#qi-hardware IRC log for Thursday, 2010-11-25

wolfspraulxiangfu: I think I traced the python-sip problem down00:03
wolfspraulin packages/python-sip/Makefile, there is a HOST_FPIC variable00:04
wolfspraulit is dereferenced there with $(HOST_FPIC), but never set00:04
wolfspraulmaybe it was introduced in a later backfire revision, or in trunk?00:04
xiangfuwolfspraul: let me check.00:05
wolfspraulit brings us back to the old problem that the feeds are not in sync with the main OpenWrt tree00:05
wolfspraulalso (unrelated), maybe we should sync the tracking_backfire branch every 2 weeks or so? I think we should probably have a fixed time interval.00:05
xiangfuwolfspraul: the 'packages' is not in feeds.00:06
wolfspraulhmm, OK00:07
wolfspraulthen it can neither come from a feed problem nor from infrequent tracking_backfire updates :-)00:08
wolfspraulHOST_FPIC should be set to -fPIC00:08
wolfspraulor in that Makefile, we should replace $(HOST_FPIC) with just -fPIC00:09
wolfspraulI did a grep over all feeds and packages, and nobody else is using HOST_FPIC00:09
xiangfuwolfspraul: you compile today? got those error.00:09
xiangfuwolfspraul: the build host compile fine in 1124.00:09
xiangfuwolfspraul: sorry my bad. the python-sip is in feeds.00:11
xiangfuwolfspraul: I grep all git source code. there is no HOST_FPIC either.00:14
xiangfuwolfspraul: ok. the HOST_FPIC is define in 'trunk' rules.mk:50:HOST_FPIC:=-fPIC00:17
xiangfuwolfspraul: 'backfire' upstream also no HOST_FPIC defined.00:18
wolfspraulso for now I will just export HOST_FPIC=-fPIC manually00:21
wolfsprauleven if the feature of tagging feeds is added to OpenWrt, we would still want to uptick them and run into a problem like this00:22
wolfspraulI guess it's unavoidable ;-)00:22
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: add fw_setenv_default for set all u-boot variable to default http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/49f1bbf00:40
xiangfuwolfspraul: I got an error when I "git push" : hooks/post-update: line 24: echo: write error: Broken pipe00:43
xiangfuwolfspraul: where is the hooks ? maybe I  check that a little.00:44
wolfspraulxiangfu: hmm01:06
wolfspraulI rebooted fidelio a few hours ago (after a dist-upgrade), and sometimes the NFS share on turandot gets stuck with a 'stale NFS file handle'01:07
wolfspraulmaybe it's that01:07
wolfspraulI will look into it01:07
wolfspraulxiangfu (in absence) I remounted the nfs share, let's see on the next commit whether the broken pipe error is gone...01:11
wolfspraulxiangfu: (repost) I remounted the nfs share, let's see on the next commit whether the broken pipe error is gone...02:59
xiangfuwolfspraul: thanks.02:59
wolfspraulxiangfu: I have a question/idea. see http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Building_Software_Image#Feeds03:05
wolfspraulto update the feeds, we recommend to run "scripts/feeds update -a && scripts/feeds install -a"03:05
wolfspraulbut in the root Makefile, there is a package/symlinks target that does exactly the same thing03:05
wolfspraulso we could also recommend to run "make package/symlinks" instead03:06
wolfspraulthere are several pros and cons03:06
wolfspraulpackage/symlinks is cleaner/shorter, and if some of the parameters of scripts/feeds change it will be updated03:06
wolfspraulon the other hand package/symlinks is slower, because it will run through the whole openwrt prerequisites stuff03:06
wolfspraulalso it will hide some of the stdout output you see when running scripts/feeds directly03:07
wolfspraulhowever, bottom line, on the wiki page I still think we should change it to "make package/symlinks"03:08
wolfspraulwhat do you think?03:08
viricwpwrak: I tried -p and -fp, no effect. But I'm using sysvinit 'halt'; I don't know what is there in openwrt03:11
viriclarsc: do you know if there is anything special to poweroff the nanonote? sysvinit halt does not work for me, and busybox halt either03:12
xiangfuwolfspraul: "run through the whole openwrt prerequisites stuff"  is better.  if there is no ".config" it's will start the "menuconfig" etc..03:13
xiangfuwolfspraul: I found we can add "V=99" to "make package/symlinks" but it's give too much "WARNING ..." which is not good.03:15
xiangfuwolfspraul: so just ""make package/symlinks"" is better.03:15
wolfspraulxiangfu: hmm. if make package/symlinks checks the config, then on the wiki page we have to move the Feeds section after the Configuration section03:20
xiangfuwolfspraul: yes.03:21
wolfspraulI'll edit the page, you check whether you like it :-)03:21
kyakit says on wiki that the release is not tagged03:23
kyakbut it is tagged now?03:23
wolfsprauldon't know the wiki needs lots of updates :-)03:25
wolfspraulone thing I am planning to add is a little table for each configuration file to list disk space requirements and build time (on a given reference system)03:26
wolfspraulbecause for minimal, xbboot, full_system or all_packages those will be dramatically different03:26
wolfspraultuxbrain: welcome back! :-)03:27
wolfspraulgood morning!03:27
tuxbrainhehehe I miss you all too :)03:27
wolfspraulhow are the NanoNote sales?03:27
wolfspraulmine are super low, maybe 2-5 / week03:28
tuxbrainnot espectacular but not bad as always, mmm same ratio aprox03:28
wolfspraulok, not bad, at least a few people discover the gem once in a while :-)03:28
wolfspraulgive me the chance to do stellar customer service for each one :-)03:28
tuxbrainhehehe that's right :), at least we have achieve one thing, that any costumer is complaining, that's a real good achievement :)03:29
xiangfukyak: Hi.03:32
xiangfukyak: when I start the "ash(default)" in gmenu2x , I always got "sh: can't access tty; jo..."03:33
xiangfukyak: and I found this: http://www.busybox.net/FAQ.html#job_control03:33
xiangfukyak: which "exec </dev/tty1 >/dev/tty1 2>&1" make the warning gone.03:34
wolfspraultuxbrain: did you see the Milkymist One wood case roh made?03:41
wolfspraulwhich case do you like?03:41
wolfsprauldo you think you can sell the product with a wood case?03:41
wolfspraulroh is experimenting with an acrylic case next, and some other improvements (stability, labels, microphone, IR receiver, etc)03:41
tuxbrainuff, electronics and wood.... did it pass any CE certificate???03:42
wolfspraulbut in the end your opinion matters because you represent customers03:42
wolfspraulyeah that's the next question03:42
wolfspraulin order to avoid CE/FCC, can we sell it as a kit?03:42
wolfspraulso we put the bare board, plus some 'ikea style' stuff into the box03:42
wolfspraulI'm wondering what this would mean in terms of CE/FCC.03:42
tuxbrainnot bad idea, I will ask victor to take a look at it, he is more used on that matters03:43
wolfspraulwhen Asus sells bare mainboards, what certs do they pass?03:43
wolfspraulcan you look at the box of a bare mainboard sold in Spain, and let us know whether they have anything in the direction of CE/FCC?03:43
tuxbrainok I will03:44
wolfspraulgreat, thanks03:44
tuxbrainbut whatever what is the cost of the case? aprox?03:44
tuxbrainand how the linux port is going on?03:44
wolfspraulcost of the case not known yet03:48
wolfspraulthe first wood one was ca. 20 EUR material cost03:48
wolfspraul12 EUR for the laser cutter, plus the wood03:48
wolfspraulroh's time was for free :-)03:48
wolfspraulnow roh will experiment and improve some more, acrylic, etc.03:48
wolfspraulhe is hoping to sell them, and I am 100% willing and ready to buy what he produces03:49
wolfspraulacrylic is more expensive than wood03:49
wolfspraulbut there are many unknowns at this point03:49
wolfspraulbecause so many things in the case need to be improved, so it's not clear what the laser-cutter time will be in the end03:49
wolfsprauland whether it can be optimized03:49
wolfspraulor whether other production techniques will be added (for example the groove was manually carved out with a screwdriver on the first case)03:50
wolfspraulthe material cost will change (up or down, when buying larger amounts it may also go down)03:50
wolfsprauland roh may need to charge some for his time03:50
wolfspraulbottom line: the case will be anywhere between 20 and 50 EUR, my feeling03:50
wolfspraulI'm not so much trying to bring this down right now, it's more important to get it done, improve details, optimize the process03:51
tuxbrainso , what was the price of production of a MM and the intended PVP?03:52
wolfspraultuxbrain: linux port, well, Takeshi Matsuya keeps hacking, but lekernel thinks it's too early for the Linux kernel right now, and he wants to focus on the VJ application and RTEMS03:52
wolfspraulwhat is that?03:52
tuxbrainsorry is spanish price to public03:52
kyakxiangfu: that's an awesome trick!!!!03:52
wolfspraulwe are planning to sell the Milkymist One boards for 350 USD, if we can add the case I suggest we sell it for 499 USD03:53
kyakxiangfu: this message was bugging me..03:53
wolfspraulwe want to add all sorts of goodies, like power adapter, jtag-serial board, etc. and all this costs money03:53
kyakxiangfu: have you tested it? is it enough to start gmenu2x like this, and then all child processes will have the terminal?03:56
xiangfukyak: I just tested. seems not working03:56
kyak@IF 2I =I3 2I H5,03:57
kyakhow do you do it?03:57
xiangfuwait. maybe I just tested is wrong.  let me  try again.03:58
viricwhat is milkymist one for?04:03
wolfspraulviric: good question!04:08
wolfspraulI haven't figured out the one way to describe it yet04:08
wolfspraulfirst it's called an interactive VJ station04:08
wolfspraulit's like a computer, but totally geared towards processing audio, video, instruments, lighting systems04:09
wolfspraulbasically if you would use it as your file server, that's exactly what it is not good at. it's the opposite.04:10
wolfspraulat the beginning it will run a real-time kernel, RTEMS, although a Linux kernel port exists already (but not in kernel.org yet)04:10
viricit's a nanonote with a dsp?04:12
wolfspraulviric: does that make sense so you?04:12
wolfsprauloh no04:12
wolfspraulfirst it's not a mobile computer04:12
wolfspraulit needs a lot of power, so it has to be plugged into the wall04:13
viricclose to xue?04:13
wolfspraulit has no screen, no keyboard04:13
wolfsprauljust a box04:13
kyakwho would usually use it?04:13
viricif it's interactive, it may have some way to get 'input' from a user...04:13
viricIs it termenvox-controlled? :)04:13
viricI always wanted an open-hardware termenvox04:14
wolfspraulit's a computer, you can telnet into it, or ssh under Linux I would think04:14
wolfspraulit's a computer guys04:14
wolfspraulof course :-)04:14
viricmeant to be used through a network04:14
wolfspraulall there04:14
wolfspraulbut if you see it as a replacement of your aging NSLU2, that's wrong04:14
wolfspraultotally wrong04:14
wolfspraulthe connectors that make it special, as seen from the outside, are :04:15
wolfspraulvideo in04:15
wolfspraulvga out, audio in/out04:15
wolfspraulmidi in/out04:15
wolfspraulDMX512 (3-wire) in/out04:15
wolfsprauland the hardware design inside is geared towards processing all that stuff04:15
wolfspraulI really need to think of a sentence or two to describe it well...04:16
kyakis it used by musicians? or who?04:16
wolfspraulused by nobody right now, because it doesn't exist yet04:17
wolfspraulwho is 'musician'?04:17
wolfspraulif you like to play the piano, you probably have no use for it04:17
wolfspraulif you are Keith Richards, you probably also have no use for it04:18
kyakwhos "Keith Richards"? :)04:18
wolfspraulbut sure, like I said, you can plug MIDI instruments into it, and 'do stuff'04:18
kyaki mean, it will be used by whom?04:18
kyaki don't really udnerstand04:18
wolfspraulKeith Richards is an old rocker (guitarist) from the Rolling Stones04:18
wolfspraulVJ station04:18
wolfspraulyou can process audio and video04:19
viricwolfspraul: is it outputting 320x240 video?04:19
kyakuh, Rolling Stones i've heard about :)04:19
wolfspraulI'm sure it can go much higher04:19
viricwhat is there doing the heavy video processing?04:19
wolfspraulright! good question04:19
wolfspraulit's all based around a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA04:19
kyakprocess audio and video.. right now i'm thinking about connecting it to a TV.. am i wrong?04:19
wolfspraulquite powerful FPGA04:19
viriccan the fpga be reprogrammed at will?04:19
wolfspraulrunning a GPL licensed CPU design, called... Milkymist! :-)04:19
wolfspraul'at will' maybe not yet, but that's one of the exercise to make that more open, yes04:20
virica spartan6 is better than a dsp there :)04:20
wolfspraulthat's a very good question04:20
wolfspraulthe two cannot easily be compared like that I think04:20
wolfspraulwpwrak could probably give you a better analogy than me04:20
viricI design for spartan3... I know the spartan3 family04:21
viricI'm going to get into spartan6 soon04:21
wolfspraula high-end DSP can be geared towards certain things, and manufactured in a high-end process, so then it can probably beat any FPGA at whatever it was optimized for04:21
wolfspraulon the other hand an FPGA is programmable logic, so it's much more flexible04:21
wolfspraulviric: oh wow. well then you should definitely consider taking a closer look at Milkymist One.04:21
wolfspraulcheck that link I pasted above04:21
wolfspraulhere it is again04:22
viricI'll spam about it among people with free time :)04:23
viricthank you04:24
wolfspraulthat page needs to be MUCH BETTER at explaining what the product is04:33
wolfspraulin the first line, first paragraph, etc.04:33
wolfspraulbut explaining is not so easy, need to zoom out mentally, use the right words to describe it, etc.04:33
wolfspraulyour feedback is very appreciated04:33
wolfspraulwe will probably go about marketing it strongly next year (it's not available yet)04:34
xiangfukyak: I think we should remove the first line in /etc/profile "[ -f /etc/banner ] && cat /etc/banner"04:46
xiangfuwait  if we remove the /etc/banner never show up. :(.04:54
wolfspraulit's too much clutter04:55
wolfspraulI think we should remove the banner entirely.04:55
wolfspraulwe have way too much text showing up all the time04:55
wolfspraulbanner, warnings, error messages, what not04:55
wolfspraulthe less the better, imho04:55
xiangfuwhen we start the 'gmenu2x', it' always try to run "/etc/profile" it make the banner shows too much. which is not good.04:59
wolfspraulsure, first remove the banner from /etc/profile - +1 from me05:00
wolfspraulafter that, delete /etc/banner entirely - +105:00
kyakyeah, perhaps this banner is not necessary in /etc/profile05:06
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: files: remove display banner in /etc/profile http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/011732f05:12
wpwrakviric: (halt -fp) hmm, then busybox is exonerated for once. maybe your kernel just doesn't have the power-off code enabled. i think it lives somewhere in power management.05:13
viricso, the kernel has a syscall for poweroff?05:15
viricand all userland is expected to call that, right?05:16
viricI mean there is a linux-abi defined way of powering off05:16
wpwrakviric: yup, linux-*/kernel/sys.c:reboot (and kernel_power_off)05:19
virichm I'll check what I have there.05:20
viricthank you!05:20
wpwrakit's not so easy :) then you have to trace what machine_power_off does05:23
wpwrakbut that's at least the abi05:23
viricI mean I will read that.05:24
wolfspraulxiangfu: for the reflash_ben.sh problem that $? == "8" looks suspicious. Maybe you just try the .ubi whenever the ubi.bz2 wget fails? That would be more common I think...05:28
wolfspraulis qi-kernel.git still up to date at all? I'm a bit worried if we leave stale trees around that people will get lost.05:30
viricwolfspraul: I'm using the upstream kernel 2.6.35 + openwrt instead of the qi-hardware git; I remember something determined that choose, but I can't remember. Some talks here, I imagine.05:33
xiangfukyak: I just found , the new release in our openwrt-xburst.git openwrt-package.git is not tag. it's a new branch. :(05:33
xiangfuwolfspraul: the 'master' branch is totally outdate.05:34
xiangfuwolfspraul: others I am not sure.05:34
kyakxiangfu: yeah.. isn't it the same?05:34
xiangfukyak: I think not same. at least the type is not same. one is tag another is branch :)05:35
kyakxiangfu: i thought that it is the same in terms of git :)05:36
kyaka branch is kind of "bookrmark"05:36
xiangfukyak: yes. it's kind of same. but when you use "gitk" "gitg", the display is different.05:38
xiangfukyak: IMO. branch which is develop on it. new feature or less feature.  tag just a "bookmark"05:39
xiangfuI just want make less confuse :) we should use tag in release.05:39
wolfspraulxiangfu: so who is still using qi-kernel.git ?05:41
xiangfuhmm... but for the last release . make it as tag is not easy. since it cherry-pick some commit. :(05:41
wolfspraulor should anyone still use it? if not, why don't we delete it?05:41
xiangfuwolfspraul: hmm... larsc use that develop the
wolfsprauloh really?05:44
wolfspraulwell then larsc needs to tell us whether it was just a temporary working repository, or whether there is any future use for it, or in which cases we should direct people to use it, or not use it05:44
xiangfuwolfspraul:  then we lost all lars commit history.05:48
wolfspraulsure I am not advocating to delete it, I am just trying to understand its function right now.05:48
wolfspraulwhen should someone use it? and how do we maintain it?05:49
wolfspraulsome people may just find that repository accidentally and basically get 'trapped'05:49
wolfsprauland we don't seem to know clearly what to tell people :-)05:49
viricspecially those expecting the 'master' branch being "the stable kernel"05:49
xiangfuwhen we develop patches for openwrt. we may need such a repo.05:50
xiangfuI think we can mark it as 'private'05:51
xiangfuwhen we develop kernel with other peoples . we may need such a repo.05:52
wolfspraulprivate is not good05:53
wolfspraulwe just need good documentation05:53
xiangfuif the 'master' branch is auto sync with openwrt. that will be great.05:53
xiangfuthat is my plan . setup a auto sync in qi-kernel.git.05:53
xiangfuI am a little lazy on qi-kernel.git :)05:54
xiangfusince I am not using it much05:54
wolfspraulwe just need to document what it is used for, and what to expect from it05:55
wolfspraulno need for 'auto sync', that sounds like asking for a lot of trouble05:55
viricxiangfu: well, it's not that easy. 'master' reflects the final source code, while openwrt only has bunch of patches over mainline.05:57
viricI don't think it is easy to sync. It's manual work.05:57
viricadditionally there are "the openwrt patches", and "the patches to make the linux work on nanonote" (generic vs xburst-qi_lb60)05:58
viricI imagine larsc tries to make changes so they can go upstream, that is, unrelated to openwrt05:58
viric- well, this is the picture I have in mind, that may be wrong, because I'm not doing any kernel development :)06:00
kyakxiangfu: set up a sync with qi-kernel.git - good idea!06:04
xiangfuwe need a repo for co-work in kernel develop. that's why there is qi-kernel.git06:05
kyakso that when we build from openwrt-xburst.git, we will get the latest kernel, right?06:05
kristianpaul(high-end DSP) i need some for GPS correlation ;-)06:05
xiangfukyak: no.06:06
xiangfuit's like : work on qi-kernel.git --> generate patches for openwrt.06:06
kyakthis is already how it works, i think?06:07
xiangfubut at sometime. lars direct generate the patches for openwrt. that's why there are different. then I try to sync the openwrt to qi-kerne.git 'mater' because I am also in kernel develop :(06:07
xiangfubecause I am slow in kernel develop (sorry for typo)06:08
xiangfuit's like  10 commit in qi-kernel.git --> one patch in openwrt. that is the origin plan.06:09
kyakbut since lars is working on 2.6.36, but openwrt is 2.6.32, there is some additional work backporting those patches?06:10
kyaki suggest going to 2.6.36 in openwrt-xburst :)06:10
xiangfukyak: maybe. I am not look into the detail.06:11
xiangfukyak: then we far away from 'backfire' :)06:12
kyakxiangfu: that's what i was going to say :) let's follow openwrt trunk06:12
xiangfukyak: back later (sorry)06:24
kyakxiangfu: np!06:24
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: new package, tunec, A command line guitar tuner for linux http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-packages/140477606:44
xiangfukyak: Hi I am back.07:56
kyakhey xiangfu07:56
xiangfukyak: hmm... about track 'trunk', I am not sure. I think we better track 'backfire' because I guess07:57
xiangfuIf we track upstream. we may fall into DEBUG OpenWrt.07:57
kyakguess you are right07:57
xiangfuthe 'backfire' is their most stable and last release.  then we can focus on NanoNote :)07:58
kyakyeah, makes sense07:59
wolfsprauland in addition, mirko is holding out the trunk for us07:59
wolfspraulhe's our trunk pioneer :-)07:59
xiangfuI will give up 'private' qi-kernel.git, which is not good. yes we need document the qi-kernel.git well.08:00
wolfsprauland he says openwrt trunk can build bootable images for the Ben, and he will continue to watch that that remains so08:00
wolfspraulxiangfu: but didn't you say we loose some of larsc history then?08:00
xiangfuthanks to Mirko. :)08:01
wolfsprauldid larsc develop in that qi-kernel.git repository or is the history also elsewhere?08:01
xiangfuwolfspraul: in fact, I am not sure. I just check the commit log. I don't know is there some else.08:01
wolfspraulxiangfu: when you say 'give up', what do you mean? do you plan to delete it or make it private?08:02
wolfspraulif so, you should announce that on the mailing list first, and wait for feedback08:02
wolfspraulsince I guess some people have started to use that repository as the starting point for their work, and it would be quite unfriendly if it now suddenly disappeared, even if we realized that we need to clean it up, and maybe remove it08:03
xiangfuwolfspraul: no. no. I mean we should document qi-kernel.git more. make it clear.08:05
wolfspraulyes, for sure08:06
xiangfuthinking about if we need sync with openwrt.08:06
wolfspraulI don't think so, too much work.08:06
xiangfuthen we can try remove the 'master' branch. and document qi-kernel.git like:08:09
xiangfu"this git is only for xburst cpu upstreaming works. nothing relate to openwrt-xburst.git, please use openwrt-xburst/target/linux/xburst for the last NanoNote kernel"08:11
xiangfu(my bad English, maybe someone write a good one :)08:12
wolfspraulsure, if that documentation is accurate (I don't know)08:12
wolfspraulEnglish is good, start with that08:12
wolfspraulwe only find out what it's used for if the people that use it start to speak up (like you just did)08:12
kyaki silently use it to build latest 2.6.36 for Ben :)08:13
Action: xiangfu will modify the desc for qi-kernel.git for now.08:20
wolfspraulkyak: have you tried to use the latest kernel.org mainline and see how much is missing?08:22
kyakwolfspraul: nope, haven't tryed it08:23
xiangfusome more 'Project Summary ' , hope it getting better.08:25
wolfspraullooks pretty underground - nice08:26
xiangfuthere is still some message error message come out in tty1(before we start gmenu2x) ,08:30
xiangfuall start with "ALSA lib .... : error ..."08:30
kyakah yeah, remember that...08:30
xiangfukyak: do you know why? how can we track down this error message?08:32
kyakxiangfu: not sure.. haven't looked at it closely yet08:42
kristianpaulviric: wich spartan3 board do you have? are u coding in verilog?08:48
kristianpaul(i wonder if i asked this in the past)08:48
viricno, vhdl.08:48
viricyou did not ask, I think08:48
viricI never did verilog. I'm in the old continent :)08:49
kristianpauli did some *very* basic vhdl then discover verilog and start learning about ti08:52
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: change the way of check wget error, which is more common http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/d3e685d09:03
xiangfuwolfspraul: the " hooks/post-update: ...." message gone.09:03
wolfspraulgood, thanks09:04
xiangfukyak: will add them message to my TODO list :)09:15
xiangfus/them/those ALSA LIB/09:16
kyakxiangfu: great ;)09:23
lekernel_roh: hi10:10
lekernel_roh: i'm doing a quick presentation tonight at atelier ├╝berall (near Schlesisches Tor)- do you have some pics of the acrylic case (or even the case itself :)?10:12
rohlekernel i havent done milling yet. and it didnt come out as nice. wrong speed etc...10:16
rohhave the correct params now (and a process to find them (testpatterns))10:16
rohbut i need more acryllic and to complete milling. need to build some tool to help me align the lasered parts10:17
lekernelok, i'll take the wooden case then :)10:38
qi-bot[commit] kyak: hide warning messages on gmenu2x start http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/ade739d13:14
qi-bot[commit] kyak: Revert "hide warning messages on gmenu2x start" http://qi-hw.com/p/openwrt-xburst/f0ca65e13:15
kristianpaulkyak: regret? why13:18
kyakkristianpaul: when a shell is started afterwards, it's redirected to /dev/null, too13:19
kyakmust be some other way..13:19
kristianpauli wonder if is just a debug parameter in gmenu13:20
kristianpaulgood openqrt xbusrt finished compilation with on error (btw i was commits from yday not today)16:44
kristianpaulis GMT-5 here.16:44
Action: kristianpaul wonder if commits are in UTC ;)16:44
wpwrakgrmbl. this seems to be disk failure season. the one in the pc controlling my lab instruments is making scary noises and now the one in the pc controlling the mill doesn't mount :-(23:20
--- Fri Nov 26 201000:00

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