#qi-hardware IRC log for Wednesday, 2010-11-24

xakhanyone good with gmenu2x?01:17
xakhI need to set up a few shortcuts, and I can't remember what folder I have to move stuff into for that.01:17
xiangfuxakh: /usr/share/gmenu2x/sections/applications/01:18
xakhyou are awesome, xiang.01:18
xakhalso, I have a wallpaper, if I scale it down, think people might like to use it?01:19
xakhI usually just use this one of a gorilla high fiving a shark in front of an explosion, but this other one's neat too.01:19
xiangfuxakh: we have keep some extra files at : http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-xburst/source/tree/master/data/qi_lb60/files01:20
xiangfuxakh:  there are still some apps don't have icon in gmenu2x.01:21
xakhthat's alright01:21
xakhI like to make my own01:21
xakhand it's usually games anyway01:21
wolfspraulxiangfu: if you are good with wikis, you can upload and attach the wallpaper here http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Nanonote_Wallpapers01:21
wolfspraulor directly commit as xiangfu suggested, both fine01:21
xiangfuxakh: maybe we can add yours to openwrt-xburst.git :)01:21
xiangfuxakh: we need add more game to NanoNote :)01:22
xiangfuwolfspraul: you mean "xakh" :)01:22
xakhthass the one01:22
xakhwell they're the premade ones01:22
xakhbut I have some suggestions!01:22
xakhone I'd like to see is called angstron201:23
xakhI did some work with the author, and he's really cool01:23
xakhthe game uses primarily SVG files01:23
xiangfuxakh: I am work on the "nethack" before. I only compile one "nethack" binary. still miss a lot of *.lev. do you know where we can download those *.lev files?01:23
xakhfor its textures, and is pretty portables01:24
xakhunfortunately no, I don't remember01:24
xakhI've been gone since July, so I'm pretty rusty, I had Uni to take care of01:24
xakhso here's my wallpaper!01:27
xakhlike it?01:27
xiangfuxakh: pretty good.  please add it to wiki. http://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Nanonote_Wallpapers01:28
xiangfuxakh: then we have one more pre-install wallpaper for NanoNote. others at: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/gmenu2x/source/tree/master/pandora/skins/Default/wallpapers01:29
xakhI like the ones it comes with01:30
xakhI just thought this would be a good addition01:30
xakhI don't know what license01:33
xakhis a CC good?01:34
xiangfuxakh: yes.01:34
xakhalright, commercial usage allowed, obviously, eh?01:34
wolfspraulxakh: yes, we follow the Wikimedia Foundation, i.e. we do not include any content that comes with non-commercial or no-derivative restrictions, or under fair-use exceptions01:38
xakhalrigh cool01:38
wolfspraulso for a wallpaper, cc-by or cc-by-sa would be great01:38
xakhjust checking, I've never uploaded before01:38
wolfspraulor public domain, of course01:38
wolfspraulthanks for trying, and taking the time and patience to learn about it!01:39
xakhI've adapted it from a work by another guy, I'm on a chat program with him trying to figure out what he wants for licensing01:39
wolfspraulat some point the work may be so simple however that it is not copyrightable anyway01:39
wolfspraul(not that I want to steal anybody's work, this is a legal comment)01:40
xakhthough the process he went to to get the original work was pretty intense01:40
wolfspraulwe love to credit authors, however significant or insignificant something may be01:40
wolfspraulexactly, you never know, and that is to be respected01:40
xakhlike, here's the original. He went to the beach, took an expensive camera, and let water hit the lens head on while he hit the flash01:41
xakhso it lit up all the particles01:41
xakhyeah, I like this artist01:42
wolfspraulif he is OK with cc licensing, add a short comment with that information in the summary01:42
wolfsprauland a link/name of the original author01:43
xakhalright, cool01:43
xakhjust double checking with the guy01:43
xakhthe wallpaper I currently have is a copyrighted picture, so I can't use that on the default install01:43
xiangfuxakh: check this file: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/gmenu2x/source/tree/master/pandora/skins/Default/wallpapers/README01:44
xakhhm, the guy wants to sleep on it01:44
xakhsorry, I'll upload it in a couple day01:44
xakhif that's alright, he wants to do it, but it's sort of late where he is, so he's not sure how to go about it01:45
xakhsorry about this, he's a picky dude01:46
xiangfuxakh: http://fidelio.qi-hardware.com/~xiangfu/openwrt-xburst.full_system/bin/xburst/packages/netsurf_r10948-1_xburst.ipk01:47
xiangfuxakh: here is the netsurf.01:47
xakhoh man01:47
xakhyou are awesome!01:47
xiangfuxakh: you can test and give some feedback. :)01:48
xiangfuxakh: you need install five libs: libcss * libhubbub * libparserutils * libnsfb * ibwapcaplet01:48
xakhI'll make a note somewhere so I remember that, my memory sucks01:49
xakhanother question, where's the wallpapers?01:52
xakhon the nano01:52
xiangfuxakh: /usr/share/gmenu2x/skins/Default/wallpapers01:54
xakhif I make a new folder in sections02:04
xakhsay I call it games02:04
xakhwill that make the new section?02:04
xakhoh, and of course, what's the terminal command for making a new directory?02:05
wolfspraulxakh: take your time with the wallpaper, no rush02:06
xakhokay, cool, thanks02:06
wolfspraulif the author doesn't want to share it, fine no problem, of course that is to be respected02:06
xakhso, how do I make a new folder in terminal again?02:07
xakhI'm spoiled with nautilus02:07
xakhby the way02:15
xakhfor playing doom02:15
xakhthis nano is better than phones, gameboys, and Xbox 360s02:15
xakhI'm sort of a Doom fanboy02:15
xakhand I really, really like the implementation on the nano, so for gaming, it at least has that down02:16
xakhI moved every one of Zear's games into my gmenu2x folder02:20
xakhnow someone remind me how to make a shortcut02:20
xakhand we should be cooking with gas!02:20
xakhargh, I must sound like a total noob02:21
xakhwolfspraul: how do I exit the settings menu in gmenu2x?02:22
xakhS, as it turns out.02:24
wolfspraulyes :-)02:30
xakhnow, how do I make shortcuts to the programs I want?02:30
xakhwolfspraul: seriously, what's the button I press for application shortcuts?02:33
xiangfuxakh: "enter". here are a lot of examples :http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/openwrt-xburst/source/tree/master/data/qi_lb60/files/usr/share/gmenu2x/sections/applications02:34
xakhhiya ruh02:35
rohthere is just too many colors of acryllic plastic in the catalogs.02:35
rohand variants. frosted on one or both sides... etc02:35
xakhhey, wolf, enter didn't do anything02:35
roh<- can't decide02:35
xakhI'm on the latest version02:36
xakhget clear red with frosted02:36
xakh:3 I like that one.02:36
rohyeah.. i thought about one side frosted (inner side) and then do lsocket labels from there02:36
rohmaybe i should order directly at evonik (manuf)  and see what happens02:39
xakhroh: you know anythin about gmenu2x, specifically the new keybindings?02:42
xakhI need someone who does, I'm trying to add some shortcuts to some games02:43
rohisnt that all Freedesktop.org config style?02:48
xakhI dunno02:49
rohheh.. well.. relax. its just much too early. 8:50am over here02:52
xakh2 am here02:52
xakhI'm headed to bed02:52
xakhstaying with some relatives, sleeping on an air mattress in their basement02:52
xakhhigh class, right?02:53
roh .oO(beats waking up at 6:50 due to kids of a friend who need to go to kindergarden)02:55
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kyakwolfspraul: hey! were yo ulooking for me?03:18
wolfspraulkyak: was I? :-)03:21
wolfspraulah yes03:21
wolfspraulthe 'thinnest' gui toolkit...03:21
wolfspraulon the Ben, what are the differences (pros and cons) between sdl and directfb?03:22
wolfspraulwhen we talked about netsurf the other day, we mentioned a 'linuxfb' backend03:22
wolfsprauldoes this mean that netsurf directly opens the framebuffer device and draws to it, without any additional 'toolkit' library in between?03:23
wolfspraulor is there another 'linuxfb' toolkit library hiding somewhere?03:23
wolfspraulkyak: those were the questions, roughly, and I thought you may be able to help with some of them?03:23
wolfspraulgtk and qt are pretty clear to me, and I think most others03:23
wolfspraulbut for sdl vs. directfb vs. linuxfb or other 'thin' toolkits, not sure...03:24
rohwolfspraul sdl is just 'a shitty wrapper layer'03:24
rohno real intelligence. some line rendering functions. no accel at all.03:24
rohdirectfb is a hw-abstraction layer. enables you to use hw-accel for blitting/line drawing. fbdev does have no accel without something like directfb03:25
kyakwolfspraul: yes, better read answers from roh, i've no such experience to answer that :)03:26
rohand yes it gets unobvious due to directfb having the possibility to run ontop of x11, sdl etc as well (for development purposes e.g.)03:26
rohdirectfb doesnt have a toolkit. it only has stuff like 'blit' 'draw line' and all the primitives. but not 'render inputbox with ok button there' .. that would be gtk or a similar layer ontop of dfb or whatever you use03:27
kyakdoes it get any clear? i don't think so :)03:28
rohsdl only exists due to the 'runs everywhere, performs nowhere' ;)03:28
wolfspraulwhat is 'linuxfb'?03:28
wolfsprauldoes that just refer to the name of the underlying device node of the framebuffer?03:28
wolfspraulor is it another library?03:29
rohrefers to 'uses framebuffer'03:29
rohwolfspraul you can always directly mmap the fbdev, and write pixels there unaccelerated.03:29
wolfspraulok, so when we say netsurf has a 'linuxfb backend', we mean that netsurf opens the framebuffer device directly, and writes into it without help of any 'toolkit' library03:29
rohthats the whole idea of it. anyhing else needs hw-dependant drivers again03:29
rohwolfspraul ack. means also its slow (given more that a few pixels of fbdev)03:30
wolfspraulthe nice thing about SDL seems to be that it has python bindings via pygame03:30
wolfspraulroh: not everybody needs gui speed03:30
rohwolfspraul well.. i am still one of the persons which tends to qualify speed by something inbetween 'i need to wait' and 'i press something, and it does it before ive pulled my finger back' ;)03:31
wolfspraulso if you come from a scripting language (any scripting language), maybe pygame via sdl is a nice option on the Ben?03:31
wolfspraulor are there scripting language bindings for directfb, or any other way to manipulate the framebuffer from a scripting language?03:32
rohshould be.03:32
rohi think limiting yourself to 'one lib' would be foolish03:32
rohhm. there is http://sourceforge.net/projects/pydirectfb/03:34
rohbut well.. you only really need accel when your screen gets bigger than its now on the nanonote. i guess you can already blit in 20fps with cpu alone03:34
rohwolfspraul i think for games its much more important to find a way using 2 or 3 keys at the same time than graphics speed above 20-30fp03:37
kyakxiangfu: i was wondering, what's "qc"?03:56
xiangfukyak: quickcalc.03:59
xiangfukyak: I have added "sshfs" to config.full_system. not commit yet.04:00
kyakgreat! does it work?04:01
xiangfukyak: not test yest.04:01
kyakhm.. what's its full name?04:03
xiangfukyak: sshfs ?04:04
xiangfukyak: SSHFS - filesystem client based on ssh04:04
kyaki can't find it in config04:04
xiangfukyak:  sshfs [user@]host:[dir] mountpoint [options]04:04
kyakis it a aprt of busybox or what?04:05
xiangfukyak: it's at Repository Root: svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt04:06
xiangfuRepository UUID: 3c298f89-4303-0410-b956-a3cf2f4a3e7304:06
xiangfuRevision: 2401804:06
xiangfukyak: net/sshfs/04:06
kyakoh ok, got it now..04:06
xiangfukyak: I am thinking if we use xbboot and zImage to boot Nanonote. then04:06
xiangfuwe can use the "sshfs" to access HOSTS image files.04:07
viricxiangfu: http://www.tucows.com/preview/8606 talks about quickcalc 1.26, while it's source url (sunsite) mentions 1.0104:07
xiangfuno need to copy them to nanonote or sdcard.04:07
viricxiangfu: I wanted to try a nfsroot boot. Did you try?04:07
viricover usb004:07
viricit should be trivial to do04:08
xiangfuviric: no.04:08
viricI thought the speed would be very low04:08
viriclower than the NAND04:08
viricI only tried transfers through usb0 using sftp, so I don't really know the speed without the encryption overhead04:09
kyakxiangfu: so if your intention is to use rootfs from host, then nfs should be better..04:11
xiangfuviric: I use scp , copy file to nanonote , it's give me ~ 700KB/s04:11
viriclimited by cpu ?04:12
viricit is usb 1.1, right?04:12
kyakmy feeling is that it is limited by NAND04:13
viricthen I should try the nfsroot definitely04:13
mthI get 1.5MB/s on the Dingoo using FTP to the SD card04:13
kyakyeah, it's faster with SD card04:13
virickyak: I was booting quite enough of the OS already, both in the nanonote and qemu :)04:18
viricqemu helped a lot04:18
kyakyeah, this nfs thing is easy to test with qemu04:20
kyakchanging kernel command line like that04:20
xiangfukyak: seems not working in usb0 always give me :root@BenNanoNote:~# sshfs xiangfu@ /mnt04:25
xiangfu 04:25
xiangfuread: Connection reset by peer04:25
virickyak: well, with qemu it has 'eth0', so it looks even easier.04:26
virickyak: I mean the nfsroot we should test with the nanonote04:26
kyakviric: i don't see any difference between eth0 and usb0 :)04:26
kyakxiangfu: do you see some messages in your host logs?04:27
virickyak: hmmm well, the 'usb0' appears on the PC (nfs server) when switching on the nanonote04:27
kyakabout Ben trying to connect04:27
virickyak: I don't have udev set to configure usb0 automatically still .)04:27
kyakviric: i have it :) not me actually, but my distro04:28
viricalso the NAT routing for the nanonote to the internet? :)04:29
kyakof course04:29
kyaki just plug it in and it's ready to go04:29
viricahh clever distro04:29
viricI did not spend the minutes to set that :)04:30
kyaknah, i had to set it up for the first time :)04:30
kyakthen it's atuomatic04:30
kyakanyway i would prefer nfs root not on my laptop but on my server where i build04:31
kyaki'm just lazy thinking about setting up nfs exports, firewall rules, etc04:31
viricI may play with that some day. I work too much for the nanonote at home, lately :)04:34
kristianpaulyou can transfer to ram :D05:55
kristianpaulif you still havin enoguth to moutn a small fs on it05:55
DKR813ppl thr ?05:59
viricthe main founder died recently. honor to him.05:59
DKR8136850 or 460 hawk ?06:00
DKR813help me decide gtx 460 hawk TA or 685006:06
xakhso, I can't get Quake or Doom to work.06:52
xakhit made me sad.06:52
viricprboom works fine here06:53
xakhnewest reflash?06:54
xakhI was using a ridiculously outdated OWRT from July, and it worked fine06:54
xakhbut now it fails every time06:54
viricI'm not using openwrt...06:55
viricothers may answer06:55
xakhthat'd be the reason06:55
xakhI probably should load something else, but I sorta like OWRT06:55
xakhwell, what are you using? since half the reason I love this thing is for Doom playin'...06:56
wolfspraulxakh: can you give us some more information so we can reproduce the problem? if it worked in July we'll get it to work again, for sure...06:56
xakhtechnically it worked yesterday, since I just reflashed 8 hours ago or so.06:57
xakhsays I don't have the iwad06:58
xakhwhich is just weird06:58
xakhsince I loaded it directly from the site06:58
xakhand I don't have access to anything that can move stuff to and from my nano currently06:58
xakhsince it's really late at night here and I have to borrow some equipment from people currently asleep...06:59
wolfspraulI'm sure the bug won't run away :-)06:59
kyakxakh: if you had doom dat files on your rootfs, it got erased during reflash07:00
xakhI know that part07:00
xakhbut I moved a fresh copy of the doom folders07:02
xakhgimme a sec, forgot where I got it.07:02
xakhwait yeah07:02
xakhI got it from Zear's directory.07:02
kyakand where did you put then?07:02
xakhin a folder called /nanostuff on the device07:02
xakhthey're all self contained07:02
xakhin the exact order they were in when I extracted them07:02
kyakDB2 F@= D:C =I3 KI K3:C 5@D5 5@HK HK 5@ C74DAC F@C:C 7:8IIL HK 4II;HB? 0I: 5@CL,07:02
kyakso why are you so sure that prboom is looking for those files in /nanostuff?07:03
xakhyou're some kind of genius.07:03
xakhdunno where to put them otherwise.07:03
kyakrun strace prboom and see where is looks for them07:04
kyaki guess there should be instructions from zear anyway07:04
kyaksome README?07:04
xakhreally really long thing from strace07:04
kyakyou are only interested in what's in the end07:05
xakhit hasnt ended.07:05
xakhand it keeps saying the same thing over and over07:05
kyak"If a game needs additional datafiles, the list of them and installation method is covered in a HOWTO_INSTALL file inside the package."07:05
kyakas said, yo ushould read07:05
xakhback in July I was a whiz with this thing07:06
xakhI guess I'm just rusty.07:06
xakhapparently I need the original doom datafiles?07:07
xakhthat doesn't make sense, I wanna play freedoom.07:07
xakhthe freedoom wad works too, right?07:08
xakhthanks. You guys make me feel stupid07:09
xakhin a good way.07:09
xakhI moved a doom2 file in there and it still won't seem to launch.07:14
xakhI'm an idiot.07:15
xakhyou rock for helping me figure this out, good sir.07:15
rafawpwrak: wolfspraul : so.. should some features for jlime at qi servers change before to announce it a bit?.. I have a short list:08:53
rafa- ip at the same qi openwrt network08:53
rafa- improved jlime-pkg08:53
rafa- kernel wih the same nand layout as qi openwrt08:53
kristianpaul(ip at the same qi openwrt network) good !08:54
wolfspraulrafa: logging out, let's discuss tomorrow08:54
rafawolfspraul: no problem08:54
virickyak:  C:@08=5 @>48;AO?08:54
rafawolfspraul: rest well08:54
wolfspraulI thought about the dual-booting more, and I still think the only practical way is 2 more partitions08:55
kyakviric: ?>G5<C 2 C:@08=5, 2  >AA88 ))08:55
virickyak: ><=N :0: 1K 2 GMT+2 BK 682QHL08:55
viricB0: OA=>08:56
kyakare you google translating? :)08:56
wolfspraultalk more tomorrow08:56
viricC, MB> =5 <>9 @>4=>9 O7K: :)08:56
viric;CGH5 =5 C<5N08:57
kyak0 :0:>9 @>4=>9?08:57
kyak2A5 @02=> =5?;>E> ?>;CG05BAO, <>;>45F )08:57
kyakrafa: would be great to have the same partitions layout in owrt and jlime (specifically, to be able to mount datafs when booting jlime from sd card)08:59
kristianpaulusd is a really use port :)09:00
kristianpauloh u said booting from usd? i was thinking i NAND09:01
kyakyeah, booting09:02
kristianpauli really stop caring about data in NAND09:02
kristianpauljust see it like the OS NAND and try keep data safe on SD09:02
kyaki have some usefull stuff there09:03
kyakon NAND09:03
kristianpaultake care of it !09:03
kyakmy SD is small (256 Mb), and it carries jlime09:03
kyakand i don't have uSD card reader anyway09:03
kristianpaulgood point09:03
kyaki can install jlime while booting in owrt and (theoretically) vice versa :)09:05
kristianpaulah yes09:07
kristianpaulyou have a self healing system ;)09:07
kyaknot really.. couple of days ago i've managed to corrupt boot partition :)09:08
rafakyak: yes.. just that current qi openwrt nand layout could be changed soon :) .. if yes we can rebuild the jlime kernel i guess. it is no a really hard work, but well i would like to see some stable layout for a while :)10:47
rafakyak: also.. there is the dual booting idea.. and for that the easiest way from wolfgang is to have 2 partitions for rootfs and one for data.. I do not have any ideas about that yet10:47
kyakrafa: means, the bootloader and kernel(s) will be residing in rootfs?10:51
kyak(dual boot or better just multiple boot is a very anticipated feature)10:52
kristianpauli dont like dual boot10:52
kristianpaulis confusing10:52
kyakkristianpaul: doesn't mean it should be there by default :)10:52
kyakshould have a config, like grub has, to add/delete menu items10:53
kristianpauli dont know10:54
kristianpaulthats more time waiting..10:54
kristianpauli want boot linux in 4 secodns :D10:54
kyakalso configurable10:54
kristianpauli think a key is okay10:54
kyakbtw, i'd like not to turn it off at all10:54
viriccan uboot read from ubifs?11:00
kristianpaulyou meant load it to memory?11:01
viricload an uImage stored in ubifs11:02
viricI know it has ext2 and reiserfs support (upstream uboot), I don't know for ubifs11:03
kyakdoes it care about fs?11:03
kyaki think, we just erase the kernel partition and write uImage there11:04
kyaki might be mistaken11:04
kyakuboot just "knowns" where uImage started11:04
viricweren't you talking about giving options on what kernel to boot?11:04
viricmaybe I misunderstood11:05
kristianpauli was hoping one kernel particion and two separte rootfs11:05
viricahh ok11:05
viriceasy then11:05
kristianpaulwho knows :D11:05
kyakviric: we were.. but i think the plan is to do it with kexec11:05
kristianpaulkexec !11:05
viriclong time passed since last time I used kexec11:05
kristianpauli never so i'm waiting to see what can it do11:06
viricI used 'kexec' for it to launch a 2nd kernel on kernel panic11:06
kyakheh, awesome trick11:07
viricto debug something. I can't remember.11:07
kristianpaulit was wast enoguht?11:07
viricit's a usual approach I think..11:07
kyakviric: what if the second kernel paniced? ;)11:07
kristianpauli meant to dont die in the panic11:07
viricI can't remember more details :)11:07
viricI remember I did not invent it.11:08
virichttp://paix.org.ua/linux/crashdebug.html ?11:09
viricI did this because the panic happened while having Xorg on11:09
viricand I could not see any trace11:09
kristianpauli like the fast boot11:13
viricthere are 4MB for the kernel partition11:15
viriccan't there be two kernels? :)11:15
rafaviric: if I have read well a couple of days ago the idea of lars or somebody, who knows.. , is to remove uboot11:33
virickristianpaul: the kernel I use (2.6.35) takes 1950KiB. Two kernels fit on 4MiB :)11:33
viricrafa: really?11:33
viricwell, I'd vote for an uboot *with prompt*11:33
rafaviric: yes.. that I read. I could be wrong becuause I was not following the chat properly. ask lars.. he knows surely11:34
rafaviric: but as mtd support answer you could get an answer after 5 months perhaps :)11:37
kristianpaulnot uboot11:45
virickristianpaul: ?12:38
kristianpaulviric: sorry, i agree with the "not use uboot" movement for the nanonote12:40
viricaah ok12:49
kristianpauluboot just not needed12:50
kristianpaullinux can boot it self and initialce devices12:50
viricyes yes.12:51
kristianpaulas larsc and wpwrak had told12:51
viricI agree.12:51
viricCan uboot talk usb-net ?12:51
viriccould uboot initialize the usb-net interface of the nanonote?12:53
kristianpaulah dunno12:53
kristianpauli guess it can12:54
kristianpauli wonder i have the libs/stack for that task..12:54
kristianpaulhey see is what people said, here, i think,  bootloaders stop beeing that, when want to do more that they should do12:55
viricit's easy to say now that a linux kernel works there :)12:56
wpwrakrafa: from what i see, it seems basically good to go. so far only used it via ssh, though. things like dual boot and such can wait.13:07
wpwrakviric: afaik, u-boot has no ethernet-over-usb stack. nor tcp/ip for that matter.13:12
viricudp would be fine13:13
viricI thought of tftp13:13
viricit does not matter much though13:13
viricI can live without it :)13:13
wpwrakviric: naw, just use linux ;-)13:13
wpwrakregarding partitions, one way of avoiding them would be to create something like lillo - a lean boot loader with its own map file. still better to just have a simple layout and only one first-step linux system, though.13:14
Action: kristianpaul reading a 2000 paper about kexec 13:15
wpwrakthis first-step linux could take its rootfs from an initramfs or it could just place the rootfs data after the kernel (in NAND)13:15
kristianpaul2000 year*13:15
wpwrak2000 papers would be a bit of work :)13:16
wpwrakthe root file systems of the dual-booted systems could perhaps just live in a common large rootfs, e.g., /openwrt and /jlime. if you decide to remove one, you just rm -rf it13:17
wpwrakgive the kernel a small initramds that pivot_roots it from / to /openwrt|/jlime13:18
kristianpauldamn how slow 50Mhz are, too MUCH !13:25
wpwrakwhere is the slowness of 50 MHz bothering you ?13:26
kristianpaulif you want a decent logic analizer :)13:26
wpwrakoh. oh course :)13:26
kristianpaulthats it no more :)13:27
kristianpaulnow i see the reason of downsampling and fronted like in the USRP13:29
kristianpaulfronted boards* or whatever technically is called13:29
wpwrakkristianpaul: you mean, because ADCs that operate at 2+ GHz are kinda expensive ? :)13:55
viricwpwrak: do you happen to know what determines if the nanonote starts when connecting the power?16:05
viricit looks to me like sometimes I need to press the power button, and sometimes not16:05
wpwrakhmm, you mean no power (no usb, no battery) to usb power ?16:06
viricor plugging the battery, yes16:07
wpwrakwith usb, i found that it depended on the time since last power16:07
viricI could not guess any pattern, from what I do, and whether it turns on or not16:07
wpwrakif the time was long enough (~30 sec), it always powered on16:07
wpwrakotherwise, i had to do something (or just disconnect and wait a little longer)16:08
wpwraki didn't determine where exactly the threshold is. i found that ~30 sec is always enough, and very short disconnects (~2 s) generally weren't.16:12
wpwraklekernel: you think of working with them, to manage your IP assets ? ;-)16:31
xakhwould it be possible to hook a mouse/keyboard combo to the microSD slot?16:37
xakhjust a thought I was kicking around.16:38
wpwrakif you make the hardware and driver for it ...16:39
xakhwe could make it sort of like a dock, where you push the microSD plug in with a switch16:39
xakhalright, cool.16:39
xakhsee, I had this idea, to make a little dock, and give it an improved keyboard with a sort of touchpad on the side16:39
wpwrakdo you know that there is already hardware in qi-hw that uses the uSD slot ?16:39
xakhso that it could be used for more complex DirectFB tasks16:39
xakhI knew there was an antenna16:40
xakhfor wifi and such, and someone made a small breakout board, right?16:40
wpwrakthere's a SDIO wlan module. but that's not open.16:40
xakhyeah, that sort of sucks.16:40
xakhI'd really like to use wlan on my nano, but it's an uncompromizing handheld16:41
wpwrakthere's the breakout board. then i have a cable used for programming a microprocessor. and there's the ben-wpan project.16:41
xakhforgive me if I sound out of touch, I just got back into this qi stuff, after a hiatus I took in July16:41
xakhI want one.16:42
xakhI want one of those a lot.16:42
xakhthat'd save me some time and solder if I could get ahold of one of those16:42
xakhin theory16:42
xakhwe could use this to gain USB host, couldn't we?16:42
xakhthe last time I was here, we were all about gaining usb host. Have we gotten farther on something we can use for that?16:43
wpwraktuxbrain once suggested a chip that may be suitable for usb host16:43
wpwrakbut someone would still have to make a board with it ;-)16:44
xakhI think I saw that on the mailing lists, did it go anywhere?16:44
xakhah right16:44
xakhsorry, I'm still really new to this stuff16:44
wpwrak(plus a boost converter for 5V power)16:44
xakhI love to learn though, and these products fascinate me.16:44
xakhzear: ping16:47
zearhey xakh16:48
xakhlong time no see, eh?16:48
zeari sort of just idle here nowadays16:48
xakhyou still brought the best games to nano16:48
zearhaven't touched my nn in ages, it sleeps calmly in my drawer :)16:48
xakhI've been using it sorta like a gameboy16:49
xakhmostly powder and doom16:49
zearalso, there's something wrong with the lcd ribbon, i think16:49
xakh:( that sucks16:49
zearthe screen changes colors when i move open/close the lid16:49
xakhglad to know you're still around, even with your nn busted up a bit.16:50
zeari think someone (wolf?) said he got two nn returns with a similar problem16:50
zearthough mine is a developement model, so without a warranty :)16:50
xakhI think mine doesn't have a warranty either16:50
xakhbut I sorta like it that way16:50
zearanyway, i wish i could port more of this stuff, but 1) no time 2) owrt has no good toolchain, and jlime toolchain for some reason doesn't work on my machine while it works for other people16:50
xakhthat's sucky16:51
xakhat least I have powder though.16:51
zearyea, it's a great game16:51
xakhtlosh forever!16:51
zearxakh, and, if you like roguelikes, blizzard ported sdl gui for nethack16:51
zearfor jlime16:51
zearand it's awesome16:51
xakhseriously, Blizzard made a nethack gui?16:51
xakhthat's amazing.16:51
zearno, he just ported one16:51
zearbut it fits 320x240 almost perfectly16:52
zearone minor issue is it doesn't break the lines on the end of the screen16:52
xakhoh, He?16:52
xakhI thought you meant the game company16:52
zearonly when they were originally meant to be broken16:52
zearah, no no16:52
xakhthat idea was hilarious16:52
zearthe guy from the #jlime channel :D16:52
zearso anyway, this small issue is that sometimes the messages go off screen16:52
xakhthe day Blizzard starts targeting the nn is the day I eat a boiled boot16:53
xakheh, that's no biggy16:53
zearmost of the time the messages fit, and if they don't, you still can tell what is going on by the visible part of the message16:53
xakhI rarely make it past staircase 4 or 5 anyway16:54
xakhso no biggy on that16:54
zearbut the port is really good16:54
zearitem list, etc, all fit on the screen16:54
zearand items have the little icons next to them16:54
zearso you can tell what they are16:54
zearthere are 3 zoom levels, so you can see the whole level at once16:55
zearand you can switch from tileset to ascii mode on the fly by pressing tab16:55
xakhnow I need it.16:55
zearjoin #jlime and ask blizzard for it16:55
zearalso, you'll need jlime to be installed on your nn16:55
xakhunfortunately, I can't find a uSD card to spare for Jlime for now16:55
xakhnext time I get paid that's first on my list16:56
zeardid i mention it has autocompletion for the commands? :D16:56
xakhhaha! now that's something.16:56
zearlike, you can still just use qwerty to activate the commands16:56
zearbut there's also an option to type them yourself16:56
zearwith autocompletion16:56
xakhthat is awesome.16:56
zearbecause i sometimes dislike that button combos for certain commands16:57
xakhme too, and I forget them sometimes, since it's quite a bit to remember.16:57
zearthe only drawback is there's no nice way to move diagonally16:57
xakhby the way, did you notice they started using netsurf on the owrt, like I suggested back in july?16:57
xakhglad someone convinced em ;)16:58
zearit used the 4-way button for up/down/left/right and some keys from the default nethack configuration for diagonal movement16:58
xakheh, I don't move diagonally much16:58
zearlike uijk or something16:58
zeari haven't touched owrt in ages16:58
zeari mostly just use jlime16:58
zearand jlime had netsurf since the very beginning16:58
xakhI still like gmenu, and have no SD, so it's a good option for me16:58
zearglad someone likes gmenu :D16:59
xakhyeah, I know, it's where I got the idea from16:59
zeari only heard bad things about it :D16:59
xakhthey finally fixed some of the keybindings, so it works for me16:59
xakhlike X isn't the okay button16:59
zearalso, they never liked my q p for switching the screens :P16:59
xakhthey switched it to l r16:59
zearwell, i made the original keymapping to mirror the one from gp2x17:00
xakhwell, it made sense17:00
zearbecause without it you'd be even more confused by the hints at the bottom17:00
xakhthe hints are still there17:01
xakhbut to me it kind of feels right, having a hacked together desktop thing17:01
zeari'm glad qi-hardware + ayla + mth made a fork of gmenu2x and improved it a bit17:02
xakhthere's a fork?17:03
zearyep, here: http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/gmenu2x/17:03
zeari don't know if they preinstall owrt with it now, or they still put the old gmenu2x in ther17:03
xakhit does feel a bit different17:05
xakhI think they use the forked version17:05
xakhjlime still using IceW<17:07
zearno, they were always using matchbox afaik17:08
zearfor the nn, that is17:08
xakhoh, I thought back in testing iceWM was the one they used17:08
xakhmatchbox is awesome.17:08
xakhis Jlime a bit more polished than it was back in July?17:08
zearit should be, yes17:09
zearit has a dictionary and a wikireader, it's cool :)17:09
xakhthat is pretty neat.17:09
zeara working mplayer17:09
xakhI saw abiword on it once, is that still there?17:09
zeari don't know, i haven't used it that much :)17:09
zearbut it has a HUUUGE database in the package repo17:09
zearnot all of the packages were tested though17:10
zearso some stuff might not work after you download it17:10
xakhI am more than willing to do that17:10
zearand most of the X11 stuff will be too big for 320x24017:10
zearso abiword should be there, yes17:10
xakhtrue, it would be.17:10
zeari even ported fheroes2 to it, but i don't remember if they added it to the repo or not17:10
xakhthat's just awesome.17:11
zeardon't expect miracles though, most of the stuff wasn't meant for mouseless 320x240 device17:11
zearthe thing nobody knows about jlime though is jlime contains *certain* codecs17:12
xakheh, that's ok17:13
zearlike mp3 or video codecs, so qi-hardware can't mention about jlime on their wiki/website17:13
xakhwondered why they didn't talk about it17:13
xakhwhat if a fork was made, that removed those and made a different OS?17:13
zeari believe they are working on such a fork now17:13
xakhI didn't expect the nano to be able to do much more than take notes or play Gnuchess when I got it17:16
xakhI figured I could use it to learn about the terminal17:16
xakhbut hey, it always surprises me, so I'm gonna keep pushing the little thing17:17
zearabout the chess, we've got a nice sdl chess engine for the dingoo recently17:17
zearit could be recompiled in 5sec for the nanonote17:17
zearif i had a working toolchain, that is :D17:17
zearit bases on the stockfish engine, which, according to the wiki, is the second strongest chess engine in the world17:17
zearonce i thought i'm gonna win with the cpu, but it lured me in a tricky trap :D17:18
xakhjust like the nn, it's full of surprises huh??17:19
zearyep :D17:19
xakhso, you're working with the Dingoo these days then?17:23
virichow to tell dropbear not to ask for a password for root?17:39
kristianpaulviric: just dont set a password for root17:50
kristianpaulhit enter (as rms said xD )17:51
viricIt works for the console17:52
viricbut not for dropbear...17:52
viricah in fact it does not get in by any password17:53
viricI may have something wrong17:53
zearviric, it might have an option to never let you log on root via ssh17:54
zearmy freerunner had that by default17:54
viricok thank you17:55
zearcheck the dropbear config, maybe you can remove that option17:55
viricI'll try17:57
viriczear: got it! I had no /etc/shells18:06
viricnow I set a blank password, and dropbear says "user 'root' has blank password, rejected"18:07
viricsetting a "" password works though. It will be enough.18:08
viricwpwrak: hmm I try sysvinit 'halt', and it also does not power off the nanonote.18:14
viricThere may be a trick somewhere I don't know18:14
wpwrakdid you use -fp ?18:18
wolfspraulxiangfu: hi good morning :-)20:33
wolfspraulmy openwrt build fails building host/sip-4.10.5/siplib - have you ever seen this?20:34
wolfspraulthe exact error is: /usr/bin/ld: siplib.o: relocation R_X86_64_32S against `_Py_NoneStruct' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC20:34
wolfspraulthe linker fails to link sip.so20:35
xiangfuwolfspraul: never meet such error.20:43
wolfspraulok I'm looking into it. seems to be a dependency of building the python-sip package20:44
wolfspraulhmm, no :-) python-sip compiles fine... I'll dig more.20:49
qi-bot[commit] Xiangfu Liu: remove check root permissions http://qi-hw.com/p/xburst-tools/eb283a621:37
--- Thu Nov 25 201000:00

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