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rafa_wpwrak_: bus driver game: yeah :D.. and buenos aires would be definitely more exiting than that tokio version01:53
wpwrak_rafa_: "combat driver" ;-)04:48
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: cleanup output message, output the flash process http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/496082407:01
viricxiangfu: I saw you packaged links for openwrt07:02
viricI'm trying to cross-build links too (not in openwrt), and I need to patch it otherwise it checks for openssl using the native compiler, not the cross compiler. Did you try to add openssl support into it, maybe?07:02
viric(I see openwrt does not build links with openssl support)07:02
xiangfuviric: I just make it compile.  doesn't tried openssl.07:29
rafa_wpwrak_: ;-))07:31
viricxiangfu: ok07:59
kyakviric: links's configure script detects openssl automatically in openwrt environment08:10
kyaktherefore, build fine and with openssl08:10
viricI've read its 'configure', and it clearly says to use the native gcc08:11
viricinstead of the host gcc08:11
kyakwhat' line?08:11
viricit's my fault I think :)08:14
viricit calls CC-cc08:15
viricthat is 'gcc', isn't it?08:17
kyaki'm not sure where you found that..08:18
viricI think that 'links' configure script checks if your build-system gcc links properly with the build-system openssl08:19
kyakbut you made a good point anywy, the openssl dependency should be added explicitely08:19
viricinstead of checking the cross-built08:19
kyakjust in case if links is built BEFORE openssl08:19
virickyak: can you try to rename temporarily your build-system "/usr/include/openssl" ?08:19
viricand see if links builds with SSL?08:20
kyakwhat do you mean?08:22
kyakyes, you are right, it succeeds at line echo "configure:5183: checking for OpenSSL" >&508:22
kyakso it tries to link against openssl08:22
kyakfrom build system08:22
viricit's their bug, right?08:22
kyakno, why?08:23
viricyou said 'you are right' :)08:23
kyaki said it in regards to "I think that 'links' configure script checks if your build-system gcc links properly with the build-system openssl08:23
kyakoh, ok :)08:23
viricdo you understand the difference about the 'build system' and the 'host system'? :)08:24
kyakby "build system" i understood the openwrt build envoronment08:24
viricahh no08:24
kyakyes, i understand the build-host-target thing08:24
viric5 minutes... I'll try to reproduce what I had yesterday08:27
viric(thank you for the effort :)08:27
virickyak: I'll go building that links again...12:43
virickyak: So, at configure:5183: checking for OpenSSL12:44
viricthe next line (in config.log) says:configure:5194: gcc -o conftest -g -O2   ....12:44
viricah it also says12:45
viricchecking for gcc... gcc12:45
viricIt's not getting the cross compiler at all. humm12:46
viricIt looks like ignoring --build and --host12:46
kyakviric: pretty strange!12:56
kyaki guess your environment doesn't set necessary variables12:57
viricit needs CC set to the cross compiler12:57
viric(it's not usual at all in autoconf packages! I never did that before)12:57
kyakdunno, like GCC12:57
viricusually the configure script understands "--host"12:58
kyakin operwrt, it is started with a bunch of env. variables12:58
viricclear. Now I'm successing...  I just noticed it needs directfb though. :)12:58
kyakso you might want to override some of them12:58
viricdoes links look good in the nanonote?13:00
virickyak: in the qemu, did you manage to set the same resolution as the nanonote?13:00
viricargh. "links -g" says 'unsupported color depth' in the nanonote13:06
virickyak: you have links with "-driver fb" or "-driver directfb"?13:10
kyakviric: not using links on Ben ;)13:29
kyakthough might wannt try its graphic mode13:29
viricgo on go on :)13:29
viricI found xiangfu probliems like mine: http://www.mail-archive.com/directfb-dev@directfb.org/msg08450.html13:30
kyakviric: qemu has the same resolution.. i guess it is because app have such resolution by default (like gmenu etc)13:30
kyaklinks is a good target, btw13:31
kyakthough w3m also has image support13:31
kyak(i'm not sure it's working on fb)13:31
viricI'm trying newer directfb and links13:38
viricbah. same result.13:40
kyakit's reproducible, good ;)13:45
virickyak: It was already reproducible. It's a pity that upgraading all pieces it's still reproducible! :)14:29
bartbeskyak: did you just mention qemu?14:35
kyakbartbes: i guess so :)14:36
bartbesdo you emulate the full system, or are you just running the binaries?14:36
virickyak: how did you enable the keyboard input in your malta?14:42
kyakbartbes: the full system, but it's not Ben. it's malta board. you can search the mail lists, viric pretty much explained how he did that14:42
bartbesso how close to the ben is that?14:43
kyakviric: i enabled pretty much every keyboard ;)14:43
bartbesI mean, if it works in qemu, will it work on the ben?14:43
kyakbartbes: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/kyak/tmp/QEMU.png14:43
bartbesthat looks too epic to not do14:43
kyakbartbes: it's just the kernel that it differenet, everything else us the same14:43
virickyak: hehe. I pressed some keys, and it started to work, somehow.14:43
bartbesbut that can still cause incompatibilities ;)14:44
bartbesbut if libc etc is the same then I guess it's all binary compatible14:44
kyakit's 100 % the same, it uses the same rootfs14:46
kyakonly the kernel is differenet.. but since it's still mips, who cares14:46
viricyou enjoy the ubi boot, eh? :)14:48
viricit works fine here too.14:49
viricI'm trying links there now..14:49
kyakviric: no, i'm copying the rootfs to ext2 image :)14:51
viricah stupid me14:51
viricthe keyboard does not work. I simply had typed ctrl-alt-3, and went to the serial port. hehe14:51
virickyak: ahhh bad.14:51
viric19:28 < viric> I found xiangfu probliems like mine:14:53
viric               http://www.mail-archive.com/directfb-dev@directfb.org/msg08450.html14:53
viric19:28 < kyak> viric: qemu has the same resolution.. i guess it is because app have such14:53
viric              resolution by default (like gmenu etc)14:53
viric19:28 < viric> ah14:53
viric19:29 < kyak> links is a good target, btw14:53
viric19:29 < kyak> though w3m also has image support14:53
viric19:29 < kyak> (i'm not sure it's working on fb)14:53
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viric19:36 < viric> I'm trying newer directfb and links14:53
viric19:38 < viric> bah. same result.14:54
viric19:43 < kyak> it's reproducible, good ;)14:54
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viric20:27 < viric> kyak: It was already reproducible. It's a pity that upgraading all pieces it's14:54
viric               still reproducible! :)14:54
viric20:33 < bartbes> kyak: did you just mention qemu?14:54
viric20:34 < kyak> bartbes: i guess so :)14:54
viric20:34 < bartbes> do you emulate the full system, or are you just running the binaries?14:54
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viric20:40 < viric> kyak: how did you enable the keyboard input in your malta?14:54
viric20:40 < kyak> bartbes: the full system, but it's not Ben. it's malta board. you can search the14:54
viric              mail lists, viric pretty much explained how he did that14:54
viric20:41 < bartbes> so how close to the ben is that?14:54
viric20:41 < kyak> viric: i enabled pretty much every keyboard ;)14:54
viric20:41 < bartbes> I mean, if it works in qemu, will it work on the ben?14:54
viric20:41 < kyak> bartbes: http://downloads.qi-hardware.com/people/kyak/tmp/QEMU.png14:54
viric20:41 < bartbes> that looks too epic to not do14:54
viric20:41 < kyak> bartbes: it's just the kernel that it differenet, everything else us the same14:54
viric20:42 < viric> kyak: hehe. I pressed some keys, and it started to work, somehow.14:55
viric20:42 < bartbes> but14:55
viricmy mouse got mad14:55
wpwrak_by the way, with qemu, it should be possible to run MIPS binaries directly on the x86 host. that way, one could set up a mixed environment, with the qemu system but the cross-toolchain compiled for a x86 host. that way, disto-builders could run natively.14:58
wpwrak_i've heard there's some distribution that uses this, but i don't remember which14:58
bartbesviric: you don't happen to have a ready-made (clean) qemu image for me? :P14:58
bartbeswpwrak_: yeah, that's why I asked, this solution is way cooler though14:58
viricbartbes: I run directly ubifs images14:58
viricbut I only have the serial port working...14:59
viricI've to find what keyboard to enable14:59
viricwpwrak_: mips binaries work fine for me, with qemu-mipsel14:59
viricand nanonixos builds as well for i686, for arm or for mipsel ;)15:00
wpwrak_bartbes: which is cooler - what i described or some other "this" ? :)15:01
viricbartbes: I sent to the list, how to run ubifs images in qemu.15:01
viric(I had to restart the X server. The mouse got mad totally)15:02
bartbesviric: yeah, but it involved compiling a kernel and creating a ubifs image :P15:02
viricthe image, you can take any of openwrt or jlime15:03
wpwrak_viric: the idea is to run the toolchain natively on x86, to avoid the performance penalty of emulation15:03
viricwpwrak_: all run the toolchain in x86, isn't it?15:03
viricwpwrak_: or what do you call 'the toolchain'?15:03
wpwrak_viric: gcc and friends15:04
viricDo you run that emulated!?15:04
wpwrak_viric: basically everything that burns cycles when building a distro :)15:04
viricI can't believe15:04
bartbeswpwrak_: but the cool thing about running it as a VM is.. well, it's a working system! :P15:04
wpwrak_viric: the idea is to have a cross-compiler but to run things as if on MIPS15:05
wpwrak_bartbes: but you gcc is then emulated, right ? i.e., it's slower than a cross-gcc compiled for your host15:05
viricWhat will there be of mips, in your "as if on mips"?15:05
viricwpwrak_: noone uses an emulator to build anything, I think15:06
viric(for the nanonote)15:06
bartbeswpwrak_: I don't want to run it for the compiler15:06
wpwrak_viric: the userland, minus the exceptions you make. you'd have a MIPS tree you could chroot to. if you try to run a  MIPS executable, qemu takes care of that, via binfmt_misc15:07
wpwrak_bartbes: then it makes sense. what i'm referring to is to run a build without explicitly having to configure all the packages for cross-development15:08
wpwrak_bartbes: or, for building unpackaged things from sources, without special arrangements for cross-development15:09
wpwrak_e.g., if the build process compiles something and also runs it, that would then be a MIPS binary and run under qemu15:09
bartbesI mostly want it for testing15:09
viricwpwrak_: ahh you want to do a native build15:09
viricwpwrak_: as if on a super-power mips15:10
rafa_viric: do you have network connection to your qmeu system?.. does it have interent connection too?15:10
wpwrak_yeah :)15:10
bartbesso is there nobody who actually has a ready-made VM for me? :P15:10
viricrafa_: yes15:10
viricrafa_: I use -net user now though.15:10
rafa_viric: cool.. so you do not just have serial.. you can ssh to your qemu system right?15:10
viricrafa_: yes15:10
rafa_nice ;)15:11
viricrafa_: and I have framebuffer going fine15:11
viricrafa_: but not the keyboard! :)15:11
bartbeshmm, I wonder though...15:11
rafa_viric: well.. almost complete :)15:11
bartbesthe image was mpc, right?15:11
viricI'll try enabling CONFIG_KEYBOARD_XTKBD15:11
viricwhat is mpc?15:11
bartbesa client for mpd15:11
bartbesthe Music Player Daemon15:11
viricI don't use it15:12
bartbesanyway, I wondered whether I could easily stream the audio as well15:12
bartbesI guess I could poke around.. if I weren't lazy :P15:12
bartbesbtw, what kernel source do you use? do you use the xburst source tree, or get one from kernel.org, or even somewhere else?15:12
viricrafa_: I don't simply have a qemu system; 'nanonixos' can build an image for qemu, a rootfs for the nanonote (+ kernel + uboot), or it can write an "update" to a running nanonote system.15:13
rafa_viric: I do not know nanonixos.. sorry.. which is the idea to build uboot?.. you mean .. for nn?15:14
viricrafa_: yes. I don't like to depend on prebuilt binaries ;)15:14
rafa_viric: I am not a fan of building systems to build kernel, rootfs and uboot (bootloaders).. I like openwrt/OE/other building systems to build repositories for specific archs and kind of devices (for example.. the packages which openwrt/OE buildfor mobile devices)15:16
rafa_viric: but, for bootloaders, kernels, rootfs.. I like to have a proper standar way15:16
viricI have my proper standard way15:16
bartbeskyak: you don't happen to feel like sending me the stuff to run a 'ben' VM?15:17
viricrafa_: http://vicerveza.homeunix.net/~viric/cgi-bin/nanonixos15:17
rafa_viric: yeah :).. just that all the people are liking openwrt/OE/etc... for thinkgs like building kernels, bootloaders, rootfs.. which I find hard to port between those systems15:18
wpwrak_viric: "my standard" ;-)15:18
viricwpwrak_: exactly! :)15:18
viricTime for supper.15:18
rafa_viric: are you from poland?15:18
viricrafa_: haha let's say that the spaniards think so :)15:19
viricrafa_: I'm catalan15:19
rafa_haha.. some devs from jlime, from poland, have those "time for supper" as well :)15:20
viric"hora de sopar", in catalan15:21
rafa_viric: barcelona vs real madrid right now15:21
viricrafa_: ah yes.15:59
viricrafa_: I'm not a fan of football :)15:59
virickyak: I think I may need SERIO_PCIPS2 to get the keyboard16:44
viricI just noticed the down arrow does not do anything in my nanonote17:26
viriceven 'showkey' does not show any number17:26
viricahhh I have to press it strongly17:26
virickyak: got it! CONFIG_SERIO_I8042 gave the keyboard.18:46
Action: kristianpaul prinitng rafless a gift for hollidalys20:09
kristianpaulif it get good shape i can try wpan case again later :)20:10
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