#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-12-31

czrdamn, I wish I would have read the milkymist thesis couple of years back02:28
czrit has the best explanation of how DRAMs are interfaced that I've seen so far02:28
czr(like, not the most comprehensive, but best overview)02:28
wejphello everyone, i already mentioned it here a while ago, but for those who might have missed it: i have release a new version of Gmu: http://wejp.k.vu/gmu/gmu-0-7-2_released06:16
wolfspraulnot missed06:17
wolfspraulwejp: did we uptick the version number in openwrt-packages already?06:17
wejpi'm not sure06:18
wolfspraulmaybe not yet...06:19
wpwrakwolfspraul: quick update: chatted a bit with rsharpe yesterday. he'll need some boards before he can do much. (can't really recommend manually making them, for they have gotten quite difficult)06:26
wpwrakwolfspraul: (difficult) as in taking about 0.5-1 days to make one atusb board. atusd should be a bit quicker, though.06:29
wpwrakwolfspraul: by the way, if you run into any RF experts, please send them my way :) a review by someone with actual real-life experience with such stuff would be very useful.06:32
wpwrakwolfspraul: and also interpretation of measurement results. i feel a bit like an alchemist with my experiments ...06:33
wpwrakwolfspraul: on the good news side, i finally got two "new design" atusb boards to behave. dunno what happened with the first two i made - maybe they didn't like the hot plate. RF looks better on the new ones than in the first generation. there are still some kinks to work out, though.06:36
wolfspraullots of work :-)06:37
wolfspraulRF experts, well, I definitely met some at 27C3 but missed the chance to try to get them hooked06:38
wolfspraulbut that's not a lost cause, thanks for the reminder06:38
wolfspraulchat with rsharpe sounds good, seems that's moving06:38
wolfspraulI'm working on the kicad-scripted stuff again06:38
wolfspraulwant to finish it06:38
wolfspraulcurrently I am a little surprised by how eeschema handles the auto/a4/a plot setting for postscript files06:39
wolfspraulwhether I have a4 or a3 pages, they always come out right when I set the dialog to 'a4'06:39
wolfspraulbut if I set auto for an a3 page, it's cut off06:39
wolfspraulauto for an a4 page is the same as setting a4 explicitly06:39
wolfspraulfinally 'A' just seems to be auto + extra margin on the right side (white space)06:40
wolfspraulso I think I will just always default to the 'a4' setting inside kicad06:41
wolfspraulthat's the only one that correctly prints an A3 page as well06:41
wolfsprauland I will not expose this auto/a4/a stuff via the cmdline, since the logic seems broken inside KiCad in 2448 at least06:42
wpwrakwolfspraul: maybe "auto" expect you to have physical pages of the corresponding size ?06:55
wpwrakwolfspraul: btw, how was 27c3 ? i already heard of the mess they made of sebastien's workshop :-( but how was the rest ? ah, and did you manage to sneak in ? ;-)06:57
wolfspraulit was very good07:07
wolfspraulof course I went there to meet people and get little tasks done, and that's exactly what happened and what I was able to do07:07
kristianpaulwpwrak: i forgot to mention yday that i got repeated data when reading data from a single addres in ths sram (let see how it fits with the read-pointer)07:07
wolfspraulso I met with 5-10 people, and all good07:08
wolfspraulmaybe even 1507:08
wolfspraulif you want critical feedback, well the ticket handling was messy (but there are many pros and cons so that was just the best they could do)07:08
wpwrakkristianpaul: (repeated) and you don't expect repetition in this case ?07:08
wolfspraulI didn't manage to listen to a single talk in the big room, because of a very German handling of 'room full'07:09
wolfspraul'exit only'07:09
wolfspraul'door over there'07:09
wolfspraulbla bla bla07:09
wpwrakwolfspraul: (5-15 people) pretty good07:09
wolfspraullike a stupid program07:09
wpwrakwolfspraul: (room full) so not the egyptian way :)07:09
wolfspraulif (room_full) close_doors();07:09
wolfspraulif (people_slowly_leaving) ignore();07:10
wolfspraulif (people at entrance door sent to exit door, where they see streams of people coming out) still_ignore_that full-people exiting == non-full07:10
wpwrakwolfspraul: or for that matter, often the argentine way. if you can stuff more people in and no authority figure not on your below-the-table payroll is watching, do so07:10
kristianpaulwpwrak: nope, that why my initial data dump get bloated of zeros..07:10
wolfsprauland so on07:10
wpwrakkristianpaul: could it be caching on the cpu side ?07:11
wolfspraulbut the event was great, definitely07:11
wolfspraulI bought a ticket from someone who bought it early then got sick and couldn't come.07:11
wolfspraulhalf price, because I found that one only on day 307:11
wolfspraulit was a big mess07:11
wpwrakwolfspraul: ah, perfect :)07:11
wolfspraulmany people get to suffer07:12
wolfspraulat least I am pretty good at surviving in chaos07:12
wolfspraultraining in China...07:12
wolfspraulalways hold onto your cash, as long as possible07:12
wolfspraulvery important rule07:12
wolfspraulonly spend the smallest amount that gets you one little step further07:12
kristianpaulwpwrak: catching could be, i was also reading and could be some setup in the EMC wich  SIE uses to interface sram-on-fpga, there are some cpu cicles are adding when reading/writing,07:12
wolfsprauldo not try to understand the whole07:12
kristianpaulthe best i got was 4 reapet data per reading :-)07:13
wpwrakkristianpaul: ah, so it does change eventually ?07:13
wolfspraulbut the critique is just one part, overall the event was great07:13
wolfspraulall organized by volunteers, that's very admirable07:14
kristianpaulwpwrak: yes, well a counter implmentend on fpga was filling ram (from top to end)07:14
kristianpaulwpwrak: thats when i realized my *only* way to run out this problem was fill sram, then tell cpu that can read, wait for a ack-read and fill again07:15
wpwrakkristianpaul: hmm. may not be caching then. odd.07:15
wpwrakwolfspraul: sounds cool07:16
kristianpaulwpwrak: EMC allows to configure Setup(TAS), Wait(TAW) and Hold(TAH) cycles.07:16
kristianpaulwpwrak: i think is around that07:16
wpwrakkristianpaul: still odd. but yes, timing problems could cause all sorts of issues.07:18
kristianpaulwpwrak: but previous SIE examples with an ADC i saw a register wich points when sram is fill07:18
kristianpaulso following that desing rule it looks like you need:07:19
kristianpaul1. tell buffer to start collecting07:19
kristianpaul2. poll register in order to see when sram is full07:20
kristianpaul3. read sram07:20
kristianpaul4. go 1 again07:20
kristianpaulAny way i'll try thr ring thing07:20
wpwrakkristianpaul: good luck ! :)07:52
lekernelwhat's the best (i.e. with as little time as possible spent on sysadmin) wiki engine with captchas?08:00
lekernelmediawiki sucks08:00
lekernelpain to install/upgrade, no captcha, pain to modify, pain to transfer08:01
wolfspraulI have captchas on the qi wiki08:02
wolfspraulit is very easy to upgrade08:02
wolfspraulfor transfer, indeed I need to do a bit more work, I have a weekly tarball thing running but I don't think it's really 100% thought through...08:03
lekernelyeah, it's easy, but time consuming and extremely boring08:03
lekernelit's like peeling potatoes08:03
lekernelI prefer things like wordpress that just work and upgrade and install plugins with a single click08:03
wolfspraulor just use github08:04
wolfspraulI think github has a pretty neat wiki now that is git based08:04
wolfspraulWerner would drool... :-)08:04
lekernelmediawiki needs a SQL database, so the tarball isn't enough..08:04
wolfspraulI understand. the 'transfer' thing is difficult since you need to think about the destination/purpose.08:05
wolfsprauloffline viewing is one, cloning the server another08:05
wolfspraulthere are also privacy issues since the account passwords are in there08:05
lekernelah, yeah, github has an integrated wiki08:06
wolfspraulI still haven't gotten the openid login to work, that's next on my mediawiki todo list08:06
wolfspraulso in the long run I hope to have less and less passwords on the qi server08:06
lekernelI think i'll just put all the llhdl stuff on github only08:07
lekernelthis is not a web/sysadmin project :)08:07
wolfspraulsure that's an option08:07
wolfspraulI don't agree with your broad 'mediawiki sucks' statement. Just to balance it out, I say 'mediawiki rocks'. :-)08:07
lekernelwell, it has a few good sides too08:08
lekernelbut it's a pain08:08
wolfspraulevery tool has a 'minimum maintenance' load08:08
lekernelyou can't even delete users08:08
wolfspraulif you are below that, it will drag you down and you will hate the tool08:08
lekernelso when some spam bot registers and vandalizes your wiki, you can't simply delete its account and remove all its edits08:08
wolfspraulbut you can know that load before, and then focus on as few tools as possible08:08
wolfspraulthere are hundreds of extensions08:09
wolfspraulhere's what I have on the qi wiki: http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Special:Version08:09
wolfspraulI think mediawiki requires 1 full day / month maintenance, to keep it moving forward in a healthy way.08:10
wolfspraulI think roughly that's what I have at qi08:10
lekernelyeah, that's one day minus one minute too much for me08:10
wolfspraulI try to bring it down... but even that takes time...08:10
wolfspraulyes, and that's why you have mediawiki now08:11
lekernelexactly :)08:11
wolfspraulI'm not aware of another wiki that is 'easier', not sure which features exactly you have in mind then.08:11
wolfspraulthat's why I suggest just use github08:11
wolfspraulthey seem to be doing a good job08:11
lekernelyeah, their git system is really great08:12
lekernelhaven't really tried other features08:12
lekernelbut it gets you going in no time and is really fast and convenient to use08:12
wolfspraulI'm very happy with the qi tools we have right now, let me see...08:12
lekernelyou can do a lot with a single click... not like sourceforge which redirects you through 3 pages (select mirror etc.) when you want to download anything :)08:13
wolfspraulmediawiki, indefero, planetplanet, mailman, eggdrop/irclog2html, piwik08:13
lekerneland opencores... ha! registration etc. ;)08:13
wolfspraulI will probably continue to use wordpress for the sharism company blog and shop site (which needs lots of updates :-))08:13
lekernelI was laughing my ass off when they said that LM32 isn't good because you needed to register at lattice to download it from them :)08:14
wolfspraulif anything I would try to remove some tools, but the current set looks good to me08:14
lekerneland they're svn-based (svn = corrupt repositories, crashes, slowness, etc.)08:14
wolfspraulI will continue to work on the qi-hardware.com site to be like sourceforce/launchpad/etc., but for copyleft hardware, manufacturing process, etc.08:15
lekernelwhy not use github too?08:16
wolfspraulso the focus on kicad, qcad, etc.08:16
lekernelthey're doing an outstanding job08:16
wolfspraulbecause things like schhist are the core of what I want and what I think will be valuable08:16
wolfspraultry to make that happen on github :-)08:17
wolfspraulthere will be more along those lines. So I need to innovate on the server, to 'serve' copyleft hardware projects08:17
wolfspraulthat has very different requirements from sourceforce/launchpad/github08:17
wolfsprauloh, and little things.08:18
wolfspraullike this channel being logged, searchable etc. really cool.08:18
wolfspraulI'm thinking about writing a mediawiki extension to have a scriptlet appstore08:23
wolfspraulbut the kicad/qcad stuff is more urgent...08:23
zedstarwolfspraul: hi.....u see post about mit courseware/pdf search engine app? not sure if any interest in this kinda app or not but was hoping somebody might want to develop it further08:38
kristianpaullekernel: how is usually sythesized a for loop in verilog ?(sorry for stealing your time :-))08:40
kristianpaulzedstar: the search is fast i saw08:41
zedstarkristianpaul: yeh it would scale to thousands of pdfs the search08:42
kristianpaulthe for have just two blocking asigments inside08:43
wolfspraulzedstar: yes I saw it, and yes I am very interested. but it takes time to work down the pile of priorities...08:43
wolfspraulsince the core of my work is hardware and manufaturing process related, I get to those higher level things all too little. hopefully more in the future...08:44
wolfspraulI'm a massive believe that we need to connect copyleft hardware to free data if we want to survive.08:44
wolfspraulfree data requires free devices to run on08:44
wolfspraulso I don't want to get stuck on the low-level side, but that needs some fast progress now, so that's a priority08:45
wolfspraulzedstar: if nothing happens, just ping the list or here again in a month or two. We'll get to it :-)08:45
zedstarwolfspraul: sure.....i have to move on to other things also now but will see if anyone shows an interest to do all the messy build stuff to get it into an easy installable state08:49
wolfspraulwhat do you move to?08:53
wolfspraulhow is the NanoNote shaping up for you, any wishes you have for next year?08:53
wolfspraulI think the base is coming together, so I'm fairly satisfied with the direction and progress.08:53
wolfspraulbut... you are our biggest customer I think, so your feedback matters, not me padding myself on the shoulder :-)08:53
wolfsprauldon't hesitate...08:54
zedstarwolfspraul: re: nanonote we gave a few out together with wikireaders to some indian students to evaluate for a pilot study....then aim is we going to nepal and i give them away there08:54
zedstarwolfspraul: me im personally very interested in seeing the RF additions!08:57
wolfspraulsure that's on! but the device itself needs a lot more and better software too09:00
wolfsprauldon't you think?09:00
zedstarwolfspraul: yeh i think so.......for me i don't do GUI apps but that area could use some love......surprised nobody doing some SDL games from scratch or nintendo style apps09:02
wolfspraulwork is still ongoin for nlove, that's sdl based I think09:05
Action: kristianpaul reads xapp463 page 2709:19
wpwrakwolfspraul: (drool) by the bucket :)09:40
wpwrakwolfspraul: (sucks/rocks) it sucks rocks ? (-:C09:42
wolfspraulwpwrak: I think I can wrap up the next set of kicad scripting today09:43
wolfspraulfor eeschema plotting, I will only do .ps and .svg for now09:43
wolfspraul.dxf is also nice but I'm not aware of any potential use right now, same for hpgl09:43
wolfspraulalso, I will only do 'plot all pages', no ability to take out an individual one, or something similar to --list-layers in pcbnew09:44
wolfspraulI could do something like --list-schematics that prints a list of the daughterpages09:44
wolfspraulbut we can wait until someone needs it09:44
wolfspraulas far as bringint this live on the server, unless there are objections I will create the files at the projects.qi-hardware.com/auto/project/latest url09:45
wpwrakwolfspraul: (eeschema) so you're basically rewriting/replacing my --plot ?09:47
wolfspraulI will keep --plot for backwards compatibility, no worries09:48
wpwrakwolfspraul: --list-schematics sounds potentially useful09:48
wolfspraulthe only thing is that I am surprised that --plot works as well as it does09:48
wpwrakwolfspraul: (--plot) keeping the name would be good anyway. it's kinda intuitive :) i don't care much about my implementation09:49
wolfspraulas I wrote earlier I'm puzzled by the a4/auto stuff09:49
wolfspraulschhist is using it09:49
wolfspraulI don't want to break existing stuff09:49
wolfspraulso I want to keep --plot, the new one is --plotx :-)09:49
wpwrak(schhist) sure. but we can update it if needed. of course, as long as you don't pull the functionality :)09:49
wolfsprauldefinitely not09:49
wpwrakthat sounds kinda ugly09:50
wolfspraulI'm just surprised about A4 stuff09:50
wolfspraulneed to do some more testing09:50
wpwrakbetter to make a clean change. the only thing that depends on it is schhist anyway. and i think we know exactly where it's used ;-)09:50
wolfspraulok then, --list-schematics added to the todo list :-)09:50
wpwrakor --list-sheets09:50
wpwrakmaybe with hierarchical indentation :) maybe with filenames09:51
wpwrakthings to watch out for: sheets can be nested more than one level deep. and they can be linked from more than one page !09:51
wpwraki never tried all that weird stuff, so i'm not sure how my things break if you do :)09:52
wpwrakanyway .. gotta work a bit on the pyromania for tonight. electrical fire control. alas, i didn't have time to make an electronic launch system for the ben. maybe next year :)09:54
wolfspraulwe have the power to define the 'good copyleft hardware' policies09:57
wolfspraulso we just outlaw more than one level :-)09:57
wolfspraulproblem solved09:57
wpwrak(outlaw) heh ;-)10:01
wpwraki think the multi-linked sheets could be used for repeated elements. e.g., if you have a robot with 5 H-bridges, you may have a H-bridge sheet and use it several times10:02
wpwrakbut i'm not entirely sure if it works like this10:03
wolfspraulfirst I'll implement --list-sheets10:05
wolfspraulthen we see what we learn from that, and what it outputs :-)10:05
wolfspraulI really hope the KiCad folks accept a few small patches10:06
wolfsprauljust to cleanup logic10:06
wolfspraulin some places I have to hack into the kicad pretty ugly because the separation between gui and non-gui is not very good10:06
wolfsprauland there are many globals, static variables and functions, etc.10:06
wolfspraulbut at least I know a lot of those spots now, so if they accept small logic patches we will slowly improve...10:07
wpwraki think they like logic cleanup in general. may take a few iterations in case you're clashing with someone, though10:30
wpwrakbut that's the same everywhere10:30
qi-bot[commit] Andres Calderon: power jack has been added http://qi-hw.com/p/xue/eea70b210:38
andres-calderonwolfspraul: Happy New Year!11:03
wolfspraulandres-calderon: thanks, you too :-)11:06
wpwrakwolfspraul: you're early :)11:15
wolfspraulwpwrak: there's some hierarchical sheet documentation here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kicad-testing-committers/kicad/testing/annotate/head%3A/eeschema/sch_sheet_path.h11:15
wolfspraulright at the top ("Info about complex hierarchies handling:")11:15
wolfsprauljust fyi11:16
wpwraki'll let this sink in in due time :)11:21
kristianpaulhmm why i still having repeated data :S11:42
kristianpaulin some parts of the file even three copies of same byte :/11:44
kristianpaulthis is the collect and dump code, http://paste.debian.net/103541/11:52
kristianpaulof course is ugly and not cleaned, not indented :S11:52
kristianpaulandres-calderon: Hi11:53
kristianpaulhad you implemented a ring buffer in verilog not using directly xilinx lib of ram blocks?11:54
kristianpaulI just implemented something based on a xapp463 from xilinx but i will like something not so fpga-specific11:55
wolfspraulok, --list-sheets also implemented13:06
wolfspraul4 different types of 'names', argh. you will see :-)13:06
emebwolfspraul: quick question - do you know where to buy small quantities of the JZ4725 processor?13:18
emebCool. Any idea what the small qty price would be (~100pcs)?13:36
wolfspraulno, roughly guessing maybe 3 USD or so13:51
emebwolfspraul: OK - thanks. Who sells them?13:55
wolfspraulif you want to order, the problems will be in the practical details. first you need to contact them, talk about shipping, and how to pay.14:09
wolfspraulnot sure how good their english is, and what shipping/payment options they can offer you14:10
wolfspraulI am not aware of a distributor, although they may exist. But I do know that several people, including Carlos I think, have contacted Ingenic and bought small quantities directly from them.14:10
emebOK - sounds like it's still pretty informal.14:11
wolfspraula normal Chinese company is all about sales. you call / email, say you want to buy something. great. they will serve you, as long as you pay :-)14:11
wolfspraulnot informal, that's China14:11
wolfspraulthe problem will be how you get them paid, and how they ship to you14:11
wolfspraulinside china this is all super efficient14:11
emebAll very new to me.14:12
wolfspraulmoney can be wired within minutes, shipping within the country is fast and crazy cheap14:12
wolfspraulif you regularly order from them, you have their sales contact in your instant messaging client, for example msn or qq14:12
wolfspraulthen it's a matter of a few minutes, and the package is on the way to you :-)14:12
wolfspraulall china = one big digikey14:12
kristianpaulwe should live in china ;-)14:12
wolfspraulbut they will only ship after the money is in their account, of course14:13
emebbut I wouldn't be able to read the street signs14:13
wolfspraulor you pay cash, as I do when I go to their office and need something :-)14:13
wolfspraulimagine go to Intel with some cash to buy chips, he he14:13
emebgood luck14:13
wolfspraulanyway this is how it works14:13
kristianpauldo you know who apart of sharism and carlos company sell/devel boards with Xbusrt chips?14:14
kristianpaulis not for me but a friend is looking an alternative to arm or avr chips (because costs)14:15
emebwolfspraul: any idea what it would cost to get 100pcs of SIE?14:19
wolfspraulwhere should I start...14:20
wolfspraulcommunity projects are so much fun ;-)14:21
emebtrue dat.14:21
wolfspraulI let Carlos and David speak for themselves wrt SIE, so I only give you strictly my part14:21
wolfspraulI will not manufacture any more SIE unless the things we learnt in the last run are improved.14:21
wolfsprauldesign problems, footprint problems, test software inefficiencies, etc.14:21
wolfspraulif those are fixed, I need a moq of maybe 200 or so14:22
wolfspraul100 is very hard14:22
wolfspraulat 200, the price / unit could be ca. 70 USD or so14:22
kristianpaulemeb: what do you need the FPGA in SIE (curios..) ?14:23
emebkristianpaul: don't need the FPGA14:23
kristianpauldont need SIE either then ;-)14:23
emebjust looking for a small/cheap JZ4725 board14:23
emebfor use in some audio products14:23
kristianpauli wonder if ingenic have those kind of devel boards...14:24
kristianpaulask then ! :-)14:24
wolfspraulcorrect :-)14:24
wolfsprauland how - easy - ask whether you can buy something - ask sales14:24
emebSounds simple14:25
kristianpaulmail sales@ingenic... < Dear Ingenic..14:26
emebOK - thanks. Lots to learn about the Chinese way of doing business...14:26
kristianpaulplease be carefull with enlighs14:26
kristianpauli had some troubles when orderiong a RFM23B modules from hoperf :/14:27
kristianpaulbecause of that they missundertood my needs and declared the product including the shipping costs :S14:28
kristianpaulany way..14:28
kristianpaulconfirm  twice !14:28
kristianpaulbut ask first ;-)14:28
wolfspraulkristianpaul: he :-)14:30
wolfspraulyou ordered yourself?14:30
wolfspraulgreat! congrats!14:30
emebsounds a bit fraught.14:30
wolfspraulas I said, there are only 2 problems - payment & shipping14:30
wolfspraulbecause within china this is both crazy efficient14:31
wolfspraulso outside of china there may be issues - how do you get money to them, how do they ship/customs etc.14:31
wolfspraulthose are both nasty for 50 usd orders...14:31
wolfspraulso the overhead can easily be 3 times the value of the actual order14:31
wolfspraulwhich also they don't like, of course14:31
wolfspraulso the payment and shipping options they offer may not be sufficient14:32
emebOK - I'm looking at 100-200qty, so the order would probably be a bit more than that.14:39
emeb(not so tiny that the overhead is disproportionate)14:39
emebbut... This is still in the 'blue sky' stage.14:40
qi-bot[commit] Wolfgang Spraul: add more eeschema cmdline options --erc --netlist --plotx --list-sheets http://qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/c11feca14:41
wolfspraulwpwrak: alright, that's it, done and out :-)14:42
wolfspraultry it out and let me know (after you made it into the new year of course...)14:42
wolfspraulplus recovery14:42
wolfspraulI merged the cmdline stuff into one patch, scripted.patch, and moved that patch to the end of the quilt series file14:42
wolfspraulso if you uptick KiCad, and that will certainly break scripted.patch, then you just comment it out and I maintain it14:43
wolfspraulthe patch adds 4 new files, and patches 17 others in KiCad14:43
wolfspraultotal size of the patch is 1162 lines, of which 840 are in the 4 new files14:46
wolfspraulnext step for me is to first continue on some other tasks, wait for your feedback regarding the new eeschema cmdline options, and then bring some of the cmdline stuff live on the server, automatically after commits...14:48
wolfspraulI'd say I should get to that within a week or two.14:48
wolfspraulif anything is missing or broken, let me know14:49
wolfspraulhappy new year everybody, and hopefully another happy copyleft year as well...15:10
wpwrakwolfspraul: (make into new year + recovery) you seem to know my routine by now ;-)15:31
qi-bot[commit] Wolfgang Spraul: broke scripted.patch into scripted-new.patch and scripted.patch for easier maintenance http://qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/9b476d415:48
qi-bot[commit] Wolfgang Spraul: more patch restructuring for easier maintenance and upstream http://qi-hw.com/p/eda-tools/b29edbb15:54
kristianpauloh, new year again :-)16:22
kyaknow it's really new year for me16:29
wolfspraulkyak: oh wow, nice. Happy New Year then!16:34
wolfspraulI had a stopover in Moscow on my way from China to Germany :-)16:34
qi-bot[commit] Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas: Missing data and sync inputs http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-gps-sdr/a64fd8c20:38
qi-bot[commit] Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas: ring buffer implemted (test in progress) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-gps-sdr/01a639720:38
qi-bot[commit] Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas: some basics utils to dump raw data to a file (work in progress) http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-gps-sdr/2f5e6fe20:38
qi-bot[commit] Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas: remove code that not belong to this core http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-gps-sdr/b48dfe921:31
--- Sat Jan 1 201100:00

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