don't match exactly14:40
kristianpaulI'll do few more test i think i'm close14:41
wpwrake.g., i would expect the cache to almost never change, since you're probably in a very tight loop with a small working set14:41
wpwrakbut then, maybe you're not. in which case the cache could be pretty erratic.14:41
wpwrakkristianpaul: have you checked that the memory region into which the FPGA is mapped is uncached ?14:46
wpwraki think a quick indicator should be to see if the region is listed in /proc/iomem14:48
wpwrakto access the FPGA, do you mmap /dev/mem ?14:49
wpwrakor do you have some dedicated device in /dev ? or maybe some library that handles the mapping for you ?14:51
kristianpaulyes (/dev/mem)14:51
kristianpaulwpwrak: how i can know if it is cached?14:54
wpwrakhmm, a little suspicious. i wonder what cache settings the kernel defaults to when nothing specific is set14:54
wpwrakmaybe let's try something else first14:55
wpwrakcan you write to the FPGA, or only read ?14:55
kristianpaulwrite to14:56
wpwrakokay, then maybe try this: disable the writing. i.e., when you read you get X, then you write Y but the value is not stored. then the next read should yield X again.14:56
kristianpaulok let me try14:57
wpwrak(i hope :) all depends a bit on how the xburst handles such things, but it would be the "usual" way for uncached memory)14:57
wpwraklarsc: what do you think ?14:58
larscwhat to i think about what?14:58
wpwrakfor finding out how whether caching is set, the only way i can think of is to walk the page tables. but that's messy. what your drivers normally do is just request the right kind of caching and you trust the kernel to do it right.14:59
larscis the fpga connected to the memory bus?14:59
kristianpaullarsc: it shares addr and data, so yes it is15:00
wpwraklarsc: whether this test for caching would work on xburst: read read-only location X getting value Y, write Z != Y to X, then read X again. if you get Y, there's not cache. if you get Z, the CPU is caching the data.15:00
larscwell if you mmap the uncached address it should work15:02
wpwraklarsc: ah, uncached address ... that's an architecture detail i have to look up then :)15:04
larscKSEG1 is the keyword15:04
kristianpaulI dint get not Y either Z, so it should be okay15:05
larsckristianpaul: what is the address which mmap?15:05
wpwrakneither Y nor Z ? that's scary ;-)15:06
kristianpaulwpwrak: is not, well i dont changed the fpga, let me hardcode the reg ;-)15:06
larsckristianpaul: i think thats cached. 0xB5000000 is the uncached address15:08
wpwraklarsc: should that be 0xb5000... ?15:08
wpwrakhah ! :)15:08
kristianpaulwait wait i'll set a read-only-reg on fpga first15:09
kristianpaullarsc: how do you know that is cached?15:17
kristianpauland how wpwrak point the right address ?15:17
larscbecause it is in kseg0 and kseg0 is cached15:17
larsckseg1 is uncached15:17
wpwrakXBurst-Core_Manual.pdf, page 35, figure 6-1 :)15:17
kristianpaulah core..15:17
kristianpauli never looked that15:18
larscto get the uncached address from an cached address you have to OR it with 0xa000000015:18
wpwrakkristianpaul: and, did the result of your program change ?15:21
kristianpaulwait wait my cpu still is do syhtesis right now15:21
kristianpaulwpwrak: i get Y15:22
wpwrakvery good ! :)15:23
wpwraklarsc: high five, i think ;-)15:24
kristianpaulbut i was mapping 0x1500000015:24
wpwrakkristianpaul: grrr.15:24
larsccould be luck15:24
kristianpaulwait, i'll try 0xB500000015:24
larscbetter use 0xb5...15:24
wpwrakyeah, caches have a lot in common with schroedinger's cat15:24
kristianpauli'm not used to systems with MMU. i see why i never tought in that...15:25
lekernelcache controllers with bug too. but they're nowhere near as bad as USB15:25
wpwraklekernel: having a fight with USB right now ? :)15:26
lekernelused too... getting it to work on MM1 was an horrible experience15:26
lekernelUSB and SDRAM were the two worst things to fight with15:26
lekernelbut at least SDRAM was interesting, I learned a lot15:27
wpwrakhmm, this is fun. one of my disks is failing. (or maybe it's the mainboard - that pc had some issues before) meanwhile, the program is happily running, collecting data with nowhere to save it. this will be fun :)15:27
lekerneland there are still some USB bugs it seems...grr15:27
lekernelthey only happen with certain devices, of course15:28
lekernelmine work correctly15:28
wpwrakthe joy of interoperability :)15:28
wpwrak"certain devices" = certain MM1 or certain things they connect to ?15:28
lekernelcertain things they connect to15:28
lekernelthe MM1 USB hardware is simple enough not to have board-to-board variations (except poor solders joints, we had that too)15:29
wpwrakthat's the evil part, yes15:29
kristianpaulhmm are you sure about 0xb500? my Xbusrt is jz472515:29
kristianpaulI said cause i'm not reading what is on sra-on-fpga..15:30
wpwrakkristianpaul: they should be all the same15:30
kristianpaulhmm :/15:34
wpwrakare there any readable SIE schematics ?15:39
wpwrak(the ones in schhist are undecipherable)15:40
larsckristianpaul: it works with 0x1500... but not with 0xb5000..., thats strange. can you show the code?15:41
kristianpaulwpwrak: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/nn-usb-fpga/source/tree/master/KICAD_design_files/SAKC_PCB_v215:41
kristianpaullarsc: yes wait a min15:41
kristianpaullarsc: http://paste.debian.net/103705/15:42
kristianpaulmap function comes from  this http://paste.debian.net/103706/15:43
wpwrakkristianpaul: you have to declare virt_addr as volatile int *15:44
kristianpaulwell thats a sie example i tought was okay i jsut added the extra reading part and changed the memmory addr to map15:45
Action: kristianpaul reads about volatile variables15:46
wpwrakif it's not "volatile", the compiler is free to do whatever it pleases there. no, that's not okay :)15:46
larscthe gpio address should also be 0xb1301...15:47
wpwraklarsc: i actually wonder what happens with the SoC registers. i used 0x1... quite  alot and didn't notice any problems15:48
wpwraklarsc:of course, maybe i was just a lot luckier than kristianpaul  :)15:50
wpwrakhhm. tried the thing with the blinkenlight. with 0x1..., it works. with 0xb..., it doens't. interesting.15:58
wpwrakhmm, thinking of it ... do kseg# really work like this ? i mean with mmap ?16:00
kristianpaul0xb on my side and now get messier :S16:00
larschm, ok seems as if kseg1 is only accessible in kernel mode16:00
kristianpaulis it 0xb1301000 right?16:01
kristianpaullarsc: so no *b* after all?16:01
wpwrakkristianpaul: wait a moment :) i think we need a plan B ...16:01
wpwrak(but not 0xb ;-)16:02
larscprobably the first solution was ok16:03
larsci guess O_SYNC does the trick16:03
kristianpaullarsc: so resuming, there is no cached thing at 0x01500000 ?16:08
larscactually i'm not sure16:11
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: octave: install Octave development libs&scripts to staging_dir http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/244c84916:11
qi-bot[commit] David Kühling: Port of plplot: a plotting library supporting most scripting languages http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/0a1980c16:11
wpwraki find the O_SYNC a bit dubious, too16:13
wpwrakkristianpaul: but ... let's go back to 0x1... but this time with volatile. does this improve things ?16:13
kristianpaulX getting value Y, write Z != Y to X, then read X again. i got Y16:15
kristianpaulbut i have volatile on the code to get data from sige, i'll fix16:16
kristianpauli dont have*16:16
wpwraklarsc: ah yes O_SYNC could do the trick indeed. it implies O_DSYNC, which gets checked in drivers/char/mem.c:uncached_access16:26
wpwraklearned something new :)16:27
wpwrakkristianpaul: sorry about the misdirection with the cache. but let's see what the volatile does.16:33
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: bbl.c (main): open /dev/mem with O_SYNC to disable caching http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-blinkenlights/76c061616:35
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: f32x: open /dev/mem with O_SYNC to disable caching http://qi-hw.com/p/f32xbase/6dbd84416:35
kristianpaulwpwrak: should i use that | O_SYNC on this code too  i guess?16:36
kristianpaulah wait is already there :-)16:37
wpwrakbut you have it already via jz_mmap / jz_fpga_map, no ? or are you using something else ?16:38
wpwrakyeha :)16:38
kristianpaulno no,16:38
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: libbb/libbbd.c (main): open /dev/mem with O_SYNC to disable caching http://qi-hw.com/p/wernermisc/4a04cdc16:54
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/cam: it's obsolete now - removed http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/2ac242016:55
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/cam2: renamed to atusb/cam http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/59ae88d16:55
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/usb.sch: typo in VR1 footprint, should be 0402 instead of 0403 http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/04d3cec16:55
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/usb.sch: typo: the LED is called LTST-C190KRKT, not LTST-C190KTKR http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/882558b16:55
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/usb.sch: specified capacitance of TVSs (33 pF) and explained why http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/08eec5b16:55
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: atusb/atrf.sch: changed C3, C8, C9 to "22pF/RF", to make BOOM select UHI Q type http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/9851e3c16:55
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: tools/lib/atusd.c (atusd_open): open /dev/mem with O_SYNC to disable caching http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/f26d73516:55
viricit looks like a bad configured serial port.17:19
wpwrakDigi-Key Part Number AT86RF230-ZU-ND, Ship Date Estimate (mm/dd/yyyy) 4/13/201117:19
wpwraksomeone just snatched up all the chips they had in stock :-(17:20
wolfsprauloh oh17:20
wolfspraulhardware is fun17:20
kristianpaulindeed, i just fixed my wikireader too, seem the SD was fucked (dunno why happen this), so i will not recomend to buy "Team" branded micro SD/HC cards17:27
wpwrakinterestingly, the AT86RF231 is stocked all over the place17:32
wpwrakthe only problem with it is that, last time i checked, it was a non-export item17:32
lekernelwpwrak: where do you live btw?17:33
wpwrakin buenos aires, argentina17:33
kristianpaulAny one can explain me for this: mmap (0, FPGA_SIZE, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, fd, address);17:44
kristianpaulWhat is about PROT_READ and PROT_WRITE, ?17:44
wpwrakthis means that you can read and write to those registers17:45
kristianpaulah ,pitty :-)17:46
wpwrakhmm. i could order the at86rf231 without problem. maybe they lifted the ban.17:48
wpwrakeven better then. the 231 is slightly better. should be basically 100% compatible.17:49
wpwrakyeah. the TI chip (CC2520) is still restricted, but the 231 is now orderable. phew :-)17:50
kristianpaul"FFT of a gps signals shows almost nothing except lots of noise, but if you have a very large gain before the antenna or a observatory antenna (like ESA or NASA) you can see the CDMA spectrum of GPS signal."17:50
kristianpauloh well better i avoid it :-)17:51
kristianpaulSo i'll jump to PRN matching just  (yay), but first lets fiinsh debuging the data acquisition :-)17:52
wpwrakdid switching to volatile help to make the fpga access more reliable ?17:53
kristianpaulah yes i did voaltile17:55
kristianpaulI got almost same patter (data repeated twice)17:56
kristianpaulI'm just tracking/fixing a posible error i had defining some pointers ;-)17:56
wpwraknice. the 231 doesn't need an external input to enter test mode. this makes a few things easier. (one i/o can be removed from atusb and i don't have to hack one into atusd. wasn't looking forward to the latter at all.)18:02
wpwrak(almost same pattern) :-(18:02
larscwhy are mircoprocessors banned from importing?18:11
wpwraktransceivers. and they're banned from exporting, not importing18:12
wpwrakapparently because they contain AES18:12
wpwrakbad, bad excryption18:12
larsci see18:12
wpwrak"if we let this fall into the wrong hands, the terrorists win" or the commies. or whatever ;-)18:13
wpwrakwell, seems that atmel got it cleared, while ti (with a similar chip) didn't18:13
wpwrakheh, and they also added a - probably highly proprietary - high data rate mode in the new chip :)18:15
wpwrakup to 2 Mbps. WLAN, here we come ! ;-)18:15
wpwrakgood. and they relaxed the frame retrieval timing. you still lose a frame if you're too slow, but it at least doesn't (partially) overwrite the old frame.18:19
wpwrakand this means that i'll have to wait until the new chips arrive before making the new boards. good that i haven't started yet. but with some luck, i can keep the layout. (will be slightly sub-optimal for the one trace i could remove now, but that's a very minor issue)18:24
wpwrakkewl. digi-key already processed my order. their speed is just crazy.19:09
DocScrutinizerhmm, NFC would interest me more19:26
DocScrutinizerand RFID in general19:27
wpwraktoo near :)19:31
wpwrakhmm, the local-es list looks like another of these traps, where people can go thinking something is happening - but nothing is. interesting stats: http://lists.en.qi-hardware.com/pipermail/local-es/21:18
kristianpaultuxbrain around to get a quote...21:36
kristianpaulI bet some of then just swiched to english list21:37
wpwrakyeah. the community is far from being big enough to need language-specific sub-communities.21:39
wpwrakspeaking of ghost towns, wolfgang: http://sharism.cc/ -> "News". maybe call them "Oldies" ? ;-) all the rest on that page is also kinda scary. one could think that everybody just caught the swine flu and died several months ago21:44
kristianpaulIf you have troubles with this website please notify webmaster [at] sharism.cc . :p21:55
kristianpaulI guess is jsut usefull to pay by cc ;-)21:55
kristianpaul is getting cold here ~20 °C21:58
wpwrakhere too, only 25 C. i want my 30 C back !22:14
kristianpaul26 C should and some fresh air should be fine :-)22:15
wpwrakplenty of fresh air here, supposedly at 34 km/h (don't quite believe it)22:16
kristianpaulAre you watching the gnome applet for worlwide time/weather too ? :-)22:17
kristianpaulAmazing, so those guys relly desided not doing FFT on the FPGA and just then multyply and  do some serial seeking and  so on.. several times and with diffrent values in order to predict and for 11 channels !22:18
kristianpaulis LGPL gut i'll dig on it later seriosully22:19
kristianpaulthe more fun of all is that they have a comercial vesion too, wich is sold with all the features that a MM SoC have !22:20
kristianpaulwpwrak: i still getting two copies of data22:20
kristianpaulI'm starting to think that the refresh for the buffer is not so fast at all..22:21
wpwrak(gnome applet) no .. what's it called ?22:21
wpwrak(copies of data) :-((22:21
kristianpaulwell is not an applet, sorry is just integrated with the default clock on latelly gnome versions22:21
kristianpaulI jsut dint knew how call it22:22
wpwrakah, so you need their desktop. naw, that i don't want :)22:22
kristianpaulwhat do you use then?22:22
wpwrakgrmbl. atmel had to introduce one change that makes the 230 pin-incompatible with the 231. couldn't resist, could they ?22:23
kristianpaulI like from gnome, the clock is always there, plus world time to track all of your  in differet place s is not bad22:23
wpwrak(desktop) fvwm as window manager, no "desktop"22:23
wpwrakfor world time, i fire up kworldclock22:24
kristianpaul(atmel) oh yes they could :-)22:24
kristianpaul(kde) i cant talk about it i'm totally biased agains KDE :/22:26
wpwraki use konqueror and kworldclock. not the rest. "desktops", no thanks :)22:28
wpwrak(pin-incompatible) i'm curious if that change is actually for real ...22:31
wpwraknow the fun part ... there are a few outputs they recommend connecting to ground if unused. now that's something that kicad's ERC really hates ...22:34
kristianpaulmore trouble then seems :/22:35
wpwrakah, wind is picking up. we may still make those 34 km/h tonight22:35
wpwrakoh, i hacked some ERC exception mechanism some time ago. the kicad folks didn't like it, but it's in our patch set. time to use it :)22:35
kristianpaul34 km/h is really fast, do you have something to make move with that wind?22:35
kristianpaulhow could be a ERC exception?22:36
wpwrakyou mean like papers in my office ? ;-)22:36
kristianpauli was thinking in wind energy22:36
wpwrak(erc exceptions) like this: http://svn.openmoko.org/trunk/gta02-core/gta02-core.erx22:37
wpwrak(wind energy) it also cleans my terrace :)22:38
kristianpauli'm dont have that on my roof because there is no much too wind on a valley22:38
kristianpaulwell thats fair :-) (clean)22:38
kristianpauloh GPS P12/GPSMODE2 to GND22:39
kristianpaulIs my impresion or OM have a non deployed super alpha atempt to make a gps based navigation device?22:39
wpwrakno no .. gta02-core was an attempt to build a more open gta02-like device, with left-over parts from openmomo22:45
wpwrakalas, those parts never materialized :-(22:45
kristianpaulah ok22:54
kristianpaulhmm i saw some pics of gta04 the other time22:58
wpwrakdid you ?23:01
wpwrakah, the beagle-crossover. not the "real" gta04 :)23:08
wpwrakif i remember our numbering right, then gta04 was supposed to run in parallel with gta03, as an attempt to do more aggressive outsourcing. it was unceremoniously buried once the supposed outsourcers communicated their idea of an appropriate compensation :)23:11
wpwrakDocScrutinizer probably would remember the details better than i do23:12
--- Tue Jan 4 201100:00

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