#qi-hardware IRC log for Friday, 2010-11-26

kyakxiangfu: hi! were you any luck getting rid of that "no job control" message?03:46
xiangfukyak: no.03:46
kyakme to -\03:46
kyaki think gmenu2x is detaching itself in a way, that such tricks don't help03:47
xiangfukyak: when we run 'bash' don't have such message. so is that maybe busybox problem ?03:47
kyakxiangfu: maybe.. or maybe just bash silently ignores it03:48
kyakdid you try if the job control is actually woprking in bash?03:48
xiangfukyak: oh.. job control not working in bash.03:51
kyakbash is a good software, makes you feel better by being silent :)03:53
kyakxiangfu:  about that "alsa .." messagfes... i think they are due to the fact that load_modules in /etc/init.d/boot is called later then gmenu2x is started03:54
kyakand gmenu2x is trying to do some things to alsa.. maybe adjust the volume level03:55
kyakbut the kernel modules are not loaded yet03:55
kyakxiangfu: yesterday i tried redirecting all this crap from gmenu2x in /dev/null, but unfortunately, the io of child processes (ie.. shells) is redirected there, too :)03:57
xiangfukyak: ok04:07
xiangfuthe job control on 'ash(default)' and 'bash' not working. but in fbterm works fine04:07
kyakfbterm is a terminal emulator itself, ash and bash is shell only04:08
xiangfuok. so shell must attach to one device (tty1, ttyS0) for make the jobs control working. right?04:10
viricHello back09:53
viricis anyone using an ubifs *Without compression* in the nanonote?09:53
viricI wonder if it is a slowdown or not09:53
rafaviric: http://www.linux-mtd.infradead.org/misc/misc.html#L_ubifs_compr10:01
viricI use lzo10:02
viricalso jlime?10:02
rafaviric: zlib IIRC10:03
viricdo you think it's a big advantatge?10:04
viricI mean, 2GB is quite a lot :)10:04
rafaviric: for that experiment lzo as you use looks sexy ;)10:04
viricI mean, lzo was the default10:05
viricI did not change anything :)10:05
rafathere is not a lot of more space with zlib, and the speed looks a lot better with lzo10:05
viricno wonder it's their default10:05
viricwhat about size, in jlime... a usual installation on the nanonote, does it take much?10:06
viricrafa: those tests do not show if the speed is CPU-bound10:06
viricrafa: I'd expect that the read speed would be higher, if the bound is the nand-reading speed10:06
wpwrakwould be nice if someone made a comparison10:07
rafaviric: jlime currently uses the whole nand as just one partition for rootfs.. I mean, bootloader, kernel and rootfs10:07
rafano datafs10:07
rafaviric: those tests could be different in nn, but well, those shows something to think :)10:08
wpwrakrafa: i think we have very slow nand, so the question whether the increased amount of data or the processing time is more important may get interesting :)10:10
viricwpwrak: I'll try to test a bit10:11
viricit can be changed at runtime for new files... so it should be easy10:12
viricI already decided to make public how I play with the nanonote10:19
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: usrp: support DCT in addition to complex FFT http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/83d216210:26
qi-bot[commit] Werner Almesberger: ants: 80% antenna and adaptation of CAM script for various antenna sizes http://qi-hw.com/p/ben-wpan/404a0ee10:26
rafaviric: cool ;)10:27
viricI enjoy all this :)10:28
viricnice toy, the nanonote10:28
rafaviric: yep.. and it is one of the best being copyleft hardware10:29
viricI don't go beyond 500KB/s (average) transferring using ssh11:49
viric(dropbear in the nanonote)11:49
kristianpaulviric: can ou try netcat?11:50
kristianpaulare you sendint o NAND o usD11:50
kristianpaulis NAND using DMA ;-)?11:50
viricnand with dma? :)11:51
kristianpauli just womder11:51
viricis there a nand controller that can do dma?11:51
viric[    0.930000] jz4740-nand jz4740-nand.0: Successfully registered JZ4740 NAND driver11:51
viricthat's all11:51
kristianpaulseems not11:54
viric50% flush_ubifs, 50% dropbear11:54
viricI remember wpwrak said much higher numbers11:55
virichere I go without compression...  netcat from my PC (/dev/zero) to the nanonote (to /dev/null): 735kB/s11:56
viric75% idle11:56
Action: kristianpaul remenber is uboot have a NAND R/W test11:57
kristianpauli jsut wonder if the OS is limitng something11:58
kristianpaul(just curios)11:58
kristianpaulviric: dd?11:58
kristianpaullast time i tried dd was not too much verbositty..11:58
wpwrakssh is very cpu-heavy11:59
viricwpwrak: the numbers don't change much... 90% of CPU for dropbear can handle all the USB bandwidth I see.11:59
wpwraka better test would be to, say, untar a kernel or such11:59
viric(when ubifs starts taking 50% of cpu, then it goes down)12:00
wpwrakhmm, if this doesn't change much, then there are spare cycles for the UBI. this would mean that you're always limited by NAND speed.12:00
kristianpaulssh heavy <- indeed12:00
kristianpaul8 bits bus isnt?12:00
kristianpaulor 16?12:00
kristianpauldata bus*12:01
wpwrakthus, better compression might improve speed12:01
kristianpaulwhat abut another FS?12:01
wpwrakkristianpaul:  i think so, yes. and ram is only 16 bits.12:01
kristianpaulWhere is the 32bits system!!12:01
kristianpaulbus always are the bottleneck12:02
viricwpwrak: a netcat to /dev/null gives 735kB/s. there is no nand or ubi in that12:03
viric(maybe I built something wrong. Who knows :)12:05
wpwrakviric: what happens if you just move data locally, without involving usb/ssh ?12:05
kristianpaulsdram can work at 32 bit data bus12:05
viricyou mean to check the ubi cpu usage?12:05
wpwraknetcat seems indeed quite slow12:05
viricnetcat was in the PC12:06
viricin the nanonote I typed: cat /dev/zero > /dev/tcp/
kristianpaulthat explaina bit12:06
viricI used bash for the connection. But most cpu is taken by cat.12:06
viric(~15%.    75% idle says top, in the nanonote)12:06
wpwraktop may misrepresent idle time. a better test is to run something at a low priority in the background. see how many cycles that background task has left.12:08
viricso you think that cat+bash maybe at 100% of cpu12:08
viric# time cp doom.wad doom.wad212:09
viricreal    0m11.947s12:09
viricuser    0m0.060s12:09
viricsys     0m5.730s12:09
viric'sys' may be the ubi cpu time, not waiting for nand12:10
viric(12MB file)12:10
wpwrakviric: if cat, bash, and kernel don't eat all the cpu, that would mean that usb itself is the bottleneck. hard to imagine with high-speed usb. well, maybe check if the ben really registered as a high-speed device.12:10
viricI check...12:11
wpwrakalso, is doom.wad cached when you start or not ? yuo can flush the cacke with blockdev --flushbufs12:12
viricI forgot to mknod the mtd devices :)12:14
viricI can't flushubfs12:14
viricI don't know what we are testing, already :)12:14
wpwrakyou could  dd if=/dev/zero of=file bs=1M count=10012:17
wpwrakdo this to two different files. that should clear out the buffer cache too.12:18
viricfor sake of science12:18
wpwrakah, and include a sync in the timing :)12:18
viricsame numbers for both, and the sync took less than one second12:19
viricreal    0m13.690s12:19
viricuser    0m0.020s12:19
viricsys     0m5.240s12:19
wpwrakthat's not so bad 7.3 MB/s12:20
wpwraknow, time dd if=file of=/dev/null12:20
wpwrakof course, nulls should compress really well ;-)12:21
kristianpaulhow you get verbose mode in dd at openwrt..12:24
wpwrakfor the next test, maybe use 100 MB of data from /dev/urandom. will take a while to generate, though.12:24
wpwrakdd and verbose ? :)12:24
kristianpauli meant resume12:24
kristianpaulit fiinshed no speed/stats..12:24
kristianpaulas in my computer..12:24
kristianpauluramdom is heavy12:26
wpwrakjust use  time dd  ?12:27
kristianpaul1M count 100 takes real 15.856s12:28
kristianpaulsys 5.390s12:28
viricclose to here12:29
viricthen.. quite normal12:29
kristianpaulcan i do FS on ram with the current kenrel?12:29
viric time dd if=file of=/dev/null12:29
viric104857600 bytes (100.0MB) copied, 15.515232 seconds, 6.4MB/s12:29
kristianpaulwhy it tells you speed..12:30
kristianpauland not to me..12:30
viricyou may not be using nanonixos! :)12:30
viricI use to test the speed with openssl..12:54
viricwhat do you get?12:54
viricDoing md4 for 3s on 16 size blocks: 172734 md4's in 3.00s12:55
viricfor example12:55
kristianpaulit sitll doing dd wiht ramdon13:00
viricthe 100MB?13:04
viricI try.13:05
viricit takes time, yes! :)13:06
kristianpaulyes 100M13:08
viricWell, I'm multitasking a bit... I want to test some things :)13:09
viric(but the test goes on too)13:09
kristianpaulthen do it later13:09
kristianpauli got at least 10 min so far to stoped13:10
kristianpaul/stoped/so i'll no stop it13:10
viricwell, we'll see13:11
viric104857600 bytes (100.0MB) copied, 480.781610 seconds, 213.0KB/s13:14
viricfrom urandom13:15
kristianpauloh wait13:28
kristianpaul used ramdom..13:28
viricthen you have to press keys :) lots13:31
Action: kristianpaul nap13:35
kristianpaul6m34.880s sys13:57
wpwrakkristianpaul: (random) use /dev/urandom, not /dev/random ;) /dev/urandom will make up fake random numbers if there's no real random data. that's good enough for what we need.14:02
wpwrak12 MB/s with random data ? not bad14:03
viric12MB/s ?14:07
viricwhy dd tells me 213KB/s ?14:07
viricyou mixed seconds and minutes? :)14:07
viricrafa: uh. I lost again the link to the keyboard map14:15
viricmay you find it again for me, please?14:15
viricqué desastre; lo perdí al saltar la luz, ya que se apagó la máquina con el irssi14:17
viricdo you have proper unicode in the console?14:18
viricI use fbterm meanwhile.14:19
wpwrakoh, right :)14:21
wpwrakquite bad :-(14:21
viricrafa: I found this keymap http://gitorious.org/mzcode/nanonotes/blobs/public/keymaps/us_bnn.kmap14:35
viricbut I don't see it much in affect.14:36
viricFound http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/muffinman/keymaps/us_bnn.kmap, same contents as above. mmm14:38
viricI noticed that 'loadkeys' does not complain, but 'dumpkeys' is not showing the updated keymap14:47
virichmm I can't believe that file is the keymap I want14:58
Action: viric wants the openwrt keymap...15:04
viricWith that keymap, shift-comma does not bring the backquote, but a double quote.15:11
kristianpaulwpwrak: what is for /dev/random ?15:19
viricrafa: please let me know if, with your keymap, shift-comma gives a backquote or a double quote.15:19
viricI mean shift-quote. That next to \.15:19
wpwrakkristianpaul: /dev/random gives you real entropy. but if the entropy pool is depleted, it waits for it to refill15:22
virickristianpaul: /dev/random gets entropy from keystrokes, mouse moves, ...15:24
kristianpauldamn SIE is lying me !15:29
kristianpaulat leat kicad layout..15:29
kristianpaulha that happen whe you use non-free software and just forgot update the kicad layout ;/15:32
kristianpaulwich is not correct15:33
Action: kristianpaul sigh15:33
kristianpaulnow lets verify other pins15:33
viricwpwrak: halt works now! I fixed a problem in my sysvinit15:50
kristianpaulah just was 3v3  and GNDpins, seems no more15:59
wpwrakviric: (halt) great ! what was the problem ?16:02
kristianpaulha 3V and still running, i wonder why manual said dont go less that 3.216:10
viricwpwrak: so... I did not have sysvinit programs in /sbin, and it had hardcoded references to /sbin. I fixed that so it finds the programs.16:25
viricCan someone check if the backquote in the nanonote console types a backquote?16:25
rafaviric: sorry.. was sleeping.. let me check the link of jlime txt documentation files16:43
rafaviric: i can not test right now.. my nn is 1000km far from me today :)16:44
viricoh! :)16:44
viricdo you happen to understand keymaps? :)16:44
rafaviric: http://jlime.com/downloads/releases/muffinman/16:45
rafaviric: you mean to fix the keymap file?16:45
viricI think it's broken16:46
viricI changed some word, and the key changed16:46
viricbut I don't know how to make the backquote appear :)16:46
viricrafa: because I'm already using that keymap16:47
rafaviric: so you alredy know the key code right?16:49
viricmm maybe. I changed one that said 'comma', and the key changed was that of the apostrophe.16:51
rafaviric: to know the exact code of the key you need the "showkey" command16:56
rafaand run it from console16:56
rafapress the key which should be bckquote16:56
rafaand check the code16:56
viricI was about to ask that :)16:56
rafathen modify the file and look for that code16:56
viricI switch on...16:56
rafathen there... you could try to modify the key with "grave"16:56
viricit's key 40, and shift is 4216:57
rafaI think that "grave" is the word to make the backquote appear16:57
viricAha! It says 'quotedbl' instead of backquote16:57
virickeycode  40 = apostrophe       quotedbl16:57
rafaviric: no idea if the proper word is backquote16:57
rafamaybe it is grave16:57
rafabut no sure16:57
viricI'll check16:57
rafaremember load the keymap from console16:58
virichow come people use such a broken keymap for so long?16:58
viricsure sure16:58
viricI've been an hour believing it was not loading the keymap16:58
viricI've straced and almost gdb-ed the loadkeys16:58
viricI simply could not believe that keymap was wrong :)16:58
rafaviric: well.. keymap file depends on kernel as well16:58
viricI know16:58
viricI'm using that from openwrt16:58
viric(2.6.35+openwrt patches)16:58
viricthat matches the keymap, for what I understood16:58
rafamaybe nobody use the nn keyboard? :) (all doing ssh from PC?)16:59
viricuf :)16:59
kyakviric: what's you trying to achieve?16:59
virictype a backquote16:59
kyak` this ?:)17:00
viricyes ;)17:00
viricand now from the nanonote17:00
viricrafa: backtick17:01
rafaviric: that is the proper word to add into keymap file?17:02
kyakviric: i guess you don't have the keymap that openwrt has?17:02
virichm maybe I'm wrong. I saw it grepping, but loadkeys does not like it17:02
wpwrakinteresting: http://arxiv.org/abs/1004.0263/17:02
virickyak: do you have a nn around?17:02
viriccan you type backquote?17:03
kyakshift+button up to the red arrow17:03
kyakis a backquote17:03
viricfails here. it prints dblquote17:04
viricif you run showkey...17:04
viricwhat key do you get for that?17:04
kyakand it is called "grave"17:04
viricahh grave17:04
kyakkeycode  41 = acute            grave17:04
viric41? you get 41? hm17:04
kyakacute is keycode 4117:05
kyakshift + 41 is grave17:05
viricrafa: the keymap you gave me says:17:05
virickeycode  40 = apostrophe       quotedbl17:05
virickeycode  41 = grave            asciitilde17:05
virickyak: is shift 42?17:05
kyakwait a sec, i'll link you to openwrt keymap17:06
viricwhat kernel you run?17:06
virickyak: please. I have a checkout of trunk, but I could not find it17:06
viric(:AB0B8 :8@8;8F0 >B;8G=> ?>:07K205BAO 2 ==)17:07
viricrafa: but isn't jlime using the openwrt kernel?17:07
virickyak: I am running the openwrt 2.6.35 kernel. Maybe it's a difference?17:08
rafaviric: openwrt kernel is something general to say..17:10
rafaviric: qi distribution uses 2.6.32 qi openwrt kernel17:10
rafaviric: lars works on 2.6.36 kerne I woud guess17:10
rafaviric: jlime uses 2.6.34 kernel from qi openwrt.. and blizzard from jlime is doing some work with latest lars qi openwrt kernel as well17:11
viricAnd all them have different keycodes from the keyboard matrix?17:11
viricHow could all this become such a mess? :)17:11
rafaviric: and those kernel could be a bit different, maybe no with keyboard.. but i can not be sure17:11
rafaviric: maybe you need the keymap file from kyak :)17:12
viricOk, so... I adapted that 'grave', and the shift-volume keys for scrollbuffer... and I'm happy.17:12
viricall the rest worsk17:12
viricWell, there is a circle over 'A'17:12
viricwhich I can't imagine what it is.17:12
rafaan angel symbol? :)17:13
viric° ?17:13
viricmaybe this.17:13
wpwrakviric: it's a nordic character. i think something like a long "A"17:13
viricin swedish it's an 'a' that sounds like 'o'17:14
kyakviric: ok, maybe it's too late, but: target/linux/xburst/patches-2.6.32/500-modifier-keys.patch is a patch for linux-, and then defkeymap.c should be generated, but it is in fact replaced..17:14
viricbut also other nordic languages use that.17:14
kyak..with target/linux/xburst/files-2.6.32/drivers/char/defkeymap.c_shipped17:14
wpwrakprominently features here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angstrom17:14
virickyak: ah you run 2.6.3217:14
viricwpwrak: yes, I remenber the distro17:15
kyakviric: cyrillic in nn - yes, shows fine17:15
virickyak: for me, only in fbterm. Do you use fbterm?17:15
kyakin fbterm is also fine.. have a look here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-packages/source/tree/master/ben-cyrillic17:15
viricrafa: http://vicerveza.homeunix.net/~viric/cgi-bin/nanonixos/artifact?name=f1f9cfd07d6ee666725ee87af17f9716fc1c6a0f for whatever it is, here is now the new map I use.17:16
kyakthis package add support for cyrillic input/output in console17:16
virickyak: oh, input17:16
virickyak: is it in openwrt trnk?17:16
kyakit's in openwrt-packages17:16
kyakthis is a separate git17:16
viricI'll clone it17:17
kyakyou should add it to feeds.conf17:18
kyaknot really necessary to clone it by hand17:19
viricwhat is feeds.conf?17:20
kyakhave you read http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image?17:21
kyakyou should :)17:21
kyakit will give you a kick start17:22
viricI'm not very interested in 'building openwrt'17:22
viricI think I cannot run that in my system17:22
viricI'm not using a LSB GNU system17:22
kyakthen why did you clone both openwrt-xburst and wanted to clone openwrt-packages? :)17:22
viricI cloned openwrt trunk17:23
viricI use the xburst patches there for 2.6.35 to build the kernel17:23
kyakok then17:24
viricI don't use the "qi openwrt", I use "openwrt trunk"17:25
virichow bad is it? :)17:25
kyaki got it17:25
kyakwho knows?17:25
viricThis is what worries me. hehe17:25
kyakit's rather weird17:25
kyakusing something in the middle17:26
kyaknot the stable backfire ( or latest qi-kernel (2.6.36)17:26
viricI'm taking notes of all this... let's try to summarize with some links.17:26
virickyak: I used 'the latest' when it was 'the latest', but it's no more 'the latest', and I did not care to follow 2.6.36 still, because I'm not sure of the benefits I'd get.17:27
viricAnd at that time I even did not know people where not using 2.6.35. :)17:27
viricI'm quite new in all this.17:27
virickyak: so, how do you know that the stable backfire is ?17:27
virickyak: and, is 'stable backfire' the name of anything official? any official download image?17:28
kyakcause we are following the backfire, that's why17:28
viric- if there is anything 'official', I don't know17:28
viricbackfire is an openwrt major version?17:28
viric(sorry, I really know little all this... I don't want to annoy)17:28
virickyak: qi-hardware openwrt-packages branch is following backfire. It has 'features' one day to be merged into openwrt?17:29
kyakqi-hardware openwrt-xburst is following backfire, and contains additional features17:30
kyakthen these features are picked and commited upstream17:30
kyakand then they return back :)17:30
viricand what is openwrt-packages?17:31
viricin qi-hardware17:32
kyakthere are packages, that are not ready yet to go upstream17:32
viricbut in the usual openwrt, packages and 'xburst' are in a single tree, right?17:32
kyakopenwrt base system is differenet from "feeds"17:32
kyakthat's the point17:32
kyak"OpenWrt uses so called "feeds" which provide packages for software beyond the default minimal system."17:32
viricopenwrt-packages is a feed for that?17:33
kyakyes, it's one of the feeds17:34
viricopenwrt-xburst is also a feed?17:34
kyakno, it's following backfire, the base system17:34
viricI think now I get it :)17:35
viricis openwrt-packages any related to 'backfire'?17:35
viricopenwrt stable is not openwrt, trunk, right?17:36
kyakwell, you can add this feed17:36
kyakand use it in backfire17:36
kyakopenwrt stable is backfire release17:36
kyaktrunk is trunk17:36
viricIt may look evident to that used to it... but a few minutes ago I had a completely distorted view compared to now17:37
viricAnd where is written, what kernel openwrt-xburst takes in?17:38
viric(I'll try to find by myself)17:38
kyakit is located in target/linux/17:39
virickyak: yes, got it. thank you17:40
viricAnd then... rafa, there is jlime. the jlime now distributed in the web uses that same 2.6.32 kernel, right?17:40
virickyak: openwrt trunk has many patches for xburst, for 2.6.34, 2.6.35, 2.6.36, 2.6.37 ... who maintains that and with what purpose?17:40
dandondoes anyone know a website that reviews apple notebooks? but websites like xbitlabs or bit-tech or similar that also have non apple laptops17:41
kyakviric: i'm not sure about that...17:41
kyakyou might wanna check svn commit logs17:42
kyakto see who and why added those patches17:42
viricI'm making a summary...17:45
virickyak: https://dev.openwrt.org/timeline?from=2010-11-24T19%3A50%3A11%2B0100&precision=second17:46
viricI thought it was timeline for xburst. ignore it17:46
viricit looks like larsc maintains openwrt trunk17:47
kyakyepp :)17:49
viricI remember I use 2.6.35 from there because larsc pointed me to there when I asked for "the latest stable kernel"17:49
viricThat may match the qi-kernel branches.17:49
kyakprobably it was the latest kernel at that time17:50
viricstable kernel17:51
virickyak, rafa: http://vicerveza.homeunix.net/~viric/cgi-bin/nanonixos/doc/trunk/doc/distributions.wiki17:55
viric(sorry, long urls!)17:55
kyakviric: openwrt-packages is just one of the feeds17:57
kyakthere are others provided by default openwrt feeds.conf17:57
kyakbasically, we use openwrt feeds + openwrt-packages feed17:58
viricthe official qi openwrt image comes from openwrt feeds + openwrt-packages, right?17:58
viricI'm not sure what do you mean when you say "we" :)17:58
viricthat 'we' does not include rafa, for example, right?17:59
kyakyes, the official image contains packages from both openwrt feeds and openwrt-packages17:59
kyaki guess i mean "qi-hardware"m and i say "we" because i use that, too :)18:00
viricalso wpwrak ?18:00
kyaki think he was using jlime lately18:00
viriccan you reload that page? Now better?18:01
kyaki think it's good18:02
kyakare you preparing it for qi wiki?18:02
kyakor it's something else?18:02
virichmmm no, it's something like my scratchbook about this18:02
kyakah ok :)18:02
viricI'm making that 'nanonixos' (the distribution I use in the nanonote, let's say), and I take notes of what happens :)18:03
kyaksounds great18:05
kyakviric: what's your progress so far?18:06
viricit was not trivial :)18:06
virickyak: I have all I need18:06
viricI started on...18:07
viricfour days ago18:07
viricI have prboom, lynx, unicode (output), network, sound, mp3 playing, and the system I use to read RSS offline18:07
viricI can't compete with a big distribution... but I enjoy the game of doing all this.18:08
kyakare you using uboot?18:08
kyaki was hoping you had grub :)18:10
virickyak: did you find what framebuffer driver you needed for the malta board? I can't get it right :)18:11
kyaki think this one18:11
viricthat's what I thought18:12
viricI just enabled it, and nothing18:12
kyaki enabled several, to be sure18:12
viricdo you have the traces, whether it's cirrus?18:12
wpwrakwe need this game on the ben: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBr7EhL6Jpg18:12
viricdid you use any kernel parameter to make the kernel output to the framebuffer?18:12
kyakviric: do you need "grep -i fb .config"?18:13
kyakviric: yes, i found that it is cirrus18:13
virickyak: no... boot it. The kernel should say something18:13
viricI have CONFIG_FB_CIRRUS=y18:13
viric# CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE is not set18:14
kyakviric: http://wangbj.blogspot.com/ here18:14
viricsure sure18:15
viricI just found it was not :)18:15
kyakno special parameters18:15
viric2ks to build the kernel...18:16
viricI'll see it tomorrow18:16
kyakwpwrak: m, where's that game's home page?18:16
viricI have a friend writing a clone of Zoop18:17
wpwrakkyak: something makes me think it doesn't have one ;-)18:17
viricIt should work clean in the nanonote18:17
kyakwpwrak: ;)18:17
viric(no zoop fans? :)18:18
kyaki'm not into games at all ::)18:18
kyakviric: on usb018:20
kyakyou should make it owrt -compatible :)18:20
kyak(and jlime)18:20
virickyak: That's the IP I use...18:21
virickyak: why the IP matters? :)18:21
kyak"Find proper cyrillic fonts for fbterm" - no need, unifont has it all18:21
wpwrakhere are some more interesting game references: http://www.adavies.org/blog/2010/03/15/gaming-the-crowd/18:21
wpwrakthe marathon sounds nice :)18:21
kyakviric: cause i ssh into ben18:21
viric                http://www.adavies.org/blog/2010/03/15/gaming-the-crowd/18:21
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virichttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZn9cdNYKzM  I meant this18:21
wpwrakrafa: a BUE version of this one could be nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBxFiNxdso418:22
wpwrakviric: so that's what they play on proxima centauri ...18:24
viricuh? :)18:26
viricHe got new graphics... this is a bit outdated.18:26
viriche now ends the multiplayer deatchmatch variant18:27
virichttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRzsts7tj-c this is the original game18:27
wpwraknot the most enthusiastic review ...18:35
zeara gaming discussion on this channel and i missed it?18:35
zearwpwrak, isn't desert bus a genesis game?18:37
wpwrakzear: it says sega: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penn_&_Teller's_Smoke_and_Mirrors#Desert_Bus18:40
wpwrakah, sega platform. published by absolut entrtainment18:42
wpwrakabsolutE. important :)18:42
zearif sega, then it must be sega genesis :)18:44
zearah, it's for sega CD18:44
zearstill, there's a quite decent sega genesis/megadrive/CD emulator for the dingoo18:45
zeari don't see a reason why it couldn't be ported to the nanonote18:45
wpwrakzear: have you looked at the video ?18:51
zearof the game? I know about this game :D18:52
zearthis is actually a sort of game i would enjoy18:52
zearif it wasn't THAT long and boring, of course18:52
zearbut a simple bus/track simulator where you don't have to do much but watch the road would be interesting18:53
zearjust would have to have a very varying scenery, so you can't get bored that easily18:54
viricwpwrak: (that review was quite bad, yes! So... I know some fans of that game. I'm one of them!)18:54
zearabout that tokyo bus game, this is quite a funny coincidence, but i got a dreamcast few days ago and was about to try this game out :)18:55
viricwpwrak: at university, a friend and me were given a board with an fpga, and pins for a VGA connector and a PS2 input. We made the videogame in an Altera fpga. :)18:55
viricmaking the vga signals (digital, no DAC... but it gave enough colours :)18:55
viricanyway, guten nacht18:56
zearspeaking of simulation games, you guys ever played Densha de go? It's a japanese train simulator, a really cool thing18:56
wpwrakzear: this one looks kinda nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBxFiNxdso4&feature=related18:58
zearhere's the footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR0rLMCFL8k18:58
wpwrakzear: combine it with OSM, and maybe you have something usable18:58
wpwrakzear: ah ... you commented on it. hadn't seen it18:58
wpwrakzear: OpenStreetMap18:58
zearopen street map is a little.. incomplete :D18:59
zearat least the city where i live :D18:59
zearso i basically use google maps on my freerunner18:59
zeari know, it's a shame18:59
zearbut they have better maps18:59
zearand with the street view of their, you could pretty much hook it up to a bus driving game like this one19:00
wpwrakviric: (game in fpga) nice :)19:01
zearwpwrak, they even have some sort of 3d models they generate for every street view pic19:04
zearso they can know if the part of the pic is a building or not19:04
zearand the transition between pictures is very smooth, sometimes it feels like you're really moving from place to place and not changing pictures19:05
zearhere's an example: http://mapy.google.pl/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=pl&geocode=&q=japan,+tokyo&sll=35.423819,139.936552&sspn=0.016262,0.023453&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Tokio,+Japonia&ll=35.768835,139.766049&spn=0.008061,0.011727&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=35.769187,139.766419&panoid=M1SNVuzoFvYEstH7nCnyUg&cbp=12,167,,0,519:05
wpwrakzear: alas, all closed and proprietary.19:05
zearyeah, i fully understand this problem19:06
zearbut the technology is interesting19:06
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