#qi-hardware IRC log for Saturday, 2010-12-04

kyakviric: gdbserver is working here. kind of... i didn't try flashing the image to Ben, it's too big02:55
wolfspraulkyak: why is it so big?03:24
kyakwolfspraul: it was not a minimal image, it has stardict + dependencies03:45
kyakbut it's still bigger than usual, of course03:45
kyakit is not stripped03:45
wolfspraulroh: you there? about tolerances of the connectors on Milkymist One...06:41
wolfspraulthe ones you need to watch out for are: DC jack, line-in/line-out, and vga06:41
wolfspraulin that order06:41
wolfspraulthe DC jack is pretty bad, because there was a back and forth about which vendor etc. so the footprint and connector do not provide a very tight connection06:41
wolfspraulwhat you can try is on your mechanical sample, you unsolder the DC jack, then you see the tolerance yourself06:42
wolfspraulI think for the DC jack, you need at least 1mm tolerance on each side06:42
wolfspraulthe DC jack on your mechanical sample is the same as the one used on rc206:42
wolfspraulafter the DC jack, the next 'worst' are probably line-in/line-out, and then vga06:43
wolfspraulall others should have fairly small tolerances because the PCB holes are holding them quite tightly in place06:43
virickyak: what dependencies may have stardict?06:53
viricisn't it like dict?06:53
virickyak: I still don't have a cross-build gcc in the nanonote though :)07:28
kyakviric: gtk2, for starters08:05
kristianpaulsure gtk2 is not tooo slow?08:46
kristianpaulfor ben as was for freerunner etc..08:46
viricwhy would someone want stardict and not dict?08:47
kristianpauli guess08:51
kristianpaulcan you compare dic size in both?08:51
viricI don't know dics08:52
viricI only use dict.08:52
kristianpauldictionary i meant08:52
viricI never used stardict08:52
kristianpaulalso StarDict hav translation capabillites08:52
kristianpaulis good08:52
viricbut 'dict' has many clients, among others, console clients08:52
kristianpaulwell i compared with gnudict in jlime08:53
viricdict.org  I use08:53
kristianpaulhe talking about startdict we can set it as default start and make look the ben as a dictionary again ;)09:00
kristianpaulha who needs a EMC, lets do wirinng :)09:08
qi-bot[commit] Juan64Bits: First functional example, ADC an Framebuffer Test http://qi-hw.com/p/nn-usb-fpga/8d9556415:14
kristianpauljuan64bits: screenshots??15:15
kristianpaul(ADC an Framebuffer Test)15:15
juan64bitsmistake... ADC and Framebuffer test15:15
juan64bitsis an basic example.. using the diafgram bloack for read ADC data and show over frame buffer15:16
juan64bits*diagram blocks15:17
kristianpaulyes but how it look? anyway i'll ty thhe code later i must leave15:17
kristianpaullook i meant bacause the refresh15:17
viricI managed to run 'gcc' in the nanonote16:40
viricIt's super slow16:40
viricWhen the RTC forgets the time?16:54
viricremoving the battery?16:54
Action: viric tries to build fossil in the nanonote16:56
viricuhm missing zlib. bad try.16:59
kyakyes, gcc is pretty slow17:29
viricIs there any other option, to compile, let's say, C code?17:33
virickyak: I just sent a benchmark to the mailing list.17:33
kyakthereis a picoc17:34
kyakit's a c-code interpreter17:34
kyakpretty small and fast17:34
bartbesor tinycc17:34
kyakviric: benchmark - interesting, i'll have a look17:35
virictinycc builds for mips!?17:36
viricI mean... tinycc is the 'tcc', isn't it?17:36
bartbesoh, no17:37
bartbesI guess not17:37
virickyak: an interpreter is not a compiler :)17:37
virickyak: sorry. I wanted a compiler simply.17:38
kyaksure, sure...17:38
kyakit doesn't really matter in case of Ben17:38
kyakthe only use case i see is compiling on the go17:38
viricon the go?17:39
viricGB> B0:>5 on the go? :)17:39
kyakand it doesn't matter whether it is interpreter or compiler17:39
viric?> ?CB8?17:39
kyak2 ?CB8 )17:39
viric?>?@>1C9 openssl speed 2> B2>Q<17:40
kyakin fact, i didn't find a lot of use for gcc in Ben17:40
viricneither I17:40
viricI thought it could help me learning mips assembly.17:40
kyaki got dissappointed when it didn't compile linux kernel (not enough memory)17:40
viric(not specifically the instructions, but how the common operations work)17:40
viriclack of memory is a big issue there. Big nand, not bad cpu, slow nand, little memory17:41
viricWe are too used to abuse memory lately, though.17:41
viric640KiB should be enough. :)17:41
kyakadding swap is not very helpful, it is very slow17:41
kyaki heard this phrase :)17:42
bartbesswap doesn't sound good for flash based disks though17:42
viricI try to use swap only for waiting processes, not for running17:42
bartbesI mean, isn't RAM supposed to be very volatile?17:42
viricSome day I should learn to adapt that 'swapiness' to my target of "only for waiting processes, not for running"17:43
bartbeswon't this mean that if swap is needed it'll write a lot, fast?17:43
viricbartbes: swap can be used to put resident size of *waiting* processes apart.17:43
viricwhile another process is doing the heavy work.17:43
viricBut I don't like if the OS decides to use the swap for the heavy work17:43
bartbestrue, but it still implies semi-rapid change17:43
bartbesin any case swap data is supposed to live waaay shorter than your avarage file17:44
viricWell, I can afford if the mingetty or bash on the terminals I don't use go to swap, and then it takes a few seconds to come again17:44
bartbesI have no idea what the data sheet of the nand lists as the max num of write cycles17:44
bartbesbut it doesn't help wasting them17:45
viricbartbes: "life of an average file"? I see this as a fantasy measure17:45
viricI still have to learn to use the softvol....17:46
virickyak: do you use softvol?17:46
viricMy previous attempts were failed on that.17:46
bartbesviric: why?17:46
viricI mean... "why" about what?17:47
viricwhy I failed about softvol? Due to lack of competence I imagine :)17:50
bartbesno, I meant, why did you see that as a fantasy measure17:51
viricWell, for some files I want them to live long.17:51
viricFor some not. There are quite different circumstances for every file I use.17:52
bartbessure, but there's an avarage17:52
bartbesmaybe I should've said "avarage life of a file"17:52
viricI don't accept an average of something with a big standard deviation ;)17:54
kristianpauljuan64bits: i dint understand your last commit18:33
kristianpauli cant see what changed/added :/18:34
juan64bitsthe changes are related with the project "SIE Code Generator"18:34
viricyesterday I had to open the thin plastic over the board, that makes the keyboard... the 'down' key worked bad. I cleaned a bit it and it works fine again18:35
kristianpauljuan64bits: ahh my fault i dint realized i can get the diff file18:36
kristianpaulhow i see that with git..18:37
kristianpaulviric: you should report that on the list, adding a picture will help18:40
viricI closed all the nanonote again18:43
kristianpaulah np18:44
viricI don't think that would help much anyone :)18:44
kristianpaulwho knows18:45

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