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kyakxiangfu: hi!01:06
kyakthis line "pixelformat=RGB24" is causing problems to stardict (maybe NanoMap, too) -\01:07
kyakit gets shrinked01:07
kyakin /etc/direcfbrc01:07
xiangfukyak: oh. yes. I am not well test. I will remove that01:21
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: remove the pixelformat=RGB24, make some program display not correct http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/340a6c501:23
kyakxiangfu: when i start stardict from gmenu2x, and then exit stardict, i'm back to gmenu2x - it is ok. If i try then to start ash, i have a blank screen (i need to press Alt+1 to switch to tty1 to see ash)01:23
kyakdo you have the same problem?01:23
kyakif i start stardict from console, it doesn't release the screen correctly01:23
kyaki think it is the problem01:23
kyakfor the NanoMap, i think mirko fixed it by force using linuxfb in Qt01:24
xiangfukyak: same here.01:24
kyakmaybe there is a similar trick for gtk..01:25
kyakok.. at least i'm not alone :)01:26
kyakgtk is built with --with-gdktarget=directfb, i guess there is no way to make it use linuxfb at runtime (should be recompilde with --with-gdktarget=linux-fb)02:25
kyakseems they obsoleted linuxfb02:42
kyakand that's all the documentation they got02:42
kyakpretty dissappoitning02:42
wpwrak_zrafa: btw, we still have jlime in an "almost official" status. so you (or anyone else) have further plans for that ?07:29
zrafawpwrak_: hey, hi. For the stuff uploaded (images, kernels, crosscompiler, repository) there is a bit of work to do:07:38
zrafa- write some doc about how to install, how to use07:38
zrafa- decide if we change or not current jlime-pkg07:39
zrafa- decide ip07:39
zrafa- write a bit of doc about how to use cross toolchain07:39
wpwrak_yup. that's the impression i had ... a few small things missing, but it's almost there07:40
zrafa- explain the struct of the repository (for example: extra packages is the place to upload extra ipk packages built with toolchain for example, so everyone know that if we delete the whole extra-packages/ dir the repository is safe yet)07:40
wpwrak_so .. what are the plans for those "small things" ? ;-)07:40
zrafa- the rest of the repository is the base thing.. it should be untouched07:40
zrafa- decide kernel NAND layout07:41
wpwrak_ah right, the dreaded NAND layout :-(07:41
zrafawpwrak_: if we decide those few things I could have a bit of fun doing that :)07:41
wpwrak_(small things) i'm also asking because qpkg, if you want to use it, will need a bit more work. there's mainly one somewhat hairy algorithm missing (cleanup after backtracking). i expect that this will take me a few days to hack.07:42
wpwrak_for the IP, i think it would be best to just use the same as openwrt. so when you want to connect to your ben, you connect to your ben, no matter what it runs07:43
zrafawpwrak_: I would like, definitely, to use qpkg, but I do not have free time now. I would do the small things from time to time07:44
zrafawpwrak_: I have also a few extra packages more to upload on extra-packages: like emacs, git, and few other users asked07:45
zrafa(packages I already built with toolchain)07:46
wpwrak_(time) yep, i know that this is the difficult part :)07:48
zrafawpwrak_: yes, but every user should do something to tell ssh ignores known_hosts07:48
wpwrak_so the plan is that things will happen when they happen ? :)07:48
wpwrak_easy: StrictHostKeyChecking no UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null07:48
zrafaI can change ip easily, uploaded packages. Then I could copy/paste documentation from jlime about how to install/how to use. kernel layout, toolchain explanation, repository doc explanations and jlime-pkg would be left for contributors07:51
wpwrak_hm. that would leave us with an uSD-only distribution. okay, it's a start.07:55
zrafaubi no?07:55
zrafaubi as well07:55
wpwrak_yes, bit you'd need the kernel/nand layout for this, no ?07:56
zrafawpwrak_: well, users can use current ubi.. when something is decided I can re build the kernel .. no idea if ubi rootfs needs to be re done. If so, I can do easily from .tar.gz images for uSD07:57
wpwrak_which NAND layout are you using now ? the one with the 256 MB rootfs or the one with 512 MB ?08:01
wpwrak_(i wonder what's happening in our installed base. i.e., how many people have actually switched so far)08:02
zrafawpwrak_: the original one: the whole nand for rootfs08:04
zrafawell, bootloader, kernel, and then the rest for rootfs08:04
wpwrak_so there may be a bit of a problem08:06
wpwrak_heh, mirko hides :)08:06
zrafabit of problem: well, I am not sure if all users use the same layout, still if they use the same distro :)08:56
wpwrak_yeah. the absence of lots of problem reports on the list suggests that many may still have the old layout :)09:12
wolfspraulI think current NanoNote users fall into 2 rather extreme groups09:19
wolfsprauleither they don't touch what is installed at all, just play with it, some give up quickly, some try longer and squeeze some limited use out of the limited software that is currently preinstalled09:19
wolfspraulor they 'go pro', meaning that they try Debian, Jlime, or building their own OpenWrt from scratch09:20
wolfspraulwe need to make updating NanoNote software much much easier, it's one of my (many) priorities :-)09:21
Ornotermesany one tried to connect a mouse to ben throgh uSD break out yet?09:21
wpwrak_wolfspraul: good :) still, even some of those "going pro" should run into difficulties with a layout change. the silence surprises me a bit.09:28
wpwrak_Ornotermes: you can be the first one ! ;-)09:28
Ornotermeswpwrak_: maybe, how many data pins does ben wpan use?09:33
wpwrak_it uses all pins. two of them carry data (MOSI and MISO)09:35
viricwolfspraul: I build all - kernel, uboot, ... I run 2.6.36. No trouble. :)09:39
wolfspraulviric: second category ;-)09:39
viricwolfspraul: the openwrt-trunk kernel 2.6.35 and 2.6.36 still have that "old layout" I think09:40
bartbesviric: you misspelled my name! :(13:05
viricouch :)13:05
bartbesviric: well, I registered barbes on freenode as well, since you're not the first to spell my name that way13:08
bartbesit does have an interesting ring to it13:08
lekernelhttp://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~sd410/papers/pat7550858_trng2.pdf <= lol, I had a very similar idea... but to make a cloud chamber with DRAMs, not a RNG (I'm more a "physicist" than a "security researcher"...)16:29
lekernelit didn't work, though, as it turns out the packages of DRAM seem pretty good at blocking alpha particles16:30
lekerneland I didn't have any DRAMs that I could remove the package of16:30
wpwrak_maybe use CCDs ? :)16:45
lekernelyeah, already done (for a RNG again... usual hacker's obsession with security :p)16:53
lekernelI can't find the URL I had, but there's http://inventgeek.com/Projects/alpharad/overview.aspx16:53
wpwrak_heh :) well, for security, there's still the aircraft transponder stuff waiting. all you need is a USRP with the WBX board (a sub-1GHz transceiver) and you can receive those messages. there's little suggesting that you couldn't also transmit them ...16:57
wpwrak_seems that this kind of stuff has come into reach for the average DIY saboteur :)16:57
lekernelI'm not at all into security (anymore)16:58
lekernelit's kinda boring16:58
lekernelprofessional outcomes are telcos, governments, and mafias16:58
wpwrak_(for the record, i don't have a WBX, and the BUE airspace is chaotic enough that i don't think they need any amateur help :)16:58
lekernel(or staying in your basement doing "underground hacking" for the challenge only...)16:59
lekernelah, or, well, now there's wikileaks :)17:00
wpwrak_ah yes.  wikileaks and the hydra effect.17:01
wpwrak_chop off one head, two grow back :)17:01
wpwrak_drill files are fun. they're right from the dark ages when standards were savage and very promiscuous.17:08
wpwrak_.. and the space on your punch cards precious. if your technology was already that fancy.17:10
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: cameo/gnuplot.c (gnuplot_do_write): only write r_tool hint if non-zero http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/d31bd9519:15
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: drl2gp: convert KiCad drill file (Excellon) to gnuplot (in progress) http://qi-hw.com/p/cae-tools/1ab262219:15
kristianpaul( security - it's kinda boring) agree sadly i live from that :/20:09
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