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wolfspraulserver should be back00:50
wolfspraulwas down for 5 hours, oh well00:52
wolfspraulat least I slept good :-)00:53
qi-bot[commit] Cristian Paul PeƱaranda Rojas: SPI like (4bit I/Q) to Nibble (4Bit) module http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-gps-sdr/9c1cbfe14:59
wpwrak_ kristianpaul hmm, does that really work ?15:07
kristianpauli'm about simulate15:07
kristianpaulwait for that commit ;-)15:07
wpwrak_ah :)15:07
wpwrak_i think there'll be a few changes :) e.g., i think you're suppressing the clock while sync is set.15:08
wpwrak_also, 2 isn't handled in the "case", "count" will never have the value 0 in the "case", etc.15:09
kristianpauli'll check15:09
kristianpaul(you're suppressing the clock while sync is set) but the whole core is synced with sige clock15:14
kristianpaulthats why if(sync)15:15
wpwrak_is sync guaranteed to be high at only one edge of clock ?15:23
wpwrak_hmm, looking at the diagrams, i guess it is. okay, then that works.15:24
wpwrak_i think you want an "end" before the "case". and remove the "end" before "endmodule"15:26
wpwrak_then the counter would really go from 0 to 315:26
kristianpaulyeah i was thinking that15:26
kristianpaulwell not sure as you suguested15:27
kristianpaullete me see15:27
Skater0guyi have a pc hardware question if someone would be willing to give me some insight16:09
Skater0guywell heres the thing16:09
Skater0guyi have a pc an imac and soon a server pc. I dont want to have many mice or keyboards. if i were to get a usb splitter and hook the keyboard to the part the the pc would go and hook the outgoing ports to the other computers16:11
Skater0guywould it work16:12
mthit would, but this is not really the right channel16:18
mthQi Hardware is a project to create hardware16:18
wpwrak_mth: (it would) are you sure ? "usb splitter" seems to be synonymous to "usb hub'. there's no way a hub could "reverse direction"16:19
mththere are USB splitters that are like KVM splitters without VGA16:20
mtha USB hub wouldn't work indeed16:20
Skater0guyhow much would something like that run16:21
mthI don't know what it would cost16:22
qi-bot[commit] Cristian Paul PeƱaranda Rojas: added simulation clkd,data and sync http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-gps-sdr/31b9fc919:19
viricxiangfu: nii hao19:38
viricxiangfu: I've still not tried the fix for 'nerase'. I've kept the nanonot busy. :)19:38
xiangfuviric: Ni Hao, take your time. :)19:39
viricxiangfu: it's suspicious the openssl speed test had some "0.00s" time counters.19:44
kristianpaulargg i cant trust too much in gplver or iverlog :S19:47
kristianpaulhmm even trying this code (http://ur1.ca/2id86) i cant get  a good simulation in iverilog :S21:07
kristianpaulwhat i'm missing ..21:07
kristianpaulahh it works22:40
kristianpaulhmm shift registers could save me time and several lines of code :D22:41
kristianpaulahh conncatena even more23:12
kristianpauland the comma saves the day :)23:12
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